Tax Trouble! Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Hit with $46K Tax Lien In Wake of Split from Husband David Eason

“Uncle Sam is gettin’ all up in our grills!”

Jenelle Evans is wading through a swamp full of drama, following the recent re-estrangement from her husband David Eason— and things just got even worse for the former Teen Mom 2 star!

The Sun broke the news on Wednesday that Jenelle and David were hit with a tax lien of over $46,000 at the beginning of June. A North Carolina court clerk confirmed to the site that Jenelle and David owe $46,406.70 to the state for the tax year of 2017.

Back in 2017, Jenelle was still appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2’ (and cashing those hefty MTV paychecks.) After she was fired from the show in 2019, though, The Ashley‘s sources confirmed to her that Jenelle was struggling financially.

(Jenelle later confirmed this in an interview, stating that she was unable to afford both the mortgage of her North Carolina house on The Land, as well as the Nashville-area apartment she was staying at during her brief split from David in the fall of 2019.)

The tax lien arrived in the mailbox on The Land on June 1.

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya wif tax debt!”

Cash flow appears to be an issue for the troubled pair. Since Jenelle was fired from her job on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ she has lost numerous sponsorship deals and partnerships, due to her haters appealing to the companies she partners with. Although she and David have both stated publicly that they have a new TV project in the works, neither has revealed what that new venture is. 

“Hello? Tax people?”

Currently, Jenelle and David are estranged (again), following a week of fighting (and posting vague statuses about each other on social media). Last week, David was arrested twice— once for failing to show up to court for a misdemeanor charge and once for assault with a deadly weapon and communicating threats, after he allegedly pistol-whipped one and threatened to kill one of Jenelle’s male friends who had come to The Land with Jenelle to pick up some of Jenelle’s stuff.

 (David filed charges against the male friend, claiming that the man assaulted him with a coat rack…as you do.) 

Jenelle and David aren’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ couple who are facing tax debt. In April, it was revealed that Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra owed more than $800,000 to the IRS in unpaid tax debt. They were were slapped with the first of two federal tax liens in November 2019 (for the tax years of 2016 and 2017) in the amount of $535,010.97. The pair received the second federal tax lien the following month (for the tax year of 2018) in the amount of $321,789.06. 

“Eyebrow kits! Get yer eyebrow kits!”

Other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars who have run into tax issues in recent years include Amber PortwoodMaci Bookout and Ryan Edwards.

Jenelle and David have yet to comment publicly on their exposed tax debt.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Jenelle should really do some investigating before opening up her big mouth and starts poring out the lies.

    The other girls don’t owe PROPERTY tax like she does which is why the STATE has a lien on her property. You can’t blame MTV for that one or anyone else for that matter. You are well aware BEFORE you buy a house/land and just in case you happened to be in a coma when you were advised of paying taxes, the city/state has a nice way to remind you when they send you the BILL.

    The others had/have not paid their INCOME tax which is why the IRS placed federal liens on their property. Not that it matters anyway because they can’t blame MTV or anyone else as I’m quite sure they were well aware of including their parents.

  2. WTH, why aren’t these teen mom people paying their taxes? I’ve never been hit with a tax lien because I PAY MY TAXES!

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Sad. Abuser never stop I was in one in the 80s and 90s. Its dangerous to be in an abuse relationship but when u scared it’s hard to get away. And when u try they threaten u. It’s sad I pray f ok r Janelle. And her kids. She and kids need to be safe. David is a danger right now he may one day kill her or her kids he needs jail time. Praying every one stays safe.

  4. Jenelle deserves everything she gets! Who the frick doesn’t know they MUST pay taxes?? She also went back to her jerk of a husband to go thru the same abuse she left him for. Jenelle is an idiot. Better get a job at McDonalds before more interest accures on that tax bill!!

  5. It doesn’t matter who’s name is on the deed. It will go into foreclosure. They owe more on it. Than what it’s worth. Meaning no one will get money from the home. The banks will sell it for what they can get. It being a trailer. Iam sure it didn’t hold up.

  6. Since Jenelle married him a lot if her stuff became community property. I heard she put his name in the house and thr land. If she didnt then it doesn’t matter who paid for it, its still his too.

    1. @Oopsey oh sure it’s half his, everything is… The house, the cars, furniture , etc. This is one reason I’m not buying Jenelle’s story, she keeps leaving.
      The FIRST thing an attorney will tell you “ don’t move out of that house.” She didn’t call the police on him either time , they would have told him to leave for the time being, the next day she should have been filing for an order of protection. No, she sends her friends there like an idiot . Jenelle leaving that house is going to make it harder on her to fight for it, Yes, she’s the mother and the kids need a home, BUT he has the same situation with his daughter.

    2. they showed them both signing for the land on teen mom. they were not even married yet if i’m not mistaken.

  7. After all the money the government just put out for this pandemic they’re going to be gunning for those that owe big. How above everyone do these people think they are? Not only have they not paid their taxes, they haven’t even try to set up a pay back plan.

  8. This drives me crazy because what I don’t understand is it’s HER house. Her money paid for it. Why on Earth is HE living there? Kick his ass to the curb and stay in your own damn house

  9. Wow and this is to the State, I wonder how much they owe Uncle Sam. You don’t want to play when you owe taxes, there’s no way getting away from it. All these overgrown teens made a boat-load of money, now owe tens of thousands in taxes. Once this is cancelled and it will be cancelled, I can bet most will be bankrupt. Not one of them saved for the future.

  10. While there are court documents in place, I highly doubt this “marriage” is far over. She’s going to get lonely in a few days and go back to him.

  11. David looks so ugly in that first picture. That top lip without a mustache to connect to his beard, and that look on his face…it’s making me nauseous.

  12. They will do ANYTHING for cash, including fights and breakups/makeups. Only a fool believes anything that comes from them. Jenelle WHO??

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    What happened in the previous years? They’ve been raking in Teen Mom money for years, did they suddenly forget to file their taxes? I do have some compassion for these women give their backgrounds that likely didn’t teach them to be responsible with money. I think MTV should have given them referrals to financial managers to help them plan out their futures and tax payments.

    1. Nope. Its not MTV fault. These girls had assistants, publicisrd and lawyers. They were smart enough to buy homes and expensive cars left and right. They also knew how to ink lucrative side business opportunities, speaking engagement and land major coinage with posting clickbait and posting products on Instagram. I heard some were making over $10,000 in instagram alone. These women know how to make money hand over fist so I’m sure they know to pay their taxes. They paid some of it to keep them out of prison, just not their fair share. They didnt pay their taxes because like all rich people they simply didn’t want too.

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    KARMA is a beautiful thing! Finally the swamp rats are getting exactly what they deserve. I bet there is more to come. If they didn’t pay the state they probably didn’t pay the FEDS either. Sit back with your popcorn and favorite drink and watch that Karma train eat them up!

  15. I think the reason Jenelle never filed a restraining order not only has to do with the money grab (what I said prior), but also the fact David has to surrender weapons and can’t see Ensley.

    Jenelle isn’t single mom material, or anything that’s not being codependent and sober. I doubt shes been seeing her therapist for many months now.

    1. I just saw a video on instagram stating that she’s already back on the Land. Don’t know if that’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

      *gasps for more air*


      *gets bleach eye drops ready for inevitable need to burn out retinas*

    2. Wasn’t she approached by the same company Farrah did a porno with but turned them down? (I think this was by the time Jace was still her only child)

      I vaguely remember this…

    3. Jenelle, Mykala (Unexpected), and that witch Farrah…Teen Mom Bare All editions (insert vomiting here)

  16. I am so glad that I grew up in a time where the shit talking my divorced parents did about each other wasn’t recorded forever on social media for me to read when I got older.

  17. Is this own their property taxes or their payroll takes?
    Barb better not bail her out. Thats alot of money especially when your going to have another grandchild to raise.

    1. I hope Barb doesn’t bail Jenelle out. Does anyone know if Barb went back to Walmart or if her and Jace (and the other grandchild) are living off the old TM income?

      Jenelle has plenty of toys she can sell for that money. Guns, atvs…etc.

    2. Sorry about typos.
      I reread the article and assume its their State Of NC taxes.
      Are they going to get a bill from Federal too?

    3. The local police might be afraid of him, but the Federal Government is not! They will probably rough up Barbara and take her money. I doubt that she gets paid child support.

  18. So they make all of this money sitting on their assets lol
    But cant or wont pay their taxes?
    I understand if your struggling but these people are clearly not?
    Exactly how many cars and trucks do 1 family need?
    You can put lipstick on a pig but its still just a pig.

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I think I’m MOST worried about this children! The anger, lying and inconsistency they witness on a daily basis is abhorrent!! I see nothing but trouble ahead for Jace, especially. He doesn’t have a chance. 😢

  20. I am sure there are many other teen moms to follow in their footsteps when it comes to not paying their taxes.

  21. Even Al Capone couldn’t get away with tax evasion. Here’s hoping Lurch and Jelly finally face consequences for their life choices.

  22. Sad all the way around. We all watched Jenelle have her 1st child at what 16 and myv paid her and paid her to keep us all interested in watching the show. She was too young to have so much $ and on top of it having her life broadcasted. Too much money quickly is not usually with a good outcome 🙁 poor kids. Period

  23. Awww looks like Karma is catching up to the swamp donkeys. Couldn’t happen to two more deserving people.

  24. Seriously? Jenelle is as big of a joke as Farrah and Amber. MTV will have to take responsibility for not teaching anyone in the franchise and kids watching this franchise. MTV, why exactly did you guys start “TeenMom”? Because there is nothing that kids will learn when your not showing “TeenMom” teens. Wake up MTV

  25. Jenelle and Lurch lead such pathetic, pitiable lives, yet I feel absolutely no pity for either of them. All of us commenting on the site have to pay our taxes and even though they think that they are special because they’ve been rewarded by MTV for the last decade for getting pregnant as a teen, they are not special beings (Tyler and Cate too) that are above having to pay the man. I can’t imagine anyone on Earth can say anything positive about Lurch or Jenelle at all, including their own kids.

  26. Only two guarantees in life … you gotta pay your taxes and you’re going to die. I think this is hilarious! Get em Uncle Sam!

  27. No this isn’t something you can work your way out of… even for Jenelle uncle Sam will get his money that u can guarantee

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Somehow I read this says I hope she goes to prom

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Yes! My 75 year old mother has had her social security check garnished for three years now. Because her accountant miscalculated. Just when she gets it paid down, they hit her with a penalty charge to keep it going.

    1. That is terrible and happened with my elderly aunt… she was paying the minimum amount but every month her balance would go UP… I pressed and pressed and she FINALLY contacted a tax attorney. If your mom hasn’t done that please give it a shot. The attorney can stop all of those “fees and penalties” from accruing. I know it feels like drowning but there is a light! I’m sure there are attorneys who will speak to her for a free consultation. Since my aunt did that she said she feels free and she is actively paying down the debt and rebuilding her credit at the same time. Give it a shot!!

  29. How do these people get away with this shit? My mother owed Uncle Sam $400 one year because the tax man screwed up and they threatened her daily even though she had dementia until she paid it back in full! Cate and Ty have owed since 2017, I know Maci owed a large amount at one time & I guarantee you that Dumbnelle and Lurch will get away with it too!

    1. Ask Mike “The Situation” if he thinks they’ll get away without paying back taxes! The IRS does not mess around!

      1. I forgot about Mike! They definitely didn’t mess around with him! How are Ty & Cate still getting away with it from three years ago? And, wasn’t Jenelle just bitching a few months ago about how she has to pay taxes in the six figures so having MTV money comes at a cost? Now we realizes she owes a shit ton, she even lies about that! I really hope they hold them accountable.

        1. I’m sure they aren’t “getting away” with anything. They probably paid it or are making an agreed upon payment. Just because you see in the news that they owe some sort of money doesn’t mean they aren’t paying on it now. You even say in a comment up above that your mother owes taxes because “the tax man” screwed up. Why are you all so quick to assume that their tax man didn’t make a mistake or that they aren’t paying it back”? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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