Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards Starts Wedding Planning Business After Her Husband Ryan Edwards Gets Hit With $119,000 Tax Lien

“Let me plan you the sidewalk wedding of your dreams!”

Mackenzie Edwards has announced that she has a new career…and it’s no surprise that the wife of Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards is attempting to make money to support her family, given that her hubby is reportedly in nearly $120,000 in debt!

Radar Online broke the news on Tuesday that Ryan reportedly owes over $119,000 in tax debt to the IRS. A clerk for the Hamilton County, Tennessee, Register of Deeds, confirmed to the site that the IRS issued Ryan a $119,416.24 tax lien in March that remains unpaid as of today.

Since Ryan is fresh out of the slammer and currently unemployed, Mackenzie is trying to finance the family with her new wedding planning business!

The pregnant former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star (who, along with Ryan, got the boot from the show last month), announced earlier this week that she is now a wedding planner.

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married on the lawn of an aquarium with only your parents and dog as witnesses, or fantasized about having a wedding in which your fiancé gets smashed, Mackenzie can make your wedding dreams come true!

Pregnant Mackenzie–who planned her first wedding that took place days before Ryan was shipped off to rehab, and her second “do-over” wedding last year– announced her new venture on her website. Mackenzie Edwards Wedding and Events is currently booking events for Fall 2018.

This could be you!

On her website, Mackenzie explained why you should allow her to plan your dream wedding.

“Sometimes it can be hard to take all of the thoughts, dreams, and visions in your head and turn them into reality,” Mackenzie wrote. “That is where I step in. From start to finish, whatever your needs may be, I will be here to help and guide you every step of the way. The stress of planning your own wedding can take a toll on one’s self and really take away from the whole experience. With my help, we can partner together to create you the wedding of your dreams and alleviate the stress factor therefore creating a priceless and winning combo.”

Mackenzie also threw in a little background info about her personal life.

“When I am not compulsively planning, you can find me hanging out with my family at our fave hot spot– the lake,” Mackenzie wrote on her website. “I have a family FULL of boys (including the dog) so being able to express my femme, creative side is such a breath of fresh air.”

Currently, Mackenzie offers four wedding packages from “The Chocolate Chip” for $150, which includes a 30 min skype/phone consult and a two-hour session to get your plan on paper, to The Neapolitan for $1,500.

That $1,500 gets you, according to Mackenzie, PEACE OF MIND, access to her “little black book” of vendors, two in-person consults, unlimited contact via email, professional input regarding details, full day event and rehearsal coordination, site visit, vendor/venue coordination, distribution of final payments, conflict resolution experience, feedback regarding setup and arrangement, detailed management of decor placement, and more!

Mackenzie says her dream is to “see your dreams come true.”

Fans had a mixed reaction to Mackenzie’s new venture. After she posted about it on her Instagram account, she did receive some support, but many questioned if Mackenzie was actually qualified to be an event planner, given that she has no actual training outside planning her own three weddings. (She had two weddings with Ryan, and one with her ex-husband Zach Stephens.)

“Eh you have zero experience,” one person wrote in the comment section of Mackenzie’s post. “Did you just sit one day thinking hmmm what would be fun to try and do? I know a wedding and event planner! No. That’s not how it works. No one’s going to sit there and waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on someone who has no clue what they’re doing.”

“Your wedding was a mess your groom was so effed up and inebriated that I don’t know if you should be a wedding planner,” another person wrote.

In the comment section of her post, Mackenzie assured nay-sayers she had planned “several” weddings in the past and that she has a portfolio she can show them.

In case you were wondering, Mackenzie would have to sell about 79 of her most-expensive wedding planning packages in order to pay off her husband’s $119,416 tax lien!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

45 Responses

  1. Yikes, the sheer amount of grammatical errors in her business pitch would put me off immediately. You should really have a professional writer/editor at least look over any advertising writing that you do. It was verging on Farrah-speak, with so many superfluous words, repetition, and subject/verb confusion.

  2. This is almost as laughable as Jenelle wanting to do charity work… good luck with that, hoe! Alls anyone has to do is google you and the first thing is gunna be you grabbing the wheel from your nodded-out “husband” on the way to your shotgun wedding in your Salvation Army wedding dress. And those that do use you, are just as thirsty as you are for the possibility of 15 seconds on a dumpster-fire “docuseries”

  3. Wasn’t she planning on going to nursing school? What ever happened to that? Wedding planning is exceptionally hard and reputation is everything. I think it’s one of those professions, like writting or childcare, that everyone thinks is easy but is deceptively difficult.

  4. Isn’t she due to give birth soon? Why would you be planning weddings in Fall 2018? Ryan claims he was thrown in the slammer since things were just SoOooOoo busy in their lives that he “forgot” to do his community service. Aren’t things going to be even busier with a new baby? You can be sure Ryan isn’t going to look after the newborn while Mack ruins various peoples weddings.

      1. And starting a business from the ground up when you really need money now is a very bad idea.

  5. Damn if she wants to work,damn if she’s not want to work…Give the girl a chance,at least she’s trying to make a living.I hope it works out for her.

    1. I know right. Everyone hates on her for not working and when she tries they still hate on her. The judgmental Judy’s need to get off their high horse.

    2. If Mack got an actual job, she wouldn’t be getting criticized like this. But, suddenly deciding to be a wedding planner when you have no education or no experience is not the same as getting a job. There is no guaranteed business or money and she doesn’t have any experience running a company. If she got a job with an established wedding planner so she could learn the ropes, that would be something. This is really just “what can I do without actually having to put in hard work?” Planning weddings seems fun and easy, but it’s not. She’s about to find that out.

      1. I agree…does she even have a resume? As far as we know, she has no experience planning anyone’s wedding except for her own 2, and we all saw how they turned out….she even complained at the reunion about how MTV made her wedding look bad, meanwhile it was the overall weddings that made it look bad. MTV had nothing to do with it. Wedding planning does sound easy and fun, but throw in a Bridezilla, venue’s falling through, budgets changing, and its a whole new ball game. I think she’s in over her head, but you can’t tell her anything. Best of luck to her, but it’s probably going to be short lived.

  6. Boy oh boy I bet she’s sure glad she’s linked to that one for life now! Lol! You got what you asked for sweetheart!

  7. Even if you’re not a regular TM viewers, I’m sure EVERYONE by now has either seen or heard about Ryan Edwards driving horrifically stoned off his ass with his eyes half closed to get to her own first “shotgun” wedding in a parking lot.

    Desperate then with a “plan” to ride the MTV money train.

    Desperate now with a “plan” to be the breadwinner, because the guy she married HIGH will never be employable until he agrees to go get the help he truly needs.

    Sorry to say that Mack’s “planning” portfolio isn’t looking too impressive right now.

  8. Does anyone else notice she says taking bookings beginning fall 2018, but isn’t that also when her new baby is due ??

    1. Also, who plans a wedding in less than a month or so? It’s august 2018, now. Generally when a company says “accepting booking for XX date,” it doesn’t mean “call me on XX date to set something up for the future,” it means, “call is now in order to have us do your event on XX date.”

  9. She should add the “black tar” package.. Mackenzie will personally shoot up the lucky groom to ensure he is completely subdued so YOU can have your special day.. discount applies to the Re-do wedding that follows..

  10. Wait, do you not need to be licensed and bonded to charge people money for this??? My mother was an interior decorator ( before she passed) , I know of many times she would be brought in FROM the coordinator to decorate the venue..she had degreeS, I’m pretty darn sure the coordinators did too, people paid them a lot of money for their expertise.
    Now, how does Ryan owe so much?He just recently moved out on his own… oh yeah, drugs are big bucks ?

  11. I haven’t been married but I would think you should automatically have unlimited contact with your wedding planner. If you get the small package you can only talk to her a few times? But then again who would hire her to plan their wedding?!

    1. That’s not uncommon. Wedding planners can be expensive, so they offer smaller packages at lower prices points.

  12. You know she’s blaming Maci for all of this lol. Had Maci just went along and not held Rhine accountable like the rest of his family, they would still be making MTV money, and she wouldn’t have to work.

    Mack put a lot of time and effort into calculating and manipulating her way onto Teen Mom….she lowered her standards, knowingly married an addict, and got pregnant by said addict in hopes to jump on that Teen Mom Gravy train and secure the bag…now her plans got derailed, and have completely blown up in her face. She’s worse off now financially, than she was when she first started dating Rhine, her and that husband are 6 figures in debt, he’s still got a nasty drug problem, and they have a baby (which I’m sure she thought was a installment plan) on the way. This is what happens when you don’t marry for the right reasons.

  13. She couldn’t get her own husband to spit out his chew for their vows or cake cutting. Just sayin.


  15. I’m guessing her blog posting and selling insurance isn’t enough to cover Ryan’s drug expenses and tax liens. At least she’s trying, but she will hit her breaking point at some point and then try to shop around a tell-all interview or book.

    1. Hey, I’m wedding planner now. The vanilla package is $200. I have lots of experience. Pay me?

      ^^ that REALLY seems like a job to you? Really?

  16. What happened to nursing school? Too much work / commitment?

    Though not quite Farrah-speak level, Mac also has the word-salad thing going on: “With my help, we can partner together to create you the wedding of your dreams and alleviate the stress factor therefore creating a priceless and winning combo.” I’m feeling second-hand embarrassment for her, kind of like watching Leah’s cringe-inducing motivational speeches. At least Leah can fall back on her TM2 money – Mac was forced out of what she thought was her TM day job. Now she’s just stuck with a broke junkie.

    1. Leah also has 2 working baby daddy’s who are dependable and will cut her child support checks monthly. Mac and Cheese is taking another L on that too, because Ryan won’t work his way out of a wet paper bag wireless a 9-5 job.

  17. Well she got to do something everybody knows Ryan won’t work. Wonder how long Mack will put up with Ryan not working? Welcome to the the real world.

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