Corey Bohan— Ex-Husband of ‘The Hills’ Star Audrina Patridge— Wants Her To Pay Him Child Support Since He Lost His Job Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

“Gimme money!”

After losing his bartending job amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Corey Bohan is turning to his ex-wife Audrina Patridge for some financial assistance in the form of child support.  

Documents obtained by Us Weekly state that the BMX rider was laid off from his bartending gig in March and he has not yet received any income from unemployment. According to Corey, even when he was employed, he was only pulling in $2,000 to 3,000 a month, while Audrina “earns [a] significantly higher income” in excess of $36,000 a month. 

“Have you seen who I have to hang out with for the show? I earn that money… “

Corey claims  The Hills: New Beginnings star should be able to swing the child support as she “also owns real property, is able to fund a retirement account and has various investments.” He believes their three-year-old daughter, Kirra, should have the same standard of living in each home. 

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Being a mother is the greatest gift & blessing of all. You don’t truly understand how you could love someone so much or what true love is until you have your baby staring into your soul with such innocence and pure love. My mom always would say No matter how old you get you will all ways be my baby…. and now I get it. As kirra gets older every year I catch myself staring at her thinking wow I can’t believe I grew her in my belly!i I thank god everyday. Her little personality and the cute little faces she makes have been there since day one but now everyday I get to have full on conversations with her, know her opinions on everything, and her curious questions of the world, people, the How’s and why’s. Teaching her to be strong, kind, loving, caring, honest. She also teaches me on the daily of what life is about. I never want to let her down and will always be the best that I can be protecting her loving her teaching and being a role model & mommy she can look up to. She has definitely made me a better person and changed my life forever and I couldn’t ask for anything more❤️ love my baby girl✨

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Audrina and Corey tied the knot back in 2016, five months after welcoming their daughter. Less than a year later, the two split, with Audrina filing for divorce; a year later, the divorce was finalized. 

Kirra, Corey and Audrina before Audrina filed for divorce in 2017…

In addition to child support, Corey is asking that Audrina pay $7,5000 toward his legal fees. The couple’s court hearing is set for August. 

This isn’t the first time Corey has hit his ex-wife up for some money in the last year. In December, Audrina was ordered to pay $35,000 of Corey’s attorney fees related to domestic violence allegations she filed against him in July.

At the time, court documents claimed that Corey and Audrina’s custody battle for Kirra had cost Corey more than $60,000 in lawyer’s fees and Audrina more than $156,000.  

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    1. Audrina tends to date down. The guy she dates resent her and are somewhat jealous if her fame. She should have stay with the ugly singer boy.

  1. Exactly what I was thinking!! He probably did file but is using this as an excuse for a pay day! My thoughts are, if your divorced and share 50/50 custody, you pay for 50% of what the child needs! I’d get 2 jobs to pay for my children’s needs if my first one didn’t cover it!! I’d certainly do that b4 I gave my ex the satisfaction of knowing I needed their help!!!!

  2. They weren’t married for more than a year (married Nov 16 she filed September 17) he’s just being a lazy prick

  3. He means that he should have the same standard of living as Audrina. Should all this not have been sorted out in the divorce settlement? I do have sympathy with him losing his job, that’s awful but in England once your divorced the settlement is what you get, that’s it- you don’t get extra money if your circumstances change. Child support is also based on a percentage of the RPs salary, and also sometimes expenses such as university or housing costs that have been agreed in court. You do not get spousal maintenance. Is it different in America, are you to be taken to court every time your ex runs into difficulties so you can pay for them? That’s mad.

    1. For a divorce, usually the financial settlement is it, but child support is a whole different animal. Here in the US, they also usually do a percentage of income for support, but as long as someone has the cash to pay a lawyer, child support issues can continue to be filed and re-filed to change the amounts and what someone is required to pay for. Amount of time spent with the child is a factor in support also, so someone with primary custody may end up getting support from an ex, while someone who has 50/50 custody may get nothing, and each are expected to furnish what the child needs when they are in that parent’s custody. If circumstances change such as moving from a 50/50 arrangement to one parent having the child more, then they could go back to court to get support set up. A person could also have an arrangement set up for support, to where, for example, 20% of their income is $600 a month, and that goes to an ex for child support. Over the next 5 years, that parent receives raises at work, and suddenly 20% of their income is more like $1200 a month. The ex would have to take this person back to court to get that amount adjusted – it will stay at the original amount until someone asks for an increase.

  4. When you procreate with idiots, you find yourself “carrying” the unfortunate ex so that your child does not suffer. Audrina should help pay for a decent 2-bedroom apartment so their daughter can comfortably visit, and provide him with a safe car. Plus an allowance for “extras.” Paying to keep him looking like a respectable father will become her new hobby. If she wants to spare her daughter anguish. It’s cheaper than therapy.

    Mother Greenway’s word to the wise: Don’t procreate with idiots! It will cost you in ways you’ve never dreamed of!

    1. Spare her daughter from anguish? I cant imagine what you must think of “poor” people’s children. If she has primary custody than then there no reason she should even pay child support. No one should have to supplement the other parents income when they only have the child maybe 2 days a week. If it’s 50/50 thats different but even then he shouldn’t be bringing her to court unless he plans to be out of a job permanently.

  5. My concern is why are the lawyers getting paid more to fight for child support than the actual child support being paid out? Wow, what a rip off?

  6. My initial reaction is he is a douche. But it’s the roles were reversed it makes sense. So I have to set aside my internal bias. He should get more child support.

      1. Why didn’t Corey file for unemployment like a lot of people who got laid off due to COVID. Hows he been paying his bills the last 3 months?

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