‘The Hills’ Star Audrina Patridge Files For Divorce From Baby Daddy Corey Bohan

Audrina posted this family photo to Twitter on August 6…

The hills are alive…with short-lived marriages! Audrina Patridge has filed for divorce from husband Corey Bohan after less than a year of marriage.  TMZ broke the news on Thursday, stating that the former star of The Hills is also seeking protection from Corey, the father of her one-year-old daughter Kirra.

According to the court documents obtained by TMZ, Audrina states that Corey has put her through a series of emotionally and physically abusive episodes, starting in mid-August. She claimed that Corey–a pro BMX rider– pushed her while she was holding Kirra in August after he accused her of cheating on him. According to Audrina, Corey then proceeded to empty out her backpack and purse, punch himself in the head and threaten to hit himself in the head with a metal canister if she left.

Audrina claims September brought more frightening behavior from Corey. After an alleged screaming episode, Audrina says she called the police, and Child Protective Services visited the house to talk to her.

The former MTV reality star claimed that Corey pulled another stunt this weekend. While Audrina was sitting on a panel at a beauty event, she claims that Corey showed up and followed her on stage, vowing to go get his daughter. (Audrina’s Instagram account shows her at an industry event in Newport Beach, California, last weekend.)

On September 18, Audrina filed for and received a temporary restraining order against Corey.

Corey has not responded publicly to Audrina’s filing. He has, however, since made his Instagram account private. In his Instagram bio he still describes himself as “husband.”

Corey and Audrina got hitched in Hawaii in November 2016.

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18 Responses

  1. Their relationship was unstable and toxic long before these incidents. They have been going through this at least 10 years, even when she was still on The Hills. Bad idea having his kid and marrying him.

  2. He’s clearly no Justin Bobby.

    But in all seriousness, good for her for getting out before things escalate any further.

  3. Good on her for taking swift action getting out….they’ve been married less than a year, and their daughter does not need to be around that.

  4. Sounds like a real insecure scumbag. After you push me holding my baby, you’re out you’re done and your dead to me.

  5. Oh yeah Audrina. Forgot about her. She cannot lose the one brain cell she has, so please protect her from physical abuse.

  6. Can’t say I’m surprised. When she had her own reality show, his abusive and controlling behaviour was a major storyline.

  7. Damn only one year of marriage? Weren’t they together for years prior to that? It’s like Brangelina: together for 10 years, only married for one. I feel bad for their little girl, but it sounds like she’s better off without them bitching at each other all day.

  8. Janelle and that weirdo David shd not be permitted to raise any children. I feel Janelle has no motherly instincts,and David seems like a controlling, abusive d-bag. I’m soo happy Barb has Jace. Just saying…

  9. @ashley. Please start a new teen mom 2 thread. Im dying to talk about Janelle asking jace if he told the counselor that he didn’t like David. Can’t stand her or David. This was on last nights episode. Almost fell out of my chair. Then said ‘I’ve tried to see you but meme wouldn’t let me’ I mean, isn’t that a violation of the agreement? Talking bad about babs?

    1. I am also dying for a new TM thread…I think we just started one… SOOO wrong of Jenelle to ask Jace that way…It should be addressed, but she should’t bring up the therapist. Now he won’t trust the therapist (who is probably the only stable person in his life).

      1. Not to mention he had to lie about to her. You can tell by the way he looked down and didn’t answer right away. He doesn’t like David at all, and was crushed when she said he was coming to St. Thomas with them. Poor Jace. And fuck Jenelle. I’m SO happy she only gets him, what, 6-7 days a month.

      2. Yeah good point. Jace prob felt like he was let down when he found out Janelle knew what he said about David. And I guarantee that’s what this whole fake fun day was about. But just wait until David gets a chance to confront jace about saying those things. Janelle better do all she can to get custody before jace is old enough for the judge to ask him ‘jace, do you want to live with your mother and her husband?’

        1. @Your Mom Will Regret This – I admire your optimism. The fact that you think Jenelle and David’s marriage will even last long enough for that day to come, I believe Jace would be thirteen for them to consider his opinion which would be in five years. I’d be very surprised if we see David with Jenelle three years from now.

    2. That infuriated me. That poor boy probably feels like he can’t even trust his therapist now. Jenelle is a POS scumbag with no maternal instinct.

  10. Sounds like he has some mental issues. My sisters ex boyfriend (he was way younger) once hit himself in the head several times over a conversation about Danny devito and rhea Perlman, seriously. He thought she was implying he was too young to know who rhea Perlman was and started hitting himself. All bc she mentioned the hit show Cheers. Wow. This guy sounds as immature as my sisters ex. But no lie, that fight actually happened.

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