Updates on Jenelle Evans’ & David Eason’s Court Hearing for Custody of Their Kids (Exclusive!)

“Hope they saved us our special parking spot at the courthouse!”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are currently in a court battle for custody of their kids, and it’s going to be a loooong day.

The Ashley‘s sources tell her that the former Teen Mom 2 stars have been at the North Carolina courthouse since Thursday morning, and the court hearing is ongoing. 

The Ashley is aware that TMZ posted a video showing Jenelle and David leaving the courtroom without the kids. While the site implies that the Easons lost their case and left childless, The Ashley’s sources tell her that’s not the case at all. 

“The court hearing is still happening,” the source tells The Ashley. “Everyone was on a break for lunch, so that’s the time the video was shot. It is not over and nothing has been decided.”

TMZ showed a photo of two kids with blankets over their heads, sitting in a CPS car. The Ashley’s sources tell her it was Ensley and Kaiser in the car, but they were not being carted away. They were simply getting them out of the courtroom and keeping them entertained while the proceedings were happening. 

As The Ashley told you Wednesday night, there will be many visitors attending the hearing today, including Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans, her baby daddy Nathan Griffith and David’s first baby mama, Whitney Johnson (or someone representing her). 

“The court is handling each kid’s case, one at a time,” the source said. “This will take a long time and there’s a good chance that nothing will actually be decided today.”

UPDATE #1: The Ashley’s sources inform her that Jenelle has been informed (at some point over the last few days) that CPS will allow her to have custody back of her kids, on the condition that she is no longer living with David (while the investigation is happening). Jenelle would have to move out of the home she shares with David, or David would have to leave in order for Jenelle to have the kids returned to her care. Jenelle is not under investigation at this time. However, this was true before the custody hearing started. Whether or not things will change following the testimonials remains to be seen.

UPDATE #2: As of 5:10 p.m. EST, Jenelle and David’s car is still parked out in front of the courthouse, so they are still inside the courtroom.

UPDATE #3: Jenelle and David were seen exiting the courtroom around 5:20 p.m. EST. They left together and no reporters were left at the courthouse to bother them.

They did not have any of their kids with them.

The Ashley’s spy reports that “David looked angry and was throwing his hands around as he talked to Jenelle on the way to their car.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the court hearing was continued until tomorrow.

During today’s hearing, the CPS case worker had to report her findings for the court, and she has reported some disturbing stuff. Each child’s case is being handled separately, so the hearing could take a while to get through.

The Ashley can confirm that Barbara, Nathan and David’s ex-wife Whitney Johnson (who is the mom of David’s daughter Maryssa) were all at the hearing today, just as The Ashley told you yesterday they would be

The kids will remain where they were last night (with their temporary caregivers) for the time being. 

Check out the exclusive photos of the Easons leaving the court without their kids below! 

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Barbara Evans let Janelle hold ENSLEY in the parking lot at court today!! Barbara could lose custody of ENSLEY for not going through a supervised setting!! Barbara can be so dumb!!!

  2. Jenelle is kind of no use to David now that she isn’t making the MTV bucks. Hope he leaves her, takes half and maybe a slap to the face will wake her up to reality… Just MAYBE this time…can only hope… :-0

  3. I really wish Jenelle would wake up and see David is no good for her. She ant her self any more and seems like she can’t be. If she is he hates it and tells her what she can and can’t do. I think she can do much better and she needs to just leave him. Seems like she is losing everything because of him and for him and that is not cool at all. Also seems like he don’t want her to be happy and just wants her to be locked up like a caged animal. She is so much more better then that. I know she lives him in all but it’s not worth losing everything over. I think she needs to be single and she needs to find her self. She really has alot of fixing her life She needs to do without him. She’s such a beautiful amazing women to be lwtrkmg a man control her and run her life. Come on Jenelle wake up and realize this guy is no good for you and your baby’s. You can even see her sons don’t even like him they just deal with him because they have to so they don’t get in trouble. Not cool girl. Where’s the Jenelle that let no man tell her what to do or control her. Wake up girl wake up. You ha e alot of people who love you and want to be there and behind you bug they can’t because of David. You can do a whole lot better so much better way much better. Do it for them baby’s before everything you have is gone. Nobody wants to see you lose it all. We all live you gurl.

    1. I just hope this is not going to be an “I told you so” situation. They give those kids back, it will be. The courts need to get all the MTV footage, even what didn’t make the show, and review it. Can you imagine what was swept under the rug, or left on the cutting room floor? MTV needs to shelf Teen Mom now!!!

      1. You would think that MTV would have a duty of care regarding this . Even the slightest hint of child abuse should be mandatory to report!

    2. She’s always been batshit crazy always.
      If her first born can’t change her life choices, and her 2nd and 3rd kid can’t, then nothing will.
      I couldn’t give a fuck about her.
      She is a bitch, and animal and child abuser, she has no redeeming qualities.

      My thoughts are with the kids and animals.
      She can get fucked, and please don’t talk about people being behind her, you may be gullible but the rest of the world are not.

      And no we all don’t love her, do not speak for me, I hate the bitch

      1. You would think that MTV would have a duty of care regarding this . Even the slightest hint of child abuse should be mandatory to report!

  4. I thought Jenelle and David were going to be back today? Maybe just Jenelle since reports are saying she needs to separate from David – does anyone know if she/they did go back to court today? I went over to Starcasm to see if they had an update and cracked up when they posted a picture of them (as a skeleton) waiting for the updates from The Ashley! ?

  5. Jenelle is NOT in fear for her life. She is addicted to David. I do NOT feel sorry for any so called Mother who allow emotional and/or physical abuse around their kids. She is guilty as David is for everything wrong that has happened in their home. Had she put her children and the dog first priority, little Nugget would still be alive, and the kids wouldn’t have suffered in a Domestic Violence home. It’s that simple. Both are NOT true parents. They are evil in human form.

  6. I do not believe Janelle with give up on him. She is impaired with her thinking. Should have been out with those kids sometime ago. The guy is a ticking time bomb! She should go to a safe place NOW!

  7. Am I the only one who sees that top picture and thinks “It’s 106 miles to Charlotte, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a dime bag of marijuana, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses”?

    1. I was hoping they would do a Thelma and Louise and just drive off a cliff! I am so sick and saddened by this whole story! And MTV sucks! It’s all about the dollar. I never watched this show, so I never knew any of this treatment to these children was going on. I have cried for days about this whole situation. Everyone needs to let their advertisers know that this will not be tolerated. Boycott MTV Teen Mom Now!!!

  8. It seems to me that Jenelle made her choice and that choice was to remain with David, instead of regaining custody of her children. David had been in court earlier this month due to unpaid child support. He was ordered to pay the nearly $5,000 or go to jail. Had he gone to jail that would have given Jenelle the perfect opportunity to take the steps to leave him and arrange for a safe living environment for her & her children. Instead, she chose to pay his back child support for him, keeping him out of jail & back home with her, even with the knowledge that her children would be taken from her if she continued living with him. Any mother who would choose a man over her own children doesn’t deserve custody of them. Obviously she is going to continue to stay with David and allow him to run the show, even if it means that harm comes to her or her children or all of them.

    1. I imagine Jenelle shares a joint checking and savings account with Lurch and that’s how he paid child support.

      1. That could be it. He told the judge he didn’t have the money to pay it initially because he said he can’t work outside due to his Vitiligo (even though he is constantly seen on the show working out in the yard). I read that Jenelle then intervened on his behalf and paid it to keep him out of jail

  9. Imagine that mtv is semi responsible for this! without mtv this psycho would never looked towards jenelle (or i should say her fame and money).
    regarding Jenelle it is shocking that even now she is unable to leave this guy.

    1. To blame MTV is ridiculous. Yes they should have fired her long ago BUT- Jenelle needs to take FULL responsibility, not blame MTV, her mom or David. She makes/made her own choices.

    2. MTV is filming now with Monster Mom replacement, ‘Teen Mom’ producers will be filming Kailyn Lowry’s podcast in New York this weekend, where special guest Jade will officially announce a pretty poorly kept secret … that she’s stepping in for Jenelle.
      The podcast is called, “Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley” … and MTV cameras will be rolling as the hosts sit down for an interview with Jade.

  10. One of my half sisters is a Jenelle right down to a pet killing boyfriend who beat her with a shotgun and held her hostage, beat her with a baseball bat and dumped her on the side of the road and who shoved her into a wall repeatedly and so forcefully he cracked her vertebrae. After a year of trying to get cps to step in to protect her kids, they finally removed them. My husband and I got a kinship placement of our nephew and niece. She was ordered to stay away from the boyfriend, he was fortunately not the father of either child, as part of her reunification plan. First visitation I supervised, she informs me he’s waiting in the car out in the parking lot and asks if the kids can come say hi. After she ended up losing custody 9 months later, judge refused to give her any visitation or contact in the court orders, her boyfriend dumped her. She has tried to get him back several times and hasn’t asked or tried to see her kids in almost 3 years.
    Jenelle is scum. She’ll never leave truly leave David. Hopefully those kids have people who will keep fighting for them and a judge who will call her out for being unfit and a danger to her children.

  11. Ya cause I want to go to a hotel alone…by MYSELF with Kaiser because that’s so much fun,are you kidding me we have already seen this she literally refuses to be by herself with ANY of her kids.could u imagine her being by herself with Kaiser and ensley? I mean it wont happen but could u imagine.

    1. I remember that episode, mostly because my jaw was on the ground at the fit she threw for VERY BASIC “watching ( babysitting) a child …Except it was coming from The Actual BIRTH GIVER!
      * I refuse to call her anything other than that, because SHE CERTAINLY IS NOT A MOTHER!

    2. I don’t think other hotel guests would appreciate hearing: “DUDE, are you kidding me?” “Shut up Kaiser, DUDE”

      1. Can you even imagine how many times she said dude in front of a judge yesterday 😀

        1. Omg Dude I cant handle this.im so stressed out, I havent even smoked weed all day

  12. I have 2 kids, and if their dad (who I’m with and have been for almost 10 years) did something to make me lose those kids, he will be gone the second my children have been taken out of my house. And that’s after being with someone for TEN YEARS and having 2 children with them!!! He would be gone in a heartbeat!!!

    I can not believe Jenelle is still with this guy!! What more does he need to do for her to finally realise it’s just not worth it.
    Maybe she’s happy the kids are gone, cos we all know she can’t handle looking after her kids, now she can go back to being kid free and partying.
    Also probably realises now she doesn’t have those mtv paycheques coming in anymore, she can’t afford to look after them. Also without the cameras being there, she doesn’t have to try and pretend she cares sooo much about the kids on tv.
    Sad thing is, when her and David first got together, I thought that she was doing really good and they had a healthy relationship and he seemed like a really good guy, how quickly that changed ??‍♀️

    1. She 100% doesn’t care that the kids are gone. Jenelle hasn’t matured at all in the ten years since 16&P. It was completely obvious back then that she only wanted Jace to cart around in a stroller and show off to her buddies. She has serious co-dependency issues and uses her uterus as a means to keep whatever current soulmate, therefore I don’t believe for a second she got her tubes tied. Now that the children are gone she’ll just go ahead and have another one then say it’s a miracle baby.

  13. It makes me sick looking at them holding hands. She’s just straight-up pathetic. I watch some of the teen moms on YouTube. I am absolutely disgusted with this show I thought the show originally was supposed to show what happens when a teenager gets pregnant but now it’s just exploiting the whole thing these people don’t even have regular jobs it’s just bullsh*t

    1. One of the comments on the YouTube for teen Mom that if it wasn’t for Barbara she was Casey Anthony in the making

        1. the advertisers of teen Mom 2 need to be hit hard MTV needs to cancel this show this is ridiculous I cannot believe that all this stuff has been shown on there and nothing’s been done before now. This is disgusting!

        2. Remember as a baby and he was ill, she threw him in his cot in a dark room telling barb he was fighting his sleep, she ( jenelle ) really has no clue about Caring for kids.
          She is a heartless cruel pos, like her husband.

          Kaiser should have been removed back then, poor kid in pain and she put him in a dark room alone, so she and tori could sit outside smoking pot and making time for herself ( chins words not mine)

          She’s a grade A deadbeat mom.

  14. I totally agree with you. Janelle is not capable of looking after all those kids on her own, I remember when she was pregnant with Ensley and she was so stressed out and she had to take off, it seems to me at the time she took Kaiser with her in the van, she was going to go to a motel because there house wasn’t ready, and she ended up getting out of the van and talking to someone from the crew and telling them that she was way too stressed, and she couldn’t handle everything that was going on with the house. She left little Kaiser in the van while she stood outside talking. All they have to do is look at past behaviour as they say it is a good indicator of future behaviour. She hasn’t changed at all. So there’s no way. Plus if she wanted her kids back so bad she would have stepped up in court and announced that she was leaving David, divorce immediately but she didn’t. What else is there to think about, leave with a guy that murdered her dog, all she should have to do is picture that dog, and David covered in blood. This is like a horror movie.

    1. The uk picked up this when first reported, im in the uk visiting relatives.

      And they’ve all been aware of this ( well those that watch teen mom, and read the tabloids)

      1. In The Netherlands it is also in the news since Nugget was shot.

        @ The Ashley: Thank you for keeping us so well informed,and all the effort you make.

  15. This makes me uncomfortable. I realize that family reunification is the goal of most family court systems, but there is MORE than enough evidence against Jenelle’s ability to successfully parent as there is against David. Considering these courts and cps are familiar with the complexity of domestic violence situations, and her record, as a judge I would not be prepared to trust Jenelle to follow court orders and actually keep the children from David. If he has access to those children, and he will if she gets them back, then he’s either going to run and/or spill blood. I hate to sound so dramatic but he is seriously escalating and you don’t have to be a fucking genius to see it. The courts will fail those children if Jenelle has anything other than strictly supervised and limited visitation. Same goes for placing any child with any member of David’s family. I know the foster care system can be fucked up but it’s gotta be the lesser of the two evils in this case. Those girls need to go into neutral, 3rd party care. Again, I’m not trying to be dramatic but a judge who signs off on either of these fuckwits getting unsupervised access to any of those kids is likely gonna be a judge with blood on their hands.

    1. This is so terribly sad but true. Let’s all just hope their luck has run out and with this being so high profile, it will finally force those inept NC judges into the appropriate actions. I agree the girls should be placed in a neutral third party. Although, I think it would really get to David if Ensley ended up with Barbara!

    2. I completely agree – with statements like “it’s my life’s purpose to protect my family”, any slight, whether real or imagined will set David off. As so many people have said, killing an animal is a sign of a psychopath. I don’t have any hope that he is going to learn from any of this and try to get better.

      1. That Monster Mom knew it was wrong to take Nugget’s life in such a brutal way. And in front of the children? I wish Monster Dog Murderer had beat Monster Mom within inches of her life, the put a bullet in her face. I said what I said, and I will never take it back!

  16. None of this makes sense. Jenelle’s isn’t under investigation, at least not now. If there’s information about Jenelle that was withheld it sure as hell isnt going to go over well tomorrow.
    I can believe that there may be an issue getting a family member to commit to Ensley long term, she is only two , that’s a huge commitment if the parents don’t work their plan. CPS try’s to keep siblings together and avoid foster care.etc.
    What’s really questionable is why they haven’t concluded that Kaiser stay with Doris at least until the case plan is complete. Kaiser has a grandmother and Nathan both willing to take him, something’s wrong.
    Tomorrow should clear up more for us.. I hope.

      1. I think he is with Nathan and that Nathan has unsupervised temp custody now.
        Kaiser was too far away to join the visitation with JE and David at CPS on such a short term. Maybe they just drove to Nathan’s home to pack up some stuff with Doris in the car too but JE also talked about allowing Nathan unsupervised.

      2. I understand that he’s with Nathan and Doris right now. I’m referring to the option they gave her – if David moves out they would return Jenelle’s kidS ( plural), this would includ Kaiser, it shouldn’t.kaiser has a biological parent that is active in his life, there should be no question that he remain with Doris and Nathan until at least the case is closed. Jenelle should be given no hope of getting Kasier back, period!
        Whatever is going on down there sounds like a circus! What should be a no brainer is now going into day two.
        Does Anyone know if Nathan still lives in Florida? That could be a big problem.

        1. If Jenelle gets Kaiser back now then they will likely still move forward with the custody case that was already scheduled for him.

  17. So all she has to do is not live with David? That’s weak. What’s stopping David from visiting? What will be better if the kids ended up in someone else’s care that’s not related to David and let Jenelle have supervised visits at a center.

    1. We know that pubic bearded master of manipulation will never allow her to walk away.

      He’s so far inside her head, that she’ll risk her kids coming home to be with davSquid.

      He’d kill her before he’d let her walk away, unless they fake break up and try and outwit the judge and cps ???? They both that thick they’d try this.

  18. I’m very relieved those kids have been removed from that volatile and dangerous home. David is a very ill and unpredictable thing. Those poor kids already saw what he did to that poor little dog. I couldn’t imagine their fear. Hopefully Janelle will remove herself from him as well.

  19. Come on Janel don’t pick dick over your children have our kids will always be with you not a man like him so sorry

  20. “Lets get a dog” she said. “It will be great for the kids” she said. “Every family needs a dog” she said. At this point, she knew she F up’ed.

    1. Are you saying it’s Jenelle’s fault that David killed her dog? Don’t get me wrong I know she’s an f-ing moron but it’s not her fault that HE killed her dog…

  21. As a social worker and a foster mom, I’m sad to say I’m almost positive they will have kids back very soon. I’m very surprised they were actually taken with no physical marks on children, so I am guessing there is a lot more to the story, but even then, they will probably go home soon. And then become even more isolated. 🙁

    1. @Bmama: we don’t know that there wasn’t marks on Kaiser, CPS sure snatched him out of daycare fast and a couple of days before the girls.
      I do agree that the outcome may be favorable for Jenelle, the courts are using up hours and hours of time to hear this case, that’s probably to Jenelle’s benefit.
      You’re a social worker so you know better than all of us that CPS is being slammed by Jenelle’s attorney for removing kaiser before they had an order. The fact that CPS did that is what leads me to believe he was removed for something other than the dog incident 10 days prior.Also, with no doubt this is all being blamed on the media from Jenelle’s end of it. I’ll be very surprised if the court even takes anything from the Internet into consideration.

    2. Kaiser has had plenty of marks and bruises on him, at the hands of his mom and David.

      The pics are all over the internet as is videos of David dragging him and man handling him.

  22. (Oops! I meant to leave this comment in the main section, and not as a reply to another poster below.)

    Thanks, The Ashley, for your excellent and accurate reporting! Accept no substitutes for The Ashley when it comes to this very sad, very upsetting story.

    I can’t even express how relieved I was to read your latest update #3, that Jenelle and David left the courtroom without the children. Let’s hope tomorrow goes well for the kids, too.

  23. I wouldn’t send those kids back to Jenelle even if she did move out or made David move out. Shes just as unfit and she’d probably sneak around to let him see the kids anyway.

    1. I totally agree with you. Janelle is not capable of looking after all those kids on her own, I remember when she was pregnant with Ensley and she was so stressed out and she had to take off, it seems to me at the time she took Kaiser with her in the van, she was going to go to a motel because there house wasn’t ready, and she ended up getting out of the van and talking to someone from the crew and telling them that she was way too stressed, and she couldn’t handle everything that was going on with the house. She left little Kaiser in the van while she stood outside talking. All they have to do is look at past behaviour as they say it is a good indicator of future behaviour. She hasn’t changed at all. So there’s no way. Plus if she wanted her kids back so bad she would have stepped up in court and announced that she was leaving David, divorce immediately but she didn’t. What else is there to think about, leave with a guy that murdered her dog, all she should have to do is picture that dog, and David covered in blood. This is like a horror movie.

  24. I’ve also decided to boycott MTV. Watching these spoiled brats buying/building mansions and multiple homes, driving new expensive cars every few months, the many trips and exotic vacations a year, it’s gotten ridiculous and the furthest thing from relatable!

  25. I said it prior to the kids being taken and I’ll say it agin. I was in the exact same situation. My kids were placed and I had them back immediately after I moved and proved they were safe. I did this all with no job or money. I had my boys back in less then 3 days! When your a “real” MOM you put your kids first. Even before yourself…. yeah I had to stay at a nasty shelter but I didn’t care. I’m sure she won’t leave especially since they have been untouchable. She didn’t really fight for jace it’s just sad for those innocent kids. When you put a pos man before your own flesh and blood that’s just idk the words cause I could never….. RIP jenelle he’s gonna kill you…. gtfo ASAP……

  26. I hope the kids get the chance to speak. I hope someone hears them. I’d also like to see what’s on the cameras inside the home ? actually, I wouldn’t. My heart couldn’t take it. Aside from that.. I’ve officially boycotted mtv. It’s very clear and disturbing and disgusting and just outrageous that they were turning a blind eye to the abuse going on. They should be held accountable for something.

  27. It is very likely that, after being removed from Jenelle and Mr. Jenelle’s abusive drug den, Maryssa was interviewed by a social worker, and that the results of that interview were presented as evidence to the judge by CPS. That poor girl has it the worst out of all of the children because 1) She doesn’t really have anyone to fight for her, and 2) She is old enough to remember all of the trauma. I really hope that by the end of all of the court hearings, all of the children are permanently removed from Jenelle and David’s custody, and also that David is removed from the court house in handcuffs and sent to prison for felony child abuse.

    1. She got the shit stick in all of this! Monster Mom said that Maryssa was so upset about Nugget that she stayed in her room all day. Those children need to feel safe to talk. She must be the most scared of them all.

      1. Thanks, The Ashley, for your excellent and accurate reporting! Accept no substitutes for The Ashley when it comes to this very sad, very upsetting story.

        I can’t even express how relieved I was to read your latest update, that Jenelle and David left the courtroom without the children. Let’s hope tomorrow goes well for the kids, too.

    2. I honestly worry about her being brainwashed – I hope she realizes what is right and wrong, not just what Jenelle and David tell her. I hope she is not de-sensitized to this type of garbage now after living with those two.

      1. No they won’t. I know people who owe 60k and still are still walking around after years. They don’t have jobs or property anymore so there’s ads they can take from them. All I know is the interest compounds daily so the bill racks up very fast..::

  28. Jenelle gave up Jace so she could continue her partying, d*ck hopping lifestyle. No way she chooses the kids over her “soulmate.”

  29. I think what kills me the most with regards to Jenelle is that she doesn’t realise just how lucky she is to be able to have children. Especially three, sweet, healthy children.
    I have been struggling for years to have a baby (still hasn’t happened), and this idiot can pop them out like a Pez dispenser and then allow David to abuse them.
    I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disgusted by a person in my life. She is no mother.

    1. Lucky is an understatement. Not only popping out kids like a pez dispenser but getting paid a healthy wage for basically doing nothing but babbling and acting an idiot. I sure a lot of moms would LOVE her paycheck. And how many girls got passed over by MTV for her…..She just doesn’t get it and I don’t think she ever will.

      1. 100% she has no idea what she has/had. She has no feelings, and no real emotions. No wonder Envelope looks so dead behind the eyes – look at her parents!

        1. She’s never had to work or real job or actually take care of the kids she makes, she’s always had someone to do the heavy lifting.

          She’s finally getting some real life thrown at her and I don’t think she is going to like it…but I do!

      2. I am so sorry.

        I have also struggled to have a child for years, still have no children and probably never will. 4 miscarriages and 2 failed IVF attempts, I have decided to give up. People like Jenelle and David make me physically sick.

        1. I’m sorry that it has never happened for you either. I am right there with you in this journey.

        2. @
          Im so sorry to hear this.

          I understand completely, I can’t have kids myself and it kills me to see people like jenelle pop them out like shelling peas.
          It’s really makes me so sad, I’d have loved to have had a chance to be a mom.

          1. I’d happily take in Ensley and give her a loving caring stable home, lots of nieces and nephews to play with, she’d have all the attention and interaction she needs and deserves.

            And no more living in fear.

  30. Praise the Lord and hallelujah that all the children have been removed from “the Land.” Thank goodness that Jenelle’s tubes have been tied so she can no longer reproduce, neglect, endanger and abuse additional children. Hard to believe that the judge didn’t also take into consideration Jenelle’s road rage incident whereby she drove recklessly and followed a stranger to his home, and then pulled a loaded gun on him while Jace was sitting illegally in the front passenger seat of her car. David is definitely a psychopath and a menace to society. He should never have custody of a child or an animal. Neither should Jenelle for that matter.

      1. As far as I know they’re open to the public. Where I live, I can look up anybody’s family court docket.

        1. CPS is involved so it won’t be public record I don’t believe. I’m sure if it was ‘open court’ there would be a lot more info floating around…

  31. I hope she takes what CPS is offering. He’s definitely abusing her and she needs to be out of that house just as badly as the children. Unfortunately knowing Jenelle’s history, I don’t think she’ll make the right choice. Or if she does she’ll immediately ruin it for herself by violating whatever rules they lay down barring him from having visitation etc. This girl has always been her own worst enemy.

  32. No way can she handle Kaiser and Ensley by herself. Imagine that, a SAHM sending her kids to daycare. ?

    1. It’s actually worse than that. David doesn’t work either. Two parents home all day and they send kids to daycare!!!

    2. Dude, she even got stressed from having to drive their bunch of kids to their various daycares & schools. Even that was too much.

  33. If Janelle chooses David than I’m not surprised if we hear the news they found Janelle dead one day and David missing.

  34. David has some sort of hate videos on YouTube….I haven’t looked I don’t know if I can handle looking and hearing his ugly self babbling

  35. CPS needs to look at that video of endangering Jace in her road rage and subpoena MTV for what other footage they have…..She is NOT fit to have these kids or animals in her care

  36. Jenelle can’t handle Kaiser and Ensley on her own. Jenelle relies on David to do anything around the house. She’ll crumble under the pressure.

    Also, this right here is the ultimate test. Will Jenelle choose her children over David? I have my suspicions, but this is the first time it’s been so black and white. She has to publicly declare who comes first for her.

    Also, she doesn’t have custody of Maryssa, so who knows what will happen to her.

  37. I mean at least we know if Jenelle is given the choice between David and her kids she will definitely choose David. There is not way she would agree to live apart from him. So I guess that means they’re safe?

    1. What happens if she agrees,thinking this is a way to get us back together they won’t know David will actually be there too.

  38. Ooh damn. Ashley, you are pumping out the material like the Duggars squat out blessings. Thank you, girl.

  39. I am a foster mom (and social worker) and I will say I guarantee they will be back home very very soon, sadly.

  40. How funny that Cps actually does something once mtv isint covering her ass. And on another note I wonder how many times she’s said dude in the courts today

  41. “Jenelle is not under investigation at this time.” What kind of bullshit…
    Also what does this mean for Maryssa? I saw her mother is there so hopefully rehab worked for her and she is in a position to retake custody of her daughter.

    1. Been in her position and if she doesn’t leave she will be… sadly she should already be from the jace/gun incident… quick fact: I lived in Charlotte NC my bf or bd whatever beat me I called police long story short he took a knife while I ran to the neighbors cut himself said I did it.::: I go to jail with broken ribs but they told me not to go to hospital because my arrangement was early am and if I went to hospital I would definitely be in jail another day… the cops believed me but since he had visible blood they had to arrest me…. it makes me sick repeating this but yeah I didn’t go to hospital I wish I would have that night but it was proven he did it himself but they didn’t do anything cause I ended up going and getting X-rays after they released me so they couldn’t prove he did it.. COS stepped in and investigated me for almost a year!!! All charged dropped etc but they did speak to him and after a few visits they realized he was very controlling and aggressive. So if they don’t keep on these two idk?? I didn’t have lawyer money etc. I just did what they told me to do…. for a LONG time!

  42. And another thing….why is he video taping Ensley irritating Nugget….seems like to me he was just waiting for something to happen so he could kill the dog and get off on beating it. Someone said their video of the dog being picked on by geese and him and Janelle are laughing…..if that’s true then she doesn’t give a red hoot about the dog…..I’m so annoyed and can’t stop giving a crap about what happens to these to Aholes

    1. It seemed as if he was purposely baiting the dog to do something to the child. Any responsable dog owner knows not to allow a child to annoy a distressed animal. The dog was clearly bothered and gave warning signs. He did not even bite the girl but was giving a warning to stop. At one point it appeared to look at David for help to control his kid. Instead he used the dog as bait so he could take out his anger on a living creature and disguise it as protecting his child.

      1. Also why was David so far away from Ensley and Nugget filming? He is usually all up her ass feeding her and shit. Nothing was filmed before that. He seemed to start filming RIGHT BEFORE Nugget snapped!

    2. It was 100% provoked. My dog is great with kids but I still watch like a hawk just in case they pull or do something to my pup as young kids tend to do..but David sat and waited for the poor dog to react as ANY dog being tormented would. That video made me absolutely sick. He WANTED that to happen, and that video proved it. Absolutely disgusting.

  43. I wonder if mtv called CPS and dropped off some unedited footage and that’s really how they got the children removed.

  44. There is a blind item apparently about leDouche. CPS has no issue with Janelle its him that needs to go. He is abusive in more ways than all this lets on. Once those kids start talking it’s all over for him. I think it’s good they are separated right now because you know they were trained not to talk and the hope was probably Maryssa would keep the little ones from talking. That poor girl and Kaiser are the ones I fear for the most. Ensly was probably treated like gold and Jace has the protection of Babs.

    1. I hope they gain the children’s trust and the kids tell all. Wait until they have to pay child support for all those kids. And that will send David over the edge…giving money to people he hates.

      1. That’ll be golden when that happens lol! I wonder how much money David even makes in the summer from his boat cleaning business?

  45. The goal of CPS is to keep the family together. I’ve seen kids taken from CPS for way worse than David (believe it or not there are worse people) and sent back. There are cases here in LA County (California) where children have ended up dead because they were sent back. They will get those kids back. It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when. The only kids who have a fighting chance are Maryssa and Kaiser and that’s only if their other parent (Nathan and Maryssa’s Mom) decide to fight for custody. Ensley is basically screwed. I hate to say it, but that’s the sad reality.

  46. Just curious how they’re going to even be able to prove they can *afford* those kids plus a place to live without either one being employed. I would also love for MTV to be there forced to show any footage, especially unaired, that help the case of abuse and neglect (blood on your hands MTV for creating this little monster). As I said before, I know the court and CPS ultimate goal is to keep families together, but Jenelle would have been a damn felon, if not still an inmate, for her various crimes if it hadn’t been for MTV money bailing her out and buying good lawyers. So I’d expect the same consideration courts have for felons getting thier kids back: UAs, counseling, supervised visits, checkups, enrolled in school/daycare so there are outsiders monitoring the children’s well-being… I hope this judge does the *right* thing

  47. I just don’t understand how CPS hasn’t stepped in before. I don’t watch the show but I saw a few vids on YouTube. They are both bad parents. She pulls a gun out because of road rage…wtf and if she would have pulled the trigger …even by accident. And Jace got hit…..I just don’t get it, they both should have been investigated already then maybe poor Nugget would still be alive. And someone said David grabbed Kaiser by the arm and drug him around ….and MTV is ok with this and thought nothing of it? I don’t understand. Am I missing something????

    1. To be honest I was hoping for a shoot out and the this POS would be gone. Her …..idk, she’s not a good mother. I watched the show when she was a girl having a baby. I would have thought she would have grown up by now. I sure hope the others on the show isn’t this much of a train wreck

    2. It’s been said before that CPS has been called and done “investigations” prior, like when Ensley was born with drugs in her system.. but nothing ever came of it. I just fight it odd/telling those kids didn’t actually get removed until the MTV money isn’t incoming.

    3. Because the county judge never granted them permission to take the kids before. You all just don’t get it or understand how CPS works. They can present all of their concerns and have as many concerns as the rest of us. However, it is up to a judge to determine whether or not the findings warrant taking the kids away! There are plenty of cases where CPS completely disagrees with a judge not removing kids. But what can they do about that??? The judges are the ones to be pissed at and given the 3rd degree on the “whys” in situations like these. They can’t just swoop in and take the kids without a judge’s permission. That would be kidnapping.“I just don’t understand why CPS hasn’t stepped in before.” They have and they probably wanted to escalate things. But the judge just denied it at the time.

    4. Not only did he drag Kaiser by the arm, that poor child was crying and screaming “FEED ME!!!” while Jenelle and David just continued taking their engagement/”save the date” photos. That scene was the all-time low point of Teen Mom 2 and it still breaks my heart.

      1. I cannot imagine why this has gone on so long? I don’t watch the show, but all I have seen is shocking! This Teen Mom crap needs to end! The looks on those children’s face is so alarming! These 2 people need to be in jail! MTV…No more Teen Mom! Stop this mess! You cost a small little dog it’s life! A brutal beating and I guess shooting Nugget was a blessing to him, because the pain and fear ended…I an sobbing so hard right now. I shelter elderly cats, that are throwaways to the people that had them. I tend to several feral colonies. I take care of this mentally handicapped man. I just don’t understand how they had all that money, and they are such monsters! I could help so much more if I had it.

  48. I just read on CDAN that one of the stipulations to them getting their children back will be passing drug tests. If that’s true, I think it’s safe to say the children will never go back to The Land.

  49. I remain sadly sure the end result will be some court ordered parenting classes for both, some anger management counseling for him, and they get at least the two girls back. Jace may be allowed a small voice in visitation, a d Kaiser might be spared but they will argue how they should all be in one “a family,” theirs.

    1. I hope they showed the Judge all his videos.
      Like the one he was yelling at the old man leaving the deer carcass, or the realtor lady looking for property. Jesus God Leah Jenelle gun video HAD to be shown.

  50. Why didn’t they lock him up when he acted like a fool at the court house??? You know damn well they are seeing them kids at his mamas house.

    1. Mama Eason is not to be trusted. She is for sure letting David see the girls.

      1. I don’t think they are with mama Eason. I read on radar online they are with “Maryssa’s Grandmother” not Maryssa and Ensley’s. I hope they keep the girls together for both their sakes. They’ve already been through so much. I’d hate to see them torn apart ☹️

        1. It is weird how reports have been wording it. I wonder if originally, when Jenelle and David just didn’t surrender the girls, they dropped them off with David’s mom… CPS/a judge may have then told HER she wasn’t authorized to kept them, then it went to her mother? Or possibly the paternal grandmother? We might get some clarification today

  51. To be honest I actually don’t think much is going to change from this. I hear killing a pet on your property is not illegal there and as for beating the dog first, Jenelle will say anything to minimize the situation and make it look like Lurch was protecting the baby. To everyone on Earth it’s obvious what’s going on, but it has been obvious for years now. Let me be clear, I don’t agree with it, but after all the past evidence I just don’t see the killing of a pet as the straw that broke the camels back to finally get the children removed. Jenelle is trash who will do anything to project the image that everything is fine on The Land (she was giving advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship like theirs two weeks ago for Christ’s sake). The ship has sailed, she is no longer with us, way too far gone beyond reason. Lurch is literally a sociopath, I don’t know if two people can constitute a cult, but if it can that is what we’ve got going on here.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If the photos of Kaiser’s bruises, kaiser and jace conforming that David beats him all the time and the way David behaves in public didn’t force CPS to do anything, I don’t know if the MURDER OF NUGGET will make a difference. I hope I’m wrong. Those two don’t deserve those sweet children at all

  52. I’m waiting for David to be high and drunk, and jump on FB live and make a rant how it’s all the haters fault their kids were taken away. And, if all of us are “happy now?” That, people had to stick their noses in where it doesn’t belong, and that’s why the kids were taken. You know he can’t keep his temper in check, or his mouth shut.

  53. Wow, gotta wonder who TheAshley’s source is! Always spot on.. Jenelle has no friends, that she’s kept for more than a couple months.

    1. I am seriously thinking that it was David and Jenelle’s drug dealer that called the cops about the dog. What male friends would David and Jenelle have?

      Jenelle has Jamie still, I think.

  54. Thank you for the update. Hoping the courts don’t drop the ball on this case. This may be the only chance at saving these children. If they head back to ‘The Land’ I fear something tragic will happen.

  55. I have to wonder what goes on in her head every time she gets in that car with David after all this. If it was me I couldn’t look that man in the face. And yet this girl goes home and gets in bed with him every night while her kids can’t even be in their own beds. He can’t possibly be a comfort. What can he possibly say that will make her feel positive in this when she watches him time and time again mess up her chances in front of the people she needs to look good for. She should be embarrassed.

    1. She goes home with him because she loves herself more than anyone, including her kids. She has never, not once in the past decade, put her kids above herself. She will never put them before a man either. She cries about losing her kids because she loves playing the victim. When she has her kids, she doesn’t spend time with them, show them any love or affection (unless it’s a photo op), and has no patience for them. She’s a sociopath.

      1. I agree. Some women aren’t meant to be mothers. Unfortunately, those type of women seem to be the most fertile.

    2. He’s most likely making her think it’s all her fault because she’s posting about it on social media. Narcissists like him will make you believe that you’re the cause of problems, and that everything’s your fault.

      1. It is her fault she started it with the 911 call, that got Kaden taken away. Then when Nuggett died she posted on SM and he posted back and deleted you are supposed to stand by me regardless. Not exact words but the meaning. And now All the kids are gone he will blame her. I don’t care because she’s a sociopath too.

        1. Thank God they think they are so important and he sees himself as such a man. he boasted how he protected his child from that dog, while he’s egging it on to take a nip at her. Then he went nuts and Nugget lost his life after a brutal beating. They have been torturing that little dog and the older kids for all of their young lives. I hate him!!!And her!!!Thanks MTV!!! Your hands are covered in blood because you wanted ratings!!!

  56. My cousin from NC is a freelance photographer, and was hired to try to photograph Jenelle, David and family/guardians at the courthouse by a LA-based celebrity gossip site. He knows NOTHING about Teen Mom and called me last night when he received the request (which was super last minute, I guess they didn’t have a photog they could use, he normally doesn’t do paparazzi type things. His one stipulation was that he would not take pictures of children). I couldn’t believe it, since I follow all things Teen Mom! They emailed him a packet with photos/videos of everyone so he knew who he was looking for. He’s been texting me updates and says there’s a TON of media there in both the front and back, and David started yelling and cursing at one of the photographers groups when they arrived this morning. I understand it must be stressful, but hoy s*it dude, you brought this ALL on yourself. You would think he would be on his absolute best behavior. The fact he lost his temper and was kicked out of the visitation center last night, and now this further shows how he has zero self control. PLEASE let the judge be an angel for these kids! They deserve a voice and a shot at a healthy, happy life.

    1. My second stipulation would be that I could show up in a bulletproof vest!!! Lol, that’s no joke though, given his behavior he’s recently exhibited, I’d be scared to show up and photograph him in that type of environment. You never know if he’s armed.

  57. And another thing, the whole decade we’ve been watching her on television, her excuse for being the way she is when it comes to guys is “my mother wasn’t there to show me love” GIRL PLEASE. You supposedly know how awful it feels to not be loved by your mom, but yet you’re doing the same thing to your kids. I thought being so call neglected as a child would make a woman make sure that they never made their own kids feel that way. But hey, what do I know?

    1. My mom didn’t always show the warm and fuzzies to me growing up. When I had my son I vowed that he wouldn’t feel the same way. He’s 11 and every day when I leave for work I tell him I love him, I tell him i love him when he’s going to bed. I make sure he is never in doubt. At a certain age you need to stop blaming your short comings on you upbringing and just grow up.

    2. She’s a perfect mom, in her mind. Just like in her own twisted logic she has cleaned up, gotten an education and is in a stable relationship.

  58. David has made her lose everything that is SUPPOSED to mean everything to her (kids, job, friends & family relationships). She is gonna be left with nothing but David….. oh wait… he is NOTHING

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