EXCLUSIVE! Barbara Evans, Nathan Griffith & Others to Face Off with Jenelle Evans & David Eason in Custody Court Hearing

Bust out your court heels!

There’s about to be a custody court showdown in North Carolina!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that nearly everyone who has anything to do with the custody of  Jenelle Evans‘ and David Eason‘s kids will be heading to a court hearing Thursday that’s been set to discuss when, how and if the former Teen Mom 2 stars with regain custody of their kids!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Jenelle and her lawyer were at the courthouse, trying to have the CPS investigation against Jenelle and David shut down on Wednesday, but were not successful. They will be attempting to do so again on Thursday; however, they will be facing off in court with the people who currently have some of their children. (Radar Online also confirmed that the hearing will be May 16.)

The Ashley hears that Nathan Griffith (the father of Jenelle’s son Kaiser) will be at the hearing, as will Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans. Nathan currently has temporary emergency custody of Kaiser, and Barbara has full custody of Jenelle’s oldest son Jace.

The Ashley also hears that, surprisingly, David’s ex Whitney Johnson is scheduled to appear (or someone representing her). Whitney is the mother of David’s oldest daughter, Maryssa, who, along with Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley, was removed from their care earlier this week.

Whitney may be Maryssa’s mother but she may not be the most-credible person to testify against David and Jenelle, as Whitney has not had custody of her daughter for several years. 

From what The Ashley has heard, David’s other baby mama, Olivia Leedham, will not be making an appearance.

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It is unknown if Barbara & Co. will be required to make statements at the hearing.

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle and David were ordered by the court to turn over Ensley and Maryssa to authorities but they refused to do so, instead placing the girls in the care of someone whom the court eventually approved to temporarily care for them.

Radar Online reported that Jenelle and David visited their daughters on Wednesday at a supervised visitation center. Barbara was there, as was Jace. However, according to Radar, David was “thrown out [of the visitation center] because he was arguing with the social workers.”

(The Ashley’s sources confirm that an argument took place while the Easons were at the center. Nothing physical happened, though.)

“He was causing trouble [and] he was arguing with everybody,” Radar‘s source said. 

The Ashley’s sources tell her that, even if the judge signs off on allowing the kids to stay where they are for the time being (with their temporary caregivers), a visitation schedule will be set up for the Easons to see their kids. That should also be determined at the hearing on Thursday.

“If the judge signs off, allowing Kaiser to stay with Nathan, and the girls to stay where they are, [Jenelle and David] will continue to have supervised visits with the kids,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “For Jace, Barbara does not have to allow any visits, but she can if she wants to.”

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Nathan and Jenelle were already scheduled to begin their custody battle in court for Kaiser on May 30, but, due to all of the latest happenings, that date will very likely be pushed back.

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information.

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(Photos: MTV; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Instagram)

69 Responses

  1. A judge should also revoke David’s gun permits and disarm him immediately. Animal welfare shoul remove any animals in that home as well and block both of them from being able to have them. Keep those ki
    ds away from the crazies!

  2. I agree completely! I always think, “I’ll believe it when I see it on the Ashley.” I also like the Grace Report.

  3. And to think all of this is happening because of his big ass ego. Thinking people would applaud him saving his kid from a dog that she made nervous. If he would’ve just shut up. But no. And now he’s cost jenelle her job, custody of all the kids. All being played out for the world to see. We knew he was an idiot but I never thought it’d go this far.

    1. I completely agree with what you said except that David cost her job and kids. Jenelle chose a POS man over everything. If she’d left him she’d still have her job and her kids. Jenelle is still that selfish teenage girl we first seen on 16 and Pregnant, nothing has really changed over the years except the man. She’s always put herself and whatever man she’s with above her kids. At this point there’s no hope that she’ll ever be a real mother.

    2. It’s David we’re talking about here! There’s no way in hell he’d keep his mouth shut! The guy is a NUT! No applause here David! Just utter disgust!

  4. JANELLE!!!!! Lord what is going on in your head? You know how David is you know what he’s capable of and lord have mercy, why would you chose that short tempered man over those kids? Don’t you think when you gave up your 1st born to just to to go out and party when you was younger, and you STILL DONT HAVE CUSTODY OF HIM that you wouldn’t physically set yourself up in that type of situation again???? Didn’t you learn the 1st time about choosing something other then your OWN CHILD/REN!? Seriously girl you need to re-evaluate your sense of direction and whats best for your children and NOT YOURSELF!! After he did that awful thing to a DOG, don’t you have some sense to know he doesn’t have a heart for anything? None the less these kids? Bc if he did he a heart for yalls family and “””would do anything for yalls family”””he wouldn’t have acted out during a damn visitation set up by court and it being supervised by getting kicked out!!! Your jobless your money less your broke now bc of him, your basically fucked. Both of y’all. You can’t be paying bills and all your necessities on broke ass pockets. Espically if your doing bullshit side interviews that pay nothing compared to your teen mom checks. I feel sorry for your kids. And I hope your “”man”” learns to control his anger. He throws tantrums like a 5 year old who don’t get his way now your placed in a bottomless pit bc of him.

  5. Off topic a bit…I’m actually going to miss barb a little bit. I know she didn’t always do the right things but I still didn’t mind watching her. I’ll miss her accent. What kind of accent is that anyway???

    1. I feel bad for Barb, she’s losing her job because these idiots, the job she uses to provide for Jenelle’s damn son. Barb’s accent is the best, it’s like a mix of a Boston accent with some southern.

  6. TMZ just reported that kids were taken into a vehicle with blankets over their heads just before David and Jenelle left court. YES!!!

  7. So they took the kids because of David’s temper. It has nothing to do with Jenelle. You are going to root in the pits of Hell,jenelle. She could probably have her kids if she wasn’t with David and the bitch doesn’t. I hope you smoke yourself to death. The kids are better off without you.

  8. see this makes me worry. I think the kids will be given back and I don’t understand why they would go thru the trama of removing them to then give them back? if they do one of them is going to be dead by the end of the summer because if he gets them back he will beyond full of himself. I don’t understand his mother getting custody of the two kids because you can bet they will get all the visits they want unsupervised because when your an eason rules don’t apply to them

    1. Anyone can be investigated by cps. Doesn’t take much. However to hall the children removed is a pretty big deal and isn’t that easy a task. So I’m assuming that it’s not easy to just have them given back to you either. I’m thinking they’ll have to take some bullshit parenting classes.
      I think David should have to agree to surrender all weapons considering what started this was that firearms were being used around children. Someone should take that rifle he sleeps with and stick it right up his ass

      1. Lol@Someone should take that rifle he sleeps with and stick it right up his ass.

        And pull the trigger!!!!

  9. @TheAshley is the ONLY source I trust for updates! Thank you for the timely, accurate updates. (Burning the midnight oil, much??)

      1. Thanks for the updates
        As of today I’m in the uk on vacation.
        It’s 8.53pm here now, and I’m looking forward to more updates whilst I’m over here

  10. Way to have a chance to get your kids back. Argue with everyone and get kicked out. What an Asshole!!!!!

  11. What is it going to take to get ALL of their guns removed!?

    Well at least the kids are not there and if anything happens hopefully some of the blame is put on MTV because that is the only way this violent child abuser was able to stockpile weapons…his wife getting paid by MTV.

    It is horrible what happened to the poor dog but it is insane that it took that happening to get these kids out when they have already been subject to physical abuse and both of their parents who seem to be under the influence of something (on top of being unhinged idiots) using and keeping loaded weapons in reach of children.

  12. I believe one of the reasons she stays with him is because he has so much dirt on her. I am POSITIVE Janelle is addicted to painkillers. Absolutely positive! I believe David with supplies her with them, supplements her existing prescription and threatens to use this information against her. She knows that David has the goods on her and I keeps her right where she is.

    1. He has dirt on her?
      Dirt that would make her look bad?
      Cats already out of the bag on that

      What could he possibly say?
      She is on drugs?
      Yeah that would shock the world.

      Im sure she has plenty on him as well, not that he cares

      1. Yeah I doubt she stays because of dirt, more like because she knows he’s going to stalk, threaten, hunt her down for the rest of her life. He’s so controlling and abusive that there’s no way he’s going to let her go easily.

        1. I said that I think it’s just one of the reasons she stays. She has stated over and over that she’s not doing drugs. I think she has an active raging pill problem and as fast as she is concerned it’s her little secret. Before all this happened, she was set to go to court with Nathan over kaiser as well as fighting with barb over jace. So there’s no way she would want to be exposed

  13. What more does that horrible man have to do before he gets locked up?! I think it’s a terrible excuse that he wasn’t arrested only because Jenelle didn’t press charges. I used to think Nathan was awful but he’s the normal one now.

  14. To everyone but Lurch and Jenelle. Good luck in court today. Hopefully, everything will go the best for the kids. Also, David and Jenelle never need to have those kids again!

  15. What is the big hurry to get them “reunited”? Let the kids have a break from the chaos and violence. The idiot can’t even keep calm for an hour in the center where he has to visit his kids because they were taken away due to his awful behavior.

    David’s elevator does not go to the top floor.

    1. I am a little more than worried about this – rushing to get the kids back with thier *mother*… I hope, if anything, the judge requires counseling for Jenelle and David and supervised visits with a specialist/in a safe facility for a few months. Mainly because I doubt they will do it and last that long. David was already being a jerk on his first visit because he can’t bully/control the situation. I hope they judge sees that and keeps the kids away from both of them.

  16. No doubt the money for Jenelle’s “legal team” to fight her numerous custody battles will dry up soon. Simply put, who in their right minds would hire her with David’s arsenal of weapons, text message threats, and overall vicious MOUTH as a part of the deal.

    Heaven forbid the beleaguered producers of MTV would ever be asked for a character reference,

    1. Jenelle reportedly makes a least $10,000 a month, on social media, with her “clickbait” articles……Yep she made big bucks off of her dogs slaughter and her custody issues. She’s not only a classy woman, she is “mother of the Year”!??

  17. Hopefully the court will appoint a guardian ad litem for the kids. I can’t believe they will ever get the kids back with Jenelle being so lazy and both of them run great risks to indanger these kids.
    There’s nobody to really stand up and protect the girls, let’s all pray they get a GAL. What happened to Nugget is so disturbing and heartbreaking but, somebody needs to be asking why in the hell they weren’t watching Ensley around the dog that these two idiots say has already bit the baby before.. it’s admitted neglect.

  18. David thinks he can bully everybody. I read that Kaiser saw everything David did to nugget. It said Kaiser is terrified.

    1. Poor little boy, how traumatising for him.

      Poor kids and poor animals.
      RIP sweet nugget.


      1. I agree completely! I always think, “I’ll believe it when I see it on the Ashley.” I also like the Grace Report.

  19. For what it’s worth, David’s sister Jessica posted in December that Maryssa’s mother was doing very well. Don’t know how true that is, but she does seem to still have her supervised visitation. Might be a game changer, if true.

    1. Hopefully Maryssa’s mother and Nathan can overcome their addiction issues / demons for the sake of their children. Perhaps a little bit of good can come out of the situation.

  20. The “high, high” days with Keiffer seem like such simpler times. Jenelle is an awful psychopath who should have had her tubes tied after Jace – at least she supposedly finally did that. It turned out to be an extremely violent and scary situation when she chose an even bigger psycho for a partner plus she was pulling in a very healthy paycheck for not even really working which resulted in them getting away with a lot plus stockpiling an aresenal. David was always a volatile loser but hitching his wagon to Jenelle only escalated his problems.

    I figured Nathan / Doris would somehow eventually get custody of Kaiser but this situation is unraveling quickly. I used to think other commenters were exaggerating when they said David would likely kill himself, Jenelle, and possibly the kids. Fortunately the kids have been taken away but murder / suicide seems more likely every day as this dumpster fire shitshow turns.

    1. He’ll never have the balls to pull the gun on himself. He’s more likely to suicide by cop and make someone else do it.

  21. I pray they dont get these kids back. Please please let this judge do the right thing. I dont think David’s mother should have them either. I mean she raised David after all and look how that turned out. Idk where the best place to put these children is but it’s certainly not with jenelle and David or his mother. I’ve seen people go to jail for the dumbest things and for things that are not a big deal yet David has an arsenal of weapons and threatens people on a regular basis, he tows a stranger’s truck, he has abused jenelle, had secret service investigate him for threats and the list goes on and on and yet they do nothing to him. I dont get why the police wont punish him

    1. Has it been confirmed Ensley & Maryssa are truly with David’s mother? Every article I’ve read seems to be wording it very oddly. TheAshley (the only source I trust) said on Twitter she has not been able to confirm they are with his mother. It seems like J&D dropped the kids off at his mother’s house (refused to hand them over to authorities as they were told to), but if that’s not where they were supposed to be, CPS would go there and take them. It’s strange because two days ago (*after* the order for removal had already been signed) David’s mom said she was going to “call CPS and introduce herself” so they would be familiar with her. You would think at that point if they were going to be placed in her care she would have already been contacted and interviewed. I noticed another article said the girls were with Maryssa’s grandmother. Not “Ensley and Maryssa’s grandmother” (which would be David’s mom), just “Maryssa’s grandmother” – that would seem to imply they are with her M’s mom’s mother, who apparently she stays with on weekends. I totally agree David’s mother should NOT be caring for them- especially since Babs and Nate said he controls/manipulates her just like he does to Jenelle.

  22. Whitney might not be the most reliable source, but she has known David and his cracked out family longer than anyone else in the courtroom. She may be going to oppose Maryssa being placed with David’s mother.

    1. Those children are not safe with them period. Jenelle is an emotionally stunted sociopath just like David. She wields guns like him. She is violent. She is unhinged. She is a drug addict. She is everything David except smaller and maybe even dumber. This is an obvious open and shut case. The only thing they actually provide for those kids is clothing- and that’s for her photo ops for social media. They are horrible people and I am so happy something is FINALLY being done for those kids!!

  23. I hope his dumb ass keeps flipping out on authorities….it’ll give everyone else a better chance of keeping those kids.

  24. David keep it up, your doing good at ensuring you lose all custody of all kids, acting like that towards cps.

  25. So he can’t see the kids because of his volatile and abusive actions so his response is to scream and fight in the visitation center? Maybe Adam can give him tips about how to act in a visitation center… oh wait

    1. I love your comment. I used to think that Adam was the scumiest of dads but compared to David he’s alright. Whilst I still think Adam is a POS it just goes to show how low this programme has gone. This whole situation has gone too far and needs to be stopped before something even worse happens.

      1. Adam is clearly the better father – he knows enough to stay away and even gave up 1 kid.

        Hate to see it, but if I only had the choice of those 2, I think I’d rather get knocked up by Adam than David. I would rather explain to my kid why Dad doesn’t come around than explain why Dad kills pets, flies off the handle at the drop of a hat, and gets kids taken away from him.

        Who would have thought anyone would ever utter those words.

  26. My heart hurts for the oldest girl a lot. I can’t imagine being that age and being forced to be a shut in with the likes of Jenelle and David. I remember she used to do all kinds of sports and cheer… Haven’t saw any thing like that in a long while.

    1. You can just tell she’s terrifired of him. She used to be happy and energetic on the show but as of the past 2 seasons she’s just looks scared. Even in the pictures of her on Instagram her eyes look sad and scared and she looks like she knows what will happen to her if she doesn’t act right for the cameras. It’s incredibly sad and heartbreaking because she really doesn’t have other family to truly protect her

  27. Thanks MTV for funding this nonsense for a decade. If MTV had of stopped investing in Jenelles bad decisions she would of never went down this rabbit hole. Jenelle only had the other kids to increase her MTV pay. David hooked up with Jenelle for the money and fame. That’s why he imploding since its all stopped. MTV Stop paying these women to have kids they don’t want.

    1. Yes yes yes! MTV enables all of the appalling behavior, it’s what they want. I think they would have dumped Chelsea’s story a long time ago hadn’t we all fell in love with her story.. they don’t want to risk the backlash now. It was all of Adams verbal abuse and Chelsea blind addiction to him that landed her the spot.MTV didn’t want the daughter of a doctor whos father put her in a house and car that a lot of middle class incomes can’t even afford.
      It must be KILLING them right now that they aren’t filming Jenelle these last couple of weeks.

  28. Why would David argue with the social workers? That’s really unnecessary. Here’s to all the kids staying away from him as long as possible. As least Jenelle seems compliant with the court. Barb didn’t have to grant any visitation with Jace.

  29. The fact that Lurch gets kicked out of a visitation center when he should literally be on his best behavior shows that he is a whole different kind of out of control and should be evidence enough that he is a danger to everyone. North Carolina has mountains and mountains of evidence that those children should not be around this lunatic and when the inevitable happens the only thing the people in charge should say is “we screwed up”. I sincerely hope there are metal detectors at this facility, I’m assuming there are, but the state seems to be completely inept so who knows.

  30. Fuck janelle you really need to wake up and get the hell away from David now. He needs inpatient treatment before you can even think about him and you rekindling your toxic relationship. Put your baby girl first.

    1. I do agree with you, that she needs to get the hell away from that dude. But she’s a poor excuse of a “mother“ and needs a lot of treatment herself. I hope the best for the kids, so I do hope she gets the help she needs, but at this point I have zero respect or sympathy left for her.

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