Jenelle Evans Forced to Reveal Her Huge ‘Teen Mom 2’ Salary During David Eason’s Recent Child Support Hearing: Their Frivolous Spending Exposed!

“Sorry, no money here, Court People.”

David Eason tried last week to get out of paying the child support he owed one of his baby mamas, but was forced to pay the over $4,000 he owed her in order to avoid going to jail. However, his being so behind in child support has caused him and his wife, Jenelle Evans, to reveal their MTV salaries, as well as the things they have spent their money on– other than child support– within the last few years!

Radar Online managed to get their mitts on the court paperwork, which was filed May 3 in New Hanover County, North Carolina, and it is a cornucopia of information!

The Ashley will break it all down into fun, readable tidbits for you!

On how much Jenelle and David made from appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2’:

It’s no secret that the ‘Teen Mom’ girls make bank for “sharing their stories” with the world. However, Jenelle and the other girls have always been relatively quiet (due in part to their MTV contracts) about how much money they’re actually pulling in. However, in the court proceedings, Jenelle was forced to reveal just how much money she made in 2018 from appearing on the show.

“What? You act like most jobs don’t pay you $400,000 a year or something!”

“Jenelle Eason testified that she earned over $400,000 in 2018 as a participant on a reality TV program,” the court papers states.

(Remember, kids– that’s just for last year. Jenelle’s income has steadily increased since she began doing the show in 2010, meaning she has made millions and millions of dollars from appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

David’s MTV salary was not as high as Jenelle’s, of course; however he reported that he “earned approximate $60,000 per year from this employment” from 2017-2018. 

David was fired from the show in February 2018; however, he was still paid for the episodes he appeared in that year that had already been taped by the time of his firing.

On why David says he can’t get a job:

David gave the judge and court multiple excuses as to why he did not have a job and therefore could not pay his ex Olivia Leedham the child support he owed her for their son Kaden. Among the excuses David gave for why he is sans employment were that he stays home to home-school his daughter Maryssa and that his skin condition– vitiligo– prevents him from working outdoors in the sun. 

“This here skin condition is gonna help me avoid gettin’ a job, babe!”

The judge– The Honorable Melinda H. Crouch– was not having any of David’s excuses.

“The court does not find the defendant’s testimony credible that his vitiligo prevents him from any gainful or meaningful employment that would allow him to earn sums of money and has the ability to earn sums of money through employment,” the court documents stated.

She has shut down his home-schooling excuse, stating that David was choosing to home-school instead of get a job was “in bad faith” and “shows a naive indifference to his compliance with his court-ordered obligation to pay child support.”

On what the Eason Family Fortune has been being spent on:

While David was reluctant to pay his child support, he and Jenelle certainly weren’t reluctant to spend their cash. The court documents revealed some of the bigger purchases the Easons made over the past few years including spending:

-$3,000 in 2017 to purchase “The Land”

-$3,000 in March 2019 to purchase the land near “The Land” (so, the “Neighboring Land,” if you will)

-about $6,000, which Jenelle testified she used to purchase a boat for David. The boat was a “gift” that David now owns outright.

-$3,000 to purchase the “existing clients” for a marine and boat-cleaning business David bought from Jenelle’s friend Jamie Wilshire and her husband 


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As The Ashley reported earlier this month, David showed up to his court hearing (which took place right after he shot and killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget) empty-handed, but was able to come up with the over $5,000 he owed in back child support and court fees in the extra hour the judge gave him to secure the funds. Because he paid what he owed, David was not put in jail.

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  1. Of course David is reluctant to find employment…… Why should he???…. He had his idiot wife to mooch off!

    1. And if she is stupid and has made him her beneficiary, she will disappear just like Nugget did, and he will become that crazy gun toting prepper that lives off the grid (and sneaks into town to steal the donuts out of the Krispy Kreme dumpsters when he needs a snack).

  2. $6k for all that land?!?! Holy shit. A small sized lot where I live goes for $280k. I can’t believe she made that much and has nothing to show for it. I’m literally baffled at how bad she is with money, you’d think she could afford a financial advisor with that income! Oh I forgot…drugs are expensive.

      1. Like that one New Jersey housewife has this beautiful mansion. It basically sits under an Interstate exit ramp? I have seen it and there isn’t a blade of grass.

          1. That would be TreeApe aka Teresa, the convicted felon. And her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, who’s house is just as bad. Google their houses.

    1. Right?? And here’s Kail, Macy and Chelsea who have all invested their money and started companies or bought companies that are actually up and running!

  3. He has boats. The last I checked boats go on the water and you don’t go on the boat when it’s raining. ? my bad

  4. I’ve said it before. What are this people doing with their money? Most of em live in modular homes. I don’t understand if they make that amount of money why don’t they have nicer homes? Well I know what Jenelle does with her money. To be millionaires none of em are living the millionaires life.

    On a side note. This season of TM2 was really bad. Time for it to be shut down.

    1. But Kailyn is building her forever mansion and Macy just bought her million dollar mansion and Chelsea is planning to buy her 3rd house because its smarter to buy a new house and move than invest in a security system. These girls have no idea how hard the will have it once the TM money train stops.

  5. I have no idea about property prices in their region, but even knowing that it’s rural I can’t believe “the land” only goes for $3,000! I guess throughout the firing and the million other troubles I was thinking well we know they blew through the teen mom money but they do have one investment which is the property/house whatever. (NOT trying to find a silver lining for them-just observation)

    1. So then he does have a job, owning a business means you are bringing in money. He could have paid the child support with that, not too mention if he got paid 60 grand from mtv then why didn’t he pay it out of that income? Obviously he is just your typical low life/dead beat father that will do and say anything to get out of paying, he probably would even go as far as threatening his ex making her scared to even ask for the money, so this worked out great for her. I also can’t believe that David home-school’s his daughter he doesn’t seem that smart, and whenever anything bad happens you can pretty much go by if they were home schooling their child…nothing ever good comes from it…just sayin’ in this case is all.

    1. My brother has vitiligo. He swam competitively, often outdoors, when we were kids and he works in his yard.

  6. I’m asking because I honestly don’t know. What is vitaligo, and is it really possible for white people to get it? I’m only asking because I think David is full of crap!

    1. It’s caused by the lack of melanin, a pigment in the skin.
      I have it, I am white but I have patches of skin that are lighter than the rest of my body. It also has caused me to get some Grey hair really early (started getting it when I was around 25)

  7. It says in the papers about his weapons and the Secret Service coming to see him.
    On another note and Kail kept Joe’s child support for over a year.

    1. And she thought she was owed child support from Joe is laughanble considering the money she makes but I’m willing to be Jenelle makes the most of all the TM2 girls because Jenelle brought the most drama. She had negotiating powers that the others didn’t have.

      1. I don’t understand why they think the viewers want to SEE drama. I don’t. Surely there are others like me? Farrah makes me want to claw my hair out, and Janelle’s segments nearly give me an ulcer. By contrast, I LOVE Chelsea’s segments and Leah’s segments are good. I have nothing for Kail’s segments other than that precious Isaac (He is so sweet).

  8. My mom has vitiligo and she manages to stay gainfully employed, David. You freaking pine cone. Try again.

  9. Cant work outside because the sun affects his skin condition… but what about all those tropical vacations they take. I’m curious how much of Jenelles money he spend on guns and various weapons and all that “doomsday prepping” gear he has been hoarding.

    1. Exactly on the trips! Not to mention the time he spends meandering around the land looking for a trespasser to shoot or animal to abuse.

      1. Dude!! He did wear his sunglasses during the whole wedding. And silly us we thought it was to hide his eyes, it was because of his vitilogo.

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