Chris Lopez Talks About Kail Lowry Changing Their Kid’s Last Name “Out of Spite”; Hints That Kail Does Have a “New” Baby

“I think you should change your last name to ‘BigMouth,’ Chris!”

Chris Lopez is not happy that his baby mama, Kail Lowry, changed their son’s last name and, in a new Instagram Live session, Chris let it be known how unfair he thinks her actions were. He also let it be known that the former Teen Mom 2 star does have a “new” baby, just as the Interwebs have been speculating for months.

Chris— who shares sons Lux and Creed with Kail— stated that it bothers him that Lux no longer has Lopez as his last name.

“Lux is very aware now,” he said. “I ain’t gonna lie, Lux’s last name makes me cringe.”

A recent photo of Lux LOWRY and Chris…

“It’s like a f**king shot to the heart when he says his last name,” Chris said. “He’s the only one [of my kids] that doesn’t have my last name. So he be like, ‘Dad are you changing my last name?’ 

“…I definitely have plans to change it. Because he was born a Lopez. Originally he was born [with the last name] Lopez. We all know the truth; [Kail changed it] out of spite. [Kail] changed the name. That’s life.”

Back in 2021, Chris confirmed that Kail had changed Lux’s last name from Lopez to Lowry. A year earlier— right after their second son Creed was born— Kail explained that she sometimes regretted giving Creed the last name Lowry-Lopez.

“Usually from bad to worse.”

“There have been periods of time where I felt like he doesn’t deserve to have his last name passed down but … in a situation like this, I don’t know what’s right or wrong,” she said in 2020. “Maybe I should have just hyphenated both [of our kids’] names and called it a f**king day? When they’re old enough, they can decide which name they want. But I do feel like [getting the father’s last name] is earned.”

“I’ve learned to accept and move on from it,” Chris said in his Instagram Live. “Does it sting a little bit? Of course. But I’ve got two other kids that have my last name.”

(In addition to Creed and Lux, Chris also fathered son Trew, who was born in 2021.)

Chris stated that he does intend to eventually try to get Lux’s last name to be changed back to Lopez.

“I’m not going to leave him left out. They’re always Lopezs to me. No matter what,” he said.

Chris also managed to slip in a mention of the “new” child Kail allegedly has. (As The Ashley has previously reported it has been heavily speculated that Kail gave birth to her fifth child in late 2022, and that the child was fathered by Kail’s current live-in lover Elijah Scott. While Kail has never confirmed the speculation, Chris has confirmed in the past that the fifth child does exist.) 


During his Instagram Live, Chris mentioned that none of Kail’s other kids have her last name. (Kail also shares son Lincoln Marroquin with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin and son Isaac Rivera with her ex Jo Rivera.) 

“My kids are the only ones that have that s**t [Lowry],” he said. “Not even the new one, and not even the old ones [Lincoln and Isaac].”

“Changing a person’s name out of spite is not a minor thing,” he added. “That’s crucial; that’s major!” 

Kail has not yet commented on Chris’ latest remarks.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

33 Responses

  1. Lux should have Chris’ last name, and Creed should not if he is not actually Chris’ son. What a mess this multiple-daddy situation has become.

  2. It’s ironic. Lux should carry Chris’last name regardless of whatever grievances Chris has against Kail. Think of the child. Having only his mother’s last name almost denotes no father at all. Kailyn maybe should put her child’s feelings over her own, and that applies to baby #4, too: Creed. Is Creed actually Chris Lopez’s son? I suspect he is not, and that Kailyn herself has doubts. Why not go, get a paternity test even if Chris doesn’t want it, and let Creed know when the time comes who his real father is. He couldn’t look more unlike Chris and he looks nothing like Lux, either. Sorry, I just had to say it.

  3. He didn’t want anything to do with Lux but he’s now bitching about him not having his last name? Take a seat, Chris, you are just an abusive sperm donor

  4. Imagine being mad that the kid that you didn’t even want and tried have rights terminated doesn’t have your last name. A judge had to sign off in the name change and wouldn’t do that unless there was a reason, so maybe Chris should just try to be an actually father going forward. He’s not even in the same league as Jo and Javi so there is no comparison.

  5. Kail started 16 and Pregnant trying to hide her first pregnancy. It didn’t work then and it didn’t work again last year it seems.

  6. While I am not a fan of either- at all- I think Kail is one of the most petty, selfish and self-centered individuals I’ve seen in life. It’s weird that she hides this kid- for the kids sake and she’s once again only doing it because she thinks it makes her look bad. Which is telling… guilty conscience for having all these kids with different dads? One child born after the father choked you? C’mon Kail. And I DO agree with Chris that she only changed Lux’s last name out of spite. Kail is ruled by spite and is a miserable person. I do agree that they both need to grow up and leave each other out of their BS for their kids sake.

    1. Hiding baby #5/4 isn’t about looking bad. She doesn’t care about having 5 from 4 children. Followers, viewers, listeners and clicks is what fills her bank accounts. People hope to hear or see it first when she acknowledges the child.
      And alledgedly Elijah doesn’t want his kids out in public and she respects that. Like kail has ever respected someone’s privacy! But even when he said it just once, it’s a good excuse! Also explains why Javi is mad for the invasion in his privacy and his family’s.
      Kail and Eli made them all keep their trap shut about baby #5 for privacy.
      Rules for the, not me.

  7. This happened two years ago? Why is he talking about it now? Oh, right. He is only relevant because of Kailyn and people only care what he has to say if it involves her. And didn’t he say he wanted nothing to do with Lux when he was a baby? Didn’t he admit to choking and abusing Kailyn just a couple of weeks ago? Be a better human and a better father and then talk about your kid having your last name. Chris has not earned it at all.

  8. I believe she had #5 and is pregnant with #6 and #7.

    However, why havent we seen her out with a stroller or seen this new baby out at all?
    Is he trapped indoors all day?

    And what harm will it do to her to announce these babies?
    She’s been trash since 16. Like.. I dont get it.

    1. We haven’t seen her out because she lives in rural DELAWARE and the paparazzi aren’t exactly hanging out on every corner.

      It takes a lot of internal anger to accuse a stranger of abusing or neglecting a child.

      She doesn’t owe anyone a big announcement, and you know WHY she isn’t announcing it, if it’s true? Because the entire internet would criticize every word, every photo, every move she makes. Why put yourself through that? She can’t win. If she announces it, she gets trashed. If she doesn’t, she gets trashed.

      That says a lot more about the people on the internet than it does about her. She’s just living her life doing nothing wrong.

    2. There has been things seen in videos and pictures posted, she’s just being very careful to not show much and let it be even more speculation.

    1. Kail quit Teen Mom so she could hide the fact that she’s got a FIFTH child by ANOTHER baby daddy. Gross. This won’t be her last kid or baby dad.

    1. Yeah it’s sad for the baby. Each baby is a miracle no matter what the circumstances are around the baby. She doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone, but don’t hide the baby and keep him/her locked up because of it. Who cares. It’s her life. She supports these kids. Yes they’re all growing up in a broken home, which as most of us know can be detrimental, but she does support all of them.
      I really believe this is her way of staying relevant- hiding a baby. It’s weird and desperate.

  9. He is trash and also, you can’t just change a child’s last name without the bio parent’s permission or if a judge signs off on it. So like, do the math, bud.

  10. How was she able to change his last name without Chis’ consent? Unless he’s not on the birth certificate. You need both parents permission to change a child’s name unless you go to court to do it. I had to wait until I was 18 to change my last name because I wasn’t about to go ask my “dad” to approve it.

  11. Didn’t she recently say she would go back to Chris if he didn’t have children with OTHER women too?! Regardless of what she went through? They are both trash and I feel bad for Lux and Creed. When they grow older, they will realize what kind of dysfunctional parents they really have. Poor kids.

  12. Ok but you’re an absolute trash father. The only ones worse are David, Ryan, and maybe Luis.
    It’s easy to act all high and mighty in the media b/c you know that everyone is always quick to trash Kail about anything and everything.
    But look what she does for the kids compared to you. The baths, the homework, the sports, the meals, the clothing, the home, the parties, everything.
    What do you do? Hop on a livestream and make fun of her and get all of her haters to join in and laugh with you. Then have them over a couple weekends here and there.
    It’s pathetic. I get that you have a good opportunity to make easy money with your 15 minutes of fame. But even if Kail has a lot of haters, her kids LOVE her. And you trash talking her is hurting your kids. It’s time to grow up and put your kids before yourself.

    1. But let’s not forget how she drags all her BD through the mud & antagonizes them, and said publicly she wanted an abortion with Creed. She needs to keep her mouth shut for those kids’ sake.

    2. She has nannies. Just bc he doesn’t post, doesn’t mean he is not involved. Just bc she posts doesn’t make it true…aesthetics. She never posts her nanny but we know she’s there!

  13. She’s so messy. Domestic violence aside, she & Chris deserve each other. They have roughly the same IQ & can’t keep their shitty business off social media. Perfect couple imo.

  14. Oh Kail. If it’s not true that she had another kid, she would have blown up the interwebs denying. The fact that she’s pretending it’s not out there (the rumor) is definitely telling that she did have another child. She just doesn’t think she needs to announce it because she’s no longer on the show, and thinks she’s going to make big money announcing something that everyone already knows. Also- does she not remember when she got pregnant with Lux, how she wanted to make it out as if it was a mutual agreement between “Friends”, meaning her and Chris had decided to have this baby together for no other reason than she wanted another baby? And right after lux was born, then all of a sudden she changed her story to being they were and on and off couple… ? Sure, Kail, sure.

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