Fans React After ‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Shows Off Her New Chest Tattoo & Dazzles in Tight Dress: “Kody’s Last 3 Strands of Hair Can’t Take This!”

“Eat your heart out, Poodle Head!”

Christine Brown is living her best life, two years after divorcing her husband Kody.

In a new photo posted to Instagram, the Sister Wives star showed off three things: her new fiancé, David Wooley; her new body confidence— and a new chest tattoo!

Posing with yet another one of Kody’s exes, Janelle Brown, as well as Janelle and Kody’s daughter Madison Brown, Christine dazzled in a tight black dress that showed off her cleavage, as well as a symbol she now has tattooed on her upper breast area. 

The tattoo appears to be of the Celtic symbol for “New Beginnings.”


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Christine’s new tattoo is somewhat of an act of rebellion against the very strict life she lived up until her divorce. During a 2021 episode of ‘Sister Wives,‘ Christine explained that Kody is “so adamantly opposed to tattoos” and that, growing up, tattoos were incredibly taboo in her family and community.  

Fans applauded Christine for getting a tattoo– and for looking very confident in her tight formal dress. In the comment section of Christine’s Instagram post, ‘Sister Wives’ fans did not disappoint, with many managing to tie “Kody-isms” into their replies.

“All this time WASTED, not showing off that bangin bod! Hot momma!” one person wrote.

“Kody’s last 3 strands of hair can’t take this,” someone else replied, to which another fan wrote, “He’s on a lawn chair somewhere crying to the mountains that no one respects him.”

“A knife is truly in Kody’s kidney right now. CHRISTINE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL,” another person commented.  

Not gonna lie, I kinda wish she had gotten a tattoo of “Wasted!” Kody, with an “X” over it…

Janelle— who left Kody last year— also posted the photo of her, Madison and Christine, and the comment section was filled with fans applauding Christine for showing off her body, after years of following the strict modesty standards set by Kody and the Browns’ former religion.

“She’s been covering up for 100 years if she feels good about her body you shouldn’t shame her!” someone wrote. 

“Finally she is getting to let lose and live her life. She spent her whole life taking care of tons of kids and a man that didn’t pay attention to her. I think she needs to let loose more often!” another person commented. 

“You have all come a long way from wearing long sleeved tops under tank tops!” someone else wrote.

#NeverForget that Christine legit used to wear 3-4 shirts at once…

Christine’s fiancé David— who proposed to Christine back in April— posted a photo from the night as well, writing in the caption, “I had such a fun night with my queen. She even got me to wear a suit.”


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David and Christine have not yet announced when they will be getting hitched; however, they recently purchased a new home in Utah to live in together. 

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5 Responses

  1. Nothing says class like a fresh tat on your left lung wart. I see a tat on a shirt potato, I’m gone.

    stay lit

  2. Yes Christine!!! Love the meaning of the tattoo. If I had to make a new start in life, I’d get the same thing. Perfect! And David is a hottie! So happy for her 🙂

  3. I love it that Christine is subtly telling that dirtbag ex of hers to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I hope that dirtbag and that witch he’s married to are jealous as hell.

    1. I actually think the best part is that she probably isn’t thinking about Kody at all! She is just happy and thriving, living her best life!

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