Feud Reignited! Briana DeJesus Issues Scathing Statement to Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Kail Lowry: “Seriously, Get a Life!”

“You really thought we were gonna call a truce? Have you met us?”

The most infamous feud in Teen Mom franchise history is back on.

On Friday, Briana DeJesus issued a nasty statement to her nemesis Kail Lowry— calling Kail out for lying about a ridiculous T-shirt (more on that later), as well as poking fun of Kail’s ever-expanding collection of kids and baby daddies. She also struck out at Kail for being “hurt” and “sour” over Bri’s past entanglements with some of Kail’s baby daddies. 

“Please, for the love of God, move on and get over talking about me,” Briana said in a statement to CeleBuzz on Friday. “I don’t want Javi [Marroquin], I don’t want Chris [Lopez] and I certainly don’t want any of your future baby daddies– which, knowing you, there likely will be some. So take a seat and for once and for all please stop talking about me.”

Bri’s statement came after a few days of online chatter about a shirt that Kail supposedly made for her third baby daddy, Chris, for Father’s Day in 2021. This was during the time that Briana was talking to (and meeting up with) Chris, so the shirt said “I Love Briana.”


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After Kail went on the Dumb Blonde podcast this week and talked about some of the petty “gifts” Briana has sent her—a treadmill, a clown suit, etc.— one of Kail’s former friends came forward with screenshots showing Kail’s own petty gift: the shirt. The friend also released screenshots of a text conversation she supposedly had with Kail in which the friend tries to talk Kail out of giving Chris the shirt. 

Kail’s friend didn’t state that the texts were from 2021; however, once word got around that the shirt even existed, Briana took to Twitter to comment on it. Kail initially denied that she had anything to do with the making of the shirt and stated that she didn’t even know what it was.

“Briana, don’t do this. That s**t is not from me,” Kail replied to Briana on Twitter. 

However, once eagle-eyed fans realized that pajama pants that Kail is known to own are visible in one of the screenshots of the text convo, it was obvious that Kail did know about the shirt. She then went on her Barely Famous podcast on Friday to talk about it and admitted she does, indeed, remember the shirt after all.

“At first I [told my PR rep], ‘I don’t know what that is,'” Kail said on her podcast. “I didn’t send that…my girlfriend sees it and was like, ‘Kail, I made that shirt.’ … She reminds me that she made the shirt but it never made it to Chris because I never ended up giving it to him. It was just like a joke. But I prematurely commented on the picture and was like, ‘That s**t is not from me.’

“..I didn’t remember it initially,” Kail said, adding that the shirt was made at the time she was battling Briana in the lawsuit she filed against her.

“It was simply amnesia! I swear!”

Briana, however, was less-than-satisfied with Kail’s explanation.

“After last year when I WON the lawsuit Kail ridiculously brought against me, I thought I would finally once and for all be done with her drama,” Briana told CeleBuzz. “But alas, no, here we are again. As you all are likely aware, this week a photo of a T-shirt surfaced that said ‘I Love Briana’ and had my social media handle…When I talked about it Kail immediately was denying it was [from] her and telling me not to do this.

“Then, 11 hours ago, I find out that she went on her podcast and admits she knew about the shirt, claiming she ‘forgot about it’ as it was a joke during the lawsuit that her friend had made for her to give to Chris but she claims she never did.”

Briana then accused Kail of still being mad at her for dating Kail’s ex-husband Javi for a few months back in 2017.


“Kail, I gotta ask- aren’t you sick of talking about me? Or do I occupy that much rent-free space in your head?” Briana said. “Is me dating Javi so many years ago still worth all this mess?

“You’re clearly still hurt, still sour, and still need to discuss me to some degree…Girl, seriously- get a life.”

Briana then celebrated the fact that she no longer has to work with Kail, who quit ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2022. 

“I am happy, living my life to the fullest and best, and the best part is— you’re no longer on my show or in my life in any capacity.”

Briana then somehow managed to work a Kesha quote and a reference to Kesha fan (and other Kail nemesis) Jenelle Evans into her scathing statement. 

“As Kesha– who, as we all know, was Jenelle’s favorite singer once upon a time (yes, that Jenelle, who you had so much drama with for YEARS yet somehow were willing to forgive)– you’ve got to learn to let go,” Briana said.

“Um…I’m pretty sure Kail and I still hate each other but..OK.”

Briana finished off her statement with a final jab at Kail’s ever-active uterus.

“Peace, love and happiness and God bless any and all of your future babies.”

Kail has yet to respond publicly to Briana’s statement. 

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27 Responses

  1. This is such a pathetic attempt to stir the pot on Briana’s end. Every other month she’s going after Kail over the dumbest stuff EVER in a desperate attempt to boost ratings on a failing TV show. If she’s not banging one of Kail’s baby daddy’s, she’s coming after Kail about the most immature shit EVER. Damn near 30 years old and behaving like a 10 year old. Nova AND Stella are more mature than she is.

  2. These are grown women, acting like children.

    I feel terrible for their children. I hope those children grow to learn that their mothers’ petty behavior is a reflection on the mothers, not on them, the babies. They didn’t ask for this mess.

  3. Can we take a guess which friend made this t’hirt and wanted Kail to give it to Chris?
    My bet is Bone. Same Bone that came up to Bri that she wanted to fight at a reunion (after which production intervened and both sides promissed they wouldnt fight. Bri and Britt forgot about that for a bit.)
    Kail has such bad judgement when it comes to choosing partners and friends and takes the results and dissapointment after out on others.

  4. They are both immature and I am sure their kids are mortified by their behavior. They both have kept this childish stupid feud going on for years. It’s not cute.

  5. You both have kids to take care of. Kail has 5 and Briana has 2 kids. You’d think that’d be more than enough to keep them both busy…

  6. I still remember Kail punching Javi many seasons ago when they were fighting over the dog not going outside or something. Kail is abusive, a narcissic and, overall, angry individual. I feel like Brianna is the better mother of the two.

    1. HUH?!?!? yes she was wrong to hit him–but her kids are very well cared for and their education comes first. They both have their faults–but bri–sorry that is one person I would never want to be around or have my kids around!!!

  7. Seriously every single times the psychopath opens her mouth it’s a LIE!!!! No one won the lawsuit bc the judge didn’t feel that there was enough evidence so she needs to accept that the fact that neither of them had won the lawsuit!!! If anyone needs help it’s her because she is seriously becoming more and more disillusioned with reality and she literally belongs in a mental institution for a long period of time!!!

    1. She did win because she was the defendent. Judge Robert Egan declared that “the case is hereby dismissed and Judgment is entered in favor of [Briana] and against [Kail].” The judge also granted Briana’s Anti-SLAAP Motion for Summary Judgment. Kail was also ordered to pay Briana’s legal fees, because Briana won the case. “Not enough evidence” is weird way to word it, as Kail did provide evidence that the judge ruled was legally protected speech that was made without malice. The judge wrote that Briana’s statements were not defamatory because they were either factual or opinions.

    2. Also, being “disillusioned with reality” is not a reason to have someone be forcibly committed to a psych institution indefinitely.

      1. Being “disillusioned from/with reality” is precisely what gets many people committed to psychiatric care for both determinant and indeterminate amounts of time. It’s precisely how you help someone who is removed from reality to the point that it is a detriment to their own overall wellbeing or that of those in their care.

        I don’t particularly care about the rest, whether or not Brianna or Kail won/lost the case is irrelevant to me. But Brianna is starting to show some serious signs of being removed from reality. She’s not to the point, imo, that she should be committed, but she’s definitely beyond the point that she should be under some psychiatric care. She grows more and more unhinged every single year and it’s going to (already has) negatively affect every aspect of her life. That’s not even taking into account the detriment to her children and their overall wellbeing.

        That said I think most of the moms in the TM franchise ought to be under some type of psychiatric care-at least at some point of their lives (and some are or have been) simply because they are putting so much of themselves out there in display for the world it’s impossible for that NOT to negatively affect them.

  8. The fact that neither of these girls know that they both live at the bottom of a GIANT Hefty bag under ALL the take-out trash blows my mind and keeps me laughing for days.

  9. Briana … This is pot calling the kettle Black .. You would not be relevant without Kail, thats why you keep picking up the leftovers from her table

  10. Junior high called. They want this two back in class immediately. So juvenile.

  11. Briana isn’t wrong. She’s trying to dismiss the drama that kail keeps igniting over and over again.

    1. No, she’s bringing it up at every turn to try and keep herself relevant.

      I’m no Kail fan either, but Briana is absolutely a desperate thot. Every single time Kail’s name comes up anywhere, Briana opens her big yap, spewing garbage, showing the world the absolute ass that she is. If she really was trying to dismiss something, she wouldn’t even say anything at all.

      They both have plenty of issues to go around, but Briana’s sounding more and more mentally unhinged as the years go on.

  12. these two have GOT to be the pettiest, thirstiest motherf*ckers ever.
    discussing a shirt from 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣? really… like, REALLY?!?

  13. This is like kindergarteners having a stupid dumpster fire argument. i wish you would stop giving Teen Mom any oxygen Ashley. it’s the worst of the worst.

  14. OMG Briana is so ridiculous. If someone is living rent free that’s Kail in Briana’s mind, that’s why she loves her sloppy seconds so much.

    1. Exactly! Even if Kail had the shirt made a year ago, she’s not the one who brought it to social media hence she’s not the one stirring up old drama.

      1. Kail’s former friend brought it to social media because Kail was on her podcast talking about the spite gifts that Briana had sent her previously. Kail did stir up old drama.

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