‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Javi Marroquin & Briana DeJesus Declare Their Love For Each Other After One Month of Dating

They’ve reached ‘soulmate’ status even faster than Jenelle and David!

Teen Mom 2 couple Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin have been dating for less than two months, but it seems that this match made in MTV heaven is already dropping those three magic words: I love you.

Javi expressed his love for Bri this week by commenting on a photo of the two of them that Briana posted to social media. Accompanying the photo Briana posted was a shout out she wrote to Javi for “being such an amazing man” to her and her two kids.

Of course, being that this is Briana we’re talking about, so she couldn’t end the sentiment there and had to conclude the post with a “#yeaididwin.” (She has since deleted it.)

Anyway, if Briana’s new shady hash tag didn’t send Kail over the edge, we’re sure Javi’s response did the trick:

“Thank you for being so good to me,” Javi wrote to Briana. “I never take that for granted. I love you.” (The comments for the post are no longer visible, but if you want to see what the original post and comments looked like, click here!)

Quick to come to Kail’s defense (of what, we’re not exactly sure) was her friend Bone Estrada, who tweeted that the only thing Briana won was a small banana emoji… (if ya catch her drift.) Kail responded to Bone with a hashtag of her own: “#iwon more time with my son.”

Bone was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a front row seat to the drama that went down at the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion. As The Ashley previously told you, a big fight erupted in a backstage makeup room during the Reunion filming between Briana (as well as Roxanne and Brittany DeJesus) and Kail. The Ashley’s source tells her that Bone was also in the room when the catfight went down.

Bri responded to Bone’s tweet about the size of Javi’s trouser snake by threatening to beat the BeJesus out of her.

“U lucky I had Stella in my hands cause I woulda smacked the s**t outta you,” Briana tweeted to Bone. “I hope u and ur girls keep that same energy next time when I see u.”

Man, Teen Mom 2 might be on hiatus, but that group is still churning out the drama like it’s their job!

Oh wait…

(Photo: Snapchat, Instagram)


  1. You literally proved my point. Instead of simply disagreeing with my statement or using another unbiased name to call her, you chose “brown trash.” All you had to do was call her trashy, but instead, you just had to mention the color of her skin ??‍♀️ Why can’t she just be a “hot mess” or a “train wreck”? It’s just as bad as insulting an Asian American person and calling them “yellow trash”. Leave race and ethnicity out of it! If you’re going to throw jabs, do it the same way you do for the others.

    Also, shoutout to the ones who gave me down votes. My comment must’ve struck a nerve and stepped on more than a few toes. I bet if Briana had hit or punched any of her kids’ fathers like Kail did to Javi, you wouldn’t call her “The Hulk” like you did for Kail. You’d call her a “thug”. It’s a shame I got so many down votes just for calling out blatant racial bias(not racism)

  2. Javi is scraping the bottom of the barrel. I truly hope that he comes to his senses. He was trashed by Kail and now deserves to find a decent young woman. Briana is NOT the one.

  3. How are they a couple when Javi lives in Delaware and Brianna in Florida. I think they probably are boning (I mean Javi is a living breathing dude and that’s the only requirement for Briana), but it’s never going to last. He’s also too good for her.

  4. All of the people involved in this shit show are trashy. I thought Javi was better than this, but then he goes and lays in the mud with Briana and her trashy family, too. I seriously think this dude has a hero complex and wants to fix every busted female that looks his way. Kail’s life is a dumpster fire, and hearing her friends make comments about his dick size..gee, I bet his SON will love it when he grows up and sees what trailer park divas his mom surrounded herself with to bash his father’s privates publicly. Good plan, Kail! Grade A thinking as usual.

    Even though I don’t like Briana, I like Kail SO much less. If anything, I wish Briana would quit running with her tail between her legs and deleting all the stuff she says. If you’re big enough to say it, then own it and quit being a damn coward.

  5. For the idiots whinging about the use of the word ghetto….

    See the little magnifying glass up in the corner? Click it, enter in the word ghetto…and then take a look at the results. Of course it doesn’t include the comments, just the articles themselves, but feel free to read them(I know, that’s a difficult concept for some of you, reading is hard man, but, please, stick with us here for a moment). Take a look at how often that word has been used and…gasp…not even just with “non-whites”.

    It is NOT a term that is only being used now that the DeJesus family is on the franchise again. It was used long before them, long after them, and even still today. Get off your damn…I’d say high horses but I think only the high part is applicable here, and I’d rather not insult horses.

    1. I’m not an idiot for calling out what I often read about Bri and her family. I made an observation of thousands of the comments since she’s been on the show with the same pattern: the word ghetto is only thrown out there when discussing her. Why do some of you white people get so pissed and agitated when a POC calls out the stuff you type and post? Food for thought: calling people out of their names is unnecessary. That only proves that you lack enough intellect to the point where you can’t even present a proper rebuttal. So you use the defense mechanism of name calling…. like a child.

  6. #iwin what? Seriously. She is acting like she was the side chick or something and Javi left his wife for her. How trashy for a mom of 2 one being less than a year old posting stuff like that. They all need to get it together, at least for the kids. I bet it won’t be long until she ends up pregnant if she isn’t already.

  7. Oh no I’m a equally grossed out by each of these morons on this show.Doesn’t matter about race let me see we have Brianna and her family that yes acts ghetto we have Janelle with her psycho husband that is nothing more than a couple of redneck junkies with a no limit credit card. We have the white trash hillbilly,Leah the mom that even with a ton of opportunity at her disposal still refuses to better herself for her kids sake Gotta cut her a break though doing the best she knows how with daughter with MD. Then you have nasty white trash Kale just goes to show you can still get a education but a Slut is a Slut. The only one that seems to have any sense seems to be Chelsea’s mom her name slips my mind. She has learned the art of flying under the radar unfortunately she has become a little boring. Then you have Maxi the her holier then thought attitude. You’re another one that has really accomplished nothing. I could go on but I won’t. This show thrives on ratings . How do get ratings? Drama and bad behavior. Like a train wreck. You can’t help but watch. Don’t wanna be stereotype then get off the show.

  8. I’m dying right now. I hear that someone is named ‘Bone’ and I’m thinking thug and real tough. Haha I just seen a pic of her and she’s super pale and a little over weight. And also the height of my cat.. it’s just really funny to me that this is the girl threatening anyone..

  9. These girls on this show love to brag about their maturity and how much they’ve grown but never seem to really show it. Why would you get in a social media battle about who #won? Why not put your kids first and actually be mature adults about it?! If I were kail I would be very angry to be dragged into a petty fight and have my friends embarrass me like that. She needs to get her affairs in order and grow up. Briana needs to stop acting like a 12 year old and threatening fights. Something is seriously wrong if you say the only reason you didn’t physically attack someone is because you were holding your child! The whole situation is disgusting and sad these women are approaching 30 and behaving like little girls. Grow up for your children ffs.

  10. What concerns me most is the fact that Javi, who has always exemplified what a “good dad” should be, would expose Lincoln and Isaac to all the F bombs being hurled around by Briana and her angry, man-hating family.

    A family that to date has NEVER filtered their yucky mouths in front of Briana’s own sweet little Nova.

    So for what I personally feel is more of a ratings stunt than a love affair between these two, I just hope that Briana & Co. can simply WATCH THEIR MOUTHS around children, either theirs – or someone else’s.

    Why is this so hard?

    1. I’m not a Kail fan, but I would be LIVID if my son came back to me spewing the profanity that he learned from them because of his father. I’m also not one for keeping children from either parent at all, but if I were Kail, I’d try to make it so Javi couldn’t bring Lincoln around those women. Like, Yeah, take him for the weekend, but don’t bring him around people who snap at the drop of a dime and throw shoes/stand on tables, screaming profanities in a public restaurant.

    2. I also think this is a publicity stunt. I’d like to think that Javi has more sense than to expose his children to the DeJesus coven.

  11. He had a Snapchat story or IG story and her ass is not normal looking… it’s kinda like this { } and sticks out on the sides. I’m all for some plastic surgery, but make it look right.

    I don’t see them together long, her family will ruin all her relationships.

  12. This is my issue with you women/girls here and on the TM2 Facebook page. You all have NEVER used the word “ghetto” to describe any of the girls on this show. Not even Jenelle, which in my opinion, is the epitome of the negative connotation that actually defines the word ghetto. However, now that there is a girl on the show that isn’t white or any race that can pass for white, you all use the word daily to describe herself and her family. While Briana and her family are super dramatic and bitchy, why use “ghetto” only to describe them?

    I’m African American and can’t stand to see other people of color talked down on and given definitions of themselves that is based on racial bias. The term “ghetto” isn’t a term to throw around just because a person is black/hispanic. That’s what a lot of you are doing here lately and it’s disappointing. Do I think you’re racist? I don’t know. But I do think it’s very very funny how quickly you guys were able to give that to the new Puerto Rican family

          1. White trash was something white people called themselves. Black folks didn’t make that up so you tell me.

          2. Well, I can think of a certain word that Black Folks call themselves that they consider racist if a white person says it… so you tell me…. Ghetto has been around for a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time. you have no idea the orgin of it do you?

      1. Not really. It has happened on multiple threads by multiple people. I have noticed it. Feel free to look at previous recaps.

        1. I have… I read all the threads…and i watch the series… Briana and her family are ghetto…so is Jenelle….

        2. Actually the term ghetto originated to described a walled off neighborhood where Jews in Italy were forced to live over 500 years ago. It’s mainly used to describe a neighborhood where a minority lives not identify anyone by race or color. It wasn’t made up by whites to insult blacks. Jews were also forced into ghettos in Germany before being gathered and imprisoned. Learn your history. Ghetto has become slang but it wasn’t originated against blacks and doesn’t identify as solely describing blacks. Briana lives in an apartment that is probably known as a lower income area for minorities aka the ghetto. Take a seat.

          1. As a jewish person I’m not offended by the use of the word “ghetto”.

          2. The first time I’ve heard of ghettos were the ones the nazis constructed to put the Jews there (this was before they were deported and mass-murdered). I’ve been to one of them as well, in Poland. In my opinion, the word ghetto means a certain area where a certain kind of people is placed by a superior group, and they view those people they place there as inferior. Not only the houses, but basically everything in that neighbourhood is bad, no funding, the superior people choose not to give these people healthcare, education, housing etc. that is considerably worse than the ones they got.

            This works for both 1940s Jews and for African-Americans (especially after slavery was abolished but before black people could go to proper schools, work themselves up etc.). And to be honest, it’s still shit for African-Americans in the USA, because you have like 1% chance to work yourself up in life whereas white people might have 50%.

            This is not a personal attack on people who use the word ‘ghetto’ or who don’t feel black people have it worse in the USA. I believe many people get so upset because they feel it’s implied they’re racist etc., whereas it might be that you just didn’t realize these things are going on in the world. You can’t know everything that’s going on, but please don’t get upset when you find out you have been participating in something that has (accidentally) hurt other people. I know I have done that years ago by initially standing on the side of keeping blackface during St. Nicholas in the Netherlands (it’s a tradition, it’s not racist etc.). But after hearing how black people have been made fun of that fact and view it as hurtful, I have come to the conclusion I was in the wrong and I know better now.

    1. Only one person on this post called Briana ghetto. Instead of making blanket statements to all of us (while assuming we’re all women/girls) about how disappointed you are, perhaps you should have responded to the ONE person here who said something offensive.

    2. Let’s get mad that a low class, uneducated broad who’s family not only stand on tables and throw shoes at people but say vile and inappropriate things in front of both of her children, both with absent fathers, got called “ghetto” ?? Leah is an uneducated hillbilly and in the words of Nathan, Jenelle is “trailer trash who won the lottery”; both of which you could call ghetto if you so prefer! Let’s not get in a tizzy about how these girls get called out, bc newsflash most of us commenting don’t like the white girls either ??

      1. Yup. They’re all trashy and ghetto minus Chelsea. Kail wishes she was ghetto but she’s just trash with cash. Trailer trash, ghetto, hillbilly, ratchet, scummy… it is what it is and if one can’t see that in these girls, then maybe just maybe they see a bit of themselves in them and take such offense ??‍♀️

        1. I was about to say, I think I’ve called them all ghetto at some point in time with the exception of Chelsea. Jenelle? Super hoodrat, no class, no taste, wanna be hard ass, only dates dudes who have done time behind bars. Kail? Is literally doing everything she possibly can to appear as if she’s some hard ass ghetto baby momma, but fails because she can’t get those gosh dern baby daddies to abandon her so she can claim that she does it all alone. Leah? The girlses ate nothing but cheetos for like the first two years of life, and she lived in a nasty trailer she never cleaned in WV with a husband that she was cheating on, that was trash af. Briana? Literally got knocked up by a dude she met at a club, that she barely knew, neither of her baby daddies drive or pay cs, she still mooches off mommy 6 years later, she invited her ex to her baby shower to cause drama, AND started boning her castmates ex husband making them BOTH trash. So yeah, I’m going with 4/5 have been super ghetto at some point in time during the shows run.

      2. The point being made is that the girls are equally trashy but only one gets called by a coded name. Ghetto is reserved for people of color. Let’s not act like that’s true.

        1. GHETTO IS RESERVED FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR…YOU ARE CORRECT….and Trailer trash is reserved for white people…as is WHITE TRASH….as is HILLBILLY! Jesus, get over it….

        2. And Leah gets called a Hillbilly all the time…that is a coded name. so you are wrong about that… Jenelle and kail are called white trash/trailer trash….coded name.

          1. LMAO…wow… you get points for being purposely obtuse… maybe the schools aren’t well where you’re from. Those can’t be coded when white people made it up for themselves. They made up ghetto for a specific kind of person — just like thug, welfare queen etc. You’re just perpetuating it.

          2. Thug- A violent person/criminal
            Welfare Queen- a derogatory term used for women who allegedly misuse/collect excessive amounts of welfare.

            Do you see ANY mention of color here? No? Point made. It’d be different if people here were using actual racial slurs on here. But they aren’t. We call every single one of these girls trashy on a daily basis regardless of ethnicity, because they ARE. You’re the one dragging race into this.

        3. I’m dying laughing at you ? No coded terms needed! Come to Baltimore City and you’ll be calling people of every color and ethnicity ghetto ? Janelle and Bri are both ghetto bc of how they LIVE and ACT, not because of their skin color. But keep trolling hoping you’re going to make some assumed white girls feel bad they used a certain word. Newsflash: you won’t ??

        4. The butthurt is even stronger with this one…

          Newsflash, the word Ghetto was created by white people..to describe other white people…

          The term was then taken BY minorities(of all races/ethnicities mind you, minority applies to more than one’s race) to describe THEIR own neighborhoods

          It has stayed that way since….used *primarily* by non-whites.

          Get out of here with that shit chica. The Dejesus family ain’t paying you enough to defend their ghetto asses 😉

        5. Right! Thank you! They all get so pissed and pressed when they’re called out on anything having to do with racial/cultural bias. “Well all the girls are trash”, “ghetto has nothing to do with her race”, “stop pulling the race card”, etc. I can already predict their responses before they respond because all the answers sound alike at this point. They deflect topics like this and try to minimize their true intentions of using the word.

    3. I noticed this too. It’s blatantly obvious that it’s coded language reserved for the family of color on the show.

      1. Do you even know what Ghetto means? look it up…it is used for trashy people of minorities… ever heard a black person called trailer trash??? STFU with that mess.

      2. Can we just not….Let’s stop getting super sensitive about word choice for women who are on national television fighting their baby daddies and acting, for lack of a better word, super ghetto ? K? I’m pretty sure this is the last place you need to accuse people of being racist ?

    4. I think you’re generalizing and I for one don’t appreciate it I’ve never used the word here or anywhere else so don’t put that kind of negativity out there more so Then you feel like it already is

    5. Thank you for pointing this out. I don’t think most people even realize when they are doing this.

  13. They are all so mature it’s unbelievable. They have at least 5 kids among them all with I’m not sure how many children Bone has. (DAT NAME THO! LAWD)

  14. 1) BONE?! Come on.
    2) Her ass is just… I can’t. Well I suppose Kail’s is equally shit but she usually looks like crap so it’s hard to notice just the butt.
    3) As if to Kail’s hashtag. Look, I think both Javi & Brianna are dumb, but for Kail to say she won her son? She continues to cry and bitch if any of her baby daddies want 50/50 custody (and the first 2 have proven to be excellent fathers who want to be there) and she tries constantly to battle them for that even though 50/50 is perfectly fair. Ugh.
    4) How would you even be able to see a comment from someone particular amongst over 80 thousand? Are there really thousands of people who care about this? Dear god.

  15. If you have noticed, this is the only one of Javi’s girlfriends that Kail has really thrown shade to (he has dated like 3 or 4 girls since his split with Kail). While Javi and Briana are super cute together, I can’t blame Kail for being upset. I don’t think I would want to see my ex parading around with a coworker…no matter how bad the relationship was.

  16. Yep and Kali needs go on and just keep doing who ever and what ever like she normally does. You didn’t want him so Brianna #ghettomom picked up your sloppy seconds girl. Can’t have you cake and eat it too. But I know she thinks she can lol Do it while you can because when that teen mom money stops you’ll be just another nasty scank

  17. Brianna #ghettomom wasted no time securing that extra income. Damn you couldn’t wait on your raise from the show. Too bad Javi is too Pissy whipped to realize he’s being used by the whole damn coven of the ghetto the Dejesus coven

  18. Why does Kail or her friends even care she didn’t want him grow up and leave him alone.
    He’s a good dad to Lincoln and Issac. I don’t think Breanna or her family would be mean to Lincoln or his brother be thankful for that.

    1. Agreed that Kail didn’t need to respond, but Briana was clearly baiting her with the #iwin bs. Instigating this nonsense with your new boyfriend’s ex-wife is petty and unfair to the kids.

  19. Once again Bri and Kail act like their cut from the same cloth. Javi definitely has a type: CRAZY!!!

  20. Again, no one on either side is putting the children first.
    I wonder if Javi will still be her “papi” if she gets fired from the show?

    1. It’s just my opinion but they haven’t fired Jenelle yet.
      Have to do a whole lot of catching up to warrant getting fired compared to what Jenelle has done

  21. What’s the big deal? Let’s not act like Chelsea and Cole didn’t jump on things super fast. He moved in with her and Aubree only 5 months or so of dating ??‍♀️ Keep in mind that Briana and Javi have known one another and been at least friends the last 2 years. It’s not like they’re fresh and new to one another. I’m no Briana fan but let’s not find every reason to criticize

    1. She didn’t introduce him to her daughter until they dated 2 months. Which is a good amount if time considering she pretty much has full custody.

      I’m pretty sure they were dating close to a year before he moved in.

  22. I saw this picture pop up in my feed and before i read the caption, i totally thought it was going to be a pregnancy announcement. Expecting that in 5, 4, 3…

    1. Only if she’s carrying that baby in her butt… If you look at other pictures of that same moment, you can see her butt is abnormally large, like she’s about to tip over.

  23. First of all I think this is a pathetic fight to have on both kail and Javi’s end however why are kail friends constantly jumping into their petty fights it’s ridiculous and a waste of time don’t her friends have a life? To go after man-size I think is just going For the easy quick way to offend them Somethings are just off-limits

    1. And aren’t these particular friends lesbians. What do they know about sizing? They sound hateful and bitter, just like Kail.

      1. Exactly! Can you imagine being this bitter After being given so many opportunities not just from mtv but the Platform she’s gave her to pursue other projects and yet you’re still lashing out wherever you can

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