‘Teen Mom 2’ Grandma Barbara Evans Celebrates Her Retirement

“It’s time to paaaahrty!”

Barbara Evans is celebrating a well-earned retirement!

The Teen Mom 2 grandma, who has spent many years slicing honey-glazed ham in the deli of a North Carolina Walmart, announced on Wednesday that she has finally retired! Barb has caught a lot of flak from her “bitch of a daughta” Jenelle Evans for working at Walmart. (Who could forget when Jenelle made fun of her mom’s job and announced her own plans to save the world via medical assisting…that never happened?)

Anyway, Babs posted a photo to her personal Instagram page on Wednesday of a partially empty glass of wine and some Christmas decorations, along with the caption, “Happy retirement to me!!”

Barbara has long been one of the only people featured on ‘Teen Mom 2’ who still maintains a “regular” job (outside of being on the show). The 64-year-old currently has full custody of her grandson (and Jenelle’s son) Jace.

Congrats to Babs…although we are sad to hear that we will not get to hear her say “Waaaahl-maaaart” on the show as much anymore!

UPDATE! Apparently, Babs’ retirement was not as happy of an occasion as it originally appeared. In a post on her personal Facebook, Barb revealed that she was let go after putting in her three-week retirement notice.

“Well I gave my three week notice at Walmart last week,” Barb wrote on Facebook a few days ago. “They told me they don’t need me anymore, turn in my badge. Wow 12 years I gave to them and in the end I was treated like a dog. No thank you for my 12 years of service. COLD-HEARTED. Oh well, happy retirement to me! I still have my MTV job!”

Check out this pic from Barb’s days working at the ‘Mart!

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  1. Happy Retirement Bab’s keep up being such a wonderful role mold for jace and ur other grandson sorry it didn’t work out for ur Daughter but like they say u can’t save them all. But thank GOD JACE HAS U!!! I am so glad u never just gave jace back to her we the fans wanted u to at one point way before DAVIDS DUMB ASS but we didn’t know what u know and now it makes sense God bless Barbra keep on keeping on❤️?✌️?

  2. Janelle is a worthless human being she could not stop partying to be a mother to mace most of the other teen moms kept their children if not for barb Janelle wouldn’t even be seeing jace grow up. Janelle has never worked for nothing yet put down her mother’s job she does not take care of her children David does, and he is a mean hateful man and those two boys are afraid of him jenelle needs a man to take care of her david will not be the lat. I can’t believe that people are so ignorant that they feel barbra should just up and give jace back after she has spent the last nine years loving, raising, creating a home for jace. The woman has been a mother to jace I’m sure baby loves jace as a son and she knows jenelle will crash and burn eventually just because she is steady now means absolutely nothin. Just wait till teen money comes to an end I find it hilarious how all the girls threat to quit while fully knowing this is the only way they .ca have such a nice living look at the homes, cars, boats, numerous vacations that these people have thanks to tv not one of them would own their on home if it wasn’t for this show except for Chelsea because her dad is successful Caitlyn and Tyler come straight from the trailer park, Kailua was homeless and poor, amber, all of them should appreciate their lifestyles for God’s sake Kailua ex no has never worked a job and Gary sure is living the life and Ryan Edwards said to have spent loads of cash on drugs and these men are not making half what the girls do. Back to jenelle I get so sick of her telling producers my mom just keeps jace so she get her check from m tv is she nuts babs has taken care of jace since day one, and she constantly crying I just wish someone would stop ask about me, love me, worry about me etc david would be mowing grass or what ever trying to prepare for the wedding and she needed attention or when she was pregnant but couldn’t take care of jace unbelievable and crackpots think jenelle should have jace back the only thing I got against barbra is that she is the one who raised jenelle letting her have her way and never making her be responsible for any thing is what created the monster that is jenelle if babs has not changed her ways then i fear jace will be another jenelle he is already showing behaviour problems.omg, don’t let me gèt started on Brian a she I and her mother and sis will never have a an because they are the problems.

  3. No. Unless someone has an actual contract (e.g., teachers, CEOs, etc), you are owed for time you work. They do not have to pay her in lieu of her notice. And they don’t have to let her work her notice. Most DECENT jobs, if they let you go when you give notice, will pay out the notice period that you were willing to work.

    EVERY state except Montana is an “at-will” state barring a contract for employment.

  4. Just saw on another sight where they have a 911 call from Janelle telling them that her Mom was hitting Jase . Jase had called her and was crying saying Barb was hitting him. Wow this family is crazy. Hope Jase is ok

  5. Sounds like they didn’t need her to fulfill her last three weeks , probably filled the job and didn’t want to pay both of them. She will still receive her pension with no doubt. Never less , not surpising to hear that Walmart is ghetto.

  6. Such a cruel move from their part. But still, happy retirement Babs! I’m sure Jace is thrilled he will now spend more time with you, get a warm meal when he comes home from school,……now Jenelle has even less chance to get custody of him and I’m SO GLAD!

  7. You can tell Jace is afraid of David !! David is such a phony. When the cameras are rolling he keeps saying “I love you Jace” you can tell it is all fake !! Good for Barbara for doing everything to keep Jace !

  8. Good for you Barbara ! Enjoy your retirement and spending time with Jace !! I have heard many terrible things about Walmart management by several of their employees !

  9. I see some of the chinions are hard at work downvoting the supporting comments. Downvote this chinions! Congrats Babs! Now you get to enjoy even more time to your precious boy!

  10. North Carolina is an “at will, right to work” state, so employers can fire you for anything or any reason at any time. They just cant fire for a protected class such as race, sex, religion, etc.

  11. Congrats Barbara! Now you get to spend even more time with Jace. I’m sure Jenelle will bitch about this anyway she can. “See, she wants more camera time.” “She’s doing this to spite me and spend more time with Jake..I mean Jace.” I can’t wait until Jenelle is forced to finally get a job and Walmart won’t even give her the time of day. Enjoy minimum wage for life, junkie.

    1. Jenelle won’t even be able to obtain a minimum wage job. Once the MTV money has been pissed away she’ll be out on the streets livin with her boooooyfrieeend.

  12. Congrats and kudos to you Barb!! You’re probably one of the only decent human beings on the show!! What has her junky white trash whore of a daughter contributed? Nothing!!!! Hats off Barb you deserve this time!! Keep being the awesome lady you are!!

  13. Good for Babs – boo to Walmart. I have relatives in that part of NC and I was hoping to drop into the Walmart to give her a Team Babs salute. I guess that dream will never come true, but hoping that Babs will enjoy her well-deserved retirement.

    It is a bit concerning that she’ll be in her 70’s when Jace is a teen – hopefully she’ll be able to control him at that point. Unless Jenelle really turns her life around by then and really proves that she is capable of raising him (odds of that being slim to none). Same goes for Doris raising Kaiser – I truly hope she gets custody, but she’s probably in her 60’s too and will be handling a teen in her 70’s unless Nathan turns it around and can be a stable responsible parent (also extremely unlikely).

  14. Congrats to Barbara and much respect to her always for stepping in and saving a precious little boy named Jace from who knows what.


  15. This is what irks me with Jenelle and her fans. They claim Barb is only keeping Jace because of the money. Yet, unlike Jenelle, Barb still continued to work even after Teen Mom 2 became big. She is probably only making a fraction of what Jenelle makes and I’m guessing most of that went back to raising Jace.

      1. Better check again, Sarah. Jenelle stopped paying child support years ago and Jenelle herself has said that Barbara refused any more child support payments. It’s also worth noting that, even when Jenelle WAS paying Babs child support, it was like $100 a month. That doesn’t go very far when you’re feeding and clothing a child, to say nothing of daycare costs, medical expenses, utilities, gas to drive them around, etc.

      2. No she does not. Jenelle cried about it and Babs let her off the hook years ago. Jenelle does not pay one red cent to support Jace when he isn’t with her for 4 days a month.

  16. Congratulations on retirement Babs!
    I don’t know what the laws are in the States, but they have to pay her for 2 weeks right?
    You can’t just tell someone to get out without paying them, especially as she gave ample notice. I’m surprised they’d just tell her to leave especially with it being December – they could have really used her help for the holidays I’m sure.
    Anyway, best of luck & enjoy retirement!

    I always hated when Jenelle would make fun of her mom for working at Walmart. Anyone willing to work should be respected for the job they have, whether it is a deli clerk, sales woman, doctor, postal worker, mayor….
    What has Jenelle contributed to society? 3 kids who will need intensive therapy to live semi-normal lives, if they manage to get off the land without being murdered by David. I wish I was joking.

    1. I worked at a Walmart deli years ago and I remember it being relatively slow during the holidays. It could differ between each store and state though. We were in a pretty busy area too.

    2. I think NC laws state a company can let you go/fire you for no reason at all & they don’t have to pay. Not sure how it works with her retirement though. Either way, it sucks! Poor Babs. At least she’s got MTV money I guess. I hope she’s been wise & made a nice nest egg for herself & Jace. I’m pretty sure she has. If she kept her job @ Walmart, I think she’s got a good head on her shoulders, unlike her bitch of a no-good daughter.

  17. I don’t care what your job is. Someone that works at Walmart is just as respectable as a doctor or a lawyer. You are contributing to society and paying taxes. What has Jenelle done? She only went to trade school for a few months for a Medical Assisting certification. She hasn’t worked at all. Everything she has bought including her notorious “land” was bought by MTV.

    1. You are 100% on the spot! She worked hard for what she had Not once did she ever expect anything but took on more than anybody at her age would have to

  18. Congrats!!!

    I hated moments on the show when jenelle or her man of the month would make fun of her for the job she had. A lot of people like doing those kinds of jobs. It kept her moving. She probably loved it, it was her family life that made her stress out. Hopefully she finds a hobby to take up her time so she doesn’t go crazy watching all those kids

  19. Good for you!!!! Congrats!!!!
    If only you passed on work ethic to your Crotchdroppings.
    But great for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Good for her. I hope she doesn’t have to go back to work again if she ends up raising more of janelles kids. Hopefully she’s happy and can enjoy life with jace.

  21. I didn’t realize Babs was this old. It actually really worries me as to what will happen to Jace when she passes. I hope she’s able to enjoy her retirement, and spend as much time with that little boy as possible. She’s his REAL mother, and he needs her! Congrats on your retirement St. Babs, enjoy!

    1. However, if she lives a long life (like to around a 100 or so) Jace will be in his 40s when she passes. Sure, the older a (real) parent is the scarier it can be. And I lost my dad when I was a teenager (he was only 48), so I get the concern. But in these times people pass away young as frequently as they make it to their late 80s and beyond. Anything is possible. Hopefully Barb will live a good long life.

    2. 64 is hardly old. If she lives into her nineties, Jace will be in his thirties before she dies. Besides, Barbara is so determined and stubborn, she’ll probably never die! 😉

    3. Her age is one reason I think Jenelle should have gotten custody. Jace is a handful and no way will Barb in her 70s be able to handle him. To have to transition him to Jenelle at that stage will be so much harder than now. Not to mention if she lives an average lifespan of 80 Jace will only be 22. You still need a lot of guidance at 22 and Jenelle will need to be the one to be there for him so to allow the rift to continue doesn’t seem to be in his long term best interest.

      1. The court decided to not give Jace back to his birth mother.
        They blame barb for not giving Jace back, yet it was the court who made the decision and also it was chinelles choice to hand over custody in the first place.

        If barb hadn’t stepped up, he would have been fostered our and probably adopted by now, and chinelle would have never seen him again.

        So she should be eternally grateful to her mom.

        Age is just a number btw

        1. Jenelle was bullied into handing over custody because her mother had a lawyer and she couldn’t afford one. Barbara said after she had Kaiser that she would give Jace back to Jenelle transitioning him over the next year but never kept her promise. The promise was why Jenelle didn’t pursue legal action. Barbara could sign custody back over to her anytime she wants. Jenelle is never going to be mother of the year but she is stable now and should have her son. If he was in CPS’s custody they would be working on reunification. Barbara raised Jenelle and Jace has behavioural issues so I think her lack of parenting ability is clear.

          “Age is just a number” is a ludicrous statement. People get old, get sick and die that is just a fact of life. I assume then if it means nothing to you you think the 65 year old woman in Germany who gave birth quads was in her right mind because hey she might live to see them into adulthood even though she most likely won’t. Our fertility ends at a certain age for a reason because we are less likely to live long enough to raise the child.

          I also think the fact that Jace was not at all excited when Barbara told him he was staying with her is very telling, he isn’t happy there.

          1. No. Just no. The fact that you think Jenelle is anywhere in the vicinity of stable is scary. Barb never “gave” Jace back because Jenelle is an unstable, neglectful excuse for a mom. Kaiser and Ensley were both with weed in their systems. Ensley’s birth triggered a CPS investigation this year and David is clearly abusive towards Kaiser and Jace. Nathan was almost as toxic as David. Why would Barb want Jace in that environment?

            Besides, the court decided it was in Jace’s best interest to stay with Barb and Jenelle settled for minimum visitation (after all that talk about fighting in court). No one bullied Jenelle. She didn’t want the responsibility and we all know that.

            If Jenelle can’t be there for Jace when he’s older because she couldn’t get her sh!t together when he was a kid, that’s on her, not Barb.

            Oh and Jace seemed pretty happy until Barb told him about visitation on The Land. That kid is terrified of David and Jenelle doesn’t seem to care at all. Mom of the year right there…

          2. Jenelle is the most unstable on the show next to Briana, who lets face it, is an actual child. She wasn’t bullied into signing over custody at all. She never wanted Jace to begin with. She “couldn’t wait”, for him to start day-care when he was only days old, and she had already been leaving him to party. It wasn’t just Ensley and Kaiser who were born with drugs in their system, it was all three of her children. She allows a man who IS NOT Kaiser’s father to manhandle him, and she has zero attachment to that child. She uses “When I get Jace back!” as a plot for the show. And the only reason she even shows remote interest in Ensley, is because she’s with David. All three of her children, are going to need extensive therapy the longer she remains in their lives. I hope they’re all taken from her.

          3. The CPS investigation obviously Found Jenelle to be fit enough to care for Kaiser and Ensley so she is by the state’s definition a ‘fit’ parent. Do I think she is a great mom? No. But neither is Barbara. Who calls their daughter a bitch and a whore?

  22. Aw this is a nice story. I eagerly await the day when, after MTV ends and the girls run out of money, Jenelle is forced to slice meat at Walmart while Babs sits back and laughs.

    1. Was mart won’t hire her with her criminal background same with her “saving lives ” I don’t think anyone would hire her

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