EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Mysteriously Blurs His Hand In New Pic with Son Bentley: Here’s Why

“I reckon I didn’t think that one through…and stuff…”

Teen Mom fans were delighted on Monday when troubled dad Ryan Edwards posted a new photo to his Instagram account, showing him with his teenage son Bentley on the golf course. Ryan— who is currently living in a halfway house while on furlough from jail— is seen smiling, looking healthier and happier than fans have seen him in a long time.

Fans noticed Ryan looked put-together… but they also noticed that the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter dad had randomly blurred out one of his hands, using Microsoft Paint to put a red marking over the top of his hand.

After the photo made its rounds on ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram pages, fans wondered in the comment section why Ryan randomly decided to (poorly) hide his hand.

The Ashley‘s sources have told her the reason and revealed what’s under the red Microsoft Paint scrawling.


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According to a source close to Ryan’s current girlfriend, Amanda Conner, (whom he met in rehab) Ryan recently got a new tattoo that is very NSFW, prompting him to want to hide it in the happy photo with his son.

“He knew the public would give him a ton of s**t for it,” the source told The Ashley.

The tattoo was done earlier this month and Ryan has been seen around town sporting it.

The Ashley is going to attempt to describe the tattoo in a non-trashy way (which is pretty much impossible.) Basically, the tattoo run longways above Ryan’s knuckles and shows two fingers that are bloody due to, um, having had some “hand sexy time” with a girl who was having a visit from “Aunt Flo.” Ryan’s own finger is also incorporated to signify a specific “hand sexy time” act that involves placing fingers into two parts of the female body.

Please hold while The Ashley pours various household cleaners into her eyes….

If you really want to see the tattoo, click here.

“Larry, get my smelling salts! I feel faint!”

Ryan’s new galpal also favors sexually-themed hand tattoos. She posted a photo to her Instagram account last month showing a tattoo she got of the male anatomy that goes across two of her fingers.  

There’s no word yet if producers will make Ryan cover the tattoo or blur it out when he appears in scenes of the next season of ‘Next Chapter.’ 

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59 Responses

  1. That. Is. Foul. What in the hell? Plus, it’s so poorly drawn I am glad Ashley explained what I am looking at.

  2. What a hopeless piece of shit. He has no idea how this is going to affect Bentley right? Actually, he just doesn’t give a shit. He’s got better priorities, his drugs, and his druggie girlfriend. And I don’t believe the suicide attempt by overdose either I think if he really wanted to overdose, he would’ve went to a private place where no one would’ve found him instead of the middle of the road. It’s all bullshit. If you wanted to have died, he certainly would have. He was out joyriding getting high overdosed. It was not intentional. It was just fucking stupid and irresponsible. And no regard for the other people in the road when he was doing that. Once again doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything but drugs.

  3. So basically Rhine is still getting high, cuz no sober person would ever get something so STUPID tattooed on their hand.

  4. I thought it was going to be a naked lady or something similar. That would have been less trashy than this disgusting nonsense. ??

  5. This is what happens when a grown man has never been held accountable for anything. His parents, and even the judge continues to praise him and enable him. He has not held a real job in years. The adults in his life unfortunately blame everyone else for Ryan’s behavior. He acts like an idiot 16 year old, because he is coddled and treated like a 16 year old. He needs to grow up and be a responsible adult! Sadly, until he is forced to take ownership of his actions and stop playing the victim, this will never happen

  6. Can we talk for a second about how blatantly unfair this must all seem to Mack.
    I don’t like the woman much but he’s getting away with so much with a slap on the wrist and two fingers on the hand.
    And this fake ‘great dad golf trip’ is sick. “Pic for the gram or it never happened!”

    1. Yes!!!! THANK YOU. I was watching the reunion.. and the way they made her out was terrible. Typical MTV but she’s a person and the mother of two of his youngest children. She didn’t deserve what she’s been through, and to act like he’s some great person is such a slap in the face and again letting him slip by with no accountability.. .bc this sentencing garbage he got is exactly that.. garbage..
      in august him Bentley Larry and Taylor all posed for a pic while they were golfing.. it’s all fake. So what now maci? Is he still a hard working guy, who’s working so hard on his sobriety, now that he’s gotten this tattoo? He is not even man/dad enough to cover it up in front of his innocent son. He could’ve worn golfing gloves for goodness sakes. Oh yeah they probably wouldn’t have fit around his sausage hands from all the needles that have been in them.
      He could’ve wrapped his hand.. something…
      I wouldn’t let my son around this piece of crap even if it was his biological dad. What kind of example is that.. what kind of influence is it? Good call mace. Good call.
      he didn’t respect his own son enough to cover it up bc he’s proud of it.

      And btw. He’s.not.sober.

  7. Is it me or is that tattoo just proof that he’s not sober?

    Let’s call the Judge, Exhibit A just lift up Rhine’s hand.

  8. Blurs the tattoo from the internet but not IRL from his own minor child. Yep, makes sense.

    Typically deadbeat dad stuff has been in and out of jail for a year, sees his kid once in a year to go do something fun, and has to take a picture to prove to the “haters” that he’s a great father.

    Yeah, taking your son on a golf day, which probably Larry there too, doesn’t make up for anything.

    This man should be rotting in jail for what he did to Mack, not playing a relaxed game of golf using his father’s membership at his private golf club.

  9. Dang, I was thinking it was “two in the pink, one in the stink” ? trashy tattoo but definitely not as bad as it seemed

  10. Adult people really do this? I would love to hear the thought process. All tattoos are ugly and trashy, but this was a new low.

    1. I feel like most reputable tattoo artists. Would be like nope. I have spent time in a tattoo parlor and they will refuse to do a tattoo if it’s offensive, racist, or very vulgar.

      Plus what tattoo artist wants to take credit for tattooing that on Rhine’s hand? Like who’s like yep I did the period blood tattoo on Rhine Edwards.

  11. I do always wonder if people would be as supportive of Adam as they have been of Ryan… They’re both addicts with mental health issues, they’ve both been abusive toward partners, they’ve both gotten in trouble for driving under the influence, they’ve both been arrested multiple times and they’ve both been shitty, neglectful fathers and yet people seem to be rooting for Ryan when I don’t think they ever would for Adam no matter what he did.

    1. I think it’s because back in the main seasons of the show when everyone followed the cast, Ryan did things like leave Maci at home with the baby while he went out with friends & didn’t interact much with Bentley and was kind of just “there”.
      But Adam….Adam was incredibly cruel and hateful and said horrible things about Chelsea, her Dad, and even Aubrey. He was always telling Chelsea she was a bad Mom, she was fat, bragged to her that he cheated on her like 12 times, called her names, lied constantly, etc. etc. Just absolutely unforgiveable stuff. We all remember the text about her being a fat stretch-marked bitch and wishing he had signed over his rights to “that mistake”. Then he drove like a maniac on purpose and hit that elderly couple and laughed about it. Just on and on.
      I’m no Ryan fan by any means, and I think he was never ever a Dad to Bentley. He wasn’t even like an Uncle. He was more like a random friend of the family who would be sitting on a chair in the yard when Bentley went over to his grandparents’ house. I think he’s done a lot of bad stuff. But imo he’ll never be near the piece of garbage that Adam is.

    2. Yeah, because Rhine was attractive and Adam wasn’t. Now not so much, but back then, yeah.

      I think also, Rhine parents hid his addiction from the public for a really long time. Rhine’s parents were on the show, he could sometimes be nice to them, but we only saw one side of Adam the bad side. Rhine wasn’t outwardly agressive, he was just lazy or mean.

      It’s kinda like Devoin. Like he’s been to jail for drug charges (weed, I know NBD), and been a deadbeat to his kid, but he’s quiet and nice, so you think he’s a good guy. Like even when he got drunk at the pool and drove Nova home and Nova called her mom cuz she was scared. People still were like yeah forgive him. FORGAVE the guy would drove drunk with your kid in the car?!!?! Like he’s changed for the better in the last couple of years, but Devoin wasn’t in Nova’s life for like 5 years. But people rooted for him. Maybe they just hate Bri so much that that they want to be on Devoin’s side, just because.

      Or even Leah Messer. She had a really bad drug addiction, she lived with her dealer, her dad moved in and did drugs with her, she was a danger to her children. She almost dropped a baby, if her brother’s reflexes were any slower. And people gave Corey so much shit because he went to court for full custody. And made her take a drug test. She was like nodding out showing people her *barely* negative drug tests. Because Leah is not outwardly agressive and she’s very meek.

    3. I feel like if Adam weren’t so blatantly cruel to Chelsea and Aubree, people would have gone a little easier on him. Poor Chelsea had just given birth and Adam told her he was ready to sign over his rights because he didn’t want to deal with their “mistake”. While Rhine has never been dad of the year, he has never publicly disowned or said things so terrible about his kids. Rhine put Macy through hell, but Adam was on a whole other level when it came to Chelsea and Aubree.

    4. Maybe having Ryan’s parents so heavily involved in the show is a reason? Who knows, but I agree they’re so similar but Ryan definitely gets the coddling and “best wishes” from people more than Adam ever did or has.

    5. I don’t think most people have been, or even are, as supportive of Ryan as you think. There was a time when there was way more support (and certainly more than I thought he deserved, to be honest, but I have my biases).

      I think most people are actually pretty judgmental of Ryan, as well they should be, because his addictions aren’t the only issues he has. They certainly make things worse, but he has plenty of issues that he’s likely had his whole life.

      I don’t think people are really rooting for Ryan as much as you think. They might say they hope he does better or wish he would do better, but that’s primarily for his kids, not for him. I think he’s a POS and no matter what “treatment” he pretends to go through, or what punishment he’s doled, he’ll always be a POS. I think all of his kids are better off without him in their life and I really wish people would stop pushing or even wishing for a relationship with them. It sucks, I know firsthand how much, for a parent to be completely removed from a child’s life. But sometimes, it’s necessary, and I think this is one of those cases. He’ll never be a good person, never be a good parent and never think of anyone beyond himself, regardless. He has been that way his entire life, even long before drugs and alcohol came into the picture (and his parents have a huge hand in why he is the way he is, too, and even as an adult they continued).

      Adam and Ryan are both POS people, for different reasons. I’m not rooting for either one of them. But if either of them ever had a chance at being a better (not good, but better) person, it would be Adam. The odds of that are slim to none and slim just walked out the door. Ryan doesn’t even have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being better or a tiny bit decent, he just doesn’t want to be and it’ll stay that way for life.

  12. Eww wtf??? I thought the tattoo was gonna be of boobies or the outline of a female body or something. This is just strange and yucky. It’s concerning.

    1. I made the mistake of clicking on the photo of the tattoo. It’s actually worst than I thought…in my mind it didn’t look like a child drew (and colored it!) What the hell, Ryne?!?

      1. His pure children, how humiliating. Can you imagine him going to a parent teacher meeting and shaking hands with that thing on it??! Because of course he put it on his right hand, idiot. Not that he would ever go to a parent teacher conference I imagine…

      2. Right?! This is like the worst prison tattoo ever. It’s tasteless no matter what, but it’s so crudely done, too.

          1. Oh I understand that this tat wasn’t done while he was in jail, but it absolutely looks like it could have been; it’s that poorly done.

  13. It was obviously done by a cell block homie. I mean it’s not even a good tat. To put something permanent on your visible hand and it looks like a five year old drew it- not even going into how they thought it was hilarious and giggled like pubescent girls at their “joke”. Then again, he’s not known for making wonderful choices.

  14. Oh rhine nothing surprises me anymore.
    Does he not take his kids into consideration, he knows they are going to see this and ask questions. So trashy.

    1. He doesn’t think about his kids with most/all of his actions. Why would this be any different?
      That is weird AF and not something someone would get if sober minded.

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