Robyn Brown Is Seeing A Therapist to Recover From Losing Her Sister Wives; Says She’ll Never Leave Husband Kody Because “He’s Doing His Best”

Robyn, revealing the No. 1 victim in the Brown family (who just happens to also be Kody’s Number 1 Customer!)

Season 18 of Sister Wives has ended, but Robyn Brown is still reeling from the loss of her sister wives, and is now seeking professional help to come to terms with her current marriage situation.

The only remaining wife of Kody Brown revealed to People that, while she never imagined herself being in a marriage of monogamy, she’s doing her best to navigate the new reality, while also dealing with a spouse who faced not one, not two, but three breakups within the span of just over a year. 

“No one should be married while they’re going through a divorce,” Robyn told the outlet. “It’s been hell.” 

Robyn admitted that she’s now seeing a therapist to help her recover from losing her close friends sister wives Christine, Janelle and Meri Brown. 

Raise your hand if you haven’t thought about your sob-happy former sister wife one time since walking out the door…

(As The Ashley previously told you, Christine confirmed in November 2021 that she was leaving Kody, followed by Janelle in 2022 and Meri in January 2023.) 

Kody, holding up the number of wives he has left.

As Robyn had revealed during the Season 18 Tell-All, she reiterated the claim that Kody has tried to both “self-sabotage and sabotage” his one and only marriage in the months following his many divorces.  

“I’ve had to work hard not to let him,” she added. 


“I feel like we failed,” Robyn said of the multiple splits that went down in the Brown family. “The commitment we made–- we were all in this together. We screwed it up.” 

“So much for our big pitcher!”

Now, however, just Robyn and Kody remain together in the relationship department, and according to Robyn, that will never change. 

“I never thought I wanted to leave,” she said. “I know how much I love Kody. 

Almost as much as KODY loves KODY, we presume.

“He’s doing his best,” she added. 

Earlier this month, Mykelti Brown– daughter of Kody and Christine– took to her Patreon account to discuss the current mental state of her dad and his wife after a follower commented that Robyn in particular seemed “very depressed” on ‘Sister Wives.’ 

“I thoroughly agree,” Mykelti said, adding that Robyn also seems depressed in “real life” and not just on TV.

“I really think she’s struggling,” Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron, added. “For sure. She’s not exactly going through something easy. None of them are.” 

Mykelti–- who is one of the few Brown children who is not estranged from Kody and Robyn–- went on to say that her dad was “100 percent” experiencing depression. 

Hey Kody, maybe you should try looking at screenshots of yourself wearing a visor…that always cracks us up.

“I think my dad has been experiencing depression since, honestly, COVID … and adding to that depression is the loss of relationships with his kids, the loss of his wives, and all of it kind of builds up and builds up and builds up,” she said. “And my dad, he got angry, he got self-sabotaging, and he got dark.” 

Mykelti noted that while “losing everything he knows” had added to her dad’s depression, she believed it had “been a long time coming.” 

In his own interview with People, Kody admitted that trying to remain cordial with his three exes for the sake of the children they share has been difficult. 

“It’s been painful, a lot of finger-pointing and blame,” he said. “But you have to hope we still have a friendship in the future. Because we’re bound forever through our kids.”

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(Photos: TLC) 


  1. I really think that she is seeing an acting coach instead! She has to improve her non-tear crying to be more real!

  2. Jessa you are correct in one point. Polygamy is a way of life for some people and it is all they know. However, it doesn’t make it right. There is no way in hell I believe any of the women involved in polygamy is a truly happy woman in a truly happy marriage. I grew up in a highly dysfunctional family and thought it was how every family was, until I got out on my own. As for the Brown circus, 18 kids and not one of them are interested in polygamy. It is a not a normal way of life and just looking at the dysfunction in that so called family is scary. You dislike others expressing our opinions yet you too have an opinion. You don’t have to agree. We can agree to disagree but truthfully, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn made a deal with the devil by televising their lifestyle. Their 18 kids were not given a choice or a voice. Kody is at best a con artist and not a good one. He has used his women and children to make money and he then blames them for everything that went wrong. Nothing is his fault. A 54 year old man having tantrums about “being stabbed in the kidneys” by his wives. Robyn speaks Kody. She feels that the other women simply do not understand Kody…that after spending 30 plus years with him? I see 4 highly immature people who cannot survive financially without a camera capturing their snarky and cruel remarks. My opinion, like it or not.

  3. Robyn doesn’t need a therapist, she needs an acting coach to show her how to squirt some tears.

  4. Robyn didn’t even like Christine or Jenelle. And Kody said he never loved any of the three women. So what do they have to be depressed about? That people are seeing how truly awful they are as people?? That people don’t believe the lies and the finger pointing that both Kody and Robyn are doing? I generally take depression very seriously but I also know that abusive narcissistic people will use depression as a last line of defense to prevent accountability and to try and garner sympathy.

  5. To Jessa, and what is wrong with people stating their opinions? Like Mick said, if you don’t like them, don’t come and read them. Polygamy is so wrong. Kody and his women have lived off the system before they even got a contract to put their immature selves and the kids before the public. Frankly I could care less what the adults do but when they bring 18 kids into the mix, live off the welfare system and keep making babies, I think I have the right to say something. They threw lavish weddings and parties. Bought homes they could not afford and made a mockery of marriage. Kody is not a man. He is an immature jackass. And Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn are fools to have lived with him and kept producing kids. Sorry if you don’t like it Jessa, but that is my opinion and I stand by it! Have a nice day.

  6. “No one should be married while they’re going through a divorce,”

    I always thought no one was single while going thru a divorce. Silly me!

  7. Robyn never imagined herself in a marriage of monogamy? Wtf? Her previous marriage was one of monogamy lmao this woman is ridiculous

  8. “No one should be married while they’re going through a divorce,”

    That’s right. Because marriage is for ONE man and ONE woman.

  9. All the plural marriage programs have done nothing but show the failures in polygamy. All of the women have moved on and sadly the only victims are the children. Kody Brown and his women all made the choice to put themselves on view for years and put their kids on display, who did not have a choice in the matter. Now all they have to show for it are 3 women who left but can’t seem to move on without a camera. One legal wife who constantly sheds no tears yet puts on a show and a so called husband who takes no responsibility for anything. He blames the women and his kids. I wonder do any of them actually sit down and watch themselves after the filming. Do any of them actually hear what they are saying and see how immature they all are and what they are still doing to the 18 kids? I seriously doubt it.

  10. Robyn is so dramatic. This is what she wanted. Kody all to herself. Congrats girl, you won a prize.😂The ONLY thing they both miss is the other 3 women funding Robyn and Kody’s extravagant lifestyle.

  11. I agree to the extent. The minute Kody “fell in love with Robyn” it was a wrap. The minute he knew he didn’t feel like he did with his other wives….It was time to get out of the marriage. He’s ego wouldn’t let him. And his colossal narcissism will never allowed him to take ownership.

  12. Idk. While I don’t agree with having a plural marriage it is not entirely their fault. They were raised that way. It is difficult enough having one spouse, theow in more spouses and more children and more bills and more dinners, cleanup, etc. It honestly sounds exhausting. If I were her I would need a doctor as well. I am sure kody wasn’t “always” a jerk. Again, the stress of all the above can make one crazy. Then to top it off by having it being not only watched by millions of people but being criticized and made fun of by most as well. They needed therapy a long time ago if any of this was to work.

    In my opinion, plural marriage is not a good idea people

    1. And that is your OPINION, good on you to at least recognize that much. An opinion which didn’t need to be stated at all. I couldn’t do it but it is the way of life for many and doesn’t need your judgement. I have to stop coming to this site. There are some hateful, judgemental people hanging out in the comments and @TheAshley can’t even be bothered to stop allowing race war comments over in the new Ryan article. This used to be a place to actually talk about these shows. Now it’s just nasty virtue signaling and American politics and opinions that are more judgment than opinion.

      1. Good points but just to clarify, only Christine and Meri were raised that way. Kody didn’t even know what it was until age 19 when his Dad decided to take a 2nd wife. Janelle was not. And Robyn wasn’t either until she was halfway grown & her Dad took on her mom as a mistress in another state from his original family and labeled it polygamy so he wouldn’t look like a bad guy lol.

      2. What are you talking about? The whole point of this comment section is to state our opinions lol if you don’t like them, fine, don’t come and read them

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