District Attorney Demands Court Revoke Ryan Edwards’ Probation & For ‘Teen Mom’ Dad to Serve Three Years Behind Bars

“Three years?! Do y’all have any idea how old my kids’ll be when I get out? No, seriously…I have no idea how old them youngins is.”

Ryan Edwards was taken into custody during a check-in hearing on Tuesday, and if the District Attorney in his case gets her way, the Teen Mom dad will remain behind bars for quite a while. 

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Ryan was handcuffed and taken into custody on the spot after Judge Gary Starnes reportedly lost his patience with the repeat offender for failing to follow the terms of his probation. 

The latest mugshot added to Ryan’s collection…

According to The Sun, following Tuesday’s arrest, District Attorney Coty Wamp went on to file a petition to revoke Ryan’s probation and require the father of three to serve three years in jail. 

Documents obtained by the outlet claim that Ryan–- who had been on furlough from a year-long jail sentence–- failed to complete any of the requirements he previously agreed to as part of his (November 6) plea agreement. 

“The Defendant is currently on probation for Harassment, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Driving Under the Influence,” the DA’s Petition to Revoke Defendant’s Probation reads. “On each of these charges, Defendant Edwards was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days, each ordered to run consecutively to one another, for an effective sentence of three years on Hamilton County Probation.” 

Those recommendations were outlined in Ryan’s Continuing Care Contract, in which he agreed to attend four 12-step support groups each week, attend aftercare group meetings on either Tuesdays or Thursdays every month for one year, and continue counseling and appointments for Vivitrol. (Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine designed to help curb alcohol and/or opioid dependence, which Ryan has been getting since July.) 

Ryan was also required to submit a “comprehensive report for follow-up treatment to the court,” something he has reportedly failed to do.

Ryan on being held accountable for his own actions….probably.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the DA had noted that Ryan was late to receive his November 17 Vivitrol injection, which was mentioned again in the DA’s petition to revoke Ryan’s probation. It was also mentioned that Ryan is required to take monthly drug screenings, with the results of this week’s test to be available on Friday.  

The DA also noted in the petition that Ryan recently got into an altercation at a bar, in which Ryan had to be “forcibly removed from the bar by security.” 

“Minus that whole ‘good’ part…”

(As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan and his girlfriend Amanda Connor were recently booted from a Chattanooga, Tennessee, bar after the two were allegedly involved in a bar brawl.) 

“For these reasons, the State petitions this Court to revoke the Defendant’s probation and require Defendant to serve the balance of his sentence at Hamilton County Jail,” the petition states. 

Ryan’s next court date is scheduled for Friday, December 8, where the results of his drug test will be revealed. Ryan is being held without bond in the local jail until then.

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(Photos: MTV) 

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  1. As a non-violent offender he is unlikely to see even close to 3 years. Hopefully over a year will teach him a lesson but it hasn’t so far so who knows. His parents need to go to al-anon. He needs to be released and go to a halfway house and actually start from scratch. No fancy toys, no nice house to live in, no MTV paycheque, no car especially not a nice truck, etc. If anything jail lets him avoid real life. I’m sure people put money on his account, pick up his calls and visit him. If anything being in jail longterm can lead to many more problems. Drugs still available, learn from other criminals, may need to make alliances to protect yourself, etc. Not to mention it costs a fortune to keep people incarcerated.

    1. Non violent? He threatened and abused his wife Mackenzie. Who knows what he due to her in front of the kids.

  2. So I definitely have mixed feelings about how Maci has been handling this situation lately with Bentley BUT I think this with be a huge learning experience for Bentley. He’s going to learn the hard way that no matter how much you love someone, how supportive you are, how many people someone has in their corner, or how many opportunities are given to turn things around that a person can and will continue to fail if they’re not ready. Hopefully he’ll understand that it’s not his fault.

  3. Screw jail, put him in general population in a prison for the 3 years. He’s had it too easy for too long. He belongs in prison.

  4. 3 years in jail is a looooooooong time, but it’s the goal he’s been workin towards messing up the gazillion chances the courts gave him, so congrats on that Rhine. Yikes.

  5. Good. Hopefully the courts will see fit to protect Ryan from everyone around him, including his own son, for as long as possible. Thank god, since Maci certainly hasn’t had the sense to protect her son from this terrible excuse for a father/man, and terrible role model/influence. I can’t imagine that her actions and words haven’t seriously hurt Taylor, given that he’s the man who is Bentley’s dad, and was threatened with death by Ryan. Like Maci, whose side are you on? Grow up.

    1. Are you dumb she kept Bentley away and you people called her a bad mom so now she let ryan see him she is being attacked you people need a life.

  6. FYI: I don’t know if Tennessee but in here in Illinois, you get “day for day” credit for good behavior. So he would do 1.5yrs, of course, assuming he stays clean and stays out of trouble in prison. I feel a little bad for the parents. I’m picturing Mimi Jen balling in the parking lot before a visit and seeing him in a Tennessee Department of Corrections uniform.

    1. I can’t even feel sorry for her anymore after the amount of enabling and excusing she has done. She’s putting her own feelings ahead of his chances of sobriety.

    2. Most states have that same thing (or similar) BUT, that doesn’t mean everyone is eligible for it or will get it, even with good behavior. Plenty of people have had to serve the whole sentence, for all kinds of reasons. Someone like him, should absolutely have to serve the whole sentence (and longer, honestly, he needs and deserves it)

      I do not at all feel bad for his enablers. They helped create the monster he is today. They have made excuse after excuse for him. They have treated others who have judged him and tried to hold him accountable, terribly. They have done exactly NOTHING to actually help him or prevent or even lessen the damage he has caused his own children. They haven’t even done anything to try and help protect their own grandchildren. I hope she does bawl her eyes out, she’s a POS enabler. Fuck both of his parents. They need the same wake up call he does.

  7. This is exactly why you stay single when you’re dealing with shit like this. But no had to hook up with some meth head you met in rehab. Bad influences=bad decisions.

  8. He absolutely should serve the full three years. As many chances as Ryan has had if I were the Judge (even though he apparently is a friends with the Edwards’) I would take Ryan’s lack of compliance as a big F you.

      1. How do you know?

        My niece spent 3 years in jail after like 10 years of addiction and she’s been clean for almost 15 years.

          1. I was asking DOWNVOTEDAT not you…I agree with you that 3 years could save his life.

            How does DOWNVOTEDAT know that it wont?

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