EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie Edwards Calls Police After Her Ex Ryan Edwards Allegedly Sends Her Threatening Text Messages

“I done screwed up again.”

Ryan Edwards has had a short break from appearing in court, but the Teen Mom dad is allegedly not taking any downtime from scaring his soon-to-be ex-wife, Mackenzie!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, according to public records, Mackenzie called police on January 31 after a frightening encounter with Ryan, in which she claims he threatened her and vowed to return to their house for his weapons.

According to the police incident report exclusively obtained by The Ashley, Mackenzie called the police around 8:30 p.m. to let them know that Ryan was heading to the home he and Mackenzie once shared so that he could fetch a random computer cord from the garage. Mackenzie told the cops that she wanted them to be aware that Ryan was coming “in case anything happened.”

The police report states that Ryan also called the police and informed them of his quest to find his random computer cord. He asked that a deputy follow him to the house and, according to the incident report, a deputy met Ryan at the house. (As fans know, this is the house Ryan allegedly trashed last year following his split from Mack). 

Ryan was not able to find the computer cord and told the deputy he’d come back another day and search for it.

How the deputy reacted when he realized he drove all the way out there so he could watch Ryan look for a $5 computer cord at 9 at night…probably.

While Ryan’s trip to the house seemed to go down without incident, things allegedly got downright scary for Mackenzie later that night, when Ryan allegedly sent her some scary texts.

“Shortly after Ryan and I left the residence, Mackenzie called back in advising Ryan texted her threatening messages,” the deputy wrote in the police report. “Mackenzie advised Ryan sent her a message stating, ‘You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another place to live and no one is going to survive anything.” 

Mackenzie also informed the cops that Ryan allegedly vowed to return to the home the next day to “retrieve his weapons.” However, Mack told the cops that there are no weapons belonging to Ryan at the home.

“The only weapon in the house is her personal every day carry pistol,” the incident report states. “Mackenzie stated that she was going to bring the pistol with her to work just in case Ryan comes to the house.” 

Mackenzie— who filed a restraining order against Ryan in February of last year— told police that she is “scared Ryan could harm her.” 

As The Ashley has previously reported, Ryan was arrested and charged with harassment of Mackenzie last year after he allegedly threatened her with a knife in front of their kids (among other things).

Ryan’s mugshot from February 2023…

He is currently still on probation for that, and will next go before the judge on April 23. (It is unknown at this time if Ryan allegedly sending Mackenzie threatening texts will affect his probation.) 

In December, Ryan was ordered by Judge Gary Starnes to follow a strict set of rules. Ryan is required to take monthly Vivitrol shots, which he has previously failed to keep up with at times since he began receiving the injections in July. (Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine designed to help curb alcohol and/or opioid dependence.) 

Ryan must also complete the “HCP Level 2” (home care package) for balance and random hair follicle tests, as well as file a comprehensive treatment plan within 45 days. (That means that, in order to stay in compliance, Ryan must file this plan with the court by Friday.)

“I reckon that’s what I needed the dern computer cord for! To write up that ding-dang plan!” 

Ryan is also required to attend counseling sessions and and follow all recommended treatment requirements set forth in his post-treatment plan and by the judge previously.

It does not appear that any charges have been filed on Ryan for his alleged harassment of Mackenzie on January 31. 

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

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  1. Hey mak- aim straight center mass and shoot until your clip is empty . Don’t hesitate. If he shows up uninvited and seems a bit off do it. Have cameras and gates with locks and fences installed . Motion detection the whole thing. Don’t let him sneak up on you.

  2. I’m glad MacKenzie is carrying a pistol..imo, the court failed her as it usually does women.

    Dear MacKenzie: you aren’t a saint, need to apologize to Maci, and also take some gun classes. Protect yourself and those kids. I’m happy you have stood up for yourself, for the disgusting things done and said. I’m also glad you are working a normal job and trying.

  3. Poor Mackenzie. I don’t care if you love her or hate her. The things Ryan did to her are disgusting and despicable and, if he is truly sober now, he clearly does not understand the gravity of what he did and he clearly does not care. We can chalk his behavior up to being high on hard drugs, but “sober” Ryan continues to terrorize Mackenzie over a $5 cord. Common decency is to LEAVE THIS WOMAN ALONE and focus on necessary, positive interactions only to promote healing and encourage a positive future for the children. Ryan is clearly a shit human, regardless of the drugs. He needs real consequences for what he did. I’ve given up all hope for Ryan. The fact that he did this sober is infuriating. Leave. Mackenzie. Alone.

  4. Generally speaking I think restraining orders are as good as the paper they are written on. If they violate him for ignoring the protective order (why am I not shocked that they didn’t violate Ryan?) he would be back out of jail the same day. A lot of DV cases of murders/great bodily injury will come out in court that they violated restraining orders over and over again.

    If you need to file a restraining order against someone 9 times out of 10 you are in fear for your life. But if they were crazy enough to repeatedly violate court orders, trash your house, threaten multiple people, spray nicotine juice in your eyes, etc. Chances are they don’t give a shit about the law or a restraining order!

    I truly hope that Mack and her kids stay safe. I wouldn’t live in a house that he knew the address and layout of.

  5. He has not motivation to follow the law or judges orders. He knows they’ll let him off every time. Everyone will make excuses for him and give him another chance, until one day he unalives himself or someone else.

  6. And yet, this is the guy who says he is just being “unapologetically me”. There was no need for him to come back to the house, I hope Mackenzie moves somewhere with the kids because I can imagine this encounter was scary. What a prick. And his enabling family too. Buy a goddamn charger and don’t go near her house!

  7. Despicable. Shame on his parents, and the judge. He should be in Prison. This is what happens when mommy and daddy are besties with the judge. It must be nice never being held accountable for ANYTHING

  8. Rhine clearly has No feelings for his kids, who does this to the mother of their children?? Mack does NOT deserve this, she and her children deserve to be safe from him. Law enforcement in their state is clearly abysmal, I’d get my kids and me as far away as possible!

  9. Yeah, there is no computer charger. He hasn’t been back in the house for years. What does a charge cost? I better Jen would run to the store and buy 30 computer cords for him.

    He did this to try to get a rise because she probably isn’t engaging with him since his announcement that he’s got a new woman and their in “love”.

    Mack needs to push for the divorce, get full custody, force the sell of the house. Get out and the kids should only see Rhine when he has passed 3 drug tests at a government facility. I think we are past the point of trusting Jen and Larry to be protective of anyone but Rhine.

    1. I figured “computer cord” was code for “forgotten drug stash”..

      Agreed about selling the house. She may have to even get on MTV welfare for a season or 2 to afford a new place.

  10. This was the house he smeared his feces on right? He’s just like a monkey! He must be separated from his rehab girl, now back to harassing Mack.

  11. I am not fan of either but this is how some DV cases go. I pray her and the kids stay safe. He has some pretty other serious drug charges against him that he has never been held accountable for and everyone there cleaning it up for him.

  12. Even if he did get charges for this, it wouldn’t matter. He keeps seeing the same judge who won’t actually hold him accountable for anything. I feel bad for Mackenzie. She has to know the law is not on her side in this situation.

    1. That judge should be dismissed. It’s CLEAR he is friends with the family and that shouldn’t be tolerated. As far as I know, Ryan still should have been in prison at the moment. But he is not. Because he and the judge are besties.

  13. You don’t have to like Mack at all, but no one deserves this. And their kids are innocent in all this and it has a ripple effect even if they don’t witness some of the stuff he says or does. I hope she can move or something for all of their safety.

  14. How did he get over to the house? I thought his license was suspended when he drove 145 miles in a 60 mile and hour zone? This is not behavior from a person who is sober. He gets away with everything

    1. I wonder if new girlfriend agreed to drive him. I bet she doesnt let him out of her sight she seems super jealous of mack.

  15. If you remember correctly this isn’t the first time Ryan has threatened someone. He did threatened Taylor (Maci’s husband) before. And I think she had to get a protection order against Ryan because they were both terrified of him. So I don’t understand how a judge doesn’t look into all of this.

    1. You’re correct- the restraining order covered Maci, Taylor, their mutual children and dogs. Everyone except Bentley so Jen and Larry could supervise visits with Ryan at their house.

      I have NO earthly idea why nobody is bringing up the fact that Ryan has had multiple restraining orders against him – and I want to be clear, I don’t believe that guns are the answer to anything- but I’m a little relieved that it sounds like Mack has a CCW. Ryan gives me UBT vibes in that his next moves are always unpredictable and as much as I dislike Mack (and Jenelle) a they don’t deserve to die at the hands of their abusers just to make a point.

  16. This girl knew what she was marrying. She wanted to be famous. Once MTV was out, so was she. They’re both as bad as each other.

    1. Mmmm……I can’t stand Mackenzie as much as the next person, but putting her on the same level as Ryan with all he has done is a bit much.

  17. Personal every day pistol?? Wtf? He’s a criminal and an addict, how come he’s allowed to have weapons? And why would he need to carry around a pistol?
    I hope Mackenzie knows how to shoot and won’t hesitate when needed.
    He needs to be thrown in jail for the rest of his life. He’s trash

    1. That was Mack’s pistol. And yeah, unfortunately, it sounds like she needs it to protect herself.

    2. It says “her pistol” so I’m assuming it belongs to Mack. She took it with her to work so Ryan wouldn’t come and take it.

  18. The police won’t protect her. A restraining order won’t either. He will walk right through it all to harm her. He’s an addict and will do nothing but ruin his life and the lives of all he is involved with. I feel bad for her..I would be terrified of him. He’s clearly above the law bc they let him be.

    1. “He’s an addict and will do nothing but ruin his life and the lives of all he is involved with” is such a stupid statement. Addicts can recover. Being an addict isn’t what defines someone nor is it all they are. Ryan clearly has some anger management issues and maybe even others that haven’t been publicly disclosed. But being an addict isn’t what makes him do this stuff. I was an addict for many MANY years and I can assure you that I didn’t threaten peoples lives, didn’t end up in jail, didn’t OD, didn’t ruin my life nor everyone associated with me. I’ve been in recovery for 6 years now, but your statement was stupid. Not all addicts are bad people. Most people get there from taking medicine prescribed from a doctor. Maybe you need to do some research on how addicts become addicts in the first place. You’re dense.

  19. I hope Mackenzie has some sort of “self defense” weapons (gun, taser, ect…) and a plan if unhinged Ryan shows up unannounced. A recent Supreme Court ruling stated that law enforcement has no obligation to protect people.

    1. There is a reason he didn’t find the cord. It doesn’t exist. This was a move by Ryan to scare Mack, to show her he still has power over her. That he can come into her safe place at any time.

      1. Damn, you are right. I hope she moves with the kids somewhere he can’t come to. Must have been such a scary encounter after everything that happened.

  20. It is beyond my imagination that Ryan is still freely roaming around when he’s proven himself to be such a danger to society. I’m not a Mackenzie fan but no one deserves to live in this much fear for themselves and their children.

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