EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie Edwards Granted Two-Year Restraining Order Against ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan Edwards

“Keep it movin’, Edwards!”

Ryan Edwards has been ordered to stay away from his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom dad was back in court on Monday to attend a hearing regarding a protective order request filed by Mackenzie in March. Ryan– accompanied by his lawyer (but not by his trusty girlfriend Amanda Connor or his parents Jen and Larry Edwards)— went before the judge, who was to decide if the temporary protective order should be made permanent. 

A Hamilton County clerk confirmed to The Ashley on Tuesday that a two-year restraining order has been ordered by the judge, barring Ryan from having any contact with Mackenzie. (Mack also requested protection for Jagger and Stella— the two children she shares with Ryan— but it’s unknown if that was also granted.)

The clerk also confirmed that Mackenzie will also have no contact with Ryan, as it is a “mutual restraining order.” (Mackenzie’s original request was dismissed and replaced by a mutual court order.) 

Mackenzie…thinking about not having to deal with the MTV silver fox…probably.

A Temporary Ex Parte Order of Protection— which was exclusively obtained by The Ashley— was issued on March 28, with the court finding that Mackenzie was “under an immediate and present danger of abuse from” Ryan. He was ordered not to “abuse, threaten to abuse, hurt or try to hurt, or frighten” Mack or their kids. Ryan was also told not to put Mackenzie and/or the kids in “fear of being hurt or in fear of not being able to leave or get away” from him.

The order also barred Ryan from stalking (or threatening to stalk) Mack and the kids; or coming around or contacting Mack or the kids. (This includes showing up at her home.)

Two additional areas of protection were ordered: Ryan must not hurt (or threaten to hurt) any animals owned by Mackenzie or the kids. (This is notable, given that, back in 2016, Ryan was investigated for animal cruelty after he went on a cat-killing spree and bragged about it online.) 


It was also handwritten on the order that Ryan is to refrain from damaging Mackenzie’s property or “interfering with” the home’s utilities. (As The Ashley reported last year, Ryan allegedly trashed the home he previously shared with Mackenzie and their children. According to the incident report and body cam footage of the house taken after the alleged rampage, the home was covered in graffiti and paint spatter, and nearly everything in the home was ruined or broken.) 

Ryan is due back in court later this month for a status check regarding the numerous criminal charges he has in Hamilton County, including DUI, possession of a controlled substance and harassment. 

“Go ahead and save me my special parkin’ space at the courthouse, Judge! See ya soon!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan and Mackenzie are in the middle of a divorce. Mack originally filed in February 2023, but the case was stalled and then dismissed due to inactivity. In March, Mackenzie asked a judge to reactivate the filing. Days later, Ryan filed for divorce from Mackenzie, and that case is still pending as of press time. 

Back in January, Mackenzie called police after Ryan allegedly sent her alarming text messages after he came to their house (with police) to retrieve some belongings.

“Shortly after Ryan and I left the residence, Mackenzie called back in advising Ryan texted her threatening messages,” a deputy wrote in the police report, obtained by The Ashley. “Mackenzie advised Ryan sent her a message stating, ‘You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another place to live and no one is going to survive anything.” 

Mackenzie also informed the cops that Ryan allegedly vowed to return to the home the next day to “retrieve his weapons.” However, Mack told the cops that there are no weapons belonging to Ryan at the home.

Mackenzie— who also filed a restraining order against Ryan in February of last year— told police at the time that she was “scared Ryan could harm her.” 

UPDATE! The Sun posted additional information about the restraining order that was granted on Monday. The signed order states that the lawyers for Mack and Ryan will work together to figure out a time when Ryan can retrieve possessions from the home they once shared.

The document also stated that Mackenzie is to only contact Ryan’s family when it is “regarding visitation with the children.”

In addition, both Mack and Ryan are to refrain from contacting the other party’s significant other. (As The Ashley has previously reported, Mackenzie and Ryan’s current girlfriend Amanda have thrown shade back-and-forth online in recent months.) 

It does not appear that Amanda is barred from contacting Mackenzie.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

45 Responses

  1. Both cannot contact each other so that’s a good thing. She probably got rid of all his stuff long ago anyway. Ryan had issues way before he met her I still feel she only got involved for tv. Never seemed genuine. And for someone having gone through so much, dragging drama through social media was a shame. Why drag more crap out. Be happy you’re free.

  2. F*cking finally! This psycho isn’t allowed to see either his wife or their kids. Amanda being pregnant in 3, 2, 1…

  3. This the same woman that rode to her wedding with him passing out at the wheel and kept trying to jerk him awake instead of pulling over and driving them home. She never cared about him just wanted to take everything she could get out of this deranged man then piss him off enough long enough he turns to drugs and gets worse then she cries for herself and kids. She just never cared about him.

  4. So basically his parents do not want her contacting them when he’s threatening to kill her and the kids. It makes since this is what they raised.

  5. I’m not a MacKenzie fan, but no one deserves what she went through. I’m glad she got the two year restraining order. Hopefully that will help her get a fresh start with the kids.

  6. Wonder when he will end up killing her or harming the kids or pets, his crazy and should be locked up Ryan had had too many chances

  7. I’m glad she got the 2 year order. This gives her time to get away from him and his toxic family.

    And Maci’s over here inviting this man to Easter claiming he’s changed that she’s doing it all for “Bentley”.

    Permanent restraining orders are hard to get and that he can’t come near her kids or animals. This is proof that he is a danger. And we know psycho Rhine killed that animal as a kid.

  8. “…with the court finding that Mackenzie was ‘under an immediate and present danger of abuse from” Ryan.'”
    Here comes Maci talking about how much Ryan has improved and he’s sober and yada yada to keep enabling him “for Bentley’s sake”.

    1. The public support she’s giving him is such a bad take. Support his relationship with Bentley privately but being so outward is quite the stance.

      1. Especially with her faux girl power “women should support women” schtick. It conveniently applies to Ryan’s new girlfriend, but not Mack.

  9. Here is what gets me….when Ryan threathened Taylor, Maci refused to let him see Bentley and got a restraining order. But when he threatened Mackenzie and destroyed their hom (and also almost died on drugs), she not only allows Bentley around him but does so proudly.

    1. I really think Maci hate Mack so much that she’s willing to do all this just to say FU to her. Those kids Mack has are Bentley’s siblings.

      And as much as I hate Mack, I can’t imagine letting someone into my house where my kids sleep after he threatened to kill my husband and almost killed his wife.

      I really respect Chelsea for getting Aubrey as far away from Adam before he could do serious damage to her. She has a relationship with the Linds and they can see Aubrey but if Adam is around she’s got to go.

      1. I think I started watching the show after the Adam and Chelsea drama was long over, so I don’t remember him at all. What was the trouble with them? Was he abusive like Ryan?

        1. He was super verbally abusive to Chelsea.

          He would call her a stretched marked fat bitch. Who can forget when he said, when can he sign over the papers for that “mistake” (the mistake being his daughter).

          He then got involved with drugs first it was steroids. And was into body building for a while. Then he got into meth. He’s crashed cars high. Got his drivers license taken away and then drove away and then go arrested for driving without a license.

          He’s been arrested for DV on ex girlfriends multiple times.

          I think he’s been arrested over 30 times by now.

          The best thing Adam ever did was get a vasectomy after the birth of his second child who also doesn’t have a relationship with him.

          He told Chelsea he would only allow her to double barrel hyphenate Aubrey’s last name if she forgives the years of child support he’s behind in. He has paid a dime in child support in years, and every once in a while they forgo his bail to pay off the back child support. So he’s family stopped bailing him out because they wouldn’t get the money back.

          And gave up rights to his other daughter (Paisley) if ex Taylor waived all back child support. She did and her husband did adopt her.

          1. What a douche!!!!! But then, all of the teen mom dads are!!! And the moms are all skanks, Except for Chelsea.

          2. @Laura.

            Well, I guess you didn’t watch the first couple of seasons of Chelsea…

            Yeah, Adam was terrible, but Chelsea was sleeping with him when she knew he a girlfriend, multiple times. She thought because he’s her baby daddy it give her priority or something and she did that up until she met Cole so like 2014…

            And there is that time she told the story about how she gave Cole a bj in a carwash…

            so you know people are complex….

  10. What the Hell has he done this time?!?!?!!!!! Don’t harm Pets or mess with her utilities. I dread to think!

    1. Not saying she deserved this but karma has a way of coming back and biting you big time. I’m sure she believed and trusted Ryan but at the same time, she treated Maci so badly! Sadly there are kids in the mix and at the end of the day all I hope is everyone is safe.

    2. Everyone always thinks their the exception, but most people are the rule. But they want to believe their special.

      Still sad that she’s going through this, I mean Rhine has always been POS, but he’s never shown violence like this before or his drug addiction was this far out of control.

      He was just a stupid jerk kid who thought he didn’t have to be responsible for hie own kid, not sh*tting own his own bed sheets and tearing down walls and threatening to kill his own wife and strangling her.

  11. No fan of Mack or Ryan but she absolutely should have been granted a protective order and I’m glad she was. I hope that the order includes protection for their kids. Seeing messages where Ryan has threatened her, animals and kids is concerning. He is one of the types that could decide the ultimate punishment for Mack is to murder the kids because that would hurt more than anything.

    Having said that I hope she is also realizing that a protective order isn’t going to keep her safe. The way to violate a protective order would be to break it where she or the kids could be seriously hurt or worse. Then you can call and say he violated the PO but the damage may have already been done.

    1. Yes an order of protection would work if he followed the law but clearly he does what he wants. I don’t recall him actually physically hurting her, just threats and harming property, and hopefully he never would. But we know rhine.

      1. LOL.

        And then he’ll go back to court and see his bestie Judge. And the judge will ask Rhine if he’s really sorry. And Rhine will pinky promise he is, and then Rhine will show a “plan” he wrote himself that shows that he’s working on his own made up program very successfully.

        And the judge will be like, “yay! Good Job Buddy. You have shown you are doing great, charges dismissed.

        And oh btw, you’re bringing the alcohol for my party this weekend, great see you there. “

        1. It would honestly be in her best interest to move out of county. At least then when he breaks the PO they might actually do something instead of being buddy buddy with him. Small towns and the good ole boys being buddy buddy with each other really sucks.

      2. @Mimi I probably should have clarified better. I know that she can call even if it’s harassment in person, over phone, email etc. I am kind of a true crime junkie. I have seen so many times where there is no warning. There is no contact. They just wake up one day and decided to kill their spouse and sometimes their children. Sometimes it’s after they have called the cops if contact was made to get the PO enforced. If they actually find the person to arrest them for the violation. Then they are out usually the same day only now they are pissed because you put them in jail. It’s a scary situation.

      3. I’m saying what if he just shows up and does something dreadful- that piece of paper means nothing if it’s too late. Actually. 🙂

  12. Why the heck is this loser not in jail? I guess when Mommy and Daddy are massive enablers and besties with the judge, you can do whatever you want. Beyond corrupt

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