‘OutDaughtered’ Returns to TLC Next Month: Watch the Season 10 Trailer

Here comes the Busby girls. Oh, and Adam.

The Busby brigade is back!

Parents Danielle and Adam Busby, eldest daughter Blayke, and quintuplets Olivia, Hazel, Riley, Parker and Ava, return to TLC next month for Season 10 of OutDaughtered and, as to be expected in a family of eight, there’s a lot going on.  

As The Ashley previously told you, the Busby family decided to return to TV last year after taking a two-year break from filming. (Season 9 of ‘OutDaughtered’ premiered in July.) 

In the upcoming season of ‘OutDaughtered,’ the Busby parents are busy as ever, bringing their assorted children to and from a variety of after-school activities and dealing with six different attitudes along the way.  

“…and two parents who love being on TV.”

“The Busby household these days is filled with a lot of voices,” Danielle tells viewers in the Season 10 trailer. “They’re growing into that attitude.” 

“They’re just at each other constantly,” Adam adds. 

“We’re more than happy to film here all day if it means getting away from the chaos of our own creation.”

With the quintuplets going into third grade, Danielle and Adam prepare to navigate first-day jitters. They also face some challenges they weren’t prepared for, when some of the quintuplets appear to struggle more than others when learning how to read. 

This season, big sister Blayke is determined to make her school volleyball team, revealing in the trailer that if she doesn’t, “it’s gonna be all I think about this year.” Unfortunately, Blayke seemingly puts so much pressure on herself that it leads to a panic attack. 

“Tell me what’s wrong…but make sure you speak toward the cameras!” 

This season, viewers will also watch as Danielle, who runs a clothing store, and Adam, a photographer, are pulled in different directions due to their respective careers. 

“Ever since I started to get more photography gigs outside the house, it’s been a big adjustment for Danielle and I,” Adam says. “Me working, Danielle working, plus all the kids … .” 

To sum things up.

Finding themselves spread too thin, Adam and Danielle warm up to the idea of hiring some help, but finding a willing employee proves to be rather difficult. 

“If you put on a job description, ‘quintuplets …’” Adam says, to which Danielle adds, “They’re like HECK no.” 

“Can’t say I blame ’em.”

Danielle tells Adam if they’re unable to find someone who’s up for the task, one of them may have to eventually sacrifice their career.  

The new season of ‘OutDaughtered’ premieres May 7 on TLC.

Watch the Season 10 trailer below. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

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