Kyle Christie’s Alleged Reason for No Longer Appearing on ‘The Challenge’ Revealed; Former “Geordie Shore’ Star Was Reportedly Investigated Over Abuse Allegations

It’s been a while for Kyle and now we (allegedly) know why.

Less than a week after Zach Nichols publicly accused an unnamed producer of preventing him from returning to The Challenge, another former competitor’s absence from the MTV series has reportedly been explained. 

Kyle Christie, who made his ‘Challenge’ debut on 2018’s Vendettas, has not returned to the series since the “Spies, Lies & Allies” season in 2021, and according to several online reports, his absence is due to his alleged mistreatment of several of his female co-stars, specifically Amanda Garcia and his ex Cara Maria Sorbello.

According to ‘The Challenge’ news site Stop Being Polite, the former Geordie Shore star hasn’t been cast on the previous three seasons because he’s currently facing abuse allegations.

MTV to Kyle. (Probably.)

The site noted that @GamerVev–- a Twitter account that posts ‘The Challenge’ spoilers–- claimed over the weekend that there was a recent investigation regarding Kyle’s treatment towards female cast members. The account also claims that this may be addressed on the upcoming 40th season of ‘The Challenge,’ which is currently filming and features Cara Maria and Amanda as part of its cast

“Cara came forward during & spoke about him being physically abusive towards her & getting physical with her on a season they did,” the account claims. “This gets brought up on [Season] 40!”

The account stated that several ‘Challenge’ stars were brought in to discuss the alleged abuse during the investigation. 

“No idea which cast members were questioned,” the Twitter account wrote. “I was told two males that were on ‘War of Worlds’ & a female that was on ‘War of Worlds 2.'”

Along with the claims allegedly mentioned by Cara Maria on the upcoming season, an incident unseen by viewers involving Amanda Garcia on War of the Worlds in 2019 was also reportedly cited as a piece of evidence in the investigation. 

During the ‘War of the Worlds’ incident, Kyle, Johnny Bananas and Theo Campbell allegedly wrapped up Amanda and duct-taped her mouth shut. In order to remove the tape, Amanda had to cut off some of her hair, while losing more in the process. Kyle and Theo reportedly apologized for the incident, which some cast members claimed to have started innocently, but quickly escalated. 

Amanda acknowledged the incident on Twitter in 2021, noting that she didn’t want it “blown up into something it’s not.” 

“That makes two of us.”

“ … I know their intentions were never to hurt me; it just went too far,” she continued. “It happens to the best of us. They’ve apologized. I’ve moved on.” 

In a follow-up tweet, Amanda added that “production handled it the way they did and it is what it is. Nothing will change.” She also joked that she will “buy tape from the dollar store” in the future, as “that s**t is A HELL of a lot less sticky.” 

Kyle, who filmed eight seasons of ‘The Challenge’ between 2017 and 2021, has not commented on the alleged investigation or the comments Cara Maria reportedly made on camera while filming Season 40. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. I miss the good old days where they could punch each other and be back next season and no one got cancelled for being mean to each other. ? That was raw. A lot more interesting.

    1. If you look very closely, I think you can see he had some work done. I am 60% sure. 😉

  2. Cara Maria damn near slept willingly with all the males on the show some castmates have said over the years. I never did like her.

    1. Willingly, meaning her choice and her body. I hope you dispise all the men who do the same just as equally?

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