‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jenelle Evans Says She Shouldn’t Be Blamed For Son Jace Running Away; Tyler Baltierra Says Wife Catelynn’s His Pimp & More

“I got pimping in my veins/ Pimping in my blood/ Pimping in my swag/ Pimping in my Tupperware pee cup!”

From defending their parenting to defending their right to post sexy-time pics, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Jenelle Evans Says It’s No Fair She’s Being Blamed For Her Son Jace Running Away 

“It’s not even my fault, dude.”

Jenelle’s son Jace went missing yet again this week, with the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star having to call the police to help her locate the 14-year-old after she was unable to find him after a few hours. Jace was found safe about 10 minutes away from The Land, but after the news of his latest escape attempt went public, Jenelle says she’s been inundated with negative comments about her parenting. 

The Ashley will give you a moment to get over your shock…

Of course, this is the second time this month that the police have had to get involved to find Jace. Earlier this month, he was reported by county police as a missing juvenile after he bolted from his school. (He was found by search dogs later that day.)

Jenelle says she’s tired of taking the blame for what Jace does.

“I’m just his mom. What do you expect me to do?!”

“A lot of my son’s actions is being pinned against me,” Jenelle, ever the wordsmith, said in a video posted to her Facebook page on Wednesday. “I’m getting a lot of hate, a lot of comments, it just keeps goin’ and goin’ and goin’! My son has been having a hard time for the past two or three years. None of this has gone public because we’re trying to keep his privacy.”

Jenelle stated that Jace had troubles long before he came to live on The Land. She also admitted that her mom, Barbara Evans, had a reason for giving Jenelle custody of Jace in March— and it wasn’t because she and Jenelle were suddenly getting along well, as Jenelle had stated at the time. 

“Me and my mom, when she gave me custody, she’s like, ‘Oh, we’re just getting along, I’m just gonna give Jenelle back [custody of Jace],” Jenelle said. “Well there was a big reason behind why I got him back. For reasons we’re not going to discuss because, like I said, it’s my son’s privacy,”

(As The Ashley has reported, Barb was unable to deal with Jace’s behavior any longer, particularly after a few incidents that went down at her house. For general info on that, click here and here. The Ashley can confirm that Jace had run away before, even back when he was living with Barbara.) 

“He’s all yours Juh-nelle! God speed to ya!”

Jenelle continued, “But I will say one thing: monitor your kids’ phones. If they’re teenagers and they have apps, they’re on Snapchat– Snapchat’s a bad one! Because, you know, I monitor my kid’s phone and sometimes they get in trouble, sometimes they need it taken away for the consequences for their actions, right?”

“My son is fine. He’s healthy and he’s safe,” Jenelle said later in the video. “Due to my son’s mental health, none of this is gonna be shared and I don’t want to really go into detail with anything. So if you could kindly please give us the privacy, and give my son the privacy, right now, I’d appreciate it.” 

“Stop talking about my son online! I’m the only one who can do that!”

When someone suggested that Jace keeps running away to escape Jenelle and David’s on-the-swamp arguing, Jenelle said that’s not the case.

“Online arguing isn’t ‘shouting it outloud,'” Jenelle wrote. (And, no, that’s not a typo.) “If you were to ask the kids if they hear us argue they would say no cuz it’s always in text messages lol.”

Just weeks ago, Jenelle was online accusing David of being mean to her and stealing her debit cards, among other things. Now, however, she claims that her arguments with David are usually about who did more chores around the house.

“We argue about things like, ‘I do the dishes more than you fold clothes’… marriage stuff,” Jenelle wrote. “I’m just more vocal about my life and truthful than most creators.”

“We take household cleanliness VERY seriously over here on The Land!”

You can watch Jenelle’s video plea for everyone to “Leave me alooooooone!” below! 

 Tyler Baliterra Brags That Wife Catelynn Lowell is His Pimp

“She’s kind of like my madam, ya know?”

Tyler is making money by making sexy time content for his wife Catelynn to post. In a new interview, Ty bragged that Cate is now kind of like his pimp, since she is the one running his OnlyFans site and putting his X-rated pics on The Interwebs.

“She’s putting me out there,” Tyler told TooFab in a recent interview. “She’s pimping me out!”

Catelynn joked that she has no problem pimping out her husband, because it keeps her from having to get a job.

“I told him this for months, I said, ‘Start an OnlyFans and mama won’t have to work another day in her life.’ And so here we are,” Catelynn said.

“It’s hard out here for Pimp Catey B!”

Catelynn said she started Ty’s OnlyFans without his consent, but had been hinting that she was going to do it.

42 Responses

  1. Where to begin with this…Catelynn saying she will manage his Only Fans page so she never has to work another day in her life is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. CATELYNN HAS NEVER WORKED!!! The only job Tyler ever had was delivering pizza. MTV needs to end this joke of a show….they aren’t teens anymore and none of them have any skills set to make it in the real world. Why is it that Tyler can do Only Fans anyway while doing this show???

  2. It’s really quite a thing to have Jenelle claim that she’s protecting Jace’s privacy when literally his entire childhood is publicly viewable by her own choice….

  3. Of course, it’s on you, Jenelle. You’re the parent and you (and Andrew) are the reason why Jace has never had any stability. Everyone called Jace being like this years ago because Jenelle made a total mess of his life. This is exactly what shitty parenting does to a kid.

  4. Uhm, sure, Jan(elle). Also fighting with your husband via text, what kind of stupid fight is that?! Is that why you published it online?! Attention whores, both of you, and the kids are those who suffer.

    Just STOP it Tyler. No one wants to see your used willy, no one wants to hear you rap…isn’t he a bit too young for a mid-life crisis?! Also Cate, “pimping” your husband so that you don’t have to work isn’t the kind of achievement you think it is. And it’s also a bit hypocritical. I know he knows you post but like…sharing intimate photos he posts you? Like…why?!

    Devoin seemed like he was getting his life back on track. Oh well.

  5. It’s sad to say but I think Jace is going down the wrong path and this is going to end badly for him.
    As for Catelynn and Tyler I had really hoped they would break the cycle of addiction, lack of a work ethic or career goals of their parents, and become productive members of society. When they started they wanted to be adoption counselors I thought “wow, that’s good they can help others and show them a better life as well.’ Sadly that didn’t happen

  6. I’m gonna venture here and say Jenelle is past the time to reign in Jace. 14 is too old to try to discipline or correct him.

    He’s down a path started long ago and unless he himself has some dramatic epiphany.. he’s gonna to follow this path to the end.

    Look at folks like Jenelle Amber, Valerie… by 14, they were well on their way to their future. Skipping school,then it was partying, then…

    1. Plus their idiots & would have no idea how to do it healthily & no initiative to figure it out as a parent. Its sad

      1. Oh no. Screaming and throwing tantrums is discipline. “Taking away phones”. Real tough love there.

        It really is sad.

        It’s crazy bc we were there as viewers since the beginning and watched it happen. We watched every mistake this girl made and every time she chose not to be a parent to that baby.

        He deserved better

    2. I’ll bet Jace has already experimented with alcohol and mj…at such a young age. Nothing wrong with either as an adult, but not as a child. Something isn’t right…counseling may be beneficial to Jace as well as taking his meds. We all know what pos his parents are, so I’m not even going to start.

  7. Jenelle is a disgusting moron. If course it falls on you and you lack of parenting from birth. Big sister shouldn’t be blamed. Boohoo.

    All these people are nuts

  8. If all the sunshine, confidence, and self-help smoke Cate and Tyler are blowing up people’s asses was actually doing any good for either of them, they’d get offline and go be productive members of society. And pay their taxes.

  9. Let’s not pretend that women are buying his p0rn content. Women don’t buy dick pics. Women aren’t going to send this guy 9.99 a month for dick pics. We aren’t. Time to be honest about that.

    Remember when Tyler sang that one time and he sounded like a cross between Cher and Kermit the Frog? Good times

  10. So gross. Who wants to see the egotistical and desperate for money parents of 4 little children doing nudies? Your poor children will be mercilessly ridiculed. Maybe Jace is running away trying to reach Michigan so he can warn them. Did ya ever think Janelly and her chupacabra swamp hubby would seem like the most normal couple in the bunch? All of these jerks give ferret a hard time, then they follow suit! It’s as if she has them hypnotized!

  11. Tyler. You’re so full of ?. Your song, you wrote as you were sitting in your car sobbing? Between sobs, you wrote a song? You say you have anxiety and feel like a freak? Having nudie pics on only fans is surely not going to help with that! How do your little girls feel about it? They are going to be teased mercilessly at school and in the neighborhood. We liked you better when you were an immature little teenager. You and Cait have grown up to be two of the strangest people on tellyvision. Strange and unlikeable. You still think you’re above Ferret because she does hers differently than you do? You’re no better, none of you are.

    1. Right. If you have to qualify the differences, there are none.

      Ok they don’t have a film crew. Big deal. They didn’t call pros in to film. Ok. The only reason he doesn’t have a 3 inch plaster caster is bc no one has offered to make one

      They both would sell themselves to the highest bidder. Anything other than getting a job or actually working.

  12. Yall, I just had a thought.

    What if this continues, but Jace really gets kidnapped or hurt (by someone not David or Jenelle), but he’s not reported cuz they’re afraid of backlash, again?

  13. Jenelle, if you want to protect your kid’s privacy, why are you plastering his business everywhere to make excuses for your lack of (and bad) parenting?
    Also what Care and Tyler are doing is gross and an awful example to their kids. Get actual jobs and have some dignity

  14. Funny how Jace has ran away from Barb and yet it wasn’t plastered on TMZ until he was with Jenelle. Also, you know if it had made the news, Jenelle would have blasted her mom and blamed her for Jace running away.

    1. No it doesn’t.. it’s definitely more than just an “little” edited.. if I had editing like that I could sound good too. GIVE ME A BREAK..

  15. Catelynn is acting like Tyler’s porn is the reason she doesn’t have to work ? sis we all know you haven’t worked in over a decade stop making excuses.
    Also, EW!

        1. Ty worked at a pizza place in one season, while Cate worked at a boutique of some kind. There was also her vet tech career a few seasons ago, before the micro blading, and I can’t remember what else.

          1. But nothing remotely even close to the adoption counselors, or whatever BS they said they were going to do!! A lot like Leah, going to be a nurse or some other career but then the realization that school actually takes time, and is a lot of work, and we know they are ALL allergic to actual work!!

  16. I’m frustrated for Briana after reading about Devoin’s behavior. He has seemed to be there for both girls, basically their only father figure.

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