‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1 Episode 25 Recap: Birth Control & Baby Mama-Sponsored Strip Club Trips

Well, Maci, we can’t argue with ya there…

Howdy, Roundupers! Before we go down the rabbit hole of chaos and condom-less adventure that is Teen Mom: The Next ChapterThe Ashley wants to apologize for being a “bitch of a recapper” and getting behind in her recaping. She knows she missed last week’s crapisode, but from what she can tell, not much has changed: everyone is still squabbling about social media, going to court and being generally unlikable.

We kick this episode off in the girls’ fake group chat. Maci requests a video chat with “the gals.” Even Amber manages to roll out of whatever lounging apparatus she’s been stuck in for the last few weeks and joins.

“Let’s keep this quick! My Einstein puppet can only hold the indentation in my mattress for so long!”

Ambie tells CatelynnMaciBriana and Cheyenne that she is back on the show after a “very long, needed break.” 

Um…a break from what? Amber and the rest of these goons have been on a “break” since 2009 when they heaved a youngin out of their underage hoo-haas and started cashing those MTV checks. 

Anyway, Amber explains she needed to “find herself” without cameras and, although she thought she was done filming for good, she came back because she missed “everyone.” 

Sure, Jan…

Amber referring to a life where she can spend hours making “bed angels” on her memory foam mattress instead of working the Taco Bell drive-thru to make ends meet.

From there, we dash over to Austin, Texas. Briana is flying over there (most likely using two airplane seats— one for her and one for her Dr. Miami-created butt) to meet up with Devoin, who is fresh out of The ‘Hab. They are going to have a therapy session together.

(Honestly, I feel like I need a therapy session after watching Bri grind Devoin’s dingle in that lap dance scene from a few episodes back.) 

Bri and Devoin are still considering trying to get back together, but Bri says she wants to talk about co-parenting better with Devoin first.

“And if I should spontaneously break into lap dance during this therapy session, so be it!”

Counselor Nick is pleased to see Devoin doing so well following his stint in gambling rehab. They dive right in, with Counselor Nick talking to them about why it is hard to start up a relationship again after so many years.

Briana points out that she has history with Devoin (not to mention a whole ass child) and that she can’t just hump-him-and-heave-him like a random dude she’d meet on the street/in ‘da club.’

“This is not just another bathroom stall bop, ya know?”

Briana says that, while she’s proud that Devoin now has a job and an apartment, she’s still waiting for some of his sweet MTV cash to come flowing her way. Devoin says he can’t help because he hasn’t gotten his car registered or his license back, so that’s preventing him from helping Bri.

Devoin says he really needs his car but doesn’t have the money. If only he knew someone with giant piles of cash at their disposal!

Finally, Briana pipes up, telling Devoin she is happy to give him any amount of money he needs to deal with his transportation issues. 

Later, Devoin promises Briana that he’s saving his money and doing what he needs to do.

What he needs to do is fire whatever stylist told him this hairdo was a good idea…

When we check in with Ashley this episode, she’s home in Las Vegas while Bar is in California doing his thing–- aka, heading to court.

If Ashley doesn’t sneak at least one of Bar’s mugshots into these party decorations, she’s a better person than I am.

Ashley reminds viewers that because her boneheaded better other half failed to complete the paperwork for his court-mandated community service, the judge could sentence Bar to up to six years behind, well…bars.

Bar heads into the courthouse–- where we presume he’s greeted like one of the regular patrons on Cheers–- only to exit a few moments later. He calls Ashley to tell her his court date has been pushed out two weeks due to his paperwork still being unsigned. Ashley tells Bar this situation isn’t “ideal,” and he really “should’ve gotten them f**king papers signed.”

Bar claims he tried to get it done, but because “this lady” didn’t prioritize his request, it didn’t happen. Ashley tells Bar it was up to him to get it done, not “this lady.”

“I don’t know about THAT lady, but THIS lady has had enough.”

Bar tells Ashley he’s going to head back to Las Vegas instead of kicking it in California until his rescheduled court date. Ashley tells viewers that she might as well get the money back on her wedding venue-– all $20,000 of it-– because she just can’t get excited about marrying paying for a wedding to someone who can’t even bother to get a piece of paper signed. 

Over in Indiana, Amber has emerged from her cocoon, which means that GaryKristina and the rest of the Ambie Crew can film again finally. Amber must still be arranging her couch cushions, so we first check in with Kristina, who is driving Leah to the doctor. Leah wants to talk to the doctor about her period.

I am not ready for this, y’all. In my head, Leah still looks like the baby that’s tattooed on Amber’s stomach. I am not OK with a grown-up, period-getting Leah.

Meanwhile, Amber has been moved to a chair on her porch. (It’s good to turn her every few hours so she doesn’t get bed sores!) Her friend Lexi comes over to chat. The convo turns to Leah, who is now 14 and “been having boyfriends.”

Amber reminds us that she was riding Gary’s giggle stick when she was just a little older than Leah is now. 

Ah, 2008: when Amber’s teenage hormones— and dollar store Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeliner— flowed freely…

Since we last saw her, Amber has done a lot of self-reflection and is taking accountability for her past. She even says that things improved for Leah when Kristina came into her life, and admits that it was better that Gary and Kristina took over the parenting of Leah, because at times she wasn’t capable of doing it herself. 

Wow. That’s a lot of progress for Amber. She’s come a long way from screaming in her kimono on Instagram Live about Kristina being a homewrecker!

Amber discussing her Internet postings from the years 2020-2021…

Amber recognizes that Leah could have turned out to be a very different kid had she not had the stability of Gary and Kristina’s parenting.

Over at Gary’s, GarBear is maxin’ and relaxin’ in his Lazy Boy recliner, when Kristina comes in to tell him that the doctor has recommended birth control for Leah. (We are talking about Leah Shirley here, not Leah Messer, although it wouldn’t hurt if an MD were to throw a Nuva Ring her way, too.) 

Kristina explains to Gary that the birth control is to regulate Leah’s period, and not because she is sexually active. 

When you got a new Tshirt-and-hat combo in the off-season but all anyone wants to talk about is your daughter’s menstruation.

Gary— a cool dad— says he’s all for Leah getting on the pill. After all, he doesn’t want to see Leah in a few years sporting ‘Roseanne’ bangs, throwing up Taco Bell in the delivery room that she made her baby daddy sneak in. (Honestly, Teenaged Eyelinered Amber was just wild.) 

Gary agrees to talk to Amber about putting Leah on birth control.

Meanwhile, Jade receives a call from her mom, Christy, who’s been in a rehab down in Texas for a couple of weeks now. Despite being just two weeks into the program, Christy is wildly optimistic about her post-‘Hab life. Meanwhile, Jade feels “conflicted” after dealing with her parents’ addictions/tomfoolery for so long. 

“Umm, do YOU know what you mean?”

Jade says Sean is still doing well and they’re really happy, and with her parents otherwise occupied at the moment, now is the perfect time for her to work on herself to start healing from all the trauma she’s suffered because of all the rejects in her life.

Jade tells her friend Chau Kiersten that she’s going to start going to Al-Anon meetings to help her with said-healing. Not-Chau tells Jade she doesn’t know what Al-Anon is, to which Jade tells her that’s a good thing. 

“Wanna trade?!”

Back at her house, Jade manages to snag her laptop away from her gaming baby daddy long enough to log on for her first (virtual) Al-Anon meeting. Before the meeting begins, Jade is feeling skeptical about the whole thing and tells Sean she isn’t planning to share her story during the meeting, she just wants to listen. An hour later, she emerges from her room and tells Sean the meeting went well. 

She also tells him that she did end up sharing a small part of her story at the end, and afterwards, a few people that were in the meeting messaged her privately to welcome her. Sean hopes the meetings will help Jade so that she and Christy don’t “have to hash much out” once Christy returns home from rehab.

Jade says her and Christy’s problems will require a lot more than Al-Anon, but Sean says it will at least help her have a better understanding of Christy’s addiction. Jade tells him Al-Anon is more about the person attending, not the addict, “because the attention is always on the addict.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“So it’s not for me to understand her, it’s for me to understand me,” she tells him. 

Finally, we head to Tennessee to see what Maci’s up to. What’s she’s “up to” is having to once again defend her baby-daddy-turned-bestie, Ryan, after he has pleaded guilty to harassing his wife Mackenzie. News footage from Ryan’s day in court tells us that he’s going to have to go to rehab, wear a fashionable ankle monitor and complete treatment if he wants to stay out of the pokey. 

Ryan is no longer behind bars and, instead, is lounging around his parents’ firepit. Jen tells Ryan that she and Larry want him to go to rehab again. Ryan says it’s no fair because he’s not even on drugs…and stuff.

“Just because I show up with a pocket full of heroin every once in a while, don’t mean I’m doin’ drugs!”

Jen tells him that, in the last six months, they know he’s chased the dragon, and Ryan admits it. She asks Ryan if he wants to go to this rehab and he just stares blankly ahead and says “Okey-dokey.” 

UM…first off, he’s court-ordered to go, so I don’t understand why everyone’s checking with Baby Ryan to make sure he’s OK with the plan. It’s either hit the bricks and go to rehab or go back to making toilet bowl prison sangria with Butch Baltierra.

Jen tells Ryan he has to really “want” to get sober and Ryan stares off blankly. She then brings up how Maci has been so supportive to him lately.

“It’s surprised the hell out of me!” Ryan says.

“I wonder if that’s Maci’s way of sayin’ she wants to do sex to me?”

Larry and Jen try to convince Ryan that he needs to go to rehab to be there for his kids. 

Later, Ryan texts Maci and asks to meet up for a chat. Maci agrees and tells “the gals” how shocked she is that she and Ryan can go somewhere together and it doesn’t end with anyone getting a restraining order placed on them.

They meet up at a restaurant and, seriously, you can cut the sexual chemistry with a knife. They’re both exchanging playful jabs at each other, as Ryan tells Maci he has to go to that ding-dern treatment center for 30-45 days in Texas.

(SERIOUSLY, is EVERYONE just hanging out in this Texas rehab? Christy, Ryan and Devoin all chillin’ and ‘habbin’ together? It’s like The Real World…er… ‘The Real [F**ked Up] World.’) 

“Now I can’t even blame you for being my trigger!”

Maci tells Ryan she’s been worrying about him, and encourages Ryan to call her if he needs to talk. Ryan gets choked up and agrees.

The next day, Ryan’s packing up to go to rehab. He hugs Bentley and his parents goodbye and promises to put a lot of work in while he’s gone.

Back in Vegas, Ashley FaceTimes her mom, Tea, to fill her in on Bar’s now-pushed back court date. Instead of understanding why Ashley is pissed off at Bar, Tea enthusiastically points out that Bar isn’t currently locked up, so Ashley should be happy.

The bar has never been lower.

Tea goes on to suggest that Ashley forgive Bar, adding that she “wants to give him a break.”

“Well, YOU be his wife, because I’m f**king tired!” Ashley replies. “It’s not like I asked him to go to the moon and get a specimen and bring it back.”

“Houston, I AM the problem.”

Ashley says she’s tired of Bar’s “selfish irresponsibility” and tells her mom that trying to communicate with Bar is pointless. Tea tells Ashley that she picked Bar to be her husband, so now she just has to roll with it, court dates and all. Ashley says she may have “picked” Bar, but now she’s “sick of his ass.” She goes on to tell Tea that she’s tired– not of playing Bar’s “woman,” but of playing his “mama,” to which Tea says she can understand her frustration. 

Tea starts to change her tune even more, telling Ashley there’s an “epidemic of men who don’t actually fit the qualifications of what a man is.” What she doesn’t say, is that many of those men go on to become D-list reality TV stars. (Some in this very franchise!)

Bar finally makes his way home and Ashley is visibly unenthused about his arrival. The next day, Bar states the obvious says the next step for him is to get his paperwork signed. He assures Ashley that once it’s done, there shouldn’t be anything else to worry about. 

Exactly how I feel about this storyline.

Over in Indiana, Gary calls up Amber to inform her that the doctor wants to put Leah on birth control to regulate her periods. Gary makes sure to tell us that Leah did give the OK to put this conversation on-camera. 

“She’s definitely not sexually active,” Gary assures Amber. “I’m glad that she won’t be like us!” 

Amber did NOT appreciate Gary’s little jab…

Later, Amber tells us she’s happy Leah is being smart and getting on the pill so she doesn’t end up on ‘Teen Mom’ Season 78.  

Gary takes Leah out to the porch to talk about the birth controlin’ and such. Leah assures him that she’s not thinking about banging dudes at this point, and she just wants to stop having cramps. Gary reminds Leah that, should she decide to have sex, she could end up with long-term consequences.

Someone please make me a T-shirt of this…

Gary tells Leah that Amber was 17 and had already dropped out of school when she got knocked up with her. Leah feels relieved that she wasn’t the reason that Amber’s impeccable scholastic record was ruined.

Gary keeps blabbing and using weird metaphors to encourage Leah to keep it in her pants for a while.

“Like, if you’re gonna rob somebody, don’t use a gun!” Gary tells a very confused Leah.

Leah, trying to figure out how she can rob somebody using her new birth control pills…

I love Gary.

He encourages Leah to live her life as a kid and go for big dreams, and not end up hooked up to a fetal monitor with Pitocin running through her underage body and a camera crew in her face like Mommy Dearest. 

Leah later tells the camera that she feels lucky that she can talk to Kristina and Gary about anything. She says she couldn’t imagine having a baby right now, and that she can go to a good college and have a good career if she keeps moving forward.

She doesn’t reveal if she’s planning on doing any gun-less robberies, as her dad suggested, but I’m gonna take that as a no.

“That’s still damn good advice, kid!”

Back in Texas, we see that Devoin and Briana have been shacking up in an AirBnB together. Briana tells us the trip went “really, really well.” (Ohhh, I’m sure…hopefully Bri took her birth control to “regulate her period” too.)

Briana has to go back home to the Coven, but encourages Devoin to stay and hang out with his friends from rehab. 

Once Briana is back home, she gets a visit from her long-lost pal, “Shirley.” (FINALLY! I was about to send out a search party to find out what happened to her!) 

Briana tells Shirley about her and Devoin’s adventure in Texas. However, there’s been a new development since Bri touched down in Florida. Apparently, Briana rubbing her bootlicious derriere on Devoin’s dingle dangle wasn’t enough to satisfy him, as he scurried over to the strip club after Briana left. He also brought a giant wad of Briana’s cash with him, and bragged about it on The Interwebs… as you do.

Honestly, Devoin should do a collab with all of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchises’ loser dads. This would make a great album cover.

Briana is furious and humiliated. She just fell for Devoin’s sob story about not having car registration money, yet here he is flashing her cash before slipping it into the booty cheeks of a girl who was not fortunate enough to get knocked up at 16 and get adopted by MTV.

Devoin defended himself when Briana sent him an angry text about the money post. He stated that it’s “only” $500 in one dollar bills. Briana points out that there is plenty of things he could have used that money for other than bopping it on the booties of sad Texas girls. 

“Shirley” encourages Briana to cut her losses and give up on the idea of getting back together with Devoin.

“Now I understand why my mom was always chucking footwear at his head!”

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter!’ To read The Ashley’s recap of a previous episode, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 


21 Responses

  1. There’s always sexual tension between Ryan & Maci when they’re getting along. I know Maci is married and loves Taylor so I know she would never get back with Ryan but I think there will always be some sort of romantic chemistry between her and Ryan. You can just tell they have always been very sexually attracted to each other.

  2. Bar has is officially the laziest “teen mom” at 30 years old. Seriously, you can’t take the time to get a piece of paper signed so you don’t go to jail?????????????????????

  3. Poor Taylor. He’s been a good husband to Maci and has raised Bentley since he was little. Ryan has threatened to kill him and been an overall POS for years. Now his wife is all buddy buddy with the creep again and has no regard for how it makes Taylor feel or for their safety. Maci is trash for that.

    1. Grow up. My dad died from opioid addiction. I know what Maci is going though. Supporting someone going through addiction doesn’t mean you are “buddy buddy.” It doesn’t mean you condone their behavior either. Everything Maci is doing is for Bentley. It’s hard enough for him to see his dad in such a bad state. The last thing he needs is for his dad and mom to be fighting on top of it. Maci is being supportive for Bentley. It has nothing to do with Ryan’s past behavior. It has to do with that fact that Ryan is a life or death situation. I’m sure Taylor understands that. He’s a logical guy.

  4. I have not watched any of the Teen Mom shows in years but I would watch a show of all of the addicts in rehab together. MTV is missing an opportunity.

  5. Maci is textbook example narcissist. ‘Tell Rhine he’s worth it’; and that bullshit IG post of her with Rhine’s parents is so cringe. She wants to ride Rhine’s gigglestick & she has zero concern of how her HUSBAND might feel with all her actions. But that’s a narcissist for you. Keep gaslighting, Maci. Lots of people can see clear through your bullshit.

  6. Kristina has ALWAYS been Leah’s real mother. Finally Ambie realized that and backs off. Despite being funny and confusing the hell out of his daughter, I’m sure Leah realized what he meant. They seem like great parents. I’m happy for Leah to have this one stability in her life. Because you know the woman who birthed her won’t offer one.

    I’m so sick of them ‘coddling’ Ryan. Talking to him like “You wanna go to rehab?” FFS, he is GROWN ASS MAN who tried to kill his own wife, he trashed their home and almost died overdosing. And all of this is because you are enabling so much. If Maci still wants him, that’s just sad. I would put a restraining order against him after what he did to his wife.

  7. WHY THE FUCK are they downplaying this drug addict/abusers story?!? Because holy hell. This is just pathetic at this point for MTV.

    Also, Gary and Kristina are the shit.

  8. I wonder if Taylor noticed the sexual chemistry between maci and Ryan when he watched that scene..or was he told that it’s normal co parenting behavior… well FYI Taylor…. It’s not normal co parenting behavior.

    1. I don’t wish harm on my ex but at the same time you sure af won’t see us out to dinner together in any capacity. Hard no.

      1. @kailsfifthbaby- Did you see new article in the Sun with a picture of Taylor Ryan Bentley and Larry golfing recently… makes you think Taylor likes all the drama surrounding their situation. If it keeps them relevant, it seems like he doesn’t care if Maci comes off like she’s still attracted to Ryan.. (as long as it means another season of the show)…
        I watched a few episodes of the season where he came into the picture and he made several comments about putting things off like his proposal , etc so they could get another season of the show..
        they’re all gross

  9. Leah Shirley has honestly been my favorite kid on this show. I really see her wanting better than what her mom has shown her.

  10. What does that psychopath expect from Devoin?!?!? He like her WILL NEVER CHANGE!!! She needs to be removed from the show ASAP and go find A REAL JOB NOT THE ONES SHE CLAIMS SHE HAS the only real job she has is opening her legs and sleeping with random strangers in the bathroom stalls unprotected then claiming they gave her a STD!!!

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