‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Star Tyler Baltierra Raps About His Dad Butch’s Drug Use In New Clip Shared By Wife Catelynn Lowell

No, no you don’t.

Tyler Baltierra rapping about his dad Butch sounds like a joke from one of The Ashley‘s Teen Mom recaps, but…nope, it’s actually happening. 

Just weeks after Catelynn Lowell announced on Instagram that her newly buffed baby daddy had officially joined OnlyFans and that she would be running the account on her husband’s behalf, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star has revealed another one of her husband’s latest “hobbies”: rapping.

These two are the gift that keeps on giving…without a gift receipt.

Cate took to Instagram Friday to share with fans a clip of Tyler rapping about his difficult upbringing and the challenges he faced growing up with his father Butch having substance abuse issues and being in and out of prison. Cate suggested in the caption of her post that she had shared the clip without Tyler’s knowledge. 

“I keep telling him to share his art with people because it’s impactful & people could really relate to it!” Cate wrote. “I’m so damn proud of you @tylerbaltierramtv and you are an amazing daddy!! We adore you!”

In the song, Ty spits rhymes about the impact his father’s addiction had on him and the lengths Butch went to in order to satisfy said addiction. 

“I’m the problem, it’s me.”

“My heartbeat skips which leads to screams / It always weeps cause those damn drugs are all you seem to ever need / How do you keep getting high over loving your kids, huh?” Tyler raps in one part. “Are we just not good enough? Too much responsibility with no rush, so you just don’t give a f**k / You’d rather us be stuck in this addiction messy rut that you dug, huh?” 

As the song continues, Tyler calls out his granddad and blames him for some of Butch’s issues.

“F**k crack cocaine, f**k those dirty drugs and f**k my sadistic granddad for beating my dad so bad which made him think that love is impossible to last / Which made him weak and made him creep into houses stealing any type of valuable thing just to pawn it off / Just to get some crack back in his glass instead of ever loving me, damn.” 

The song goes on to include some (unfortunately non-rapping) audio from Butch in which he addresses his substance abuse issues and vows to “right the wrongs” he has caused his son. 

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a full album drop from Salt-N-Pepa Mullet & the artist formerly known as “*$Baltierra$*.”

“I’m your father, who loves you very, very much,” Butch says in the recording. “I’m also an alcoholic and addict working very hard, staying sober on a spiritual basis and I will never get over drinking or using until I’ve done the utmost to right the wrongs that I have caused you.” 

After “discovering” that Cate had shared a sample of his tunes on social media, Tyler bolted straight to the comment section of Cate’s post to thank her for always supporting him…even if he “never really planned on ever sharing” his rhymes with the masses. 

“ … I just use it as my own personal therapeutic outlet, but you always push me to be my most authentic best self & for that I will forever love & cherish you!” Tyler told Cate. “Thank you for always supporting me through all of my struggles & discoveries. You honestly make me a better me & I love you more than I could ever express! 🥹😭” 

Tyler continued to praise Cate in his Instagram Story, telling fans he’s “forever grateful for her.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. As a psychiatric nurse, its absolutely NOT okay to share someones “therapeutic outlet” without consent. This is a very very bad example and abuse. This can very much traumatize someone. However, i also think it was staged. They are setting a very bad example here.

  2. Sure Tyler, you had no idea she will do this. Sure. I don’t know what’s worse, him having an OnlyFans account or trying to rap (I’m not listening to it)

  3. There’s nothing wrong with self expression; whether it be music, writing, dancing,or arts and crafts. You don’t have to be good at it. In saying that, I have purposely chosen not to listen to the song….

  4. Omg when you’re almost 30 it’s time to put your childhood issues in the past and not talk about them constantly. Immaturity

  5. If I read it, I would think it was great. Listening to Tyler’s weird autotune voice not so much. I do feel for him because Butch has always been a selfish POS. I used to hate watching Butch hurt Tyler and Nova over and over again and Tyler just kept forgiving him hoping that somehow he would change. I’m glad that Tyler won’t do that to his kids.

  6. I feel for Tyler. I can’t imagine how hard is life was growing up like that..but let’s be honest, that soounded like the smell of garbage juice on a hot summer day.

  7. I see Butch admitted he was in alcoholic also in one of his quotes. I recall an episode where Tyler asked Butch how much he drinks and Butch responded, “I ain’t no juice head”. It’s sad but I believe Butch is more comfortable in a prison setting or being on parole. That’s end stage addiction.

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