Ratings Report: Season 18 Premiere of ‘Sister Wives’ Garners Decade-High Ratings; “90 Day Fiance” Spinoffs Among Top Cable Programs

“I’m so happy, I could cry.”

The relationships on Sister Wives may be crumbling before viewers’ eyes, but the show’s ratings are the strongest they’ve been in years. 

According to Deadline, between live viewers and three-day data from Nielsen, the Season 18 premiere of the TLC series was watched by nearly 4 million people. This makes ‘Sister Wives’ the top cable program of the week among women ages 25-54. The August 20 season premiere also brought in the highest ratings that the series has seen in a decade.

In addition, the August 20 premiere drew an impressive 2.5 rating among women ages 25-54, and a 1.6 rating among all adults ages 25-54. 

Kody, realizing how many people are tuning in to watch his downfall each week…

For context, the Season 6 premiere of ‘Sister Wives,’ which aired in July 2013, garnered 2.57 million viewers, according to Showbuzz Daily. This episode marked the unveiling of the Brown’s four neighboring Las Vegas homes–- now known to The Ashley as the Cul-de-sac of Broken Dreams. The Season 5 premiere, in which the Browns invested in the Las Vegas properties, was watched by 2.78 million viewers. 

“I think we can all agree that my wet bar was a major draw.”

‘Sister Wives’ isn’t the only TLC show to bring in impressive ratings as of late; One of the network’s (many) 90 Day Fiance spinoffs, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, also pulled a W in the ratings department this month, with Episode 11 of Season 6 hitting a season high. 

“…but it’s apparently working, so don’t change a thing!”

The same week, 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk–- another one of the franchise’s spinoffs-– brought in 0.73 L3 ratings (live ratings plus three days of DVR program playback) among women ages 24-54, which was enough to grab the top spot in cable telecasts in its time slot for adults and women ages 24-54, as well as women ages 18-49, Deadline reports. 

Joining ‘Sister Wives’ and “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” in the Top 5 cable telecasts in the entertainment demographic last week were two more of TLC’s seemingly countless “90 Day” spinoffs– 90 Day: The Last Resort and 90 Day: The Other Way. 

“This’ll definitely keep ’em coming back for more!”

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 

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  1. Congratulations to all the idiots getting these people ratings so they can continue this horrible show and destroy more peoples lives what we really should do is take Sister wives and indicate to TLC that will only watch if they give a spin off to the other wives and take Cody and Robin without the money Robin will eventually leave him and we can all watch Cody go on dating shows I do feel like this is the best option for everybody so if you’re watching it make sure you’re not doing it live do not give them the ratings they do not deserve them. Frankly Cody deserves to be is canceled as the Duggers I’m sure more information will come out about him soon and I just can’t get over the creepy feeling that Aurora maybe his neck sister wife

    1. I’ll give them ratings as long as they’re willing to film. It’s a fantastic & fascinating show.
      There’s absolutely nothing going on with Aurora, that’s absolutely ridiculous. I’d bet my own life on it. Kody is a horrible person but these conspiracy theories are sick.

  2. We are watching the liberation of Christine and Jenelle. We are all here for them leaving this selfish and narcissistic asshole. I love Christine’s joy, she looks lighter and seems so happy. Proud of them both. There is no comparison to the trainwrecks on 90 Day’s.

  3. Kody Brown being a complete jackass is the only thing the internet has ever agreed on. In the past few years since he started unraveling, I haven’t seen ONE COMMENT on any platform where the person defends him. Not one. That never ever happens. Yet still he’s insisting he’s not in the wrong about any of the mess he’s in. Wild.

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