‘Sister Wives’ Star Leon Brown Is Reportedly Estranged From Dad Kody Due to Kody Not Supporting Leon’s Transition: “He’s Actually Disgusted By It”

Kody’s gonna Kody. (While rocking crunchy curls, whisker-washed denim and a victim mentality, natch.)

Kody Brown is burning bridges in the Brown family quicker than he burns through a case of ultra-hold hair mousse. 

A week after it was revealed that Leon Brown–- Kody’s only child with ex-wife Meri –- secretly wed partner Audrey Kriss in October in a ceremony attended by neither Kody nor Meri, The Sun is reporting that Leon and Kody have not had a relationship following Leon’s gender-affirming top surgery.

(Leon–- who shared on social media in June 2022 that they are transgender and use they/them pronouns–- revealed their top surgery in January.) 

“[Kody] does not support Leon’s transition at all,” the family source told The Sun. “He’s actually disgusted by it, as terrible as that is. 

“Kody is telling close friends, ‘This is a new person. I don’t know who this person is, but this is not the little girl that I raised,’” the source continued. 

“…with a bunch of kids who hate him…”

Kody’s transphobia feelings towards Leon have also reportedly affected his relationship with Meri. The couple announced in January that they were “permanently terminating” what was left of their marriage after more than 30 years together, and while Kody is reportedly against their child’s transition, Meri is “standing by” Leon’s side. 

“Leon is her only child and she wasn’t going to disown them,” the source said. “She will pick Leon over Kody every day.” 

“Suck it, Kody.”

Leon’s sister Gwendlyn Brown–- daughter of Kody and ex-wife Christine Brown–- seemed to confirm both of these things back in January while doing a Q&A with fans on her Patreon. When discussing how the Brown family reacted to Leon coming out as transgender, Gwen responded, “Nobody acted in a way that was very surprising, I’ll definitely tell you that.” 

“Transphobes still very much exist, even in this family, but they’re the very small minority of us,” she continued. “Meri was absolutely the most supportive [though].”

“I will always support my daughter…and my right to have a wetbar in my home.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Gwen married partner Beatriz Queiroz last month in a ceremony that WAS attended by Kody; however, Gwen revealed that Kody and the last woman standing his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, arrived to the ceremony two-hours late. (Kody and Robyn have made it clear in past ‘Sister Wives’ episodes that they are fine with same sex relationships. They have never spoken publicly on Leon being trans, though.) 

Kody has not yet responded publicly to The Sun‘s story. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


20 Responses

  1. I really find it “disgusting” to see all these comments judging Leon’s choices.

    Is it really that difficult to see short hair and men’s cloths on a non biological male? And to use different pronouns? Yall be bothered easily. Like, really easily.

    This is not about politics. This is about personal freedom.

    By the way if the above comments came from a woman who wears pants ? then obviously you’re a pedo pervert. Cause women shouldn’t wear pants, they’re for men.
    And heels too. Those are for men.
    On and if your hair isn’t down your back long, you must be a deviant.
    Or maybe we should stop pretending that how someone looks or who they love is more important than how they act? Leon doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone. Whereas yall clutching your pearls are the reason so many Trans kids kill themselves.

    Also please don’t be making those comments while saying you love Jesus. Jesus said NOT to judge other people. Not.To.Judge. Take that in. It is not your place to tell others how to live. This is not North Korea where there are like 9 approved haircuts. This is not Russia, where you can go to jail for being gay. God bless America for our freedom.

  2. Yep.. support what shouldn’t be supported. I agree with Dad here on this one. No wonder society is so screwed up, we are becoming a Godless society and accepting this crazy trans crap. Please Mom, get the help that kid needs instead of playing into this utter nonsense. I will never use these so called pronouns, you are born what you are and there is no true way to change that. Delusional attention seeking generation.

  3. Leon doesn’t exist. Mariah isn’t dead, that’s her right there.. the girl who wants to be called Leon now, she didn’t disappear, that’s her right there..

  4. Yeah I’m going to agree with the Kodster on this one. She was a beautiful girl and now she has become an it. Even she doesn’t know if she wants to be male or female. And I think anyone who doesn’t think it is a little too coincidental that both she and Audrey have decided they aren’t women at the same time really isn’t thinking clearly. I think there are people who are genuinely trans but I don’t think she is. I think she just gets an idea in her head and goes with it because it is trendy and on brand with her politics.

    1. Leon doesn’t owe “femininity” to anyone just because they were female at birth. This is their life and they can present how they please. It’s true we don’t know all the details surrounding what happened between Leon and Kody and why they’re estranged. It’s sad regardless of how it happened. But I don’t think transitioning is a good reason to stop speaking to your child, if that’s the case here.

    2. So you think she went through major surgery and had her breasts cut off because it’s trendy and on brand? That’s a wild take.

      1. Really? Is it though? She was the only one that wanted to be a sister wife. Then she suddenly became a lesbian, then her gf decided she was a dude and Mariah decides she is. It’s sick

        1. (Excuse the incorrect pronouns just for this post b/c I’m trying to share something that might actually help people understand).

          She also said she wanted to be a doctor and was against alcohol but neither applies to her currently. People are allowed to change their minds. She said she wanted to be a sister wife when she was 14. Now she’s almost 30. She can’t be held to that statement she made as a young teenager as the reason why you think she’s faking being gay.

          She was an only child and a goody two-shoes who prided herself on being the perfect daughter. Of course she was going to toe the party line and say she wanted to be a sister wife. She was also religious & stayed in their religious school when everyone else went to public school.

          Fast forward many years and she said she only realized she was attracted to women once she went to college and had a bunch of female friends. In high school she didn’t have many friends at all. So when she was around the new friends she realized she was attracted to them as more than friends, specifically Audrey. That happens every day to millions of people. It should not be hard to believe. She was also older and more confident in who she was, and felt comfortable telling her family she was gay. Whereas at 14 I’m sure she wouldn’t have even if she knew. Again, happens all the time.

          As for transitioning, again, there are thousands of people who feel the same way. Why are you so sure she is lying? She has never publicly discussed it. There have always been people who felt that they were the opposite gender on the inside, but back in the day, we didn’t see people transitioning that much. The medical advances weren’t there, people would get murdered for doing it, beat up, cut off by their families, be seen as a sex crazed freak. But now those things are starting to lessen. They all still happen, but not as often as before. So people are taking the chance that they were too scared to before. It’s not because it’s trendy. Why would you change your entire body and go through so much hate, risk, trauma, and pain just to follow a trend. That is absurd. People used to think it was sick to accept black people or women as equals and now we don’t. People used to think it was ok to beat your wife and now we don’t. Things evolve, people learn and grow.

          Personally I think a certain way about people who believe in their religions, but I would never ever say it out loud, because it’s mean and hateful. It’s not my business and what’s sick or stupid to one person is very important or sacred to the next. Why is it so important to type out some cruel comments online? People commit suicide over having to take that in day after day. I don’t know why it’s so hard to just be nice and leave people alone even if they’re different from you.

          Life is so hard with people dying and getting in car accidents and cancer and having disabled children and going bankrupt and getting cheated on and on and on, why add to your stress by angrily hurting people online? Life is too short.

    1. Well, considering she used to be depressed and irritable all the time and now she’s been happy and glowing since she transitioned, I’d say it did help her.

  5. Well, it didn’t specify if it was Kody’s choice to be estranged from Leon or if it was Leon’s choice to be estranged from Kody. I think you can agree to disagree and still have a relationship. One of my friends has a sibling that is transgender. She doesn’t agree with the idea that you can change your sex or that you get to demand people call you by pronouns that don’t align with your biological sex. However, They still are very close and love each other even though they disagree on this. It’s a big debate in present times but I still believe people can disagree without being hateful and cruel.

    I know I’ll probably get downvoted for saying this because I know a lot of people on this site are very left wing (I’m in the middle) and will probably take this as “transphobia” but that’s not what it is at all. I’m just saying that just because there is disagreement, doesn’t mean there is bigotry.

    1. It’s one thing to disagree and it’s another thing to be disgusted by it. If my father was disgusted by who I am, why would I want to have a relationship with him? I’d certainly wouldn’t have a relationship with someone I’m disgusted by either so if there is someone disgusted by the other person it’s perfectly fine to not have a relationship

      1. I agree with you but “disgusted” is the word that the source used, not Kody. I can’t say that’s how Kody really feels unless I hear it from him. He might just disagree with it and the source is interpreting that as “disgust.” I don’t know. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. He would have to make a public statement to know the truth.

  6. They really need to revamp the show to just follow his kids and their lives.

    Stop giving this diffused headed fool a paycheck!!

  7. Kody is a disgusting human being so none of this surprises me! He needs to reevaluate himself before he judges or has an opinion on others!

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