Leon Brown Is Married! “Sister Wives’ Star Secretly Married Partner Audrey Kriss Last Year Without Meri & Kody Brown Present

“We’re hitched!”

Leon Brown managed to get married to their longtime partner, Audrey Kriss, without the world knowing— or without their dad, Kody Brown, manically dancing through the nuptials.

The Sun broke the news on Thursday that Leon— who is the only child of Kody and his ex-wife Meri Brown— secretly married Audrey last year in a ceremony that was held at a home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. According to the marriage certificate issued, the wedding took place on October 29, 2022, just days after Leon’s brother, Logan, married Michelle Petty in a wedding both Leon and Audrey attended.

Audrey, who is transgender, and Leon— who came out as transgender in June 2022 and uses they/them pronouns— reportedly applied for their marriage license on October 19. On October 29, the pair had a “self-solemnized” ceremony, which means they did not have any type of officiant marry them. (The couple’s marriage is legal since they completed and returned a marriage license application.)

Their marriage was officially recorded by the clerk’s office in July. 

According to The Sun‘s source, Leon’s parents Kody and Meri were not present for the nuptials. It is unknown if they— and the rest of the Brown Family— are even aware that Leon and Audrey tied the knot. 

“Is it even a wedding if I don’t dance like I’m on fire and/or make myself the center of attention!?”

While Meri has remained supportive of Leon since their transition, Kody has not, according to The Sun.

“Kody has not supported Leon’s transition. He’s very much estranged from them,” the source stated. 

In February, Leon’s half-sister, Gwendlyn Brown, talked about why Leon has chosen to separate themselves from most of the Brown family.

“With Leon being transgender and queer in general and being in a family that predominantly practices a Mormon Fundamentalist faith, Mormonism hasn’t traditionally been kind to queer people,” Gwendlyn— who is bisexual and recently married Beatriz Queiroz— said on YouTube. “Especially with a family that’s quite a bit conservative and partially against transsexuality in general.

“[Leon has] just been separating themselves from the situation, and has been sticking with people who are more safe with them…It’s not that they’re not fitting in. It’s that they have chosen to go to people they can trust. They’ve found a safer community for themselves.” 


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A few weeks earlier, Gwen spoke about how the family reacted to Leon coming out as transgender. She stated that Meri “was absolutely the most supportive” but that “transphobes still very much exist even in this family but they’re the very small minority of us.”

Leon and Audrey have been engaged since January 2019, when Leon proposed to Audrey at the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

As of press time, Leon and Audrey have not commented on the news of their wedding breaking. Kody and Meri have also remained silent.

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  1. This comment section is crazy. Live and let live, they aren’t hurting you or anyone else. Also why is everyone so focused on Leon’s transition and not Audrey’s? By y’alls logic wouldn’t they be a regular married couple with Leon previously being a woman and Audrey previously being a man? You don’t have to understand something to still be respectful of another person’s decision.

    1. Imagine thinking the comment section is crazy and not the fact this mentally Ill and spiritually lost individual went from wanting to be a sister wife, to going away and becoming a lesbian to now mutilating her body.. this is the sign of a mentally Ill person who will grasp onto whatever idea pops into her head.. reality isn’t hate. It’s hateful to encourage people to do this to their bodies, especially small children. Sure she can do this, “live and let live,” whatever you say guys but I will always stand for truth and reality.. enjoy the fall because it will come

      1. Funny how you think Leon is mentally ill, but they went from being depressed and sad every day to happy and joyful now. If you knew them in real life you would see that they’re 10x happier now.
        The way they look may seem odd to you, but it’s their body and they are no longer depressed and hating themselves. Would you rather they stayed looking like a female but got so depressed they committed s ui cide?
        What’s more important – our comfort, or a person’s being actually happy in the ONE LIFE they have to live? You want them to be miserable for the one chance they have on this earth? That is the ultimate in selfishness.

      2. Yes!!!! You’re completely right @Cheyannesucks. Thank you for speaking out!!

        And @shea- Maria isn’t happy.. . She went from wanting to be a sister wife.. to lesbian.. now to mutilating her body.. that’s happiness? No that’s confused and lost- not happy.
        She is absolutely spiritually lost. They all are who do this.. and who condone this behavior.
        Especially these sick parents and politicians who push this CRAZY agenda onto innocent children…

        1. @cheyennesucks @getalife 👏🏼 agreed. If we don’t agree we are bigots and hateful. How about I just don’t agree and I can express that. I don’t call out anyone who supports this madness. Good for you. But guess what I DONT AGREE. It’s awful and not normal at all. As a mother, this should scare you. I can’t imagine my child being so depressed that someone starts to question their sexuality and encourages them to multilate themselves. The amount of people who underwent transgender treatment who now regret it is alarming. This is NOT the way. Therapy is the way.

          1. Yep that’s right.. love what you said @frontdoormom!! We never call out those who agree with this madness.. but when we state our opinion.. we’re bigots.. they’re ignorant.. and they are in fact the bigots.. as mothers and parents we should be taking a stand and fighting against this madness.. not condoning.. like you said.. so many transgenders have regretted it, but they don’t touch on that do they!

  2. Yeah I agree that their lifestyle does not affect mine in ANY way THANK GOD but I can still say this is still disturbing. I’ve never seen someone be so trendy, because that’s what this is. Trendy. Can’t wait until it’s over.

    1. You think people are undergoing major surgery and cutting their breasts off to be in on a trend? That’s a wild take.

      1. Yes. It’s a mental illness. Funny how you can comment how proud you are of them and no one who opposes challenges you. It’s like if we don’t agree with these people we have to be talked to. But if we don’t agree with your support of it, we aren’t allowed to speak on it. I don’t agree with this whole trans agenda being pushed on society. It is a trend! All of a sudden we have so many different sexualities. You’re gay or you’re not. That’s it. That’s what I believe. But I’m not here pushing it on people and my kids sure as heck will not be taught this craziness. This should be illegal and absolutely not allowed for children to start hormone treatments. What’s the difference between a person with schizophrenia who speaks to invisible people or someone with multiple personalities and a trans person who thinks they’re someone they’re not?! Nothing. So why does one group get medicated but the other doesn’t? It’s wild isn’t it. Something I will never understand and I’m sorry will never support. Especially with it being everywhere and pushed on children. It’s truly awful.

        1. Wow!!! I literally could be friends with you!! My husband has used that exact analogy.. what is the difference between schizophrenia and transgender? YOURE RIGHT.. there isn’t any… one gets praised annd pushed down our throats like it’s normal and the other gets medicated and shunned from society.
          Pushing a mental illness onto our children is the thing that should be illegal.. you want to mutilate yourself.. fine.. it’s a free country but to push this TREND/NARRATIVE onto our children is another thing..and yet when we who don’t agree with this “garbage” speak out against it then we are bigots. You never see anyone who is against this trend demean those who are for it… it’s always those who are for this trend and narrative that demean us who are against it.. I can’t imagine what my grandchildren are going to have to face if this is how it continues…it’s rather scary..

  3. I could’nt stand Mariah back then. I hope Leon had changed because god he was awful as a girl.

    And please educate me on this: if they/them is trans and his his identity is male, but is also non-binary – a non-gender, how is they both? They identify as male but also as non-binary?
    Im honstely hoping for a geniune answear because I cant wrap my head around that one ..

      1. I agree. So disturbing. To go THAT far and mutilate yourself. She just looks like a hairy lesbian hobo. Like why?

    1. Leon is non-binary and uses they/them.
      Leon does not identify as male or use he. If someone said that they were mistaken.
      Hope that helps.

  4. The amount of hate in the comments section is so disturbing.
    Who cares how they decide to live their life. Their identity is not affecting or hurting you so just let them be and get a life for yourself.
    Typical American bigotry
    For a country claiming to be “Land of the Free” – every other country is just laughing at how backward you are now.

  5. That’s interesting they did it alone when on the show in 2020 they were looking at venues and seemed to be excited about having a larger wedding. I wonder if they changed their minds due to the family issues or just b/c they wanted something just for them now instead. And by family issues I don’t mean the wives leaving, I mean with Leon no longer having a relationship with many of their siblings and some of the parents.
    I’m sure Meri is very sad and hurt by it, either way. Not that it’s up to her. Whatever L&A wanted to do is what they should have done. But even though I can’t stand Meri, I feel bad for her.

  6. I feel so bad for Meri. Only getting have one child and having it turn into this he/she mess. Then despite her trying to support her through both being gay and then trans she still doesn’t have the decency to invite her to the wedding. Mariah is an obnoxious, spoiled brat and changing her name to Leon hasn’t fixed her terrible personality.

  7. Mariah is a girl. Instead of a wedding she should’ve spent that money on intensive therapy.

  8. Good for them, not having their dumbass father there, doing his stupid dancing. Of course, he probably would have shown up late, if at all, just like Gwen’s wedding. I hope Meri has had or will have a small reception for them. They seem to like being private, just like brother Logan.

      1. I’m not exactly sure where she got Leon from but her name was Mariah Lian so it might be a play off her middle name.

  9. Not that I agree with their lifestyle..but I wouldn’t have invited Mary and Kody either.. these two have made it clear that they don’t associate with that toxic judgmental and dysfunctional family.. Also, these two were pretty when they were claiming to be female.. Mariah “Leon” looks like a version of joe dirt now.

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