‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Why Her Transgender Sibling, Leon, Has Distanced Themselves From Their Family

“Kindly stay two states away from me at all times. Thanks.”

Gwendlyn Brown recently discussed her transgender sibling, Leon, and their decision to put a lot of space between themselves and the majority of the Brown family.

In a new YouTube video, Gwen– who is the daughter of Sister Wives stars Christine and Kody Brown— answered fans’ questions and talked about an episode from the most-recent season of ‘Sister Wives.’ Gwen– who is bisexual herself— provided her thoughts after a fan asked about a statement Kody made during a Season 17 episode about Leon “not fitting in” with the rest of the family.

(At the time the episode was filmed, Leon had not yet announced they were transgender or that they use “they/them” pronouns. In the time since the episode was filmed, Leon has also undergone gender-affirming top surgery.)

According to Gwen, Leon– who is the only child of Kody and his first wife Meri— has chosen to distance themselves from most of the Browns. (Leon is currently engaged to longtime love Audrey Kriss, who is also transgender. They currently live in Colorado, while the majority of the Brown family lives in Arizona and Utah.) 

“With Leon being transgender and queer in general and being in a family that predominantly practices a Mormon Fundamentalist faith, Mormonism hasn’t traditionally been kind to queer people. Especially with a family that’s quite a bit conservative and partially against transsexuality in general.

“[Leon has] just been separating themselves from the situation, and has been sticking with people who are more safe with them.”

“I’m SAFE!”

“It’s not that they’re not fitting in. It’s that they have chosen to go to people they can trust. They’ve found a safer community for themselves.” 

A few weeks ago, Gwen talked about how the family reacted to Leon coming out as transgender. She stated that Leon’s mother, Meri, “was absolutely the most supportive” but that “transphobes still very much exist even in this family but they’re the very small minority of us.”

While Gwen didn’t specify which members of the family were unsupportive of Leon, she has in the past indicated that her brother Paedon may be one of the people she’s talking about. In a recent interview, Paedon insinuated that Leon may have transitioned for attention. He also used Leon’s dead name several times, something Leon has asked those in their life not to do.

“If you choose to not use my correct name or pronouns, then you do not need to speak to or about me. My name is Leo or Leon, and my pronouns are they/them. Please only refer to me in that way,” they wrote when they announced in June 2022 that they were transgender.


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Kody has never spoken publicly about Leon’s transition, but it’s likely to be discussed in the upcoming 18th season, which is currently being filmed. 

It is unknown where Kody’s relationship with Leon currently stands; however, according to Gwen, it’s probably not great.

“Honestly, he doesn’t have good relationships with any of his kids.”

Watch Gwen’s full video below! 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)


  1. Leon is doing the thing. Meridian accepts her daughter but Kody is ignorant. He is her father in name only. Not supportive. I am glad the wives woke up. Robyn can have him all to herself. Congratulations to Christine & her new beau.

  2. So many hateful and sad comments from people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Smh. You all are showing your ignorance, hatefulness and just plain stupidity. Why go out of your way to be mean? Why go out of your way to call someone mentally ill because you don’t understand a basic concept like gender?? I guess that’s just how small minded people act when confronted with something they don’t understand….. they get angry instead of educating themselves. A lot of you need to grow up and do better

    1. So people who don’t agree with this way of life are small minded? People who don’t conform to what society tells them is okay, are ignorant? Not everyone agrees with your definition of gender. Just like not everyone agrees with my definition of gender.
      I would agree with you though, people who act angry and deranged over the lack of understanding regarding the simple and basic concept of gender, need to chill out. But that goes for both sides. The comments on here towards people who don’t agree with your backwards “concept of gender” are just as angry and small minded, if not more.

      1. The ones with real mental illness are those who are pushing this agenda on our children. The children whose mind isn’t developed enough to make these kind of decisions such as wanting to be a boy when they’re a girl or wanting to be a girl when they’re a boy. The ones who are pushing these “gender affirming” surgeries on minors because they “think” they’re a different sex/gender than how God made theM, those are the real mental cases.
        People like Mariah.. are just lost.
        People can have differing opinions without being small minded. And when you make decisions like this, be aware of the scrutiny that’s going to come along with it. That’s with anyone in the spotlight. Why do they get to be catered to and coddled? They’re not immune to it. Give me a break. No one can say anything regarding any other sex or gender or transgender or homosexual or WHOEVER because it might offend them. But people can bash Christian’s all day long and that’s okay. You’re right the comments like yours are sad, hateful, and just plain stupid. Have a great day.

        1. And before people start going crazy. I want to clarify, no one should bash people who are a different sex, gender, homosexual, transgender, or whatever they chose to believe. Don’t twist my words. People are people.. and they all have feelings. But the moment someone states they don’t agree with it in the comments below. The names start flying such as bigot, small minded, ignorant, disgusting, bitter, etc. people on the other side of the fence are more aggressive and angry than the ones who don’t believe in this way of life.. that’s clear.

          1. On second thought just ignore these numskulls because us and people like us are gonna be able to go to our graves with our heads held high because we stood up for something that’s right and good in this world as opposed to this ridiculous nonsense.

  3. The only thing I really dont get is the two names

    “Hi Im Leo or Leon” Thats just strange to me.

    Kody prob dont even care.

      1. They seem like individual names. Rather than a nickname and a full name because Leo is a full name in and of itself.

  4. I don’t understand it, and at my core, I don’t agree with it (“it” being transitioning) but it’s not my place to judge or disparage someone who chooses to transition. I can speculate til the cows come home about the “why,” but at the end of the day, what does that accomplish?

    I think anyone whose brain is not fully developed (or at least be a legal adult) should wait to make any permanent alterations—but, again, that’s my own opinion and doesn’t mean I can’t love and support people who don’t share said opinion.

    My responsibility is to love people where they are and hope that others will afford me the same grace.

  5. Wow, lately the comment section on this site has become so hateful. The last few weeks have shown peoples true colors.

  6. Seriously, some of you

    “You know what you should do?
    You should be dancing! ”

    – David Grohl
    (Honoring the Westboro baptist church with a musical visit).

  7. I wish I could understand this transgender stuff but I just don’t. However, seeing the Browns and Sister Wives aired for what 18 years, it is no wonder the so called family is a damn mess. Kody Brown dragging his children before the public and trying to show them as a happy plural family was incredibly cruel of him to. Only one child spoke of wanting to be in a plural marriage when she became and adult. That was Mariah. Obviously those kids saw a lot of craziness growing up…so called spiritual wives, plural mothers and a father who’s only interest was in making babies and sponging off the system. I find it all terribly sad. Mariah was happy to announce she was gay. Fine. Then she is no longer female but transgender, using them or they. Mutilating her body….I feel for her. She needs plenty of help.

    1. Let me see if I can help you with that. Gender is a social construct meaning its dictated by societal norms. Many cultures have more than just 2 genders. Many Indigenous cultures have 3 or more genders. That’s how it was in the Americas until the introduction of religion. In fact, the two gender system is pretty much entirely based on religion. And gender and biological s@x are completely different. It is actually a fairly easy concept to understand when you understand what gender really is.

      1. I’m all for consenting adults living however/doing whatever they want. But if gender is merely a social construct, then you can’t be born in the wrong body. Both of those things cannot be true.
        If nothing is inherent to (or at least more common with) biological sex, then each body would be a blank slate with no predispositions or tendencies, and there would be no such thing as a female/male brain in the opposite body. You can’t be born in the wrong body unless you acknowledge differences between the sexes.

  8. That’s unfortunate but I support them. Don’t be around people who don’t love and support you. Period. Even if those people are related by blood.

  9. “Leon” doesn’t exist. Mariah is easily manipulated, she’s a lost soul. She was the only one wanting to be a sister wife.. she goes away becomes gay and now all the sudden she’s a dude? I’m sorry but no. This is just sickness people. Cry all you want. I find it disgusting

      1. “Leon” is Mariah.. she’s sick. What are the chances both her and her gf are now dudes? Come on people, let’s snap back to reality

    1. I’m not going to dive into the trans portion of the debate, but irrespective sex/gender, people change their names. Last names after marriage, deciding to go by their middle name, deciding that “Alexis” sounds more ‘grown-up’ than “Lexi”, my husband has an uncle who was a “junior” but changed his name when he was 18 because “senior” was an absolute POS (the name he picked almost immediately became a very catchy ear worm of a song, so he goes by a short version).

      It’s also not terribly uncommon for the kids who were the most deeply ‘into’ their faith tradition to be the farthest from it as adults. Anecdotally, it seems to be a “the bigger they come, the harder they fall” sort of thing.

    1. Gently pointing out that you accidentally used the incorrect pronoun (“her”) at the end of the paragraph that begins, “While Gwen didn’t specify which members of the family…”

        1. Lol no.

          I won’t stop.

          Ever. I am here to stay, and there are millions more like me. 🙂

          This is reality, no matter what garbage disgusting, hateful bigots might spew.

          We are here and we are just a much a part of this society as homophobes, bigots, and racists.

          You fly your hate flag, and I’ll fly my pride flag.

          1. Funny how us “bigots” and our “hate flags” are getting more upvotes than you and your pride flag…lol

          2. Lol at you acting as if the number of upvotes you get here actually means something.

          3. It means something, other we “bigots” wouldn’t get them!!

            But God’s happiness with our opinions matters more as far as I’m concerned

      1. Oh, it’s not funny–it’s just the norm that bigots/racists/homophobes/degenerates tend to congregate in the comments section of online articles such as this (and Boomerbook).

        Like moths to a flame, or cowards with a keyboard to a comments section….

        1. Or…it could be as simple as right minded comments vs wrong minded comments

          And from the looks of it the right minded comments are overpowering to wrong minded comments…GOOOOOO GOD!!!

          Woo-hoo I love it when a plan comes together!!

          1. At least we make Him happy standing up for whats right and decent…and NOT acceptable!!

            Unlike the 2 God’s name in vain that just came out of your mouth, he don’t look too kindly on that.

          2. Oh, gee…”He don’t look too kindly on that.” Whatever shall I do?! /s

            I don’t give a goddamn what some goddamn imaginary God “don’t look too kindly on.” Because if God were real, I know one thing: if he didn’t send his “son/Jesus” to Earth to judge
            others, he sure as Hell didn’t send you to do it.

            And being a hateful bigot doesn’t make him happy; we are all God’s children, right? Isn’t that the thing you “Christians” always say?

            Who I am, who I have always been, my partner, our love, our marriage, our kids, our involvement with our community to make it a better place–THAT is all right and good.

            Not whatever you or goddamn anyone else deems “acceptable”.

            Hate and bigotry cloaked in so-called “Christianity” is still hate and bigotry.

            But goddamn, your ignorance and hatred has a big silver lining. It is more incentive for my partner and I to be more involved with our community, and to continue to advocate more and more for LGBTQ youth and persons.

            Goddamn, life is good and if God exists, I know he/she/they loves the Hell out of me! Xoxo

          3. You’ll find out because He does exist and yes we are all his children of God but it still makes Him sad when we sin against Him.

            This is how all Christians should be, “love the sinner hate the sin”

            Judging the action is different than judging the person. We are to deem actions/words acceptable or not acceptable but still love those that commit the sin…its NOT easy but doable.

            But you know what, you do you. I’ll pray you see the light before it’s too late because dealing with the devil is not gonna be a picnic…I’ll choose God and paradise anyday over the pits of hell!!

          4. Oh, I will *definitely* do me because goddamn Hell would freeze over before I a) ever believed in the same “God” you do, and b) I ever believed for a second that any “prayer” you ever said “for me” or anyone else was anything less than a self-righteous, hypocritical crock of horse manure.

            You keep believing in some goddamn nonsense concocted to suppress anyone other than the rich white guys who wanted to maintain the status quo, and you keep talking about some mythical “Devil” who is going to make me or anyone else “pay for our sins” or whatever.

            People like you are exactly why I will never be apart of a church or expose my children to such: self-righteous, hate filled, judgemental fear-mongers who are just as likely to go to Hell as the rest of us.

            Now, I gotta run & decide which body part to mutilate next and figure out which days next week I am available to volunteer in my community…

      2. You’re a bigot if you don’t want your little boy to be manipulated by social pressure to chop off his penis

    1. Disagreement about what another person does to their identity, appearance, body and their preference of partner does not warrant your opinion onto that person. If you disagree, fine, don’t do it yourself. But is it necessary to drive your point home towards people who do feel like this? They aren’t hurting anyone with this transition, why feel the need to exclaim you disagree? That’s all I’m going to say: let people be people.

      1. 100% agree with you. People should just admit they are bigots. It’s none of our business which pronouns others choose to use. It’s a pathetic flex to keep using old pronouns to try to feel some minuscule power over someone else’s identity

      2. Leon doesn’t exist. This is called mental illness being pushed by society and you’re hurting kids by playing along. They’re butchering little kids because they’re pushing this social contagion to people. Leon isn’t real. Mariah chopped her boobs off

        1. Let that Bigot Flag fly with these weak comments!

          You tell us, Karen.

          Tell us all about how a total stranger hurt you–and society–by not conforming to your idea of how one should live their life.

          Hate and homophobia the way to go, eh? Might as well throw in a bit of racism and sexism to boot!

          1. You sound more angry and deranged than any other person on here with an opinion. You’re giving the community you stand with a bad name and making them look terrible.

          2. And the only bigot on here is you. Your disdain towards a group of people that have differing views than you is palpable.
            That’s what a bigot is.
            The opposite of a bigot is someone is a humanitarian, tolerable, moderate. All things in which you, have shown, are not.

          3. Ah, yes of course.

            “I am giving the community…a bad name.”

            Because we are all the same, and we don’t think for ourselves–we only have a “hive brain” and others within the community can’t disagree with me and/or not feel represented by me.

      3. I used to enjoy the comment section here, but yeah, it’s been filled with a ton of homophobia and transphobia recently. Too bad.

        1. It’s not a “lifestyle,” it’s a part of their identity. You can’t truly love someone and hate who they are.

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