Paedon Brown Implies Meri Brown Was Abusive To Kody’s Kids; Credits Robyn with Recognizing the Abuse: “Robyn Probably Saved Several of Our Lives”

Paedon Brown may not be a fan of his father Kody‘s wife Robyn, but in a new interview he credits her with saving him and some of his siblings from the abuse they were allegedly suffering at the hands of Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown.

In a bombshell new interview with YouTube blogger John Yates, Paedon– who is the son of Kody and his third wife Christine— opened up about Meri’s treatment of some of Kody’s children, as well as how Robyn coming into the family saved some of the kids because Robyn was able to recognize the signs that the kids were being abused.

“No, Meri was not nice…Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically,” Paedon said, confirming that the alleged abuse was not just verbal.

“Oh, it moves so past verbal.”

When John Yates asked Paedon to confirm the rumors (that were started based on what other wives and kids have said in the past), that Meri was ‘abrasive’ and ‘kind of mean’ to some of the kids during their childhoods, Paedon had a surprising answer.

“Abrasive and ‘kind of mean’ are not strong enough words,” Paedon said. “They are not aggressive enough words…there’s definitely things I can’t say. But when I’ve gone into thorough detail with people [about what Meri did], it blew their mind.”

He then brought up a series of tweets posted by his sister, Madison Brown, back in 2019 that implied that Meri had been abusive to her when she was a kid. Before she quickly deleted the tweets, Madison wrote, “Try being scared of someone your whole f**king life and she plays like she’s the one wh[o’s] hurting!

“She was a monster! Now she’s attacking one of the few safety nets you had?! Nooo! Check again…”

Madison’s 2019 tweets…

“There is nothing like dealing with an abusive human your whole life and finally having the freedom to not have anything to do with her,” Madison wrote.

Paedon confirmed that Madison’s tweets were about Meri.

“It’s already out there, so I can reiterate to what Madison said about Meri. No, we were never safe around her,” he said. 

Paedon said that Kody was not aware of what Meri was allegedly doing to the kids for a long time, and, surprisingly it was Robyn who made him (and others) aware of the alleged abuse happening.

“I can never hate Robyn because she opened several eyes,” Paedon said. “And because of that I will always be grateful to her. I will never hate her…Robyn was in an extremely abusive relationship with her ex. And when you were in an abusive relationship, you now see the signs [of others being abused]…After experiencing a negative relationship, she knew how to find other negative relationships.”

He even credited Robyn’s insight as being life-saving.

“Robyn probably saved several of our lives. Not definitely but probably, maybe. Definetly saved Mykelti’s life,” he stated.


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Paedon said he couldn’t go into more detail, even though he wanted to, because he was afraid that exposing what happened would get ‘Sister Wives’ cancelled.

“When the very last episode of ‘Sister Wives’ airs I will give you guys the dirt,” he said. “It is still a financial option for my parents, for all five of them, and many of my siblings. So I am not going to do anything that could possibly hurt the show…

“I want the show to last as long as possible, and I know for a fact if I put certain things out there, it will really, really hurt the show. There are certain things that I would really like to let out there,” he added.


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Meri and Kody recently announced publicly that they are “permanently terminating” their marriage, even though they have not acted like a married couple in years. ‘Sister Wives’ fans have slammed Kody for his poor treatment of Meri, but Paedon implied that Meri got what she deserved.

Paedon stated that “what happened with Meri” in terms of how his dad treated her “was probably justice” for Meri’s previous actions.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, I wish the best for Meri.’ Well I don’t wish the best for Meri.”

“I said what I said!”

Later in the conversation, he also stated that he feels it might not be a bad thing if Meri doesn’t end up having any grandkids. (Meri’s only child, Leon, came out as transgender in 2022.)

“It could definitely be that God said, ‘Nope. No grandchildren.’ There’s a solid chance that [God’s reasoning] was ‘Your line ends with [Leon].”

To read what other ‘Sister Wives’ tea Paedon spilled during the interview, click here

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  1. I completely believe this all about Meri. She’s a psycho who has zero boundaries. While I have never felt bad for her and think she’s a weirdo, I still believe that Kody’s plan all along was to just be with Robyn but Meri was too stupid to either see or admit that to herself. I think it’s funny she will likely never have grandkids.

  2. 2 wrongs don’t make it right. If paedon is angry, get some counseling, because odds are & the experts say, abusers ,most of the time, become abusers themselves. One more thing, if u claim to be a Christian than u should follow what scripture says when it comes to revealing any form of abuse. U become no better than your abuser when you destroy other lives when it’s not your place to do so, that judgement & punishment belongs to God & him alone. This should have been handled by the adults only. How much $ has paedon been offered to spill the facts? That’s what people should b asking. Destroying people again is not your job.

    1. NO experts say that. Overwhelmingly, most abused people do NOT grow up to be abusive. What is true is that most abusive people have, at some point in their lives, either witnessed abuse or been abused themselves. This is a very important distinction. Your statement demonizes a largely innocent population and is further traumatizing. Please never repeat it because you are 100% wrong.

      1. You are 100% wrong, we model what we know, a large amount of experts do say that.

        If all he knows is abuse then he’s gonna model that behavior. He’s already started, he’s hit Gwen as well as his abuse towards others in the family.

        Stop making Paedon out to be this saintly person…HES NOT!!!

        1. I have 30+ years of specialized education and experience in treating trauma. That totals out to THOUSANDS of survivors of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and I can count on one hand the clients I’ve had who became abusers themselves. What are YOUR qualifications? Actually, never mind. I already know that you have none and are again just exhibiting what appears to be a terminal case of hubris.

          Here are a few links to the ACTUAL research on the subject that 100% support what I said and there are many, many more if you care to educate yourself. Google is your friend.

          1. I never said that everyone that experiences abuse is doomed to repeat the cycle but some do and he’s one of them.

            He’s already started repeating the cycle!! He’s hit Gwen (at least once) and abused several of his other siblings.

            And I don’t need your research, I’ve heard from the mouths of counselors themselves just how likely it is for some to repeat the cycle for which they are familiar.

          2. Dunning-Kruger it is then…as it always is with you. I don’t know why I bothered and won’t make that mistake again.

          3. Just because the majority of cases you’ve treated were success stories (which is great) it doesn’t mean they are ALL success stories. Every expert has their own take based on stories THEY have witnessed. That’s why I prefer NOT to pay attention to statistics because what is true for one person may or may not be true for someone else.

            And yes Google is a wonderful tool but it like pretty much all internet settings can lead you astray thus giving you false info but because it’s Google everyone is like “oh well, this must be correct because it’s Google and Google is NEVER wrong”.

            That is why I prefer info to come straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Because that info is likely to be alot more correct than something you read online.

  3. Hi Ashley. Pearl is crazy and is ruining the perfectly chill vibe we’ve had here for years.

    Please, can we have a safe, Pearl free space?



    1. Maybe if we make enough noise to Ashley she will see how sick we are of Pearl who we all know was once TrueDat. I hope she can ban her IP. This chick needs a life.

      1. /cheers

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashley has tried the IP ban (it was a nice Pearl free place for a little bit there) and it was circumvented (it’s pretty easy to get around one).

        However, barring Ashley stepping in to provide us all some much needed visual relief, we can all just ignore the troll until it tires of it’s antics not getting attention and perhaps, it’ll go away.

  4. Glad the truth is coming out. Too bad his mother or father or any other adult did not report the abuse and get her arrested. But in that type of society abuse is even more accepted. TLC is sick for even having this show. No, I don’t watch- I just enjoy reading The Ashley.

  5. Pearl, judge not lest ye be judged. Judging Paedon over one incident is hardly fair. Have you ever done things you shouldn’t have? I’m guessing you don’t think so. You’re perfect right? Yeah, I didn’t think so. There’s only been one perfect person ever walked this Earth.

    1. Yes, I’ve done things I shouldn’t have, but what Paedon did wasn’t just a one time thing, if it were then Christine wouldn’t have been afraid to leave Gwen at home alone with him.

  6. Meri’s abuse might have been swept under the rug, his wasn’t.
    Gwendolyn was not allowed to be (home) alone with him anymore.

    All the moms allowed Meri to be alone with their children. Was that denial?
    Why deny that Meri was a risk but not that Paedon was a risk?

    1. Exactly, Paedons a violent prick too. That’s why I find it hard to believe him. It’s kind of a “pot calling the kettle black” situation.

      Yes, im sure Meri is violent but he needs to take a look in the mirror because he’s no better.

    1. I have a life thank you very much, I just thought I’d have more of a life if I came here…I had no idea this site was full of nothing but close minded, heartless fucks (people that are truly worthless to worthless to society)!!

      1. Great approach, insults, that will surely help to change people’s minds and make them think.

        Thanks, will have to get a new username cause we get mixed up and I won’t have anything to do with this kind of crap.

        1. Maybe I don’t want to change people’s minds or make them think…kinda pointless because at least 95% of the people on here won’t do neither.

          The majority is seriously close minded, only care about themselves and that what they think is all that matters. Nobody else’s opinions matter.

          Gotta earn respect for me to give it and pretty much nobody here has earned it so no one here is gonna get it.

          1. You hate our opinions but we can’t disagree with yours?! You make ZERO sense. Go find another community to harass. Calling everyone worthless but you don’t work, you are worthless! Collecting checks and refuses to get a job! That’s worthless! My god I HATE seeing you here!!! You literally SUCK the life out of this blog site and RUIN the vibe everything you choose to rave comment on every single comment! I wish Ashley would just block your IP address and ban you for life! You ruin this site! You are miserable because you know how much of a thorn you are to everyone and you continue to bug everyone. You thrive on the negative attention.

          2. um, nobody cares about earning your respect ~ it seems everyone just wants you to GTFO.
            buh bye now.

          3. um, no one cares about ‘earning your respect’ ~ if you could read, everyone just wants you to GTFO.
            buh bye now.

          4. You can disagree, I have no problem with that but you don’t have to jump all over me for having the opinion I have. I don’t jump on you with my first post, I go into detail about why I feel the way I do. But when someone jumps on me for “being stupid for having the opinion I have” Well then I’m gonna fight back, im not gonna just lay down and take it.

            And I don’t work because I CANT, I would dearly love to work and earn my way but I have to do what I have to do…HOW DARE YOU BLAST A PERSON FOR THAT…TALK ABOUT WORTHLESS.

            If people didn’t act stupid on here I wouldn’t call them stupid, but when somebody attacks A PERSON that’s stupidity, I hate to break it to ya.

            And I’m not a thorn in the side of anyone that matters, and you DONT matter, at least not to me.

            You say you HATE seeing me here but yet you keep replying to keep me here. That’s the problem, everybody on here wants to talk about how I ruin things for them by being here but they won’t stop and go away themselves.

            I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it as long as it takes for people to get it, if you don’t want to hear from me DONT REPLY and I won’t answer, it’s very simple.

      2. Maybe she doesn’t work bc she’s disabled. She said her dad used to call her a “cripple” so there’s obviously some kind of ailment there. You don’t even know this person behind the screen. Her responses etc clearly shows there may be something off. Our words can hurt more than we know. Her words shouldn’t effect any one on here bc like I said there’s obviously something off.

      3. To call someone worthless for not working and collecting a check without knowing their circumstances and/or their disabilities.. without even knowing who’s behind the screen…is worse than anything she has ever said on here: If you don’t like her opinion, in which most the time I don’t, ignore her. Be thankful you have the ability to work and provide. Not all people do. That doesn’t make them worthless. Pearl- find your worth in Jesus- not what anyone on here or in your life says.

          1. You are right Peanut Gallery, it wasn’t you that called me a mooch…I apologize.

            It was FRONTDOORMOM, she called me a mooch then called me worthless (just yesterday) for not working…man that bitch just won’t quit with the hurtful comments, talk about someone who needs to sit their ass down, I think it’s her not me.

        1. At this point I’m gonna say what I want because trash Pearl can too right? We gotta bow to Pearl because she’s disabled and can call all of us stupid and worthless and she gets a free pass?! Wow! Lmao! . Get a life yourself! Idgaf if she’s disabled. Trust me we all know. The chick has issues and should probably seek some therapy to figure out why she’s such a keyboard warrior. Again, she doesn’t like if we don’t share the same opinion but if we do the same and disagree she’s having a toddler tantrum about it and cussing us out! She needs to be blocked and out of here. She has single handedly ruined this blog site and I wish Ashley would just do away with her permanently.

          1. Disagree or agree idc…just ignore me if you dont like what i say but i have just as much of a right to say how i feel as you do, the point to Logical’s post was to not call me worthless about my not work and HAVING to draw a check because you don’t know shit about my circumstances or disability snd that you should be thankful you CAN work.

            I know you dgaf, you and most of the people on here don’t gaf about anyone but yourselves.

            If Ashley blocks anyone it should be you and those that are selfish when it comes to attacking a person on a personal level you know nothing about. Our opinions differ, so freaking what!!

            But truth be told, if she does that than she’d have very few people left and she might as well hang this site up to dry.

          2. If you are the person I suspect you are, or even of the same type really, you’ve done this on other websites, message boards and forums too, and been removed from them as well. The only common denominator, is you. If you run into problems everywhere you go, it’s usually time to start looking in the mirror and figure out how you’re triggering it.

            You know very little about me, you haven’t been here long enough to really know anything, nor have you even tried to read the little I have shared since you joined (most others here do know me better, some even know the me before I even had a family, we’ve been here for years). The little you do know, you’ve done nothing but attack, quite viciously at times, even when I wasn’t dishing back your own vitriol, but was trying to get at the root of whatever problem you were expressing. I commented on some aspects of your life, but only after you shared those aspects, you made them public knowledge and open for commentary, but not everything I’ve said to you has been negative (you overlook anything not). Some of the things you’ve said to me were based on assumptions you’ve made about me, not based on actual information you know. I base everything I say on the words you share. You don’t work, nothing wrong with that, I never attacked that, what I disagreed with is your entitled attitude about the assistance you get-not your need for it. I can differentiate between the two…you cannot.

            You dish it out, although quite poorly and more in a temper-tantrum fashion, but you’re unwilling to accept the consequences of your words, and actions (and yes, your responses are also actions). You cannot have it both ways. If you’re going to attack people, you will get attacked. If you’re always going to be so negative, you’ll get negativity in return. If you want respect from people, you do have to give some too, and you give none to anyone, ever. We don’t all have to agree, we never have on this site. But the vast majority of people here do not spew this kind of vitriol which seems to fuel your very existence. We can hem and haw, we can go back and forth, we can argue and disagree, and yes occasionally someone goes a little too far and it needs to be brought back. But you…you ALWAYS go too far, always. The amount of hatred that fills your words is astounding, and also, a bit sad, because it’s more telling than you think.

            There’s just no need for that level of, I honestly don’t know what to call it anymore. Most of us don’t really care if others agree with us, either, it’s perfectly fine not to. But you can’t complain about “personal attacks” when you always throw the first punch. The minute anyone disagrees with you, or says anything you don’t like, it spews out like uncontrollable hot lava down a volcano. It doesn’t even have to be anything negative against you personally, you’ll still start punching.

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          3. Peanut Gallery- You called me a “mooch” for not working, how in the hell is that not an attack. I can’t help that I don’t respect the way the disability system works, maybe it’s different state to state but that’s how it is here, you can only make a small miniscule amount or risk getting my disability cut off. I can’t live off what little I would be allowed to make, hell I do damn good to get by with what I get per month. Bills, clothes, medication and food aint cheap…I also can’t get married because as a rule my spouses income would affect me. I think it’s stupid, I’d love to work, get married and have a happier life but it’s not an option.

            And I always reply my opinion to what another is, then get belittled because in yours and so many others’ words “im stupid for thinking in a different way” so how am I throwing the first punch? That’s an attack on me and I WILL attack back, I doubt sometimes that it’s meant to be a personal attack but the only way to reply is to attack back personally, a person hurts my feelings so I’ll hurt theirs…an eye for eye.

          4. Sigh, breaking my own words here, but, *I* did not call you a mooch. I said you are capable of employment without losing your benefits-but you choose not to seek that employment. I said I see nothing at all wrong with disability-because I don’t, I’ve used it, I happily pay into the system for those who need it.

            You attribute words others said to me, and you need to stop now. See, your anger is even confusing YOU. You’re mad at the wrong person. This is a perfect example of why people say you need help, your anger is literally clouding everything you read here, and fueling everything you say.

            I have never said you were stupid for thinking differently. The way you react to people and express your opinions is pretty stupid. The way you try to demand respect while disrespecting literally everyone here is stupid. The way you think your opinions should never be challenged or questioned is pretty stupid. In fact, I do think a lot of your opinions are stupid, but I’ve never once said YOU are stupid. I think you need serious help and someone to monitor your online time, to be honest, in the same way I think most teenagers need it as well because their fingers fire out thoughts before their brains have had time to think them (and potential consequences) through.

            You have attacked repeatedly, throwing the first punch most of the time, just do not want to admit it. That’s okay, keep reading and believing what you want. But when the majority of people see the same thing in one person, they’re not always wrong, or ganging up on someone. Too may coincidences for it to always be a coincidence. You attacked me, my family, my capabilities as a parent, my life, my childhood, my intelligence, my employment, my friends….You see attacks when others present disagreement, always. Then you really start swinging. That’s not how we roll here, it’s not how it’s ever been here, and you’re not going to change this place to become that.

            Have a fantastic day, and when you’re ready to get help finding therapeutic assistance in your area, let me know, I can find that for you. Until then, I really won’t engage in conversation with you again, it’s not safe for your mental wellbeing.

          5. Saying that the way i express my opinion or saying that my opinion is stupid…which you just did is in a round about way calling ME stupid. You just don’t realize it.

            They’re my opinions, so if you think they’re stupid then you think im stupid.

            Why challenge or question it, it’s an opinion for God’s sake!!! You can either agree or disagree, or choose to ignore it…your choice.

            And I literally just said that the rules are likely different state to state, but in my state that’s the rule, make a certain income (and it is a very small amount, trust me on that) but if you make even a penny more than that amount your benefits are gone. I can’t risk that, not in this economy especially. Like I said, bills, clothes, medication and food aint cheap.

            And have I or have I not said NUMEROUS times before that I have sought out professional help in the past and the shit don’t work for me, if it works for others than that’s absolutely fantastic…but it doesn’t work for me.

            I have never DEMANDED respect, people want me to respect them but I was always taught that unless someone respects you then you don’t have to respect them…so basically if you don’t respect me then I won’t respect you.

            And what is with all this teenager shit…I’m 35.

  7. “Leon” I can’t believe so many people just go along with this craziness, this comment will get deleted even

  8. It’s such a strange phenomena when someone tells of their life experience and others, who aren’t actually involved, insist they know more about what happened than the person sharing the experience. It’s pure arrogance to deny someone the truth of their childhood.

    Just because this abuse goes against what we think we know about the Browns does not give anyone the right to refute Pardon’s story. If he says he, and some of his siblings, were abused by Meri BELIEVE HIM!!!

    It’s not uncommon for abusers to assault some children but not others. It’s fully possible that Janelle and Christine were unaware of what was happening. Please don’t blame the victims and the innocent. If you are insistent to place blame on the Brown Adults, I think the blame should fall on Meri and on Kody. You think Janelle and Christine don’t have guilt about their children being abused by someone in the family?!? Maybe this is one of the many reasons they ended their relationships with Meri. Maybe this is one of the reasons J&C ended their relationships with Kody. We don’t know.

    Please, pleases, please—believe victims. Applaud their bravery in sharing their story. But please do not tell a victim that their experiences didn’t occur.

  9. Wonder why Robyn would want Meri to have such a good relationship with her children if she was the one who noticed and stopped the abusive behavior in the first place? Personally, if I knew of a person abusive to children in any form I wouldn’t let them near my children.

  10. So who cares if it gets cancealed u need to tell the truth and she needs to be turned in for ⛄ ld abuse no matter how long it’s been tht show is stupid anyway and never really cared for Kody either

    1. Robyn also refused to let Meri take Solomon with her to visit Leon when Sol was only a few years old and Meri talked about how much that hurt her. So maybe , that is the reason why. Meri wasn’t safe.

  11. Such a narcissistic sob just like his daddy!!!

    IF what he says is true (and I doubt it is), why were Janelle and Christine (as well as the children) pleasant toward her? And don’t give me that fear crap, if those children were afraid they would have stayed away from her (they had 2 other houses they could have went instead) but they didn’t, I remember seeing several of the children go to Meri’s without any of the other mothers… yet another act that doesn’t show fear.

    Plus, Janelle and Christine both would have spoken up sooner!!

    1. Wow attacking people that were abused as children is low even for a known POS like you. I hope you don’t have any children of your own

      1. Im not attacking them, im just saying that if it’s true (and the fact that it came out of Paedon’s mouth makes it less likely to me that it is) then the children would have said something and Janelle and Christine definitely would have said something…no parent is gonna sit by while their children are being abused.

        And I’m not a POS, and I take offense that people think so, don’t judge me based on words. You don’t know me and don’t see how I am as a person. Ever hear of the saying “actions speak louder than words”?

        Well, my actions speak louder than my words, did you ever stop and think that maybe I say what I say to turn people away because i truly cant stand people that are outside my family? Random people suck ass!!

        1. Your actions speak about the sh*tty person you are. Abused people talk about it when they can, not when you want them to. His sister Madison said Meri was abusive years ago. Janelle wrote about how mean Meri was in their book.
          Maybe there’s a reason why you can’t stand people outside your family and that’s because we are not obligated to put up with your BS and we can call you out

          1. Do you see my actions…no, you just hear my words.

            And just because Paedon confirmed that Maddie’s tweets were about Meri doesn’t mean they were, maybe they were and maybe they weren’t but hearing it come from Paedon makes a little less believable.

            And Janelle saying that Meri was “mean” to the kids doesn’t spell “physically abusive”, again it’s possible. But unless she actually said the words “physically abusive” then the meaning is cause for debate.

            And last I checked a family doesn’t HAVE to put up with anything, once the person becomes an adult a family can choose not to have anything to do with them, but the fact my family hasn’t turned their backs me shows that my actions don’t mimic my words.

          2. You’re fighting with a troll who knows exactly what they are doing. I’ve gone off on her before too. Totally not worth your effort or brain cells cause baby girl doesn’t have any of her own. Go through her comments, they are almost always against popular opinion so she can argue with someone. She wants attention. It’s like Sir Nibs used to be, but unlike whoever that was Pearl is just annoying and in no way entertaining. She even pissed off The Ashley at one point. Unfortunately her ban does not appear to have been permanent or she found a workaround. If we stop responding to her maybe she’ll go back under her bridge.

            Also, it totally pisses her off when you talk about her but not to her. It’s like a misbehaving toddler. I’m pretending she hasn’t thrown herself to the floor and isn’t pounding her arms and legs on the floor for a cookie (attention in her case).

          3. So the Ashley called her out before? That says a lot. I wonder what she said for that to happen.

            Btw in this season or last season- kody himself said meri was mean to some of the older kids in the family. Obviously they’re not going to throw around the abuse word on the show because of the negative connotations it clearly has. But enough has been said through out the show that proves meri was hateful and very abrasive. And most of us on here agree. I think 2 kids speaking out on it is enough to believe it. Heck, one kid speaking out on it is enough. They’re the victims.. not meri.

          4. I can believe mean, I’m just saying that Paedon talking about what happened to the other kids makes PHYSICAL ABUSE a little less believable, now had he come out and said that it happened to HIM I MIGHT actually believe it. I would really believe it if Maddie herself had came out and said it as opposed to Paedon claiming that that’s who she was talking about.

            It’s not his place to put words in the others mouths, Maddie is an adult too, she can come right out and say exactly who she means now.

            Paedon has proven himself to be less believable than pretty much all the other kids. There is too much double talk with him, one minute he’s talking down on them (Kody and Robyn), and the next he’s singing Robyn’s praises about how she “probably saved some of the kids lives”.

            It’s also odd to me that he’s come out with this little snippet after his alleged conversation with Kody about not wanting any of his kids to talk bad about him. So it seems like he’s talking favorable about Robyn to get back in Kody’s good graces.

          5. I don’t believe it was physical abuse necessarily. There are other forms of abuse such as mental and emotional. And depending on the situation and from personal experience, mental and emotional abuse are sometimes just as bad as physical abuse.
            And like someone on here said- there are many victims that don’t come forward, and it’s because of people like this who question their credibility. It’s sad.

            Just because he hit his sister, which was of course not okay, and I would never condone that behavior- doesn’t make him a liar.
            Siblings hit each other all the time, doesn’t make it right, but they know how to push each others buttons. Like I said he’s a guy, and huge, and obviously there was no excuse in hitting her. But it doesn’t make him not credible. Give me a break.

          6. Logical- Paedon said that Kody used to use corporal punishment and that what Meri did was much worse, sounds like physical abuse to me. Not saying that the other abuses (mental, emotional, etc) weren’t also used but this spells physical abuse to me.

            And the reason I question it isn’t only because it came out of his mouth but because it obviously didn’t happen to HIM because all his comments are what happened to the others, they can speak for themselves now, they’re all adults.

            He needs to stop talking about what happened to them and come clean with what (if anything) happened to him.

            And his hitting his sister isn’t just some random “sibling fight”. If it were then why would Christine have been afraid to leave Gwen at home alone with him? I’ll tell you why…because he himself is a violent prick also.

            Corporal punishment is taking things too far, I would never hit a child with a paddle, belt, switch, or any type of object. A light tap on the backside with the hand is punishment enough. And that should only be used if talking doesn’t work.

        2. Oh Pearl. There is an expression that says “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

          Your words make it very clear the type of person you really are. We don’t need to see your actions when your words are really heinous.

        3. You do realize that not all victims are vocal about the abuse they suffer right? It’s extremely ignorant to sit there and say they WOULD HAVE told someone. You don’t know that. Victims sit in silence because their abuser have manipulated them to believe what they say. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? Obviously not. You have no right to discredit someone else’s abuse because you believe they would have said something..

          1. Yes, my father was very verbally abusive, and had my mom not stepped in the abusive could very well had become physical because he often balled up his fists to punch me or drew back his hand to slap me. But I never had to tell anyone because my mom knew and she made sure I was NEVER alone with him.

            And Keifahsgreenhoodie, im not calling Maddie a liar. I’m calling Paedon one because not once did he say “this happened to me” he said it happened to his siblings. What right does he have to say what happened to someone else? Every single one of them (except Truely) are adults now and can say what they mean, hell even Truely can say it, Meri’s not in the picture and I KNOW both Christine and Janelle would believe them.

            And CURIOUS, my words are the exact opposite of my actions, I only say heinous stuff to turn people away because outside family I truly do HATE other people!!

          2. Like someone else said, I wouldn’t bother with this one, honestly. It’s already proven itself to be a liar, after previously making other statements about its family, now claiming something different.

            Odds are more likely that it literally has no one, because everyone has had enough and walked away. So it uses online sources as a means to tickle its fancy. It’s not worth the effort to refute what it spews forth since you won’t get anywhere. Also, we’re all just feeding into its need for attention. I know, most of us have tried at one time or another to put some sense in that walnut, but that shell isn’t going to crack, clearly.

            Attention whores gotta whore…and all that.

          3. I have always said my dad was nothing and my mom was practically a saint to put up with him.

            I have said he was never physically abusive and he wasn’t thanks to my mom. I got spanked by her but never abused, an occasional pop on the hand for doing something that was gonna cause me bodily harm wasn’t abuse and it taught me not to do those things.

            I don’t know what claim I’ve supposedly made that doesn’t match up with what I just said?

            I have family that gets me and that’s all I need, they know I’m a keep to myself, only speak to me when spoken to type person. I grew up with a father that couldn’t keep his mouth shut so now I don’t want to hear anything from anyone unless I instigate the conversation.

            And who the fuck pulled you’re string, last I checked I was speaking to KEIFAHSGREENHOODIE, CURIOUS and GRACIE…not you so don’t speak to me unless spoken to.

          4. And I have sense in my walnut, what I DONT need is what little “sense” that is in YOUR walnut.

            Someone should probably knock some sense into you. And if you’ve been knocked around, it’s clear that some sense has escaped because you don’t got much there, nor do you or anyone else on this site have much of a heart.

        4. Some of the other kids have said things about Meri. I guess you just had your head up your butt and missed it. Paedon is NOTHING like Kody! SMDH

          1. I know the others have said stuff about Meri then he throws Kody in the mix but they aren’t the only ones that are abusive, HE’S HIT HIS SISTER FOR GODS SAKE, and who know who else he would have hurt if Christine hadn’t stepped in.

            He saw his father and Meri be abusive for years and decided to repeat the cycle with his own sister.

            He is 100% like his father…only in a 20 something’s body.

        5. Pearl, as a person who has been verbally and emotionally abused as a teenager in her own home, let me tell you this: you have no clue what you’re talking about. When she died, I even gave a very emotional and positive speech at her funeral. When I later told about the abuse to a family member, they said it didn’t happen or I wouldn’t have said such nice things at the funeral. When you’re being abused, especially when you’re still a child, it’s hard to know what is normal and what isn’t. What is love and what is abuse. Please don’t do any more damage with your ignorance. Go into the world, talk to different people than you and converse without judgement. Listen carefully to their stories and reflect. And maybe one day you’ll be able to become open-minded and a positive influence on others.

          1. I was verbally and emotionally abused by my father so I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about but I didn’t have to say anything because my mother was right there, heard it, saw how it effected me and made sure I was NEVER alone with him because of the times she saw the abuse almost turn physical.

            I grew up with him calling me “stupid”, “cripple” and something I will NEVER forget is when I was 5 years old and my parents were fighting and my mom threatened to leave and take me with her, my dad looked her dead straight in the eye and told her that if she even tried then he would burn the house down with me and her in it.

        6. If you claim to have suffered abuse I am surprised why you don’t have any empathy towards people who also have had a similar experience. Apparently there’s one way, which is the Pearl way. Pitiful honestly. Life doesn’t work that way. My advice to you remains unchanged. Get out, talk to people, don’t judge and learn something about the world.

          1. I don’t CLAIM to have suffered it, I suffered it.

            And i have empathy towards others that have also suffered it. I get a child being afraid to say something, but an adult??

            An adult is no longer physically under the scrutinizing and manipulative thumb of the abuser (psychologically yes but not physically) so why still be afraid?

            Saying something and not being believed is one thing but why stay silent?

      2. I don’t believe it was physical abuse necessarily. There are other forms of abuse such as mental and emotional. And depending on the situation and from personal experience, mental and emotional abuse are sometimes just as bad as physical abuse.

    2. You are judging him over one incident when he was a kid. Did you ever do things you regret when you were a kid? Oh, that’s right. I forgot you think you’re perfect.

  12. Start writing your book now, Paedon, so it’s ready when the show ends. A tell-all on this family would be a #1 bestseller.

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