Paedon Brown Says His Dad Kody Tried to Get TLC To Put a Gag Order In His Kids’ ‘Sister Wives’ Contracts So They Couldn’t Say Anything Negative About Him

“I mean, who HASN’T tried to have a network sue their kids, am I right?!”

Just when you thought Kody Brown‘s actions against (some of) his family members couldn’t get any worse, his son Paedon revealed some shocking facts about the Sister Wives patriarch’s recent antics.

In a hours-long YouTube interview with blogger John Yates, Paedon— who is the son of Kody and his ex-wife Christine— spilled some scalding hot about his dad’s attempts to silence his own children using their TLC contracts!

According to Paedon, Kody was very upset when Paedon chose to wear a shirt sent to him by one of his social media subscribers that featured Christine’s notable quote about the nanny employed by Kody and his wife Robyn. Wearing the “What Does the Nanny Do?” shirt garnered Paedon a long, ranting text from Kody followed by about eight months of silence.

“Then he calls me, randomly, out of the blue and he has a conversation with me,” Paedon begins. “It’s like an hour-long conversation and it goes really, really well. And I’m like, ‘OK, I might be getting my father back. This is wonderful.'”

“Alas, you are wrong, Christine’s son!”

However, when Paedon informed Christine that he had a great conversation with Kody, she revealed what was really behind Kody’s “spontaneous” call. Christine said that she and Kody had been having an argument, and suspected Kody’s call to Paedon was part of Kody’s plan to get his kids to stop talking poorly about him online. (Kody shares six kids with Christine and has a total of 18 from all four wives.)

“Apparently he was trying to convince the…higher-ups in TLC and he’s trying to discuss with them trying to put it in our contracts that we are not allowed to say anything negative about him on our platforms,” Paedon revealed. “And he’s fighting with Mom about it because Mom is saying, ‘You can’t control our children that way.’ He’s trying to say, ‘Your children can’t say anything bad about me.'” 

“Have some respect for me! I’m doing all this with ONLY ONE KIDNEY, remember!?”

Paedon said that Kody wanted to get the gag order inserted into his kids’ TLC contracts because having them say negative things about him publicly “hurts his image.” Had Kody’s plan to get TLC onboard with the gag orders been successful, the network could legally sue any of the kids that spoke negatively about Kody on social media. However, the network refused to do what Kody wanted.

“TLC was like, ‘I don’t think we should do that,'” Paedon said. “And my mom was fighting. My mom was like, ‘No, you’re not allowed to tell our children what they can and can’t say about you. You have to earn their love back!'”

“And, I’m no expert here, but I’m pretty sure trying to get a network to sue them is not the way to our kids’ hearts…”

Paedon later found out that he wasn’t the only one of Kody and Christine’s kids to get a call from Kody.

“And then it hit me: he called me for a very specific reason,” Paedon said. “He called [my sisters] Aspyn and Mykelti and I think Ysabel for the exact same reason. He doesn’t want us talking negatively about him online. He had an hour-long conversation with three or four of his children…after losing the battle with Mom about what we are allowed to say online. He just happens to call us, and I realized he didn’t call me because he wanted to talk to me. He called me because he doesn’t want me talking negatively.”

Paedon said he was devastated by this.

“He broke my heart. Again,” he said. 

Kody has yet to publicly comment on Paedon’s interview. 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube)

28 Responses

  1. I won’t watch the show because of Kody being such a jerk. He makes me sick. He is the problem not his wives or children. Done, I am just done with this show.

  2. That’s so sad. It seems that everything about Cody Brown is so very sad. It’s really sad that he is such a cry baby and feels like he has been so wronged when he is blaming everyone else for the results of his own actions. Good for Christine, Janelle and Mary. It’s your turn ladies. Live your best lives. The best things that came from Cody are these beautiful children. It’s got to feel so liberating to be free of that sociopathic. I know it’s heartbreaking for the kids to feel like they aren’t good enough for him but the truth’re so much better than he deserves. Love and luck to you all????

  3. Well it was no surprise meri was mean spirited and nasty with the other children. But sobbin Robin she should not get off the hook. This sorry excuse for a woman and mother has lied, and is so deceitful to everyone. She has purposely with the help of kody destroyed the entire family. Most of us want their show completely canceled and want a show with Janelle and Christine and any of the kids that choose to be on the show. I get physically sick just hearing her voice. She has instigated so much discourse in that family. People should be worried about whats going on in Robin and kodys house with the other kids. It’s not normal to kiss your step daughter on the lips like you would a wife. They are delusional and we are so tired of seeing them.

  4. Meri always looked scary to me. I totally believe the stories of her abusing the poor children ….she took her frustration of a horrible “ marriage” out on those poor kids because they were helpless. Never believed her act. Ugly inside and outside…..vile creature.

  5. I am so sorry for how you feel, you stay close to your Mom and go on being the best you can be. Dont let this stuff get in your head. You are a great kid. As are all your Brothers and Sisters. Sending Love for you guys.

    1. Great kid? Not..even…close!!

      Paedon is Kody inside and out (mostly on the inside). Now as for his brothers and sisters…MOST of them are good kids.

  6. Paedon has also said that Robyn saved the older kids from Meri’s abuse. He says that he won’t reveal exactly what that was until the show is completely over,but he said that Kody used to use corporal punishment, and that what Meri did was much worse. ?

  7. MERI WAS ABUSING JANELLE & CHRISTINE’S KIDS!!!! As per Phaedon!!! That’s why Robyn never allowed Meri to babysit her kids!!! TLC MUST TELL THE TRUTH!!! THEY KNOW!!!

    1. Those kids are all messed up. Imagine having to share your dad with 17 other children! When would he have time for you? Plus his four wives? I think Kody bit off a lot more than he can chew with regard to his plural marriages. Imagine the stress! SMH!

      1. Oh well, Kody made his bed (all 4 of them), now he has to lie in it. But I imagine he doesnt mind laying in the bed he has left.

        I feel for most of the kids and 2 of the 3 wives that left his sorry ass!!

        But NOT Kody, never have never will

    2. I can’t stand Paedon either, but he’s the 3rd of the kids to say this about Meri, so I doubt it’s not true.

      1. I dont doubt its not true, i just have a hard believing it because it came out of HIS mouth. He never claimed anything ever happened to him. All his comments revolved around what he witnessed towards the others. If he had come forward and said “hey this happened to me also” then I’d actually find it believeble.

        So why is he coming forward? Why not someone it actually happened to?

        Maddie could have come forward herself with the tweets about Meri but she didn’t, I get that fear is a terrible thing but she is an adult now, no longer under the scrutiny and manipulation of Meri so why is she still afraid?

        Plus, people always wonder why Mykelti is so close to Robyn, well it’s kinda obvious.

  8. The only kids that matter to Kaveman Kody are those from his favorite wife. He’s either estranged or on bad/hurtful terms with the original 13. He sucks as a father, husband (with one exception) and human being.

    1. Im absolutely on Team Gabe and Garrison, but Team Paedon not so much…true the animosity towards his father is real but he shouldn’t have as much animosity towards Gwendolyn that he has. I don’t care what his belief says, that is his sister…he should love her as such.

      Even God loves those he doesn’t agree with.

    2. Oh really, he claims Gwen doesn’t speak to him just because he is a straight white male.
      He said Gwen wasn’t gay when she came out. Claimed many people are not really gay. Insinuated she was just trying to be trendy and get attention.

      He’s a clown with issues.

  9. Does Kody think the viewers are stupid? That we can’t see him for what he is? I have never known anyone so completely in La La Land as Kody is. Does he never take responsibility for anything? And yes, Kody, you do favor Robyn, you always have since the beginning of your relationship with her. And what’s with the hair? I don’t remember it being curly before. The nickname “Kodylocks” does suit you.

  10. Isn’t this guy supposedly a man of God?? I haven’t watched this show since Kody started a mousse shortage in Utah and the surrounding states, but I remember when it first started that he was practically getting direct calls from Jesus himself.

    What a toolbag.

  11. Kody is too full of himself to realize that its what he says and does on national tv that damaged his image. What his kids say really cant make it worse, it just confirms what we all already know.

    He is an awful human being.

    Loved those captions!

  12. This is so sad. Kody is more worried about what others think than actually having a good relationship with his kids. I can’t imagine how hard it is for them.

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