‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 2 Kicks Off with Disappointing Ratings: A Look At the Numbers 

Raise your hand if you think this show is seriously lacking couch content.

The ratings for the Teen Mom shows continue to sink faster than Jenelle Evans‘ house on The Land.

The second season of Teen Mom Family Reunion premiered on January 3, with cast members from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise venturing out on yet another MTV-funded cast trip “organized” by Catelynn Lowell. While Season 2 changes things up a bit, inviting some of the ‘Teen Mom’ grandmas along for the trip, as well as Kiaya Elliott and Kayla Sessler from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, it hasn’t been enough to garner impressive ratings. 

If only more viewers felt the same…

The Season 2 premiere brought in just 330,000 viewers, according to ShowBuzzDaily, garnering .15 of the coveted 18-49 ratings share. The show finished in the No. 37 spot for the night’s Top 150 Cable Telecasts. (To put it into a reality TV perspective, the episode of Little People, Big World that aired on the same night brought in a whopping 1,243,000 viewers. That night’s episode of the Below Deck spin-off, Below Deck Adventure had 623,000 viewers.)

Episode 2, which aired January 10, attracted even fewer viewers, with just 309,000 tuning in to watch the ‘Teen Mom’ girls do…whatever the hell it is that they do. Once again, the series garnered .15 of the 18-49 ratings share, though the show managed to finish in the No. 22 spot among the Top 150 Cable Telecasts.

“What do we have to do, throw furniture every episode?”

While Season 1 certainly wasn’t a ratings winner, it actually did better in the ratings than Season 2 has done (so far, at least.) For comparison, 463,000 viewers tuned in to watch the Season 1 premiere of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’ (The Season 1 premiere was the highest-ranked episode of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ ever, as ratings have sunk to the mid to high 300,000s going forward.)

This riveting content certainly didn’t help things.

Of course, Episode 2 left viewers with a cliffhanger, showing the scene leading up to the big cast fight that occurred on-set between Briana DeJesus and her mother Roxanne, and Ashley Jones and her mom Tea. The fight will be shown (presumably) during Episode 3, and may help to boost ratings a bit. 

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  1. Mtv needs to just cancel this crap. More like 30’s mom show. Go back to original 16 and pregnant one episode and give these girls little money to help them instead of making these ladies millionaires and just encouraging them to have more kids for money. Kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents

  2. They should have Cate actually organize the whole thing. I’d watch that in a heartbeat. I’m imagining a whole season of last minute scrapbooking.

  3. We just aren’t as interested and quite frankly, I think it is enabling not bringing awareness to teenage pregnancy. Almost like it glorifies teenage pregnancy. Not a fan anymore. Everyone is older now and should shut down the show.

  4. Who cares about any of these trash holes. MTV made these lazy bitches rich and it’s annoying. No one cares anymore except for people who are similar to these gross examples of human beings. Give it up already.

  5. They need to can this show and stop dragging it out. Let them all get a damn job and disappear. Be real parents with basics jobs and coming home to a hot mess of a house and kids. It’s not the overall narrative of everyone’s life, but I just want them to feel what life’s actually like. When asked years ago what they’d do in 5-10 years. Cate and husband said still be on TM. Proving they fully think this is a forever gig despite trying to be educated and having businesses. This is their go-to and safety net. Just take it away because it’s torture. Agree or disagree I said what I said. This is my opinion.

  6. I watch the reruns of Girlfriends, Young Sheldon or 2 and a Half Men when TM is on. I cannot stomach reality TV these days. It’s gotten so bad now.

    1. Same here, but for me it’s reruns of King of Queens and The Office. I’m off most reality TV except for LPBW and SW. I stopped watching TM when they added Briana and her disgusting family.

  7. For whatever reason MTV does not want to take this show off the air. It’s like The Simpsons being on air for 30+ years. Low ratings will not stop them producing this show and their spin offs.

  8. Was Leah not there? You know your show is trashy when even Leah and Mama Dawn decide it’s beneath them.

  9. .I feel the same way, Jade and Brianna are bullies, especially Brianna. She always seems to find things wrong with Ashley and acts like she’s the innocent one. If you notice she always has Ashley’s name in her mouth. And her poor baby daddy the first one she seems to drag him like he’s nothing. But the second daddy very seldom gets talked about and he doesn’t do shit. But Stella’s dad tries and even takes time with the little sister and gets talked about like a dog

  10. Mtv is a scumb bag for just thinking up this show.. they want the drama, they need the fights. That’s what mtv is doing

  11. Stopped watching Teen Mom after watching from the beginning..I don’t like Caitlin anymore after her strong and obnoxious abortion stand and I think everyone has the right to their opinions but also opinions come with consequences..I don’t care for Amber’s behavior and lack of responsibility for her actions..she has 2 kids and has custody of neither..for a reason..she doesn’t get it..McKenzie was fired..I really like her and her journey after losing her mom meant more to me than seeing drama queen fights by Ashley and Brianna..the show should be gone..it’s not hard to see that while many of us have supported these girls through growing up, we don’t support their adult behaviors and opinions..even Maci and her gun rights movement turned me away..they’re adults now who have child like tantrums and opinions that don’t align with my values or time..they are old enough to have their own opinions..then be old enough to get jobs and make a real living in the real world…

  12. Honestly the ship has been sailed since they are condoning a cast member’s psychotic behavior online and off towards her cast members past and present!!!! Also having her adding a another cast member after “supposedly” saving her life from a botched plastic surgery and turning her into a mean psycho but the difference between them is one works as a beautician and the one not working while using the show as her scapegoat!!!! Not to mention turning the other cast members against one!! So immature and psychotic of that one girl who can’t keep her STD legs closed for a sloppy second or a random quickie in the bathroom stall at the nightclubs she goes to and these immature girls (with the exception of a few girls) are closer to being in their 30’s!!! Time to cut the cord aka the moneytrain for these girls to go get real jobs since there lots of places that are hiring right now( Hear that the Psycho?!?!?!) and cancel the show altogether including the spin-offs!!!

  13. I think we are over these (not actually) Teen Mom’s. They talk about how much they have grown and they still fight for years with the same people over incredibly stupid shit. Add to the dumpster fire having to watch their equally immature mother’s. We all know for some reason that MTV doesn’t pay attention to the low ratings of any TM franchise.

    1. With some of the children approaching the age mom got pregnant, I really think MTV is holding out for them. I do.

      They keep mentioning how teen pregnancy is generational, Leah, and honestly, with these moms being so irresponsible and immature.. they cant be raising any of those kids right.

      None of the kids really get the lesson about how hard being a teen mom is bc it wasnt for these women. Maybe for 5 minutes, but living in mansions, going on trips.. that isn’t struggling.

      1. I have some hope that Leah’s daughter Aleeha will avoid teen pregnancy because of her father and his family’s influence. I worry about Addie since her dad isn’t as involved. My guesses for the TM kids are risk of repeating the cycle are Lincoln (his mom is a pig, his dad is a dog), same for Kail’s younger boys with Chris, all of Janelle’s kids if the boys don’t wind up in juvenile detention first, Briana’s kids (although I hope not because they seem to be cute and sweet girls), Sophia Abraham, Klowee because her parents suck. Not sure about Bentley – he’s already a handsome young man so he’ll have no problem with the ladies in high school. Isaac and Leah Shirley seem to have good heads on their shoulders and positive influences with their fathers’ families so those two kids will probably do just fine in life.

        1. Why do you exclude Ali from the list? The girl is beautiful and raised exactly the same as her twin. The perceived risk should be the same.
          She only happens to use a wheelchair. That doesn’t mean she won’t have boyfriends/ husbands or the ability to become pregnant.

        2. While I agree that Bentley is a handsome young man I wish he’d get rid of the mullet, it so 90s.

          He is so much more handsome with the short hair he used to have.

      2. That could be an uncomfortable truth.
        Could MTV be waiting for the first Teen Mom baby to have a baby her/ himself?
        I wouldn’t be surprised. They selected the girls and families they expected the most drama and least issues from. They choose vunerable girls that didn’t know what they signed for and needed money. I don’t think especially Farrah was really legally sane enough/ able to sign her privacy and image away for such a long time. Not that MTV made her look extra bad, they showed the whole world what she was like. Many career options are now not an option anymore

        1. Agree, and I truly do feel that Jace will be the first.

          That poor kid was cursed in the mom AND grandmother department!!!

          I know Barb thought she was doing right by him by basically saving him from his mom but dang she needs to do better with him than she did with Jenelle, that was her second chance and she’s done 0% better this time than she did last time!!

          You mark my words, he’ll be a daddy in a year or two, his baby mama will leave his ass and he won’t want a raise it so Barb will be raising it and making herself out to be a saint for doing so.

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