Jade Cline & Kiaya Elliott Respond After Fans Accuse ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Cast of Trying to “Make Ashley [Jones] the Villain” Following Premiere

“Not exactly the kind of ‘#trending’ I was going for, but whatev.”

Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion premiered this week, and while the much anticipated brawl between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus (and their mothers) has yet to happen, some fans online have already begun commenting on the division among the cast.

As moms from the Teen Mom franchise began arriving to this season’s venue during Tuesday’s episode, Ashley and her mom, Tea, were the last to make their entrance. Right away, it was clear that Briana wasn’t excited to see Ashley, nor was Jade Cline.

“Words? No. Spit? Stay tuned.”

(Viewers may recall Jade and Ashley nearly coming to blows during the first episode of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 1, with Briana also getting up in the mix.)

When you literally have each other’s back…

Later in Tuesday’s episode, Ashley and her mom decided to sit in a van while some of the cast took part in a bungee jumping activity. Ashley said she was going back to the van because she wasn’t feel well, though Briana–- who was getting ready to bungee jump at this point–- commented that she wasn’t concerned about Ashley retreating to the van, as she was trying not to pay attention to Ashley and Tea anyway. Meanwhile, Cheyenne Floyd wondered if Ashley was sitting out just to avoid the group activity.

“Maybe I can lock myself in the van with Ashley and force her to look at wedding centerpieces…”

Ashley and Tea appeared to have stayed in the van for the remainder of the activity, leading some online to call out the other moms for not going to make sure their cast mate was okay. 

“Why didn’t someone go check on Ashley instead of assuming, since they was so concerned,” one person commented

“And none of these heauxs went and checked on Ashley or asked if she was okay. Smh,” another wrote

Tuesday’s premiere ended with Kayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant making a surprise entrance to the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ house. Shortly after her arrival, Kiaya admitted she was “not that fond of Ashley” given their past social media feud–- something she also touched on this week on Instagram Live.

(Back in 2020, Kiaya and Ashley got into an Instagram squabble over their respective online boutiques…as you do. Unsurprisingly, Tea inserted herself into the girls’ drama and Kiaya’s mom, Tiffany, also got involved to defend Kiaya.) 

Following Tuesday’s episode, some viewers took to social media expressing their dislike over the cast–- Kiaya, in this instance–- bringing up past drama. 

“We’re also too old to still be on any show with the words ‘Teen Mom’ in the title, but here we are…”

“They trynna find reasons to make Ashley the villain,” one person wrote, to which another responded, “Exactly and I don’t like it either like it’s a new year let it go they always bring it up whenever they see her.” 

“If a bitch don’t say it to my face… the s**t don’t count!” a comment shared by @teenmomshaderoom__ read. 

“Smh everybody got a beef over Instagram comments… grow tf up!!” another person wrote. “This is some stupid, petty, childish s**t. She said what she said… move tf on and enjoy the trip.” 

After the premiere, Jade told fans during an Instagram Q&A that things between her and Ashley remain on bad terms, and while she’s “close with almost everyone” in the cast, she and Ashley haven’t been friends since she made the jump from ’Young and Pregnant’ to Teen Mom 2.

She also brought up the feud between her and Ashley that began years ago.    

“I think y’all forget she literally harassed me and tried to trash me online for 4+ years during Y&P, TM2 and the next chapter. And I did nothing to the girl,” Jade wrote. “ …Someone can only take so much. She literally tried to bully me off the show for years. Over nothing. All this info is still online. 

“It’s me. I’m ‘some people.'”

“During the current season I wanted nothing to do with her,” she continued. “The narcissistic behavior was vile and I won’t have that in my life anymore. I’ve grown and moved on. I forgive her bc forgiveness is for me and I think she has a lot she needs to work on in life. I hope she gets to a place of peace so she can stop spreading hate and so much anger.” 

As for Ashley, she said earlier this week that she doesn’t plan to address what happened this season on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’  

“It’s just not worth it for me anymore,” she added. “I hope y’all enjoy the season.” 

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17 Responses

  1. Why does brianna try to make herself out to be the angel when all Ashley’s arguments were when she younger I see a big change in her where as brianna has argued with nearly everyone she deliberately poked at kail until kail said that’s it am out then argued with Ashley even the last reunion jade and Ashley were talking with Ashley saying look that was a different me but at that point briana deliberately went over to stir the point and if you remember back it was Ashley that approached briana to sort things out but bri kept talking her down is she jealous that her baby daddy’s still there and she’s making something of her life when bri has said on camera I don’t want a career well working at the call centre wages will send you straight back to live with mommy your the one that argues with everyone and the way they sook up Amber’s ass she’s the worst but one thing I want to mention is I liked cheyenne until she sent that txt and I thought you have a cheek cheys 1st season she was out in the street arguing with zach pushing at people she ain’t no angel and her whole story this season was zach going to court but don’t forget how many times she cussed people out and poor zach in the car Ashley all the bitches stick together honey you’re doing amazing and they’re jealous x

  2. “The narcissistic behavior is vile”
    “I forgive her because forgiveness is for ME”

  3. I wonder why my 17 year old students can’t write a decent sentence but after reading the comments in this article, I realize that they didn’t pay attention in English class. SMDH

  4. Y’all! This isn’t directly about this post perse, BUT I was thinking earlier back to the episode where Amber wanted to go to the rodeo for her birthday & Cheyenne said people were being racist to her. Ok, I know some people actually do enjoy rodeos. But Amber? A rodeo for her birthday? Sorry, I just can’t see it. Next, sweet Lord baby Jesus I wish we could’ve had Ashley instead of Chey getting the remarks. Could y’all even imagine? She would’ve made those people regret even going to the rodeo that day. I can see her now, twerking on them, saying “If you don’t want to see me then why you at the rodeo then?!” Pointing and yelling “Your momma ain’t raise you right!” “Guess what bitch? I ain’t leaving! Yeah you heard me! My ass is staying right here!”
    And she wouldn’t have left. She probably would have sat beside them or near them & just stared at them! Lmfao ?

    1. This I would pay to see because Ashley is that girl. I love her. She is straight forward and admits when she messes up. But is still gonna stay herself and has NO problem twerking in an argument.

    1. I’m not sure she still is. If I’m remembering correctly, someone asked her something about the pregnancy maybe on an Instagram live or something like that & she said something about not being at a place where she felt comfortable discussing it. Most people thought that meant she had lost the baby. I sure hope not, but it did kind of sound that way.

  5. Idk sometimes I feel like maybe some of the girls have this kind of reaction to each other because some of them have really strong love it or leave it personalities. Then there’s the followers who just want a group to fit into. Then you’ve got the spoiled ones. None of these girls knew each other before the show, so people can’t expect them all to just get along. THEN you gotta throw in their moms. I’m all for defending your child, but these women take immature to new lows. I strongly believe when Cate said they were too old for the drama she hit the nail on the head! They really shouldn’t be on this show anymore. Especially the mom’s who have teenagers now & Cheyenne who never was a Teen Mom. Like EVER.

  6. How can so many young women with a good amount of money coming in just look so bad?

    Not sure if it’s the Earl Scheib makeup or constant surgeries..

    None look healthy. None look like they eat well or exercise.
    You’d think with the money and years of free time they’d look amazing.

  7. Ashley was in the wrong too but I’m tired of the Briana needing a protector bs over drama she starts. I think it was @TheAshley who compared Briana to the girl in high school who ran her mouth but then suddenly got period cramps and went home before she had to fight. DEAD ON!

    1. Omg Briana isnt a bully and is perfect? ?? she’s been the biggest loud mouth bully on the show and her mom and sister! I can not even handle listening to her and her mom sit here and act like they don’t sit and scream in peoples faces non stop and bully people “ Miss sent Kail a treadmill” and came out on the one reunion like a raging lunatic!

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