Janelle Brown Says She’s Over Her Sister Wife Robyn Inserting Herself Into Kody’s Drama: “I Get So Tired of ‘Counselor Robyn!'”

“I need advice from you about as much as I need an eyebrow tutorial from ya, Robyn!”

Janelle Brown is not holding back when asked how she really feels about her (former) sister wife, Robyn Brown.

In a sneak peek clip of Sunday’s upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Janelle opened up about how annoying she finds it that Robyn inserted herself into issues that Janelle was having with her then-husband Kody. (Robyn is still married to Kody, but his first three wives– Janelle, Christine and Meri— are no longer with him.)

“I get so tired of ‘Counselor Robyn,'” Janelle told host Sukanya Krishnan in a sneak peek of Part 3 of the “One on One” interviews shared by Us Weekly.

Janelle stated that Robyn was always highlighting how bad Kody felt after Christine dumped him in 2021.

“[Robyn was] like, ‘Oh yeah, your pain, your pain,'” Janelle said.

“What about OUR pain!? We’ve had to look at him wearing that stupid visor for years…and had to deal with you, too!”

“[Kody] acts like he’s the only person who’s been rejected, who’s been hurt,” she continued, adding that Kody knew that the split with Christine “had been coming for a long time,” despite how surprised he acted about it.

Janelle stated that Robyn constantly interjects herself into Kody’s drama to try to diffuse the situation, but often makes things worse.

“It just feels like she’s placating him,” Janelle said.

This is not the first time that Janelle has expressed her dislike of Robyn. During the Season 16 finale, Janelle stated that she is not very motivated to fix the strained relationship she has with Robyn, despite Robyn’s eagerness to make it better.

“Who WOULDN’T want to be Robyn’s friend?”

“There is some history there, in the past, that…I mean, my desire [to get along with Robyn] is there. but I’m kind of like, ‘Ugh, do I want to do this again?’”

Robyn stated on the previous episode of the Season 17 “One on One” interview that Kody’s other wives blame her for things that Kody has done to them.

“It’s not faaaaair!”

“I jokingly refer to myself as ‘Kody’s whipping boy,’” Robyn said. “When he does something they don’t like, I get blamed. Maybe I’m an easy target because I have a tendency to just take it and not get jerky about it.”

In the sneak peek of Sunday’s episode, Janelle also shared that Kody’s strained relationships with their sons, Gabe and Garrison, have not improved much since filming ended for Season 17. (Gabe and Garrison refused to apologize to Kody and Robyn for things that had said about them in the past, which caused some of the tension.)

“[Kody’s] not [really] made any effort. He’s still acting like they need to come to him,” Janelle said, adding that her boys still feel “rejected” by their father.

“What am I supposed to do? Apologize to THEM!?”

Earlier this season, it was revealed that Garrison had told Kody that he was “done” with him and no longer wanted a relationship with his dad.

“Garrison, with his narcissistic attitude, calls me up and goes, ‘This is your fault and I’m never going to be around you again,’” Kody said in an episode that aired in September.  

During that same episode, Christine clarified that things between Janelle’s kids and Kody have been tense for a long time. 

“Janelle’s kids have been frustrated for years, because of the way he’s treated Janelle for years,” Christine said.

Part 3 of the ‘Sister Wives’ “One on One” interview airs Sunday on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC)

23 Responses

  1. Robyn was abig part of the problem and Kody seem to quit taking care of himself and turned into a gressey haired unclean slob. Why any women wanted to be married to him is beyond me! meri should have been the first to leave, no wife should have been treated the way he treated her, Go Meri Go! Have a life with a little dignity you deserve it
    Christine and Janelle, you are beautiful women go have a beautiful life don’t give that man one cent of your money. He owes you and your children. God bless all three of you women and your families.

    1. Yes, you’re right. Robyn has been causing trouble from day one. She wants everyone to, “Leave me the hell out of it!” She has been inserting herself into everyone else’s business from the get-go. She acts like they are the ones pulling her into it. Please! She is just a nosy Rosie. Girl, have a seat. These other women have been dealing with this POS of a man for over 30 years in a couple of cases. You know nothing! You have also contributed absolutely nothing to this family but hurt and heartbreak. Also, why did your refuse Christine’s offer to take care of your kids? What does the nanny do? Sobyn you and Grody are horrible people, and your kids are all spoiled brats. I am truly hoping that as a woman you have to go through what you put these other women through. Get ready, Cinderella, because the clock is about to strike midnight.

  2. Robyn is either very naïve or a manipulative liar. I feel strongly that’s it’s the latter. Christine was the mom who raised all the kids while the others were busy and she tried to do that with Robyn’s kids but Robyn got a nanny instead. Why does Robyn need a nanny if she has sister wives ready and willing to help?? Yet Robyn is complaining so much about Christine not having a relationship with her kids and ruining her big picture. That smells like bull to me. Plus, as a sister wife it is her responsibility to kick Kody out of her house when he is staying there everyday ignoring his other wives and kids.

    It speaks volumes that most of the kids want nothing to do with Robyn.

  3. Well, it is about time this ridiculous drama ends. I personally only began watching this recently & can not imagine anyone sitting through all of these episodes year after year. Let’s get another chapter of Longmire going!

  4. I wonder if Grody will be able to find even one other wife to continue the show? Although if he does pull off this feat, I look forward to watching Sobyn be the wife who feels infringed on – mwahahahaha

  5. Narcissist usually accuse people calling them out as being the narcissist. That was typical narcissist behavior on Cody’s part.

  6. Robin expected the family to take on her debt. Pay for nannies to raise her kids, pay for her shopping addiction, and for her to live in the nicest home, and her cars. And she hasn’t worked a day since joining this family.

    If I was Jenelle I would be extremely resentful of her. She doesn’t participate in the family, doesn’t help raise all the kids, doesn’t participate in anything that could help the family, just takes, and then when Jenelle tries to voice her problems, she dismisses Jenelle and patronizes her.

    Jenelle was out for working 60+ a week, while her son is making breakfast for her kids, then Christine would raise them, help with home, cook for her family, etc. Meri was out working. Christine would work nights to help out the family.

    And when Christine was like instead of draining our bank accounts, why don’t I watch your kids. Robin was like no, I would rather use the money everyone else is earning to pay my family member to watch them, while I’m a SAHM. Like what?!?!?!

    I really can’t believe it took 15 years for this family to break, that’s the only surprise to me, .

  7. Robyn and Kody deserve each other. They’re only butt hurt now because they have no one else to leech off of. And everyone finally sees their true colors. It’s their comeuppance. It’s nice to see ?’y people getting theirs.

  8. Janelle was married to Meri’s brother for 2 years before she married?!!

    How gross is that?

    The reason for the divorce is unknown but I wonder if Meri had an infatuation with Janelle that made her realize she couldnt live without Janelle and that’s why she talked Janelle into marrying Kody?

      1. Not for a really long time, I stopped after Robin joined the “family”, it stopped being a good show after that

        1. When Robin became his legal wife is when I actually stopped watching, it was like it swelled there egos even more.

    1. They literally wrote about it in their book, so it wasn’t a secret.

      Kody is a pretty insecure man, Robin has talked about how she’s not allowed to mention her ex-husband, who is the father to three of her children without making Kody upset. So I assume Jenelle just says, I met Kody through Meri’s family, it’s for the same reason. So she doesn’t have to deal with Kody throwing a temper tantrum, because god forbid Jenelle had a life before Kody.

      1. Never said it was a secret, i just forgot…so sue me, I’m human…it happens. Nobody can say they’ve never forgotten something and if they do then they’re a damn liar.

        The part I think is gross is the jump from sister-in-law to sister wives.

        There has to be an infatuation between those two, maybe its mutual or maybe it’s mainly Meri. But to introduce the person that was your sister-in-law to the man you married so she can be your sister wife seems odd to me.

    2. Why is that gross? Janelle is not married to Meri, she’s married to Kody. Kody isn’t related to Janelle’s ex-husband. There is zero connection.

      Meri and Janelle can’t stand each other and there has never been even a miniscule bit of evidence in 17 long seasons that Meri “couldn’t live without Janelle” or was fascinated with her. In fact she didn’t want Kody to marry Janelle at all. Your last paragraph seems like a thinly veiled way to make people think that this family is a bunch of related adults all sleeping with each other.

      Also, the reason for the divorce IS known and again, no need to twist it.

      1. There is connection between Meri and Janelle’s ex (they are brother and sister), Meri introduced Janelle to Kody in 1990 (the same year Meri/Kody got married and the same year Janelle got the divorce from her brother). That’s what’s gross to me, the fact that Janelle was Meri’s sister in law then she just had to have her as a sister wife.

        Most of the time there is a level of dislike or even hate when someone becomes an ex. But apparently not there, that’s why I think Meri has an infatuation with Janelle, it was like “hey she divorced my brother, I can’t live without her so let me introduce her to the man I married to so she’ll marry him and I’ll have her back.”

        If the reason is known, why when I Googled Janelle Brown did it say that the reason for the divorce was unknown.

  9. Didn’t Kody say he never loved or even liked Christine? How is it he’s suddenly in so much pain over her leaving him if he didn’t even like to kiss her or hold her hand? The only thing hurting here is his ego

    1. Because he is a narcissist and they don’t like being broken up with. They break up work you, not the other way around or their fragile egos are broken

    2. He’s not struggling because he loved her, he’s struggling because he’s embarrassed and like he said, “didn’t want a divorce on his record”. It’s about him looking weak to his community and the public or looking like he failed. It has nothing to do with Christine. Which sounds insane, but that just shows how messed up he is.

    3. This!! That’s what I’ve been thinking, too. He literally said that he wasn’t in love with her anymore, and had no desire to be intimate with her. And now he’s saying that he’s so hurt by Christine’s decision to leave! Who th would want a loveless relationship?? Gawd, I really can’t stand this dude!

  10. I find it hysterical (but not in the funny sense) that Kody called out one of his son’s for being a Narcissist when everyone knows that Grody is the true Narcissist in this whole debacle of plural marriage. He prefers respect & loyalty over love? And, he’s going to be the patriarch of his family? He’s a contradiction to every single thing he says. The way he has treated his three wives and the children he has with them is disgusting. Funny, (again, not ha ha) how none of his children want polygamy. Cheers to Christine, Janelle and Meri for getting out alive and well and taking their incomes with them! Grody is an abuser, he should be removed from the show permanently and take Sobbyn and her kids with him.

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