Briana DeJesus Explains Why She Didn’t Want to Film ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Reunion With Ashley Jones: “I Just Couldn’t Do That Again”

“Brittany is unavailable to pull your hair on that day. Could we do next Thursday?”

After a painfully long season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, the cast sat down Tuesday for part one of the two-part reunion, during which Briana DeJesus exited the stage before filming even began.  

Briana’s early exit, which The Ashley told you about back in November, happened about 30 minutes before the reunion kicked off, shortly after producers pointed out where Ashley Jones would be seated on stage. Before Ashley made her entrance to join the rest of the moms, Briana walked off stage, claiming she was unhappy with the seating arrangement. 

Briana, to whoever made the seating chart.

“I feel like this setup is not what I want it to be,” Briana told producers. “I don’t feel comfortable.” 

Once she was backstage, Briana got emotional while telling her mom and a producer that she was experiencing a lot of anxiety, noting it was the first time she was seeing “her” (“her” being Ashley) since the drama that occurred while filming Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion a few months prior. 

(The Ashley broke the news months ago of the massive brawl on the set of ‘Family Reunion’ involving Briana and Ashley and their mothers, Roxanne and Tea. Click here to catch up on all of the spitting and furniture-throwing details.)

“Next time, I’m throwin’ a couch…I don’t care if Amber is sitting on it or not!”

Once Jade Cline returned to the set after going backstage to check on Briana, she and the rest of the cast were told that both Ashley and Briana were invited to take the stage, and either one or both of them would be coming out.  

On Wednesday– one day after the Reunion Part 1 episode aired– Briana took to social media to explain why she refused to film with Ashley, claiming the situation gave her “major flashbacks” of an incident with a former cast mate. (While Briana didn’t mention the cast mate by name, it’s safe assume she was referring to the infamous Teen Mom 2 Season 8B Reunion throw down involving herself, her sister Brittany DeJesus, and former ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member Kail Lowry.)

“I had hella anxiety,” Briana tweeted. “I was also torn between the two-repeating history and going off or setting boundaries and I made the right decision. I didn’t want to be left out again and get sent home.” 

(As you may remember, both Briana and Brittany were booted from the 2018 ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion after their brawl with Kail. After the brawl with Ashley and Tea at ‘Family Reunion’ Season 2 taping, both mother/daughter duos were sent home.)

“Honestly I don’t want to fight with anyone on my cast,” Briana said in another tweet. “It is extremely exhausting.”

Briana said she was proud of herself for not lashing out, admitting she didn’t trust herself at the time to control her emotions. 

“…and stop throwing hands, middle fingers and bookcases at my co-workers.”

“I had so much anger building up and last time I lied to network and said I was OK sitting with someone else [Kail] but I really wasn’t and acted a god damn fool,” she wrote. “I don’t want that image man y’all never let me forget so I just couldn’t do that again…. I am exhausted.” 

“Briana being self-aware and learning from her mistakes?! This is like the Twilight Zone! What’s next? Me not wearing a blazer/T-shirt combo for a Reunion?”

Part 2 of ’The Next Chapter’ reunion airs next Tuesday on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. I’m surprised The Ashley hasn’t done a story on Chelsea (Mrs. Perfect) and Cole owing millions of dollars in back taxes. MTV producers always gave that couple the best edits.

    1. She wasn’t your typical lower class teen mom that struggled to make ends meet and feed themselves.She came from a family with money so they have treated her different. With saying that though. At least her other 3 children were fathered by the same man. That hadn’t been the case with the others! They have made a good living off of having kids!

    2. Nothing negative is ever stated about Chelsea because her Dad paid off production but it’s been stated, anonymously that she had a pill problem & was very promiscuous.

  2. Grow TF up!! It’s a job!!
    MTV start docking those huge paychecks! Or find new girls, I’m sure there is a waiting line and you could possibly get some cast mates with some poise and manners!
    Or at least the filters needed for a reunion!
    Why do you let your employees run all over you?
    You paid a lot of $ to have a bunch of spoiled entitled little girls. Grown ass women don’t act like that, unless you need your medication changed or need a mental evaluation.

  3. I love that she’s scared of Ashley. She brought that on herself with her trashy behavior. Always starting something because she can’t keep her mouth shut.

  4. When are THESE so called women going to start like grown ups.
    You aren’t in high school any longer. This is why CHILDREN SHOULDN’T HAVE CHILDREN.
    Plus their mother’s are throwing punches also! You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

  5. Oh the growth. She found a new way to draw the attention to her.
    Pardon, I mean, “she learned” to leave situations that make her do things that are going get her fired or arrested. Admitting you have a problem is the first step!
    I hope one of the next steps is growing up and also the step of developing some morals and values.

  6. Her “anxiety “ came from not having her linebacker sister right next to her to handle her adversaries. Diaper ass can run her mouth but needs backup when it comes to fighting her battles cuz she sure can’t.

  7. Oh, hell no. I’m so sick of “anxiety” being thrown out when the reality is these people are actually scared of facing the consequences of their own actions. It’s offensive to those of us who really suffer with it. This nutcase has no idea what it’s like to be hit with anxiety out of the blue, to hyperventilate to the point of passing out, being rushed by ambulance to the hospital because your blood pressure is off the charts and you can’t breathe. Love your recaps @TheAshley but I’m gonna just read the other shows you cover from now on. I can’t deal with these Teen Mom children anymore. Can’t even laugh anymore. These people are just sad, pathetic, and a lot of the time straight up offensive and I’ve reached my limit.

  8. Bri always plays the victims but she is the common denominator in the altercations she has with multiple cast members. Poor poor pitiful Bri.

  9. The Psycho desperately needs to be put into a mental institution!!! She and her family need to be fired from the show and held accountable for their actions!!!! GTFU Psycho!!! Stop blaming everyone for the actions you and your family have done since day one!!! Think about it before you and your family came the show there were no physical fights at all!!!! Ever since you and your family always have to start physical fights between past and current cast members. Go ahead and get help in the psych ward now!!! I hear that you have a room reserved with your name for a long period of time!!!

  10. She was afraid to get that diaper looking ass beat without her Momma or Brit to pull some hair or throw a shoe.

    This is why I refuse to watch anymore. MTV is always trying to get them drama ratings when they should be trying to defuse the situation. Leaving Briana on the show is their biggest mistake to date. …and if Jade doesn’t like it she can take her nasal talking ass on too. MTV should let those 2 branch off on their own so they can find out THEY are the ratings killers.

    At least when Kail and Bri were beefing, Kail tried to have it all put on the table in a room alone before going out on stage. Bri wouldn’t do it off stage. She’s no better than a keyboard warrior. 🙄

  11. I find it bizarre that these women alternate between portraying themselves as the victim or the aggressor with no middle ground. It’s like their emotional growth is stunted and remains at the age of them joining the show.

    1. People tend to be emotionally stunted at the age a big trauma happened. Most of these women act like 16 year olds because that’s when they had kids. Team pregnancy is pretty traumatic. They all need therapy.

  12. Girl, stop making excuses and just admit you were too scared to film because you wouldn’t have the coven for backup.

  13. Briana has always been a trouble maker at those reunions. She never appeared that radical on the show itself. It’s time she grows up and presents herself like a decent person. She doesn’t have ro react to everything someone else has to say especially if it don’t concern her! I used to like Breana but her attitude around the other girls has just been trashy! Present yourself with some respect!

  14. why was mtv so quick on making briana comfortable when ashley wasn’t even sitting near her yet when kail told them the same thing they still conveniently left brittney right behind kail? briana wasn’t crying when she was stirring up all that drama either but now she’s so uncomfortable & anxious? gtfoh

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