‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Says He Wants To Fix His Relationship with Estranged Wife Janelle; Says It’s Hard Because Janelle’s Still Friends With His Ex Christine

“We can go back to how it was: I ignore you until it’s time to yell at you! It’ll be great, Janelle!”

Kody Brown is down to only one wife, but the former husband of four says he has hopes that he can fix at least one of his relationships: the one with wife Janelle.

In a sneak peek clip of Sunday’s “One on Ones” part 3 episode shared by Entertainment Tonight, the Sister Wives star admits that, while he is currently separated from Janelle, he would like to give things another try. However, he feels Janelle’s friendship with his ex-wife Christine (who left him in 2021), may be standing in the way.

While talking to episode host Sukanya Krishnan, Kody said he “absolutely” hopes to fix his strained marriage to Janelle, but he isn’t sure she feels the same way.

“Janelle has made it pretty clear that she’s enjoying her life without me,” Kody said. “She’s like, ‘Yeah, I haven’t missed you much.’

Still, he refuses to try to work it out with Janelle if she doesn’t respect him.

“See that? It’s the last flying f**k I give about you, Kody.”

“I won’t go to a place where I’m not respected. Love doesn’t matter to me, respect matters to me,” he said.

During her own interview with Sukayna, Janelle said her respect for Kody continues to wane.

“I do [respect him still] but I’m so mad about what’s happened with our kids,” Janelle said. (As The Ashley previously reported, Kody is estranged from several of his kids with Janelle.) “It’s very hard. I’m losing respect for him in that regard.”

Janelle said she feels disrespected by Kody, who, in her opinion, was only worried about his relationships with his (now only) wife, Robyn and their kids, particularly when the family was at odds over Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules.

“I think if he had truly been watching out for me and my children he would have figured out a way to make it work for the whole family, instead of having his rules and hanging out with the wife and staying where he was ‘respected and obeyed,” Janelle said.

Janelle also stated that she’s no longer in love with Kody, with whom she shares six adult children. 

“Let me tell you, missy. It’s your loss! A piece of man meat this hot only comes along once in a lifetime!”

“I think if we both really sat down, we’d look at each other and say, ‘Really?'” Janelle said, adding that she had only stayed with Kody as long as she did due to her faith and commitment. (Kody has also admitted in the past that he’s no longer in love with Janelle.) 

“Kody and I have separated and I’m happy, really happy,” Janelle explained, adding that she decided to split with Kody when things became “indifferent” between them.

“Like I just didn’t care anymore,” she said. 

In his interview, Kody stated again that he wants to fix his marriage to Janelle, but feels that her friendship with his ex-wife, Christine, is making that hard for him.

“We’re in a new place. Christine’s left. Janelle likes her,” Kody said with a laugh, adding that Janelle and Christine weren’t such great friends while he was married to them both.

“Why couldn’t you have been such good sister wives while you were sister wives?!” he asked. 

“You need to hate her. Hate her now!”

Part 3 of the ‘Sister Wives’ “One on One” episode airs Sunday on TLC.

Watch the sneak peek clip below! 

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(Photos: TLC)

24 Responses

  1. Only wants to so he can stay on show, cause without he’s no longer plural marriage. We want show life after kody featuring Janelle Christine and meri. Let kody support him and Robin on his own, he’s used these ladies long enough.

  2. He wants her back solely for her income. He says that love doesn’t matter, but respect does? Hmm spin mop head, didn’t you say “love should be multiplied, not divided”? He and sobyn are disgusting and deserve each other. I pray Janelle stays far far away!

  3. Kody only wants Jenelle for the MONEY she brings in!! Same for the other ex-wives!! And if ANYONE disrespects my children, or is even indifferent to them, that person is DEAD to me!! I would work hard to get a bad father AWAY from my kids!! Kody is a transactional husband and father, that’s it.

  4. Kody’s just wants Janelle’s financial support. He loves Robin but he expects the other three, now ex wives, to live in a loveless marriage! He’s to dumb to figure out that women want love and intimacy in their marriage! If they don’t have that then why the he’ll be married? He only see’s what his needs are and have never considered their feelings whatsoever. They don’t need his Damm life. Why would they the way he treated them?

  5. Your going to miss the money janelle, brings to the family.
    Thats the only reason you want to fix things, janelle run, run fast and far away…

    1. That’s why is got begged to come back to the family the first time. He needed money for a big house, and didn’t have it. Jenelle’s father had just died and she inherited a good sum, and he put on the charm to get her back into the family fold.

      Now that Christine’s money is gone, Jenelle’s money is gone. He’s freaking out that he put his eggs in the only non-working family member’s basket.

      Also, Kody negotiated the contract for TLC as a lump sum for all the wives, but going forward, that woman will get their own contracts, which will cut into the money Kody can get.

      I guess this fear of poverty to closer than he realizes….

  6. The relationship between Christine and Janelle was never that bad to start with but it became better when Kody stopped instigating problems between them. That’s why they couldn’t be “good sister wives”
    That’s a mess, not the fact that they are good friends now.
    Kody is one of the worst people to have between you and another person. He creates his own stories of what someone has said and sells it like the truth to the other.

    1. Even if they didn’t get along, they do now. They probably both realised that they were in the trenches together. Plus I imagine Christine’s relationship with Janelle’s children goes a long way too. IF they did (in Kody’s words) not get along I can see a respect building over the years. Janelle is probably grateful to Christine for everything she did for her kids and Christine probably appreciates the support. He’s trying to put a negative spin on the ONLY people that actually act like family with each other!!

  7. That manospheric asswipe only cares if he and witchy-poo lose the show. Then they would have to get off their lazy asses to make the payments on that ugly overpriced house!

  8. Kody has destroyed his relationship with most of his and Jenelle’s kids (And Christine’s and Meri’s, but separate issues). Tried blaming it on COVID, but COVID didn’t make you forget Gabe’s birthday. Make Gabe and Garrison move out of Jenelle’s house, but allowed all of Robin’s older kids to live at home.

    I get Jenelle it’s hard to love someone or even RESPECT someone who actively makes his kids cry and then demands they apologize to him.

    Jenelle will always pick her kids over Robin, and Kody doesn’t get that. I really don’t what there is to get. Who wouldn’t put their kids first? ***Cough** Kody **Cough***

    1. And in doing all of that, he united Janelle and Christine by giving them the common bond of being married to a jackass. At least there’s finally a relationship that looks promising!

  9. So you can/should just decide who someone can be friends with? Not controlling at all…

    We must give it to Cody, he is an expert in making everything worse and it seems there is no upper limit.

  10. He doesn’t miss Janelle, he only misses her paycheck. God forbid his precious Robyn actually get a job.

    Also, I’m no fan of Meri’s, but gosh, what a kick to her heart (and ego) that Kody wanted to get Christine back AND currently wants Janelle back. And yet Meri is the only one saying, “take me back!!!!?‍♀️” That’s got to sting.

    1. Now that all of Robin’s kids are in school, she had no excuse who she needs a nanny anymore or why she can’t work from 8-3 most days.

      I mean honestly, they are D list celebrities, get on Instagram and sell some SponCon crap. Or do what the other wives to do and join a pyramid scheme. She would barely need to work, just get a lot of people in your downline doing everything and you can make bank.

  11. Sounds like Christine and Janelle bonded over being married to the same narcissistic jackass.

  12. Kody you said you were not in love with Janelle..Why would she never want to be with you.You also said you only trust Robin,so get a life why would anyone want to be with you..Stick to snobben Robin she is all yours now …Hope you are proud of your self…Even your kids see though you..You are only fooling your self..Enjoy you and Robins kids nice little family..Congratulations ?

  13. Orly Christine is the problem? What hasn’t she caused at this point!

    The truth is he’s a crappy dad. Turns out for Janelle and Christine that was their bottom line. It would have been messing with my money for me but ok. A lot of people have difficulties having relationships with their adult children because they aren’t in complete control anymore. I get free will isn’t part of his vocabulary but to think your adult children aren’t going to have opinions or independent thoughts on your actions is just ignorant.

  14. “Love doesn’t matter to me, respect matters to me”. Love and respect go hand in hand but I don’t expect a narcissist to know that first thing about either

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