‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Admits He’s Not In Love With Wife Janelle & Thinks She Feels the Same Way About Him: “We Don’t Partner Really Well”

“I mean…we don’t hate each other, so we’re doing better than some of Kody’s other marriages…”

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is getting real about the state of his relationship with his second wife, Janelle.

In a sneak peek clip of Sunday’s Season Finale Part 2 episode, Kody is asked point-blank by host Sukanya Krishnan if he loved Janelle, whom he has been married to since 1993. Kody automatically responds that he loves Janelle, but Sukanya quickly points out that’s not what she asked him. Finally, Kody admits that he’s not “in love” with his second wife—with whom he shares six children— but says he considers her a great friend.

After shaking his head ‘no’ when asked if he is in love with Janelle, Kody argued that Janelle feels the same way about him.

“Janelle wouldn’t tell you that she was in that place with me either if she was being honest,” Kody said. 

During the same interview, Kody admitted that, as of right now, he and Janelle are “not in sync.” 

“If our relationship can’t be ‘in sync,’ can it at least get some heat? Can we be 98 Degrees?”

“We don’t partner really well. But we actually just have a marriage, if you will, that’s lower in attachment [to each other],” he said.

Kody— who has no romantical or sexual relationship with his first wife Meri and had tried to put his third wife (and now ex) Christine on ice, sexually, before she left him— seemed to indicate that he and Janelle are no longer sexually involved, although he didn’t specifically say that.

“I mean, we’re good friends. We get along well. It’s more of just a committed relationship,” he said.

Janelle went on to explain that their marriage is, indeed, more of a committed friendship. (The Browns have all stated for years that Janelle and Kody have always connected on more of a friendship level throughout their marriage.)

“Look, we have a long-term relationship. We’ve been together almost 30 years,” Janelle said. “He’s my best friend.”

“Remember, I’m married to KODY! Just being his friend is hard enough!”

Sukanya tried to get details on where Janelle and Kody’s relationship stands sexually, but Janelle was reluctant to talk about it, shutting the question down multiple times by saying they were “fine” in that department.

“We’re fine,” Janelle said. “Kody and I are fine. I’m not going to share too much but we’re fine.”

Why Janelle and Kody are “fine”…probably…

Christine also weighed in on the state of Janelle and Kody’s marriage. (As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Christine announced her breakup from Kody in November 2021.) Like Christine’s marriage to Kody, Janelle’s marriage had been strained throughout Season 16, due, in part, to Janelle and her family’s refusal to abide by Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules, and how he’s treated them because of their refusal.

Christine stated that, in her opinion, Janelle doesn’t need as much from Kody— emotionally and perhaps sexually– as she did.

Sukanya asked Christine if, in her opinion, Kody “filled Janelle’s tank.”


“I don’t know if she needs Kody to ‘fill her tank.’ I don’t know if she needs that,” Christine said.

“You know there are ways to ‘fill your tank’ that come with batteries and don’t require you to deal with an egotistic man-child, right?”

 “What she needs from Kody is very different than what I ever needed from Kody,” Christine added. “I think Janelle’s a wicked awesome strong woman and she fills her own damn tank!” 

Christine tells Sukanya that she actually asked Janelle if she planned to leave Kody.

“I asked her when we were on vacation, I was like, ‘What does it look like with you and Kody? Are you fine, are you going to stay?'”

Christine says that Janelle told her that she had no intentions of leaving Kody. In fact, Christine says that Janelle applauded Kody for his parenting skills.

“She goes, ‘I have always thought that Kody was a great dad…and I know that he is still a great dad.'”

“I guess I missed that part…I must have been busy taking care of OUR daughter Ysabel alone when that happened…”

Christine says Janelle admitted that she and Kody “have things to work out” in their marriage but that she wasn’t planning on leaving him like Christine did. 

You can watch the sneak peek clip of Sunday’s episode here!

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC)

28 Responses

  1. I started watching this after catching it in the middle of the night and know no one in this lifestyle. However, I adore Kody -I’m the same age as his two older wives and petite, blonde, and fun (ha ha). I think we would be adorable together -he really does not need this crazy lifestyle. I wish for the wives to find peace and happiness -they are all beautiful, brilliant and filled with much depth…seems to me Kody shut down all the other wives sexually to be exclusive with Robyn (anyone else notice that no one in this crew has a normal spelled name)? They just got caught up in what their own families did and got onto this crazy train…come on people!

  2. As she was speaking and trying to cry with NOOOOOOOO tears. She knows exactly what she did over the years and to act like she was unaware, um it’s a no for me.

  3. I feel we all have been scammed over the years. Apparently, as long as the show has been on there are two of his wives he has not felt married to the entirety of the show. He must have lost feeling after Truly was born. I can remember them discussing his rotation. His rotation must have meant no sex for 2 of them.

  4. Kody sounded like a spoiled brat when he told the interviewer to “take it back”. He did abandon them. Like I said before… He fell out of love with his old wives a long time ago. He only loves his new young wife….. And when he said that part about her being obedient I just want to throw up. I don’t blame Robyn…. It’s him this is his plan she’s just along for the ride

    1. Kody is sabotaging the old wives relationships on purpose. This is his way of getting what he truly wants and that’s just to be with Robyn. He’s tired of them and THEIR children

      1. The more I watch the second half of the one-on-one the more I’m getting annoyed. I literally cannot stand Kody. He doesn’t even act like a parent, he’s ridiculous!
        He needs to grow up and take care of all his children not just the ones he wants to pick and choose.

      2. I really feel sorry for all the kids that are involved in this. Whether they’re adult children or their teenagers he doesn’t want to be involved with them he’s so full of it. He just wants to be involved with Robin and their children.

      3. How about that!! He alway refers to Christine and Janelle kid as “thier “ kids. No b@tch. They are your kids as well!

        1. Exactly….he should be saying…OUR children or MY children with Janelle or Christine. I barely got through the 2nd one on one…..
          I had something else to say but now I’m fuming again

    1. Yes, what does the nanny do why does she even need a nanny. Robyn is there all day….no job. Christine took care of her own kids plus Janelle’s

  5. Kody Brown king of polygamy works and its greatest thing in the world is now down to one wife. I guess he’s not getting into the Celestial Kingdom of God now.

    Dumped Meri, but she won’t leave
    Dumped Christine, she left
    Now Dumping Jenelle….

    So who’s left Robin….

    Who will probably leave him in 5 years, cuz she was like I can only take this man in small chunks of time. All the time, no thank you ….

  6. In other words, Janelle doesn’t have a best friend.

    Is everyone understanding that Covid was the greatest gift in the world to Kody? He got to ignore every “wife” that he has zero feelings and zero attraction to.

  7. Does anyone have an idea why on earth Kody wanted all his wives in one house?

    Did he want more control? Rub it it their face that Robyn was getting his time, affection etc because she’s an obedient wife?

  8. Kody is a shit dad. He only seems to care about the little kids he has with Robyn. He doesn’t even bother to see his other kids, and never shows up for them when they need him. As a narcissist, Kody only cares about Kody!

  9. He is saying and doing anything he can to get the OG wives to leave. So he can play the victim and not be the one who walked away from the sister wives and THEIR kids . (He calls them that. “Jenelles kids, for example)

    In the end GrodyKody and SobbinRobchin just want their singular marriage. Meri is too damn dumb to walk away. Or maybe she is brilliant and is staying to make sure those 2 fucks never get what they really want.

    I hope Jenelle leaves his ass. She deserves better.

    1. They don’t have to chase the other wives away. Kody already did that but he remains married for his mortal soul.

      Meri is out of rotation, has been for years. One down.

      Christine left, two down.

      Janelle has been out of rotation since Covid and now Kody has issues with her and he’ll have thousands of other excuses not to go back to a rotation schedule with his two remaining wives. And Janelle will accept it. Robyn knows they are not having sex, he is just visiting a friend and his children. All three down.

      Robyn says she didn’t sign up for a monogamous marriage and she’s basically tired of having Kody at her house every day sometimes but she signed up for a plural marriage that wasn’t healthy and the signs were there.

  10. I’m sorry but this family is so fucked up! Kody claims he doesn’t believe in divorce, so instead he just pushes the wives away. I guarantee he’s not sleeping with Janelle if he claims that they are just friends. And how Meri and Janelle can be ok with this arrangement is beyond me! How they stick around and watch a fully functioning marriage would be torturous to me. Also, imagine you are one of Meri, Janelle and Christine’s kids and hearing your dad speak about how he doesn’t love your mother anymore. How sad for them. And lastly, I think it was pretty insensitive of Janelle to tell Christine that he’s a great father when he refused to be there for Ysabel and support her throughout her scoliosis diagnosis.

    1. I think the abandoned wives are not interested in having an intimate relationship with Kody anymore.
      I don’t believe Christine was either but it was the final drop and the excuse she needed.
      Their divorce is really about him not being there for his daughter, his other children and mostly her.

      Janelle and Meri apparently fear they and their kids will be cut off from the other kids because Kody and Roby will make it really hard for them when they do divorce Kody.

  11. So Kody wants to be a Polygamist but he doesn’t want to do things that married people do. He claims to want to stay married but in a friendship kind of way. No woman with any kind of self respect would stay with him. Robyn has came in and destroyed all these peoples lives. None of this was going on until Robyn came in. Kody also broke all the rules for Robyn. They kissed before marriage and he picked out the wedding dress. How is he a good father if he doesn’t see any of them? He only sees Robyns kids.

  12. And this is enough for you Janelle? He just told the world he is not in love with you! WTF is wrong with women who choose to live their lives with someone Not in love with them? You deserve better. You are too good to be treated as sloppy seconds. It’s not to late to move on, hell he is pushing you out the door on national tv!, He is wanting and waiting for you to leave, just like Christine. Meri is staying for the Money and fame, but I have a higher opinion of you. You are better then this.

    1. Actually Mary brings in more money now than all of them with Lula row crazy enough as it seems she’s the one paying Robin’s nanny and she’s the one that help them finance that house yes Jenelle used to be the breadwinner but that’s changed and as that changed if you notice Cody’s feelings for her and Christine changed when their realtor stuff went belly up and Mary started making all the money he all of a sudden has a friendship with her

  13. He literally only has one ‘wife’. The others are merely friends. He is more of a monogamist than many monogamists I know.

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