“90 Day Fiance” Star Varya Malina Reacts to Boyfriend Geoffrey Paschel’s 18-Year Prison Sentence: “I Feel Emotionally Exhausted”

“This will look great taped up in my prison cell one day.” – Geoffrey, taking this selfie (probably).

Varya Malina is speaking out in the wake of her boyfriend and 90 Day Fiance co-star Geoffrey Paschel being sentenced to nearly two decades behind bars. 

As The Ashley told you Thursday, the “90 Day Fiance” star was sentenced to 18 years in prison after being found guilty in October of aggravated kidnapping, domestic violence and interference with an emergency call. The charges resulted from a domestic dispute that occurred in 2019 between Geoffrey and an ex-girlfriend. 

Geoffrey, rocking an interesting “2004 Myspace Emo Boy” look this week in court…

Earlier this week, Varya filmed herself picking out a suit for Geoffrey to wear in the courtroom for his sentencing. However, she later explained he was not permitted to wear a suit and instead was forced to rock his prison-issued getup.  

On Thursday, Varya posted a Reel to her Instagram showing followers a cake she bought in honor of what would have been Geoffrey’s son Kazhem’s 5th birthday. (As “90 Day” fans may recall, Geoffrey revealed on the show that his son passed away in 2018 at the age of one.) 

Varya said in the caption of her video that Kazhem and his dad would have absolutely loved the cake, “unfortunately neither of them got to taste it.”

She then went on to address Geoffrey’s sentencing. 

“To be honest we didn’t expect much from this sentencing,” she wrote. “18 years? Alright, we passed the bottom, that means there’s only one way up. The grounds for the appeal became even stronger.” 

In a video posted on Friday, Varya said she was “emotionally exhausted” and wanted to focus on her mental health, assuring followers her counselor “takes a very good care of me. No worries.” She also mentioned the motion for a new trial date, which has been set for April 14. 

“Looking forward to April 14,” she added. “Btw, it’s my dad’s birthday, and he is my guardian angel. I know eventually everything will be alright.”

Varya has made it clear that she intends to stand by Geoffrey. In October, she asked fans to donate to a GoFundMe that had been set up to raise money for Geoffrey’s legal fight

As The Ashley reported, Geoffrey asked the judge for leniency on Thursday, requesting that the judge send him to be rehabilitated so he could return to his kids and family. However, the judge made it clear that he had no interest in showing Geoffrey mercy, telling him that he found Geoffrey’s actions “disgusting.”

“As I’ve stated, this behavior towards these women is sick, it is sadistic,” the judge said before announcing Geoffrey’s sentence. “It goes beyond the desire to inflict physical harm on these women. It speaks of a deep, psychological issue. I think Mr. Paschel has a desire to inflict as much emotional damage to these women as possible.

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(Photos: TLC; CourtTV; Instagram)


  1. I think Varya is a bit confused about the legal system in the US. You have to have a legal reason, such as the judge making a mistake or a bad ruling during trial, to file an appeal. You don’t get to appeal a verdict or a sentence just because you disagree with the verdict or feel the sentence was too long. A jury found your creep guilty & just because the sentence was more than you expected, it was still within the guidelines. So take your azz back where you came from, Varya, & maybe he’ll come visit you when he gets out (when he’s about 60 years old. LOL). Also

    Also, meditate on this thought, Varya – Geof was offered a plea deal & he’d have not served a day in prison, but he is too narcissistic. So, he turned the deal down, insisting he wanted to go to trial & tell his story. He actually thought he could convince a jury that his version of the story was the truth & they’d find him not guilty. Ponder that, as you wait for him. SMH

    How in the hell is Varya still in this country? Did she manage somehow to get a green card on her own & if not, shouldn’t her visa be requiring her to go back to wherever she came from, at least for awhile? What excuse is she using to still be here on a visa?

    What is she doing for income? Did she get a job here? If the convict is tied in any way to her visa & still being in the US, then I sincerely hope the State Department is monitoring her situation & cancels it asap & boots her out of here asap.

  2. No joke, he looks super evil in the eyes now even compared to his first court stint. It’s like he’s been caught and the mask has slipped but those eyes are cold and dead

  3. She has been conditioned. The judge reviewed the evidence and saw what she can’t see yet.
    I hope she’ll receive help to see the truth. It’s going to be hard for her to face reality.
    Apparently, he manipulates his children too, I also hope they will receive the help they need.

    The judge doesn’t just say things.
    I think he also said it to make people realize he doesn’t belong on the pedestal he build very carefully for those around him to put himself on.
    The judge tried to make a couple of cracks in it so they might be able to see it’s fake and hollow.

  4. Go back home, try again in 18 years for that greencard i’m sure you can go back online and find another loser that might bring you here. TLC might even film it. Good luck with that .

  5. He looks very different in his social media pics than he does in his jail issued court outfit. Lmao. Guess that is what happens when the mask finally slips.
    And shame on his girlfriends skanky ass for using his deceased baby for IG likes. Such trash.

  6. That judge probably just saved Varya’s life with that sentencing. She should be relieved and thankful to not become Geoffrey’s next victim.

    But please, keep faking it for likes and views. No one sees right through you, girl. 😒😒

  7. Why is she using a dead baby she never met to try to get sympathy for that vile man who happened to be the baby’s father? It’s disgusting. I think those two deserve each other

  8. She screams attention seeker! Every expression she has in the IG clips are exaggerated like a poorly acted job.

    He is woman beating rapist, I feel nothing but disgust for him. You are the company you keep so Varya is disgusting as well.

    1. Varys’s a little nutty too…do you remember the incident with the hair brush? Plus, the cake video…that was seriously disgusting. We truly don’t need more people like this in our country. Send her home, please.
      In all seriousness, this needs to be looked at. I don’t know much about this process…but, If he sponsored her to come here, and is now convicted of crimes of this nature, why are we trusting his judgement on who to bring to this country? This just isn’t right.

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