Nick Cannon Apologizes to His Five Baby Mamas For the Way He Announced He’s Expecting His Eighth Child

“Sorry… times 5.”

Nick Cannon is apologizing to all of his baby mamas—all five of them— for the way in which he announced this week that he is expecting his eighth child. 

Nick had announced the news on Monday’s episode of The Nick Cannon Show, confirming he and Bre Tiesi are expecting a boy– their first child together– just months after he and Alyssa Scott‘s five-month-old son Zen died of a brain tumor.

As The Ashley previously told you, Nick and Alyssa welcomed baby Zen in July 2021, just weeks after Nick’s fifth and six children–- twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, whom he shares with Abby De La Rosa–- were born. He also shares Powerful Queen and son Golden with Brittany Bell, and twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex-wife Mariah Carey. 

After revealing his latest baby news this week, Nick followed up the announcement during Thursday’s show with an apology to all of his children’s mothers for the way in which he delivered the news, admitting he “misspoke and probably went too much into detail.”

” … it probably felt like I was making some comparatives when talking about the passing of my son Zen and then also talking about the new child I’m expecting,” he continued. “I  didn’t need to do that because those are two completely separate moments in my life and they both deserve respect.” 

Alyssa took to Instagram following Nick’s baby announcement on Monday’s episode, telling followers “it is painful having my son be a part of conversations that aren’t in alignment with his light and legacy.” 

“It isn’t something I chose for him or myself,” she continued in the now-deleted post. “It’s important for me to let you all know.. I am centered, I am at peace. I look at everyone’s predicament with loving eyes. I will not judge. I will consciously decide what I will participate in.” 

Alyssa went on to write that she has been getting through her grief with the help of her family and God, while making no mention of Nick. 

During Thursday’s show, Nick– who claims to have known about Bre’s pregnancy prior to Zen’s passing– promised to do better going forward, while acknowledging that he and Alyssa are still grieving the loss of their son. 

“I love her, I love my son Zen, and I always will,” he said. “And I’m gonna love my new child. I’m a responsible human being and I take full responsibility for everything so I must say I sincerely apologize to everyone involved for any extra pain or confusion that I may have caused.” 

When he announced Bre’s pregnancy, he did mention that he and Bre kept the pregnancy quiet at first out of respect for Alyssa. 

“I wanted to definitely respect the grieving process with Alyssa, and Bre was respectful enough– she held off making our announcements and speaking on social media,” he said. “She’s a very, you know, in the public eye type of person, but keeps her stuff private as well. 

“And it was just one of those things like, you know, I didn’t know what to do,” he continued. “I didn’t know what to say when I was dealing with Zen or to hold off. Even right now, that it came out yesterday, that wasn’t planned to talk about it. We wanted to, you know, hold on as long as we can, but it happened. We here and I’m with my family, I get to discuss it, I get to be open.” 

Alyssa has yet to publicly respond to Nick’s apology. 

Listen to Nick’s full apology below.

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(Photos: The Nick Cannon Show; Instagram; YouTube)


  1. Powerful Queen Cannon
    Zillion Heir Cannon
    Golden Cannon

    …. Zion Mixolydian Cannon

    Is it element or an antidepressant?

    Like why?

  2. So many Judgy Judgertons here. It’s his life. All his baby mamas and kids are taken care of. The guy is fckn loaded, he’s been hustling for a very long time. You think these ladies don’t know him or who he is, that he just goes and impregnates one night stands? He’s been in long term relationships with them and spends time with all his kids. Calling these women “thot” is an asshole thing to say.

    1. Was he in two stable, loving simultaneous relationships when he had two women simultaneously pregnant?

  3. He dont give a fuuuuuuuuuu
    about anyone but himself.


    This new one will be replaced by another thot soon enough.

    1. Holding a flashy celebration while the recent loss of another child is still raw (at least to the mother). Simultaneously pregnant baby mamas. Yup, pretty gross. Didn’t he claim he was going to try celibacy? What ever happened to that plan?

  4. He’s too pre-occupied trying to find the next woman to knock up – he doesn’t seem to have the mental or emotional capacity to show support to Alyssa. Probably same goes for his parenting style or lack thereof. Any women considering getting with him should take note on this situation (although they probably won’t and will just hop in bed with him). Nick Cannon has some money, but if he’s as stupid with money as he clearly is in other aspects of his life he’ll be broke and won’t be able to financially support the kids.

  5. 🤷🏽‍♀️He’s not celebrating the impending arrival of any child. To me, he’s celebrating his virility.

  6. What is his agenda? Why is he getting babies with all these damn women?! And why are all these women having babies with him? I dont get it.

  7. He’s obviously an involved father who is in pain. I can’t imagine losing a child. Tasteless though his most recent announcement was, I think the apology goes a long way. I just hope he called the mothers individually first, before apologizing on-air.

    1. Either he has magic powers allowing him to be in several places at once, or you and I have different ideas of what constitutes an “involved father.”

      1. What’s your definition? For me it’s presence, providing, and partnership with mom. He is involved in all his kids’ lives and takes care of finances for the mothers. He doesn’t need to be there 24/7 to be a decent dad. My dad worked and took care of mom and the kids such that he wasn’t at home for 3/4 of my childhood. He was there for holidays, birthdays, vacations that he busted his ass to give us. I appreciate that dedication. Nick is not much different but for the cameras instead of the tools my dad used. Call me crazy.

        1. Fine, you’re crazy. He’s “present” what, on a rotating basis between five households? He’s a partner to five women at once? It takes a hell of a lot more presence than birthdays, holidays and vacations to be an involved father.

    1. I agree DEJUSUS, but I applaud him, he was wrong in how he did things but he owns it and apologizes…bravo Nick.

      I hope Alyssa is the bigger woman and excepts his apology.

      Both are obviously hurting and regardless of their personal feelings for one another, they need to support each other.

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