‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Is Married! Get Details of Her Wedding to Beatriz Queiroz & Find Out Who Attended the Nuptials

“I promise to love, honor and never let my hair turn into a Top-Ramen-looking mess!”

Sister Wives star said “I do” on Saturday night— and, luckily, it wasn’t Kody Brown!

Gwendlyn Brown— the daughter of Kody and his ex-wife Christine— married her fiancé Beatriz Queiroz on July 15. The reception and after-party took place at The Mayor, a retro-themed bar/restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona. The guests enjoyed a reception under the stars, with food and drinks served on the venue’s rooftop bar. 

Gwendlyn wore a long, casual white dress while Beatriz— who proposed to Gwen in November— wore a white shirt and black bow tie.

“Say hello to Mrs (x2) Queiroz,” Gwen wrote in the caption of her and Beatriz kissing. 


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(Gwen stated in an online video in March that she plans to change her last name to Beatriz’s after the wedding.) 

During the 17th season of ‘Sister Wives’–which aired last year— Gwendlyn talked about her bisexuality.

“I’m bisexual. I’m not only attracted to women, I’m also attracted to men and people who fall into other gender spectrums,” she said in an October 2022 episode.

It’s still unknown if Kody (and his only wife Robyn) attended the wedding, but Gwen’s sisters Truely, Ysabel and Mykelti were spotted in photos of the crowd. Also confirmed to have attended is Leon Brown, who was shown in a photo from the wedding posted by their mom, Meri. (While many of the Brown children have recently come forward to talk about how Meri allegedly mistreated them as kids, Gwen has remained close to her.) 

A series of family photos posted to Instagram by Mykelti showed Christine (and her fiancé David Woolley), Logan and his wife Michelle, Aspyn and her husband Mitch, as well as Janelle, HunterGabe and Garrison. (Janelle later wrote on Instagram that her daughter Maddie and her family—who live in North Carolina— were unable to attend. Janelle’s youngest daughter, Savannah, is staying with Maddie for the summer so she did not attend, either.) 

As The Ashley has previously reported, Gwen and her brother Paedon have long been estranged, so it’s not surprising that he did not go. 


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Since getting engaged in November, Gwendlyn has become increasingly more outspoken about her poor relationship with her dad, as well as her dislike of Robyn. 

Gwen stated that Robyn and her kids didn’t come to her engagement party held earlier this year, even though they were invited.

“I invited them to my engagement party, but I don’t know if [Robyn] felt like it wouldn’t be a safe space for them,” Gwen said in a video from March. “Or if they decided they just don’t wanna go, but it seems they decided they don’t want to see me.”

As for the wedding, Gwen stated in a YouTube video posted earlier this year that Kody wouldn’t be walking her down the aisle at her wedding. While she was hopeful that he would attend, she was unsure if Kody would come because he had “shunned” many of his kids that he shares with his ex-wives. 

“Kody sends his regrets, but he promised to help me sharpen my eyebrow pencils that day. Sorry.”

“ … I don’t know if they’ll want to come,” Gwen said. “We’ve kind of been like, shunned. I don’t think [my dad] wants anything to do with the rest of us. I really hope they do come.”

Gwen is the fifth of the 18 Brown kids to get married. Madison was the first to get married when she and Caleb Brush wed in 2016. Mykelti married Tony Padron several months later in an on-camera ceremony and taco-filled reception. Aspyn and Mitch got hitched in 2018 (in a wedding shown on ‘Sister Wives’), while Logan married Michelle last year (off-camera). 

It’s unknown if Gwen and Beatriz’s wedding will be shown during the upcoming 18th season of ‘Sister Wives,’ which premieres next month. 

UPDATE! In a new video posted by Gwen’s Instagram on Monday, it appears that Robyn is sitting in the background. Kody has not yet been seen in any wedding pics.


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In photos posted by Christine to Instagram on Monday, Kody (and his unmistakable Kodi-locks hair) can be seen in the background during the first dance.

Kody, counting the minutes until he can leave and go sit alone on Coyote Pass and be the head of his household again…

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16 Responses

  1. I really like her dress and look. Seems like it was perfect for the wedding they wanted and perfect for her shape.
    Beatrice looks good too but Im always more interested in the kind of wedding dress someone chose LOL. I watch “yes to the dress” with my kids.

    1. What a weird thing to say. Leon is a real person. Flesh and blood. Meri isn’t hauling around a hologram machine. ?

  2. So, missing were Kody, Robyn, & those 5, plus Paedon – no surprises there.
    Meri was there but is not in the group picture.
    That leaves Maddie/Caleb & Savanah.
    Has Maddie had a falling out, or did she just not want to travel w/ the kids – she has been out West to visit several other times, so I’m surprised she wouldn’t go for a sibling’s wedding…
    That’s sad. Strangest one being missing is Savanah – wonder why she wasn’t there, or if she just wasn’t in the photo, like Meri.

    As much as people like to say these kids are all better off without Kody, that’s really gotta sting when you invite your Dad to your wedding (she said she did invite them) and he doesn’t show up. Ouch. He was estranged from a lot of the kids at the time of Logan’s wedding but still went. Even if he and Gwyn have issues, that’s her wedding day! Time to grow up, stop being a baby, check your ego, check your bitterness, be a grown man/adult and show up for your DAUGHTER.
    Gwyn always acts neutral and plays it off like she can understand all sides, which is kind of her, but deep down that’s gotta be really painful.

    1. If she expected her dad to come to her wedding she wouldn’t be making videos for people that hate her dad. Literally every comment on her videos is from people bashing kody. Of course your relationship will be strained.

      1. But here’s the thing: no matter how old she is, no matter how old she’ll ever be, she’s the child in the relationship.

        And I think there’s more than enough recorded evidence that he has been a neglectful father at best.

        The onus is squarely on him to begin to repair the relationship—and attending her wedding would have been a decent first step.

    2. I think he and Logan were close with Logan being both his firstborn and also a boy. Not so much with Gwen given she is in the younger slew of kids and a girl. But I also doubt he views the marriage of two young women to each other to be a real marriage so probably didn’t feel it was as important to attend.

    3. Meri and Leon are both in the group picture, on the left side. Sobyn probably forbade Kodilocks to go, just like she did with Ysabel’s major surgery. That azzhole does whatever Sobyn dictates. POS’s the both of them.

    4. Janelle said in a post that Maddie & Caleb couldn’t make it, and Savannah was spending her summer with them. So she couldn’t get there either. Maddie just had a baby not too long ago – so maybe that is why? Or finances. Not getting that TLC paycheck probably makes things tighter with 3 kids.

  3. If Kotex gave a crap about his throw-away kids, he’d have welcomed the opportunity to be in their company.

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