Kody Brown Gets a Big “F**K YOU” From Janelle Brown in ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Trailer

He’s the problem, it’s him.

Out with the old wives and in with the new profanity-laced feuding. 

Sister Wives returns next month with a brand new season and a minimum of 10 brand new reasons to dislike Kody Brown. 

He’s still trying to make this visor look happen, so that’s reason #1.

As those who tuned in to watch Season 17–– as well as the 3-Part Tell-All— know, Christine Brown said “peace out” to plural marriage back in November 2021 and Janelle Brown and Meri Brown have since parted ways with Kodilocks too, leaving Robyn Brown as Kody’s only remaining wife. 


In the newly-released trailer for Season 18, viewers get to see some of the events leading up to Janelle and Meri’s departures, beginning with Kody reminding everyone how dysfunctional his personal relationships have become.       

“I’m in this bad place with Janelle and Christine’s gone,” he says in the trailer. “Don’t even know what to do with Meri.” 

Unfortunately for Kody, Meri seems know exactly what to do with herself and that is continue clinging onto a loveless/hopeless/sexless marriage like it’s her MLM job. 

“I don’t want you to think that I’m walking away because sorry, I still have hope,” Meri tells Kody, who can’t believe Meri is still hanging around, period

Hope in her head AND hope in her funky-patterned leggings.

“In my head, I’m really wondering why she lives in Flagstaff,” Kody says. 

Later in the trailer, we see Meri start coming to grips with reality, albeit years later than everyone else. 

“There’s no question, Robyn, he’s done with me,” Meri says to Robyn, who responds with, “Kody’s gonna do what Kody’s gonna do.” 

…and Sobyn’s gonna sob.

Meri is also seen breaking the news to Kody and Robyn and the nanny that she’s “not going to be around” anymore, which pushes Robyn entirely over the edge and into what is sure to be one of many crying scenes she’ll have this season. 

“I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives, with our kids and our grandkids,” Robyn says through tears after realizing that one day it’s just going to be her and the Kode-Man on that porch. 

“…and the nanny.”

Later in the trailer we see Christine and Kody share an awkward dinner that is made more awkward after Christine attempts to lighten the mood. 

“If you can’t look back with a sense of humor, what a waste,” Christine tells Kody. 

“Well, I’m not laughing,” Kody later says to the camera. “I’m not laughing here, I haven’t been laughing with her leaving.” 

Have you tried looking in a mirror while wearing the visor?

Christine will also serve as a sounding board for Janelle this season, with the latter confessing to Christine that she needs “something different” and doesn’t want to be married anymore. The duo are later seen sitting down to listen to some of their children vent about their floppy-haired father and his favoritism of Robyn.

We’re living for this “We Hate Kody Klub.”

“You know what, Robyn? Have him,” Garrison says to the group. “We’re all grown adults that don’t need a father figure anymore.”

Towards the end of the trailer, Janelle and Kody are seen getting into a heated argument that ends with Kody busting out with some aggressive finger pointing and storming out of Janelle’s apartment, but not before Janelle delivers a couple of lines every ‘Sister Wives’ viewer has shouted at their TV at least once throughout the last 17 seasons of this show. 

“F**k off, frizz head!”

“Shut you f**king mouth,” Janelle screams at Kody. “Let me talk to you for a minute!”

When Kody refuses to continue the conversation, Janelle sends him on his way with a big, “F**K YOU!”

‘Sister Wives’ returns August 20 on TLC. Watch the first look at Season 18 below. 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube) 


19 Responses

  1. I wish Robyn would quit crying over people who didn’t like her and her kids from the jump. Stop wasting tears, like seriously. Let the polygamy dream with the Browns die. Go live happily ever after with Kody.

  2. Suddenly, I love Janelle LOL.
    Meri… SMH the fact that she still had hope even if she doesn’t by the end of the trailer/season, is… psycho. And screams desperate. It makes me physically ill for her. It’s embarrassing! As soon as Kody and Robyn got married, the rest of them and Kody were OVER. I’m glad they all finally caught on. The kids saying they don’t need a father figure anymore is just sad- of course they do- you always do. But I totally understand how you wouldn’t need Kody… EVER. LOL

  3. Robyn must be permanently dehydrated from the 24/7 crying. Also, it’s hilarious to me that she thinks she’s entitled to leave what she said was a bad first marriage (which she absolutely is), but the others shouldn’t leave their bad marriages. I share the same opinion as many- that she and Kody are scheming sociopaths. I think she’s more covert about it, which is scarier ?

    1. Right?!! It’s all about what Robyn wants. If she loved her sister wives she would have supported them. The way that Robyn manipulated Meri to keep holding on to a dead relationship was so gross to watch. She only cared about HER vision and no one else’s happiness.

  4. I’m so glad this is happening. It could’ve happened to better people. Cody and Robin deserve every tiny piece of misery this entails. I also hope they go bankrupt. I know a lot of people are pulling back from Cody‘s business. His old partner is been doing deals behind his back coyote Pass is up for sale because Jenelle‘s gonna get her money out of it and they can’t afford to build anymore because they don’t have three other people supplementing their income so you might as well go back on welfare Robin, you and your dimwit immature fucktard of a husband should lap up every minute of this because they should cancel you. You’re probably two of the most hated people in the world of reality television because you’re both egotistical narcissistic psychos who don’t deserve anything but the misery you’re currently living in enjoy can’t wait for the kids grow up sell tells of you and become the epic failures you’re raising them to be. .. Dalton’s already worthless. The other girl has constant panic attacks none of their brothers or sisters want anything to do with any of them congratulations. You have alienated yourself, your children from everybody and anybody whoever would’ve probably taken care of them in an Emotional Way,, God, I can’t wait for the future.

  5. Watching this guy with his precious curls, driving his mid-life crisis mobile down the highway….

    makes me want to vomit. But the writing is on the wall. This guy spends more time on his hair than on his kids, and the way his adult kids talk about him proves it. Nice to see his kids seeing him for who he is.

  6. Hallepraiselujah! There’s finally something on SW worth watching! Cannot wait for The Ashley’s recaps!!!

  7. Robyn has a porch that they all paid for and were not allowed to sit on, she helped Kody push them away

  8. This title made me burst out laughing!

    Robyn is SO self-absorbed. Bawling because she wants the other 3 to stay in MISERABLE, LOVELESS marriages for the rest of their lives, just so SHE can get the picture-perfect polygamist family she envisions in her future on the freaking porch.

    We only get one trip here in this life, Robyn, no matter WHAT you want for the family, you don’t get to feel bad for yourself in this situation. Three women are losing their husbands and these are 20-25 year marriages!! Do you think you could calm down for a second to realize that they are going through a traumatic life event and it’s not all about you for once?! They’re getting divorced after a quarter of a century and you’re the one complaining?? You seriously want them to stay and waste the rest of their ONE LIFE being sad and lonely and miserable, just so you can have this big happy family image? (Which would be FAKE anyway!!) Time to step back and grow up and realize the whole world doesn’t revolve around you.

    As for Kody, he’s an immature child that never moved past being about 18 years old. Can’t stand it that he’s lost control, that his children are now grown and no longer worship him or think he’s the cool dad. That his children are smarter now and wiser and realize he’s not smart like they used to think. It makes him unhinged and angry. He is no longer the center of attention and looked up to by his kids, and his wives joke about him and he can’t handle it. He’s just a big baby who is now forever pouting.

  9. I love that Robyn is still talking about sitting on said random porch with her sister wives. Like isn’t this the woman who purposely alienated herself from the other wives for like 10 years, badmouthed them to Kody for the entire marriage, and now is like how do they not want to sit on a porch with me?

    Where does she get these things from?

    1. If only those other wives hadn’t gained weight or gotten stretch marks!
      It’s all their fault.

      Robyn & Kody deserve each other. I’m convinced the whole Meri needs to divorce Kody so he can marry Robyn & adopt her kids was a strategic plan all along.

  10. I’m proud of Meri and Janelle for finally seeing Kody’s true colors and moving on. I hope the best for them both.

    Also, that was Garrison that said that quote about not needing a father figure anymore, not Paedon.

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