Kail Lowry Talks About How Her Relationships with Men Have Caused Trauma To Her Kids; Addresses Rumor That Her Relationship with Elijah Scott Is On the Rocks

“I may have some of Suzi’s tendencies, but at least I don’t have her reject Kate Gosselin haircut, so there’s that!”

Kail Lowry is opening up about the trauma that her many long-term relationships with men have caused her kids.

The former Teen Mom 2 star discussed the topic on the newest episode of her Barely Famous podcast, noting that she sees herself making many of the same mistakes her own mother, Suzi, made in regards to having lots of men around while Kail was growing up. 

“I very much did what she did, 100 percent, and I can’t deny that,” Kail said on the podcast. “It’s heartbreaking to see it, and know it and acknowledge it, and to know that at this point, the only thing I can do is acknowledge it, apologize, and try to help [my kids] heal through it.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kail has been estranged from her mother for over six years. However, Kail said she sees similarities in her own frequent relationships to how Suzi operated while Kail was growing up. 

“I think that I did perpetuate the cycle of a lot,” Kail— who is currently in a relationship with her live-in boyfriend Elijah Scott— said, adding that one of her kids specifically seems to be most affected.

 “I see [the trauma my relationships have caused] more in one of my kids than I do in any of the other ones,” she said. 

“Sorry guys!”

“It is my fault. I did not break the generational cycle of that….” Kail said, before addressing negative comments she got after discussing her kids’ trauma during Thursday’s episode of her Coffee Convos podcast.

“I don’t think I’ve ever even eluded to saying that [my actions haven’t] hurt me or my children. I completely take full responsibility for that,” she said.

(For the record, Kail stated on the podcast on Thursday that, “if men [coming] in and out of my kids’ lives is the biggest form of trauma [they have], I feel like I can live with that.”)

Kail acknowledged that her frequent long-term– and sometimes live-in— relationships (which, in the past, have been with her baby daddies Jo RiveraJavi Marroquin and Chris Lopez, as well as semi-recent relationships with Malik Montgomery and others) have caused trauma to her kids, but says she’s willing to go therapy with them and discuss it. 

“I will go to the ends of the earth to try to help them heal from it,” Kail said. 

“But I’ll make the exception this time!” 

Her current long-term relationship with Elijah was a topic of discussion on the Internet this week, after the Instagram account @TeenMomChatter posted that Kail and Elijah were on the rocks after Kail discovered text messages from Elijah’s family members, who allegedly don’t like Kail. The discovery allegedly let to a big fight.

While Kail did not address the report specifically, she did acknowledge that there were a lot of rumors going around The Interwebs about her and Elijah this week. She assured her listeners that she is not currently fighting with Elijah, although she didn’t state that the report from @TeenMomChatter was false. 

“I just want to update everyone that Elijah and me are fine,” Kail said. “I know I read some things that were sent to me…Elijah and I are fine. Relationships have ups and downs but what we go through is not anything out of the ordinary for any other relationship. So I just wanted to put that out there. I know I’ve gotten a couple of questions on my Q&A on Instagram. 

“We’re fine. Elijah and I don’t really fight. We might have feelings about certain things, and maybe there was one time where I was like, ‘I can’t do this.’ But overall, we don’t argue, in almost two years, we don’t argue. We don’t take things out on each other. I think it’s still just new for him to see certain things on the Internet.”

“Maybe go for an extended camping trip where there’s no Wi-Fi, Elijah?”

She also stated that her “life is in shambles” and that she knows “part of it is self-inflicted.” 

You can listen to the full Barely Famous podcast episode here

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22 Responses

  1. She also stated that her “life is in shambles” and that she knows “part of it is self-inflicted.”
    LMAO, PART of it? No, ALL of it. If her and the newest don’t work out, she might consider actually NOT getting into a relationships or at least refrain from bringing them in to live with her, so her kids DO NOT have to go to therapy, period. You can send them to therapy- go to what you consider “The ends of the earth to help them heal from it” but until you stop causing their need for therapy, things are just going to continue in a vicious cycle for those kids. I think the child most affected is Isaac- mostly because of his age, and experiencing all of her dysfunction over the years.

  2. What a freaking dumb cow. I would take note of this as this is the moment that she owns the fact that it is wrong what she is doing to the kids and how she will CONTINUE to pop out crotch fruit for storylines and money. Maybe stop taking rando D and focus on raising a happy family unit. Shit you have like 5 dads to help lol. I doubt she will stop though. It is clear she is addicted to what little attention she gets and is so desperate to get that attention that she is willing to pop out a kid every year so we don’t forget. The rest of her life seems to be shilling other people’s dirt and harassing her baby daddies for her control issues of which she has many. I Have to hand it to her psych as it is rare to see someone medded into such denial it borders on sociopathic lol. Just nasty butt garbage.

  3. She has unfortunately prioritized men over her children. If she is that concerned, she should have the current boyfriend move out and focus on her kids. Motherhood is about sacrifice, and putting their well being before your own. I applaud her for admitting her faults. But admitting them and doing something about them are two different things! Saying that having men in and out of your life is damaging while continuing to live with a boyfriend is totally counter productive for her kids emotional health.

    1. She might- but if she is, she’s not treating it or not treating it correctly. However, There are those of us that have BPD and live very normal lives with hard work because we choose to treat it. I had to switch therapists about a year ago and upon meeting me she said she could not tell by speaking to me that I had BPD and that she almost questioned it when she saw it on my chart. I have long term successful friendships, good relationships with my family, I have three sons that I take care of 100% (financially and physically), I have a long term job, am sober and while I choose not to be in a relationship right now- I’ve been in long term relationships. Your comment doesn’t offend or upset me because I know better- I know not everyone with BPD, or other mental illnesses can be generalized- but others might be.

  4. She’s a fucking clown. Just because her kids have shelter, clothing, and food, it does not make her a ‘good’ mom. These kids are emotionally fucked because of her actions, she acknowledges this, yet refuses to change said actions. Yep, GREAT mom, that one.

    1. Farrah and Janelle’s kids have food, shelter and clothing but nobody would consider her a good mom. Kail might be “good” next to those two, but that’s a low bar to surpass, just like her mom.

    2. Thank you! These kids don’t have stability either. Stability doesn’t entail having men in and out of their home which is supposed to be their safe haven.

      1. And because of the lack of emotional stability the kids have, they will question whether they are more important than these men she brings in and out of their home. And with that, comes them questioning if she loves herself and her needs more than the emotional needs of her kids. So them feeling so loved by her is questionable…money can’t buy that.. and because they have food and shelter doesn’t mean anything.

  5. She should be more concerned with her kids contracting a preventable disease from being unvaccinated, but okay.

  6. The only reason she a better mom than her mom, is because she has TM money.
    And I don’t think she drinks
    Her addiction is having babies

  7. “It’s heartbreaking to see it, and know it and acknowledge it, and to know that at this point, the only thing I can do is acknowledge it, apologize, and try to help [my kids] heal through it.”



    Kail is a much better mom than Suzi ever was. I will go to bat on that. Kail’s kids will always know they are loved, they have stability, safety, housing, food, and love. Kail will be their ride or dies for life.

    Kail’s mom was too busy drinking to be a parent. The best thing Suzi did was give custody of her pregnant teen to Jo’s parents.

    BUT if you know its a problem, don’t just say, there is nothing you can do. Just stop doing it moving forward.

  8. So she is willing to go to therapy with the children, but not willing to stop what she knows is hurting them and might cause the need for therapy?

    1. RIGHT! Saying ‘I take responsibility’ sounds nice, but there has been no apparent attempt at meaningful change.

  9. Where are all the Kail fans who said she was “the best mom” bc her kids were clean, fed, and went to school every day? Smh.

    I think the most affected is Lincoln. He has shitty mom and dad and knows it. Lux and Creed are still too young to see how bad they have it. I think Isaac has a good stable family with his dad, but none of the others do. He can escape to sanity when needed.

    1. I think it’s Isaac. I feel like the Javi situation would really have to affected his ability to trust others. He was more attached to Javi than he was to Jo. Isaac has been exposed to (and likely grew attached to) the most New Dads

  10. Don’t you have a kid #5 with Elijah?! If they are fighting, it’s prob because of that. (And saying multiple times “we’re fine” won’t make people believe you woman!) So she’s en route for ex baby daddy #4. Kail, you never cared for breaking the generational trauma and I don’t think it’s okay you saying “well, if that’s the worst thing my kids experience…” Your sons are screwed. At least Isaac seems smart enough to not want to be like you (remember when he told her she should use protection?) and I hope he is a great big brother influence to his half brothers.

  11. I’m gonna bet Isaac is the one who has been affected by her revolving door of baby daddies. Remember how she made him call Javi “dad” while they were together but then acted like he was being too emotional about their divorce and basically cut off their contact like a year later? He’s such a sweet and sensitive kid, I bet he has sadly suffered the most trauma out of her kids

  12. Wow, I’m shocked. Who would have known that having multiple unstable relationships and having babies with a bunch of different people would be traumatic to kids?

    It’s very sad. They didn’t ask for that. They don’t deserve that.

    1. I lost count. I think she’s trying to beat Nick Cannon’s record for having the most baby daddies/mammas.

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