Janelle Brown Confirms In ‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Preview That She Has Split From Husband Kody Brown: “Kody & I Have Separated”

“Yeah, I’m out, Mop Head. Peace!”

Another one bites the dust.

Janelle Brown has confirmed that she has split from her husband of almost 30 years, Kody Brown. In a preview for the upcoming Tell-All episode of Sister Wives, Janelle can be heard telling host Sukanya Krishnan, “Kody and I have separated.” 

Kody also confirms the split, stating, “I am separated from Janelle and I am divorced from Christine.” 

While this comes as little surprise to ‘Sister Wives’ fans— who have watched Janelle’s marriage to Kody crumble over the last two seasons of the show—it does mark the first time fans have heard confirmation of the split from Janelle or Kody.

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This confirmation comes on the heels of a report from In Touch Weekly earlier this week that stated that Kody and Janelle— who share six kids together— have gone their separate ways. (The Ashley did not report it, though, until there was official confirmation from Janelle, Kody or TLC.) 

“Janelle is a strong independent woman and realized she can do it on her own,” a source told the magazine on Friday after confirming the split. The source added that Janelle “outgrew” Kody.

“Can you believe we both used to be married to that goon!?”

Another confirmation of Janelle and Kody’s split seemingly came from Gwendlyn Brown (the daughter of Kody and his now-ex-wife, Christine Brown.) Last month, she seemed to confirm during a Live session on TikTok that Janelle had left. She answered a fan’s question that asked if “only Meri, Robyn and Kody are together now?”

“Yes,” she said before seemingly backtracking a bit on the answer. “I think.” 

During the last few episodes, Kody and Janelle have had serious discussions on-camera about the state of their union. (While they were never legally married, they have been “spiritually married” since 1993.) 

How Janelle leaving Kody went…hopefully…

“I’m not someone who throws the towel in on a marriage but it seems almost like there’s this gulf [between us] now, especially where he’s like, ‘I want this.’ And I’m like, ‘I can’t give you that,’” Janelle said during last week’s episode. 

During the same episode, Kody questioned whether the marriage is working for either party before telling Janelle he doesn’t think either one of them “know how to be real about things with each other.” 

“To say that I’m close with Janelle would be an overstatement,” Kody said in a confessional.

“You gotta know it, too,” Kody told Janelle. “There’s something fundamentally wrong here.”

“I’m not even sure it’s possible to come back from where we are,” Janelle told viewers in a confessional, later adding that she still has “so much affection” for Kody, but isn’t sure if she still has love. 

I seriously don’t know how Janelle had a serious conversation with a man who looked like THIS…

Janelle is the second of Kody’s four wives to leave. In November 2021, Christine announced that she and Kody had divorced (although the breakup took place many months before the announcement.) The current season of ‘Sister Wives’ has shown the split and the aftermath of it. 

Janelle and Kody have not yet released any other official statement on their breakup. 

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  2. Robyn is SO full of crap!! She wanted to get rid of Christine from day one. Besides if anybody follows Without A Crystal Ball, it’s proven that Robyn calculated this whole thing, even before she actually met Kody. It actually started in 2002. She saw all the publicity that Kody and Christine were getting for trying to legalize polygamy. She wanted the fame and the money. I truly hate to question her claims of abuse in her first marriage, but I don’t believe anything she says. I’m a domestic abuse survivor, and nothing she says rings true. I would never allow a woman to be abused in any way at all. I certainly wouldn’t sit there and laugh and smile while it was happening to someone else. She’s just awful!

  3. What is this I read that he was considering patching things up with Meri. He didn’t because supposedly Christine objected. I doubt that, anyways. According to his actions he doesn’t seem like the type to be talked out of or into anything. Doesn’t make any sense to me what he is saying about Christine. He is just trying to pin everything on her. I also read he was pissed Christine wanted to spend the holidays with her kids and them. Who does that? Why would you be mad that she wants her kids to still have that family dynamic? On the other hand if she did the opposite he would have something to say about that too. There’s no winning here.

  4. I remember watching the first couple of seasons and seeing what an ass he was and how unhappy the women were. I kept saying I can’t wait to watch when one of them leaves. I didn’t think it would take this long. But I am so happy there are two that are out now. This also makes me happy for Meri because I think it might force him to give her the time of day to keep her around financially or she will finally see that she can leave and do it.

  5. Jealousy is what busted this family up. Christine was jealous from the get go. If u go back and watch, Christine was always comparing her and Kodys relationship to the one he had with Robin. She complained constantly that he did this and that with Robin but not with her. What has surprised me is that people can’t see how manipulating Christine really is. Oh sure she’s been so sweet and soft talking but knew exactly how to work the crowd and work y’all, she did!

  6. Kody is a piece of work. Always on a ego trip and believes everything is someone else’s fault. Now he will have to work harder to support Robyn and her kids. He really needs to grow up. Glad for his “wives” that they were smart enough to leave him. Bye Bye Kody!!

  7. I Believe kody is a bad husband and should only have one wife at a time, during covid he stayed with only one wife and kids never. Bothering to visit other three families. Now he is worried about his other children what a poor example of a. Husband and. Dad

  8. I’m so proud of the two ladys I know it was hard to depart from the marriage I’m sure the iui r were good times to I feel it all started to fall apart when marry brought sobbin robbin in to the family and then stupidly divorced kody so she wouldn’t lose her kids that was her plan all along I cant wait to see that snake in the grass take kody for everything she is married to the jerk

  9. I think you both are amazing woman I would like to wish you both a very Happy Holiday for you and your children and wish you nothing but the best. I hope that you ladies start your own show so that we can see how you have all come out the other end. Good luck from the AV California

  10. Cody has personality that would be hard to get along! He doesn’t know how to treat them. All he does is yelling them. Cody made a big deal about covid to stay away. He and Robin were the ones following for covid. But they got it.

    1. They could have safely gotten together if he and Robyn really wanted to. Christine traveled safely and never got sick.

      Kody just wanted tobe controlling and used Covid asan excuse to test the family and see who would kowtow to his rules.

      1. I also think Covid gave him the opportunity to test out what monogamy felt like by only living at Robyn’s house, and he really enjoyed it. I don’t think there was ever going back to what polygamy life was like.

    2. Because he and Robyn were not following all of their rules like they said they were. They went out to the mall without masks, and they did whatever else they wanted while holding everyone else to super strict rules. Super hypocritical, and that’s why I didn’t feel bad when they contracted covid. Hospital scenes were super fake. Everyone in that house just thrives on the drama. The older girls are just as bad, but they have learned that from their mother.

    1. Meri is Kody’s punishment. It would really be like a knife in the kidney if Robyn left him once the show is cancelled and the only wife he had left was Meri because he cannot stand Meri ?.

    2. Nope. She enjoys getting scraps, and she also enjoys playing the martyr. She loves being one of the lying monkeys.

  11. Im so happy that Kody is losin control over the women in his life .(haaahaaa)When Merri finally leaves maybe sobbing Robin will leave too. Then he’ll have to get a haircut and get a real job .

  12. I am glad she left he doesn’t appreciate any wife with the exception of Robyn. I don’t understand why Meri stays when he has said over and over they would not have a relationship any more. Wake up Meri and get your life back.

  13. Cody needs to step back and take a look at himself. It isn’t his wife he takes no responsibility for his own actions and how he treats Robin and her children differently than he treats the others I can’t believe he’s so blind

    1. He chooses to not admit it.

      I dont know how they have stood him as long as theydid. He just got worse each year. And now he completely blames the wives that dont agree with him.

      I think t is killing him that the public is seeing him for who he is. He is being exposed big time and he is enraged.

  14. so happpy for janell cody can be along with robin she got what she wants but will lose her life style with out janell s money haha cody you got what you desirve

  15. I love this narrative that Kody and Robin have planned that no one wanted him and she got handed the gross old leftovers (Kody being the leftovers).

    Like can we have a RH reunion where the roll the tapeS that contradict everything he and Robin says, and re-affirms everything everyone else has been saying for years?

    1. I know! Why would they be hurt he spent no time with him? He chose to be with Robyn, they didnt force him!

      Oh she such a victim, always. ?

      Love Janelle’s eye rolls when Robyn is talking lol

      1. Janelle moved into an apartment for a 6 month lease so Kody comes over more.

        Christine begged Kody for YEARS to be around more. She even went an anniversary couples counseling trip to work on it, instead of you know actually relax for a week.

        Meri has begged Kody for years to just acknowledge she exists.

  16. Well Meri should have never divorced him in the first place. Giving her any control. Seemed like it was a pity marriage anyways. And he is pathetic over his own flesh in blood kids. Treats them awful. I feel really bad for his kids and grandkids.

  17. Welp, there goes Kodys kingdom in heaven. He needs a minimum of 3 wives. Oh the horror of it all. Will he & Robin be on Seeking Sister Wife?

    1. I don’t think Robyn would be able to tolerate someone new coming in.
      She was talking about Christine to Kody for years causing a wedge between him and his other wives. She’s very manipulative and plays the “clueless” role quite often.

      1. sometimes I wonder if she even realizes it. Like she maybe learned from a parent how to be passive aggressive and manipulative, and thinks that’s normal. Then, gaslight central.

        1. In my opinion, Robyn saw a lifestyle that peaked her interest and went after it. I think she knew exactly what she was doing 100%. I think she’s fully aware her actions are not normal. She claimed domestic abuse from her previous marriage and as a survivor of over 7 years of abuse from my ex – she would not have been aggressive in the new relationship. Just speaking from experience…

      2. I wonder if this is one reason she upset they leaving, Kody may look for new wives and she couldnt handle that. She would never take what those other women have been taking from her the last 12 years.

  18. Whether it’s a legal divorce (Give to Caesar) or polygamy……when your egg meets a sperm you will be “forever”…yes…it’s DNA….and you love it no matter the age….

    1. I almost want to think youre saying something about how they will be linked forever because they had children together…but honestly…what??

    1. Kody isn’t going to get planet Kody from God anymore, he failed as a polygamous husband.
      Coyote pass will become Kody pass, the land where the obedient and submissive wives and children will be allowed to be with Kody. Unlike the ones that won’t apologize for not bowing for his queen of the moment.
      Meri was his queen once, Sobyn is now, he will find a new queen or make his youngest son the heir to his throne and all must please and bow for his aprincetice.

  19. Hallelujah ? she deserved so much better than this pathetic little man. Well robin gt her wish she can have him to herself. Now get this GUY OFF TV. We need life after sister wives featuring ONLY CHRISTINE AND JANELLE. let kody get real job to support robin and her kids.

  20. While I don’t like to cheer for the demise of a family, I’m very happy for Jenelle. Admittedly, we see a limited view of the family and relationships but what I observed this season is a man who really is only interested in a life with Robyn and Robyn’s kids.

    It’s fairly easy to allow someone to treat you badly. You have your reasons for allowing it and honestly, we shouldn’t judge. But if you treat my kids badly, I’m coming for you. Kody has repeatedly treated some of his children terribly. I get that when you have 47 children it’s hard to show up 100% for each of them all the time. But when your kids need you, and you fail to act, that’s when a good mom says enough. Now, I don’t know how Kody treats Robyn’s adult kids. I don’t even know how he treats Meri’s kid because I haven’t seen them interact (the current season is the first I’ve watched). But I think it’s a beautiful thing to see Jenelle and Christine choose their happiness, and their kid’s happiness. Good for them.

    The irony of this whole situation, to me, was in Robyn’s conversation with Meri about polygamy. Robyn was pleading with Meri to stay in the family because Robyn badly wants to practice polygamy and give her kids that polygamy upbringing. Yet, her husband seems only to be interested in a relationship with her and not his other wives. So, is Robyn going to jump ship to find a strong polygamy family to join or will she pressure Kody to bring in additional wives to fulfill her polygamy dream???

    Lastly, it made me sad to hear Meri talk about people on the internet being “cruel” to her for staying with Kody. Meri, I think those of us who are weighing in are trying to open your eyes to the possibilities in life without Kody. I don’t think comments are meant to be cruel but rather encourage you to find happiness.

    And that’s my two cents ?

    1. The only one he’s legally divorced from is Meri – who gave up her marriage for Robyn and her kids. IMO, that was Robyn’s plan from day 1. She set her sights on what she wanted and hasn’t stopped manipulating since.

  21. Once the wives have their last child, that is it for them. It is common in polygamy. Since Christine and Janelle are no longer in the cult, they see they can have their own lives, so they are moving on.

    I am glad to see they are recognizing their worth and valuing themselves enough to not subject themselves to any more abuse.

    I hope they have great lives from now on.

    Meri in reality has left. She is on her own doing her own thing and has been for years. I think she hangs on for the show, and her pride. But there is no relationship there.

    Kody is now officially monogamous. But of course he is not too blame. Its everyone elses fault.

    He has jst proven what polygamy really is. Abusive to women and children except for those who want to kowtow to the man.

    1. Kody told the host he was thinking about reconciling with Meri.

      How else could “my sister wives closet” continue?
      Kody has said he considers him and Meri divorced so Robin doesn’t have any sister wives anymore.

      1. Oh wow, haven’t seen preview. If he reconciles with her it is purely for selfish gain.

        What am embarrassment of a relationship.

  22. Good for her! I’m very much enjoying watching the world crash down around Kody and Sobin’s feet. Couldn’t happen to two bigger jerks. Robin might have to get a J.O.B. now that Janelle isn’t there to pay for everything. She might actually need that nanny now. ?

  23. Janelle is desperate to not be revealed to have been a charade for “many, many years.” When Kody revealed the truth that they’ve had no marriage for a very long time (probably since she had her last kid), she tried her best to spin it as more gray, but I think the reality is black and white. Also, to some degree she has to play nice since she still needs him until she can get a house to call her own. So she didn’t want to look Meri-tier pathetic since she didn’t (at that time) have the option of leaving.

    This has definitely been the best season of SW in a long time. Maybe ever!

  24. Good for her!! Now only Meri looks like a fool…wonder how long it will take her to realize that Kody & Robyn are taking her for a ride?

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