Gwendlyn Brown Responds to Brother Paedon’s Claims That Meri Brown Was Abusive; Confirms Meri Did Get “Physical” with Sister Mykelti

It’s a battle of the Browns!

Paedon Brown‘s recent tell-all interview with blogger John Yates has caused a lot of commotion, with his accusation that Meri Brown was allegedly abusive to some of Kody Brown‘s kids being the biggest story to come out of it so far. While Meri and Kody have yet to comment publicly on Paedon’s claims that Meri was abusive, Paedon’s sister Gwendlyn did respond— confirming that Meri did, indeed, allegedly get physical with her sister Mykelti.

As The Ashley previously reported, Paedon stated during the interview that he and some of his siblings were “never safe around Meri.”

“Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically,” Paedon said, confirming that the alleged abuse was not just verbal. “Oh, it moves so past verbal.”

He also credited Kody’s fourth wife Robyn for helping to alert the other adults in the family of the alleged abuse that some of the kids were allegedly suffering at Meri’s hands.


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“I can never hate Robyn because she opened several eyes,” Paedon said. “And because of that I will always be grateful to her. I will never hate her…Robyn was in an extremely abusive relationship with her ex. And when you were in an abusive relationship, you now see the signs [of others being abused]…

“Robyn probably saved several of our lives. Not definitely but probably, maybe. Definitely saved Mykelti’s life,” he stated.

After Paedon’s interview was posted, Gwendlyn was asked on her Patreon account about some of the things Paedon accused Meri of, particularly about Meri’s alleged abuse and what happened with Mykelti.

Gwendlyn— who has stated in the past that she has a good relationship with Meri today—confirmed that a physical altercation did go down between Meri and Mykelti at one point,. However she criticized Paedon for putting Meri on blast when he’s been abusive to members of the family in the past.

While answering fans’ questions about Paedon’s video, Gwen stated that Meri was “scary” to the kids and did get violent on at least one occasion. 

“[Meri] was scary as a kid but she never attacked me and I only saw her violent once. That was all a long time ago,” Gwen said. 

Meri, on getting the kids to like her once they became adults…

In another comment Gwendlyn mentioned the Mykelti incident.

“Meri had moments where she was rude and scary but I don’t remember her getting physical with anyone except for Mykelti and that was only once. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance…I don’t know anything about saving anyone’s life honestly. She was met with more dislike than anything…”

Gwen then came at Paedon for doing the interview and cautioned fans to take what Paedon says with a grain of salt.

“He’s the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing and I would strongly advise against taking anything he says as fact,” she said in a video uploaded on Monday.

“And just think– she knows US and still says Paedon’s the worst! That’s something!”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Paedon and Gwen have not had a relationship for years. In 2022, Paedon admitted that Gwen is scared of him, due to him hitting her.

“I hit Gwen,” Paedon said in a clip posted to TikTok. “I slapped Gwen after some words were exchanged and I took it too far and I slapped her and she thinks that I might do it again and she’s scared of me.” 

On Patreon, Gwen told her fans that Paedon is “hypocritical for calling Meri out on her supposed violence while ignoring his own. He was, and likely still is, the most violent one in the entire family.” 

Mykelti has yet to speak up about what happened between her and Meri. However, in Paedon’s interview with John Yates, he stated that Mykeli and Robyn are very close, despite most of the Brown siblings having a dislike of Robyn. 

“What’s not to like!?”

“Mykelti loves her. I’m glad Mykelti loves her. But she tries to manipulate people and now she’s trying to manipulate Mykelti,” Paedon said. “And Mykelti tells her, ‘Oh, no you don’t have to do that with me. I’m just me.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, you see it? You see that she’s manipulating you?’ And Mykelti’s like, ‘Well, yeah. It doesn’t matter.’ And I’m like, ‘Damn Mykelti. You are a saint.’

“Mykelti’s opinions about people don’t really change. Mykelti gets an opinion about somebody and keeps it,” he added.

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  1. I sure don’t understand why a crew would travel to Utah so Christine can still be on “Sister Wives”!!!
    Christine “divorced” the whole family! LET HER GO!! She doesn’t deserve to be on the show!

  2. @theashley you have to do something about how one particular user is pushing your readers over the edge. This is ridiculous

    1. Front door, wish I could send you a private message. Want to tell you something, but not on here. What I can say on here is don,t quit this site….things are changing. I enjoy your comments, don’t leave yet.

  3. Search for the Ashley reality round up email, please give your comments and thoughts on Pearl and the abuse that she brings to the site. So many good friends are leaving due to pearls abuse, any thoughts? Email the Ashley Reality roundup,

    1. All I’m shelling out is adults having words…not abuse, I can’t help it that people are stupid enough to reply. If you reply youre more than likely gonna eventually blasted so if you don’t want to get blasted, don’t reply…its simple.

      I think the problem is that people can dish it but they just can’t take it…so as the saying goes “if ya can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen”

      1. But pearl- no one on this site has ever told you you couldn’t have an opinion. But as I have read more thoroughly through these comments and others on other articles- you tend to berate people for not agreeeing with you. You argue as if you know the person in the article and you are relentless. You curse at them, etc. Like with Aaron carter not dying of a probable drug overdose.
        You can state your opinion and leave it at that, but you don’t. You don’t stop. No one else does that except you. Stop giving people ammunition by berating them and cursing them out when they disagree with you. I mean no article on here is that serious to act this way

        1. You’re right, I don’t stop at just stating my opinion, but when someone replies and calls my opinion stupid then they are basically calling ME stupid because that’s how I feel…and I won’t just lie down and take that.

          If a person doesn’t want to be berated, then don’t berate my opinion (thus berating me).

          And I don’t remember ever saying that Aaron Carter couldn’t have died from an OD, all I remember saying is that he could have he most likely died from something like a heart attack, stroke or seizure caused by past drug use.

          It could have been an accidental OD sure, but from all intents and purposes he was clean and sober, I even went back and looked at pictures from 15-20 years ago vs his most recent pics and you could the difference. He went from cheeks sunk in/skin and bones to looking rather healthy. But it seemed like everyone was stuck on that “once an addict always an addict” myth.

          I just want people cut the guy the some slack, don’t jump to conclusions because of all seen in the past, look at the here and now because that’s what’s important. Wait until the truth comes out then make their conclusions.

          And when you defend someone like Aaron, Amber or Gwen Brown, it’s important to feel like you understand where they’re coming from. And I do. I’ve experienced verbal abuse, been around people that abused drugs and people with mental illness so I can look past the outward appearance and actions of the person and and see their HEART…which is what I choose to do, I don’t like judging books by their covers.

  4. I’m done with this site. You know who has officially killed it for me. Wish they would just disappear. I get a literal headache reading comments and she appears under every single one like she personally knows the people in the articles. Over it. Ashley is a good site but I truly wish she would monitor her comments and how unhappy really are with certain behaviors on here. Done.

    1. I know what abuse looks like (well the vernal kind) so your damn straight im gonna take up for someone who endures abuse of any kind (Gwen, Maddie or Mykelti) vs taking up for someone (Paedon) who has only WITNESSED the abuse and has become an abuser himself.

      I REFUSE to do that last part. I will NEVER take up for Paedon!!

      And as for anyone else I stick up for, it’s my god given right to say what I want.

      But as far as I’m concerned all I can say about you being “done” is HALLE-FREAKING-LUAH!!!

      Calling me a mooch and worthless was the last straw for me towards you, I thoroughly HATE your guts now and fully planned to voice my hatred towards you from here on in but thankfully I won’t have to do that now!!

        1. seriously, pearl ~ eff off. can’t you tell you’re ? loathed here? or are you too stupid to read the room?

          1. There are a couple people…shout out to LOGICAL and BS…that like me (not always opinions but ME) so no im not 100% loathed on here.

          2. And can you not see that I have got upvotes on this post for my complete and utter dislike of Paedon or are you too stupid to see that?

            Im obviously alot less loathed than you realize, I’m loathed by you and that’s truly a-ok with me.

        1. I come on this site occasionally for the funny, sarcastic articles. I don’t have social media so this site has been pretty good throughout the years.
          But the kind of bullying that goes on has gotten ridiculous. You want someone to stop giving their opinions? It’s a free country. We thankfully have the God given right of free speech in this wonderful country.. Give me a break.
          Can you people not ignore what pearl has to say if you don’t like it? Who cares what her opinion is. People can have different opinions. But She shouldn’t be calling names either by any means. And if she doesn’t like what someone else has to say she should ignore it also and let it go. You want her to stop yet everyone keeps throwing insults etc.. Grow up and be the bigger person..

        2. I agree, I shouldn’t be cursing people out or name calling, but neither should other people.

          They start it but I finish it, that’s my god given right…and it was how I was raised, my mom always said “don’t start a fight but you can damn sure finish it, don’t just take crap sitting down because you don’t deserve that”, so to this day that’s what I do, I finish what gets started.

    2. Ashley if you lose front door, do to pearl, you’re making a serious mistake. So many people are telling you how annoying and inappropriate she is, I don’t know if you keep her just for shock value? But you’re losing lotta good people on this site that enjoy it very much, don’t know what you’re thinking but you might want to rethink it, pearl is a cancer to your site, she’s not benefiting you in any way, she’s pushing other people away. Please consider I know you kicked her off in the past, but she’s back with a vengeance. You might want to consider who is more important. People like front door or people like pearl

        1. Zits keep popping up Gary not herpes…unless of course you’re Briana Dejesus, it which case herpes and every other STD keeps popping up.

  5. When a child is forced to witness abuse, that is abuse, that person is a victim. Anyone who claims to be a victim of abuse should be the first one to stand up for another victim, not question them . If someone who is abused wants to be believed, they should be the first to be a believer.

    1. I believe the abuse took place, of that I have NO DOUBT. I’m not questioning that in the least.

      And he didn’t HAVE to witness it, he could have gotten up and walked outside or gone to his room, no one made him sit there and watch Maddie or Mykelti get abused (and whomever else was abused), he CHOSE to sit there.

      Everyone seems to forget that this guy is not completely innocent, he saw the abuse and decided to mimic it to see if he could get away with it like his dad and Meri did. And he’s still abusing Gwen to this day, he ADMITS it…why should I or anyone else for that matter stick up for this guy.

      Im sure being a witness to abuse was traumatizing but he had the mental where with all to decide he wasn’t gonna continue down that same path but he has and is

      But I’m VERY glad Gwen has gotten the slaps in that she’s gotten, it shows that she is physically capable of taking up for herself and doesnt feel she has to sit back and take it, I wish she’d punch the sob (draw some blood, knock some teeth out or break his damn jaw) so he’d stop.

  6. Pearl you are responding like you are Gwen’s best friend or something. Trying to do damage control for someone who doesn’t need it. Do you even know any of them personally? Or you are just a super fan? It’s possible to read something…disagree without comment and scroll on. ✌️

    1. No I don’t know any of them nor am I a fan but I’m NOT gonna sit back and take the side of someone who is just as much (if not more) of an abuser than those he’s accusing.

      I believe he WITNESSED abuse but according to his rants it doesn’t sound like he’s a victim of the abuse himself.

      A victim of circumstance yes…a victim of abuse no.

      Gwen on the other hand is not only a victim of circumstance but a victim of the abuse, not only verbally from Meri but physically from Paedon himself.

      I know it’s possible to read with commenting but people need to see that Paedon is NOT the saintly human being people have portrayed him to be, hes an abuser also.

  7. I didn’t read the article. However, I am here for the petty bickering in the comments. That, my friends, is far more entertaining.

    Please, continue.

  8. Pardon WAS a victim of a disfunctional family and life style. All those kids were forced into believing that their family was normal. They are now realizing that it is Not normal.

      1. But he’s less of a victim than the most of them, he’s a victim of circumstance not abuse. He never experienced any of the abuse that he’s outing the others (Mykelti and Maddie) for experiencing. Let them speak for themselves if that’s what they wanna do.

        According to what I’ve seen in the articles he’s only talking about what he witnessed.

        Now, if he wants to rant about what he EXPERIENCED, that’s one thing…but he’s not.

        Talking about what the others actually experienced isn’t his job.

        Now if he wants come forward and say “he my this happened to me” then that would be a different story, otherwise I don’t even understand why we’re hearing from HIM??

        He’s an abuser of Gwen and others (I don’t give a damn if he was a kid when he started abusing or not)!! He’s apparently not the abusee.

        According to what we’ve heard, he only hit Gwen once (and he wasnt a child because it was 2 years ago). However it had to be more than once because a mother would not be afraid to leave them alone if it only happened once.

  9. Too me, Paedon resorting to violence in a conflict situation with Gwen substantiates what he is saying about Meri. He was just mirroring what he’d seen adults in his life do.

  10. Paedon is a known abuser and bully himself, so I believe he can pick up on the same traits in others.
    He’s sick and so is Meri.

  11. They were only 9 and 12 when Robyn joined the family and “noticed” the alleged abuse. I’m not sure Gwen, who was pretty young, is in a position to say what Meri did or didn’t do to the older kids. And, to her credit, all she said is that she only saw one violent interaction. So, we know there is at least some truth to what Paedon said – we just don’t know how far it went.

    And none of this surprises me about Meri.

    1. 9 is young but it’s not so young that a person shouldn’t know what’s right or wrong.

      Most nine year olds notice the difference of “Hey this parent does this but this parent does the opposite”, so they can realize when something is off.

      1. Cool. Meanwhile, a 9 year old may not have noticed or been present for every single abusive interaction. That’s why she says she only witnessed one incident. Do you think all the kids were together all the time that Gwen would know literally everything that happened to her older siblings?

        1. Just because she SAID she only witnessed one incident doesn’t mean that that’s all she saw.

          People bend the truth (especially children) when it comes to abuse they don’t want the backlash of nonbelievers.

          1. Lol what? You’re contradicting yourself, but carry on. I know engaging any longer is a mistake.

  12. I can just tell by looking at her homely face she is mean, Referring to Meri, I think Janelle closed her eyes and let Christine raise her kids, I think Janelle ate her way thru life and Kody didn’t care he wanted more children, I think Meri was jealous of Christine and Janelle because they could pop those kids out and she couldn’t, I think Christine wanted Kody to love her and he couldn’t because he was not attracted to her, When in truth Christine when she has blonde hair and not obese is the prettiest of his wives then comes Janelle if she isn’t obese then Robin then Meri,
    Christine use this time for you. Focus on making you look pretty and I turn you will find men, Men Lionel tall thin long blonde hair women,

  13. So lil Gwen thinks everyone deserves a second chance(even an adult that was violent with a child!), but not Paedon…okey….

  14. I think the difference here is one owning up to it, and one acting like a victim. Paedon doesn’t act like a victim.

    1. That’s because Paedon wasn’t a victim, all his rants were about what the others went through not him.

      That’s not his place, let the others speak out.

      And Gwen said point blank that Meri was never physical with her so she believes that in HER case Meri deserves a second chance.

      Paedon hit her (Gwen) repeatedly and admits it as well as doing things to other siblings, of course he’s not a victim, it makes him no better than Meri.

        1. That shouldnt matter, look Im not saying that what she said and did wasn’t bad and that she shouldnt have known better, im just saying that what he did is bad too…abuse is abuse, idc if the perpetrator is an adult or a child.

          And he’s what 23 (maybe 24), so the time we know about was what 2 years, so he was what 21 or 22…last I checked that classified a person as an adult.

          1. The times when me and my sister beat eachother up is countless.A tough girl like Gwen is now suddenly afraid of her brother for ever?Grow up please.

          2. Do you not see the the size difference between the two? Yes they’re both large people but he is quite a bit larger (mostly because of muscles) so she’s skinny compared to him.

            And most men are just naturally stronger.

          3. Look, I know Gwen isn’t perfect but Paedon is way worse. He’s been more physically violent than Meri ever was…he and Gwen both said it…she was physical ONCE…he’s been physical how many times??

            Meri isn’t a part of the “family” anymore, they’ve all (with the exception of Kody, Robyn and her 5 devil spawns) gone their separate ways.

            And don’t tell me to go away, I have just as much right to voice my opinion as you, im not being mean about it so if you don’t like the back and forth then you can stop, your choice…stop or keep it up.

            But it’s quite apparent that nothing happened to him (probably because everyone was scared of his chump ass), so he had no right to speak out on behalf of his OLDER siblings!!! Let THEM break the silence if they so choose.

          4. WOW! You’re really judging someone who was a kid himself at the time extremely harshly. I hope you’re prepared to face judgment for everything you’ve done. I bet you weren’t a perfect kid either. None of us were.

          5. Who the fuck are you talking about?

            The only him im talking about is Paedon and last i checked he doesn’t have a kid.

            And as violent as he can be, I hope he never has any because they don’t deserve what I’m sure he would dish out. Violence begets violence!!

          6. My bad Ali’spinkchair, I misread that as “has a kid” not “was a kid”.

            But it doesn’t matter, an abuser is an abuser regardless of whether they’re a child or an adult, he was old enough to know what he was doing, he knew he was in the wrong.

            Now, had he been a little kid(young enough not to know right from wrong) when he started abusing his siblings then I wouldn’t be so judgmental of him but he was what 10 when he started being an abuser, that’s plenty old enough to know your actions are wrong.

            It’s called “age of accountability”. That’s when a person, realizes their wrongs, admits them and changes their ways.

          7. Are you seriously shaming a kid victim of abuse? Look at what you are writing, are you kidding me?

            You dont think seeing a sibling being abused IS abuse? And the whole thing about “who was abused the most” – fuck of with that Pearl, abuse is abuse you dont get to decide who is a worthy victim and who’s not. Paedon is probably abusive himself because he was abused ..

            You talk about these people like you know them and thats on you but you cant decide what and who was abused, world dont work like that Pearl. I’ll say it again: ABUSIVE IS ABUSIVE
            Maybe you should take a break from the internet it looks like you might need it ..

          8. No I don’t think being a witness to the abuse is abuse.

            To me, if a person endures the words and/or actions then they’re abused, seeing it is bad don’t get me wrong but that’s not abuse. When the abuse is directed toward them…THATS ABUSE.

            But alot of people who witness abuse (they don’t have to endure it) become abusive themselves because they figure “Hey so and so did it and got away with it so let me see if the same goes for me”

            And I don’t need a break from the internet, I feel the way I feel and have that right…Paedon is a pos just like his dad and Meri (only worse in several cases), if you don’t think that then that’s on you. But I’m not gonna sugarcoat the way I feel about someone for anyone, the way I feel is the way I feel. Sorry not sorry.

  15. So Meri abused Mykelti and she was mentally abusive. Despicable.

    Yet Gwen claims Paedon was and is the most abusive person in the family.
    Gwen was protected from Paedon after abuse. She couldn’t be alone with him.
    What the hell did Paedon do when Robyn probably saved multiple lives by putting a stop to Meri’s abuse?

    1. He probably abused them too, he admits thst he hit Gwen as well as some of the other siblings but unlike Meri he wasn’t an adult at the time so Robyn probably didn’t feel comfortable speaking out against him.

    2. I’m no fan of Meri, but I think there is a marked difference between “Meri was physical with Mykelti once” and “Robyn saved Mykelti’s life from Meri”. Is Paedon actually claiming that Meri would have killed Mykelti? That’s quite an accusation.

      1. Anytime a person gets physical with another there is that chance yes…especially if that person doesn’t know their limits and their own strength.

        But Paedon shouldn’t have made the accusation…it didn’t happen to him, it happened to Mykelti so SHE should have been the one to speak up.

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