Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Call Farrah Abraham a “Mean Girl” & Criticize Her Altered Appearance: “Farrah Looks Unrecognizable”

Catelynn and Tyler are going to need a gaggle of therapy horses. STAT.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra recently called out their former Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham for having a bad attitude and an even worse appearance. 

While recently on TikTok Live to field some fan questions/incessantly talk over one another, a viewer asked the couple if they missed Farrah. (The question was likely asked given that Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently airing, and Farrah infamously made a surprise appearance during Season 1.) 

I think we all remember how well THAT went down…

Cate and Ty made their feelings about Farrah very clear.

“Do we miss Farrah? No,” Cate says in the clip. 

As the video continues, Tyler reads a viewer comment aloud that states, “Farrah looks unrecognizable.” In response Cate says, “I know, and she was pretty.” When (for some reason) Tyler appears confused by his wife’s statement, Cate explains, “She’s just gotten a lot of plastic surgery.” 

Weird. We hadn’t noticed.

Tyler says he thought Farrah had already gotten quite a lot of plastic surgery in the past, while reiterating that both he and Cate used to think Farrah was “so pretty.”  

“I understand why she wanted a nose job, I totally get that,” Cate says. “Like, ya know, she wanted a nose job from the beginning and she should’ve just stopped … .”

Catelynn, talking about her sweet ass side bangs and Farrah’s nose job…

Once again, Tyler seems unfamiliar with Farrah’s current face, but Cate assures him that Farrah “looks way different.” She also agrees with someone in the comments who says Farrah’s ever-changing appearance is the result of low self-esteem.

“No, you’re right, she probably, sadly, doesn’t have any self-esteem and that’s sad,” Cate says.

“ … Well, ya gotta find it, ya gotta get it, ya gotta gain it,” Tyler adds. 

Tyler, thinking about the raging Yelp review Farrah is going to write about him for saying this…

Cate and Tyler–- who, mind you, have been completely slamming Farrah’s appearance during the last minute or so of this TikTok Live–- change the subject to remind people that Farrah is terrible on the inside, too. 

“She’s just sadly a mean person,” Cate says. 

“But haven’t we said though, we’ve actually never met anyone like her in [our lives],” Tyler says. “I thought people like her are only in movies.”

Well, he’s not wrong.

“Yeah, she’s a mean girl,” Cate says again. 

“Like, it’s crazy, bro,” Tyler continues, telling his TikTok Live viewers what it’s like to meet Farrah in person.

” … It’s interesting, man,” he says.  

Farrah has yet to respond to Catelynn and Tyler’s slam sesh, though she did speak out on Instagram Live in November to respond to the criticism she had received about her appearance from random people online. After posting a video that resulted in a plethora of comments deeming the former ‘Teen Mom’ star “unrecognizable,” Farrah insisted she was showing off her “natural” face– free of filters, makeup and injections. 

“This is emotional abuse of a Number One Celebrity Of Our Nation!”

“I have to say, I look freaking amazing!” Farrah said. “And this is me natural so that means injections [have] worn off. That means nothing else. The end.” 

Farrah went on to accuse those shaming her of committing emotional abuse. 

You can watch the Reddit clip of Catelynn and Tyler’s TikTok Live below. (The Farrah remarks begin around the 1:13 mark.) 

Catie and Tyler talking about Farrah being a mean girl and her plastic surgery 👀👀
by inTeenMomOGandTeenMom2

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; VH1; Reddit) 

18 Responses

  1. This is a bit of topic but…Ashley Jones is pregnant again?!! What the hell?

    I can’t stand Jenelle but she was spot on about Ashley throwing punches while pregnant being “child endangerment”.

  2. I love cate and ty but ty you probably think you’re helping cate by talking about her weight and she needs to lose is but you’re actually putting her down she’s had you’re 4 kids she’ll get back down to where she’s happy, I don’t think you mean it but I still live you both. As for farrah oh man I don’t know why she hasn’t had a good ass whooping she is one nasty bitch especially to her mom who is a bit bitchy herself so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree but she’s way worse than janelle n that’s saying something and she’s going to end up like her plastic friend Frenchy I mean I can’t believe how much surgery she’s had done which isn’t a good example for her cretin of a daughter that is 1 child I have never took to she’s a mini farrah but the comment she said she looked good eh honey you didn’t you actually never have you have to be nice on the inside to be beautiful on out and its to late for you xx love from Scotland

  3. I love that this article is written in defense of Farrah, almost. I dislike Cate and Ty b it they are one thousand percent correct and the only person that doesn’t see that is Farrah herself.

  4. Farrah is super mean we all know that, and a terrible role model for her daughter, who she treats like a grown up friend.

  5. When that’s Farrah’s natural face, she has trained bees to self sacrifice themselves on a dot on her face for their mistresses beauty.

    1. I’d rather look like or be like Cait ANYDAY. Farrah has absolutely ruined herself and her face is horrifying. Cait is pretty, real, and also not a psychopath.

    1. Well, she does via Instagram and she she would still happily show everthing on TV if MTV wouldn’t have cancelled her.

    2. She may not be using Sophia for an MTV but chances are she’s using for some kind of check, didn’t Sophia say she wanted to sell pictures of her feet on OF…isn’t that how Farrah her whole messed up life?

      Next thing you know Sophia will be selling her cooch (because she’ll have seen how easy it was for her mom), but Farrah’s will be used up by that time and she’ll milk her daughters easy money gravy train!!!


    3. This is the wildest comment of all time.

      Since when do Cait and Tyler use their kids to get paychecks? Their kids are barely on the show. And good for them for taking this opportunity to make money. If it wasn’t for this show, we all know where they’d be and what their life would be like.

      Farrah not only uses her kid for money, she has completely and utterly RUINED Sophia’s life and robbed her of a childhood. Which is a billion times worse than anything Cait and Tyler’s kids have experienced.

  6. Lol, I like Ty’s face in that first picture, I’d freaking at the sight of the dark haired plastic barbie doll too.

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