Barry Plath Accuses Olivia Plath of “Brainwashing” His Son Ethan in Season Premiere of ‘Welcome to Plathville’; Moriah & Micah Call Out Olivia for Lying About Their Parents

Nothing like some good old fashioned mutual disdain to bring a family closer together…

Let the Plath Family bashing begin! 

Welcome to Plathville returns next week with a season premiere that finds Micah and Moriah Plath sitting down with parents Kim and Barry to air their grievances about their brother Ethan’s wife, Olivia, ultimately leading Barry to accuse his daughter-in-law of “brainwashing” his son. 

In People’s sneak peek of Tuesday’s season premiere, viewers see Micah kicking off the conversation with Ma and Pa Plath, claiming Olivia has “always hated” the way the Plath kids grew up. 

“I mean, rightfully so, but still…”

“She’s always talked crap,” Micah says of Olivia. “And Ethan has, I really feel like he’s absorbed all of that.” 

We then see Barry jump in to add his two cents to the anti-Olivia argument. 

“You know what it’s called? It’s called brainwashing,” Barry says (rather ironically, if you ask us).

“Trust me, I would know.”

Moriah notes that things with her sister-in-law (and former friend) have only gotten worse lately, due to Olivia allegedly spreading more lies than ever about Kim and Barry. Moriah goes on to mention Olivia’s allegation that Kim stole a credit card from Ethan– something she believes was a story Olivia made up to “validate her big emotions.” 

Moriah, describing her relationship with Olivia, as well as her fashion sense.

“It’s gotten to the point where lies are being told and I personally want to do my part in making things right,” Moriah says, noting that she stood by Olivia’s side for years and validated her big emotions feelings. 

“ … You can feel however you want to feel,” Moriah says. “But I will not tolerate lies being told. I will not tolerate somebody just then going off the deep end.” 

“…not this season, anyway.”

Moriah says while Olivia has every right to not like someone– in this case, Kim and Barry– it’s not acceptable for her to “try and make the whole world or a whole family feel the same way.” 

Barry claims Olivia’s behavior is “relationally destructive,” to which Moriah agrees. 

“ … And that’s why I choose not to have a relatinship with her anymore,” she adds.  

Season 5 of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ premieres Tuesday, September 5 on TLC. Click here to watch the sneak peek clip! 

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11 Responses

  1. Kim and Barry were very rigid in how they raised their own children, and rightfully so, it’s their choice to do so. I think they have seemed supportive when the kids wanted to leave and pursue other things. Oftentimes, Olivia was hindering that natural progression of the children stepping away and growing in their own ways. She wanted to keep a game going with Kim and Barry which I don’t think they had a desire to do so. Therefore, she made it ugly when it didn’t have to be.

  2. You know I think we’re all going to come to a big realization that Alivia is 95% of the drama do I believe in a lot of stuff she says yeah but what I think she’s doing is she’s projecting all of her anger disappointment disillusion grief, guilt, etc. over her own childhood onto Ethan, and since she doesn’t have the courage or the backbone to deal with her own feelings of inferiority and self-worth, she’s decided to attack Ethan‘s family because that’s just easier for her people they don’t see that Alivia is just like another Kim are missing who she truly is because you want to identify with that harmed child in the situation she’s not a child anymore although she acts immature all the time she is a rigid, controlling, narcissistic psycho and I think when this all boils down will actually see how much Alivia Barry and Kim have in common I have never liked her not even when she was friendly on the show because she could tell how fake she was. I don’t like barrier can either, but I feel horrible for Ethan. You saw his life was like you know because you’ve lived it and you still expect him to be some kind of emotionally mature, secure man of 60 who knows everything about life and how to deal with stuff you’ve done nothing but separate him from his parents his friends, his interests all that is controlling psychotic behavior , she’s just as bad as his parents actually she’s worse because she knows she’s doing it and she knows why

    1. Barry and Kim were abusive parents and they were gaslighting Olivia. Moriah isn’t equipped emotionally or intellectually to deal with the world and is running back to her parents and religion to make her feel safe. Ethan should be a real husband, support his wife and leave with Olivia and have a life; if not, Olivia should free herself of that F-ed up family and get far far away!

  3. I’m not a fan of Olivia. She seems very controlling and unreasonable and yeah, I think she has definitely influenced Ethan’s opinions on his family…..however, Barry (and Kim) are a million times as guilty of that then Olivia. They purposely alienated all of their children from society and FORCED their extreme religious beliefs on their children, among many other things. Ya reap what ya sow, right, Barry?

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