Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Visited by Secret Service Over Gun Video; Threatens to Shoot Anyone Who Steps Foot on “The Land”: Watch the Scary Videos

“I’ve got lots of real purrrty guns back on The Land!”

David Eason was spittin’ mad after he got a visit from the Secret Service on Friday, and says he’s ready to shoot anyone who dares to come to The Land– no matter who it is!

Jenelle Evans‘ husband got himself into hot (swamp) water with the United States Government after he posted a video to his Instagram on November 30, showing himself bump-firing a gun. He captioned the video, “They will say I’ve gone off the deep end just wait for it! #bangbangbang #bumpfire #bumpthis#nancypelosi #trump #maga”

The post that started the trouble…

In a video posted to his Instagram Stories on Friday, David claimed that, because he hashtagged the names of President Donald Trump and politican Nancy Pelosi, the Secret Service were sent to The Land to investigate if it was a true threat against the politicians’ safety.

“Instagram, since you’re so f**king mad, send a f**king SBI to my house. I’m gonna upload a lot more gun videos. And you know what? I got a gun on my hip! F**k you, SBI! Since y’all are so concerned that I put #Trump and #NancyPelosi why don’t you go tell them bitches not to start banning guns! Then maybe people won’t put hashtag their name.”

Although this story seems so far-fetched that it can’t be true, it actually is. The Ashley can confirm that David did get a visit from Secret Service on Friday on The Land. (It gets even stranger…wait…)

David claims he told them to leave, and The Ashley can confirm this is true, too. He did, indeed, tell them to get off his property because they didn’t have a warrant to be on The Land.

“Next time you wanna call them lil’ bitches to my house, the same thing’s gonna happen: I’m gonna tell them to f**king leave…unless they have a warrant,” David claimed in an Instagram Stories video posted later on Friday. “And for you Secret Service officers, I’m very flattered that you come on out to my house just to check things out and all, but don’t be a f**king bitch. I’m gonna start postin’ guns and puttin’ #trump every f**king time. So go f**k yourself!”

David then showed off his extensive stockpile of weapons and ammo, telling everyone he has the capability to shoot them all the way to KieffaVille, if he wants to.

“I guess y’all didn’t know—I keep stockpiles of ammunition…just enough to blow s**t into pieces on any given day or situation!” David said in the video as he panned over his ammo. “I also keep stockpiles and large capacity magazines of everything. I don’t know what I don’t have a stockpile of ammunition for. I’ve also got some poison dart frogs…”

David then posted a video of him shooting at a target. He captioned the photo, “@RealDonaldTrump met your Secret Service friends today. Not sure what they wanted told em to f**king leave!”

He then stated that he had been leaving the front gate to The Land unlocked, which is why the Secret Servicemen were able to get on the property.

“Now you Secret Service mother**kers wouldn’t have come down here if my gate was closed,” David said. “And if you did, I would have been shootin’ at you because I wouldn’t know who you was. You gonna come back? I don’t think so.”

David acknowledged that this may be taken as a threat against the Secret Service.

“You can be mad, you can take that as a threat if you want to,” he said. “But you already know that anybody who comes on my property that is trespassing is liable to get f**king killed. Let that be a warning to anyone who wants to look up my address and come to my mother**king house. Anybody.”

Sorry, ladies…he’s taken…

That apparently goes for animals and/or crackheads too!

“I’ve got guns for target practice, huntin’ fishin’, I’ve got guns for self protection and I’ve got guns for shootin’ crackheads. I’ve got guns for shootin’ snakes, bears, I’ve got everything,” David said. “I don’t care if you’re the police, if you’re the mother**king Swat Team, if you’re the President himself, my mama, I don’t care who you are. You don’t come on my property unless you call me first. From now on, the gate is always locked.”

He then issued another warning to anyone who “wants to come to my house and act like you’re a fan or just a random person lookin’ around… I promise you we’re not gonna be friends.”

After posting his online rant videos, David posted a creepy photo of himself snuggling up with a gun. In the caption of the photo, he issued another threat.

“Thanks for the visit from your secret service friends today @realdonaldtrump,” David wrote. “I told them how much I like you except the fact you want to ban bump stocks and take guns away from people just because someone “red flagged” them. Then I told them to get the f**k out of my house and don’t ever come pass my trespassing signs again. Like holy s**t, I thought your people were all about border security. Well there is a border around my land that is protected from intruders by lethal force also, just like your house. Dont expect my gate to ever be open again. I hope and pray that nobody ever tries to trespass on my property as they will be met with fire and fury, the likes of which they have never seen before.
#stayoffmyland#notrespassing#donttreadonme #posted#privateproperty”

In the comment section of the post, David denied threatening Donald Trump.

“When or where did I ever threaten the president?” David wrote. “I’m speaking or whoever comes on my property whether it’s a crack head, alien or SWAT team. You better be invited or have a fu**ing warrant, other than that I’m constantly sitting here with my hand on my gun wishing a mother f**ker would try something.”

This is, of course, not the first time David has threatened to hurt or shoot people. In October, he straight-out threatened Randy Houska, the father of Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Chelsea, after Randy commented on the domestic violence incident that occurred between Jenelle and David on The Land earlier that month.

“So Mr. Randy. Let me ask you a question, punk,” David said in a frightening video posted to Instagram in October. “When’s the last time you had your jaw realigned? You need to get it straightened up? I’ll do it for ya, free of charge. Come on down to my dentist office, bud. I can even pull teeth. I can realign your jaw!

“I’ve got guns. Don’t f**k with me,” he added.

As The Ashley has previously reported, David is no longer allowed to appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ or participate in the filming of the show in any way, due to a homophobic rant he posted to Twitter in February.

The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle was not filming for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 at the time of the Secret Service visit, and no MTV crew members were present.

Jenelle has yet to comment publicly on her husband’s latest shenanigans. The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

A Twitter user posted some of David’s Instagram Stories videos to YouTube. You can watch video below. (Be aware, though, that the video contains plenty of naughty language.)

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(Photos: Instagram)

97 Responses

  1. Am I the only one that googles Nathan daily to see if there’s an article about him making a move for custody? Or barb cutting off visitation. All of that ammo and those guns covering the home is all a judge would need to see.

  2. Once this lunatic harms someone I will blame MTV for creating and fostering this train wreck. MTV sees this situation escalating and they keep paying Jenelle 6 figure salaries so that Lurch can continue to stockpile weapons and ammo. MTV needs to be accountable and cancel Jenelles whole storyline including Babs and offer them all therapy and wash their hands of this mess.

  3. I really hope the secret service comes back in the next few days with a warrant and arrest him for threatening government officials after they left. Please.

  4. Calm down people. He’s not doing anything illegal. He’s excercising his 2nd Amendment and God given right to self protection. How do y’all know he’s going to be a mass murderer or commit a murder/suicide? No one knows this. Most firearm enthusiasts have thousands of rounds at their house. That isn’t a large amount when you consider going through 500 or 1000 rounds during a day at the range. Relax and leave the family alone. MTV created this mess. They should shut down the entire franchise.

    1. Tell that to the families of Sandy Hook,Parkland, Pulse nightclub, Las Vegas shootings, etc. This guy is clearly unhinged. He’s flaunting all these guns and ammunition and threatening people, and you see nothing wrong with this?

    2. I honestly don’t understand how guns can be appealing. I mean, it’s created to kill living things, that’s the purpose of a gun. That being said, I think every Constitution should be respected, especially when the amendment procedure isn’t written in a way that makes it barely impossible to do (looking at you, Canada). That being said, David shouldn’t be allowed to own weapons. That guy is a freaking time bomb, and if you can’t see that, you’re not the sharpest tool.

    3. While it’s true about the second amendment here is where I feel he’s overstepped. Instead of understanding why secret service came he yells at them and then taunts them telling them on social media next time he’ll shoot them if they don’t call them first. That’s a threat. Furthermore he brutally brags about the ammo and weapons he has and he’s stated he can use it to blow up anything he feels like, which quite honestly if I worked for police or the postal service and I was required to bring something to the door or even someone with a subpoena they have to fear getting hurt for doing their job. 3rd he lives in the middle of nowhere with a long driveway and gate and yet he carries a pistol on him in his own house like he needs to assert that authority and fear over Jenelle and the kids and to further push that premise, instead of practice shooting away from child eyes they watch him shoot at a human looking target in the yard close to the home. So with the combination of his violent history, protective orders, his stockpiles of ammunition, Jenelles call to 911, and his rants and threats deem him someone who should have definite restrictions on his 2nd amendment rights.


      As a former NRA instructor this mans behavior is anything but proper gun safety.
      Self protection? He was threatening the President and other officials (not mentioning the numerous times he has abused women and children).

      MTV has repeatedly (perhaps not on purpose) captured children with full access to loaded weapons with an abusive and volatile situation/person…and done nothing but to make the situation worse.

      It has NOTHING to do with the number of rounds he has.

      It has everything to do with his unhinged behavior involving children and firearms.
      He lacks proper critical thinking and emotional control which is paramount to proper gun safety.
      You do not get a Secret Service visit for nothing.

      There is a reason I’m a former NRA instructor because while I’m all for the 2A, I supported a bill that would have taken weapons away from people like this and force CPS to take action if there are minor children involved.

      I got involved with the organization and firearms for person protection because I grew up in a situation like this.

      This man is not throwing off red flags…his behavior is a blaring siren.
      It will not end well.
      And his continued access to firearms will only make the outcome more horrific.

      1. Threatening government officials is illegal. I’m sure he was shitting his pants when they came cause of course that part wasn’t recorded. Hopefully they come back and lock up the phony tough guy.

    5. If you think this man is stable enough to be in a home with all those kids and all those weapons I’m guessing you are a prisoner of the land.

  5. WTF…..just insane! But to put a twisted version of this, it would be a funny/satire clip to put on SNL. Especially with the intonations David uses when speaking. SNL would have a field day with this. But seriously…..oye.

  6. I don’t think David should have the right to own weapons. This video is scary as hell. I mean, he literally said that he keeps enough stockpiles of ammunition to be able to blow everything up and that he will shoot anybody stepping on his property uninvited. I’m not an expert on american laws, but I’m pretty sure that’s not covered by the “stand your ground” defense. If someone’s lost and just happen to be unfortunate enough to end up on The Land, will he get shot?

    This man is a time bomb. No wonder Jenelle is not leaving him, she is scared shitless. I know I would be.

    1. Like CPS coming to check on the ongoing abuse against Kaiser or how nobody has seen Maryssa for months. He’s preparing for a Branch Davidian-esque standoff. He shoots a cop doing a wellness check and he’ll murder/suicide all of those kids.

  7. This has stopped being funny. I’m not a Jenelle fan but I care about her as a woman. This man is going to KILL her and those children. Please Jenelle if you read these comments.. LEAVE HIM!!! Leave him before this turns into a tragedy. Do it for your children, please.

    1. No chance. The majority of domestic violence based homicides happen when the woman threatens or attempts to leave. There’s zero percent chance she can leave David without him escalating to deadly force against her, one of her kids, or maybe her mother. Or some combination of those choices.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Mtv exploits the shit out of these girls and have zero regards about their safety or the children’s safety. Remember when Amber was high, beating the crap out of Gary in front of Leah. They did nothing. I can go on and on.

      1. On the contrary it was their footage that alerted authorities to arrest Amber which is how she wound up in Prison for abuse. Which is why I can’t understand how easily Amber was punished but nobody does anything to deal with this situation. I find it funny that with Jenelle’s road rage incident she showed up on that dudes private property being rude and vile and they tried to keep her there till police showed up so they boxed her in so she pulls a gun then fleeing destroying this guy’s property. By David’s defense they could have been at liberty to protect themselves from her since she came on their property with a weapon but David says she was in the right, yet an unarmed person could drive up their driveway and be shot for no reason cause they bought the land they were on?

    1. You would think because the secret service made a visit that would be grounds enough for CPS to take those kids outta there…but for whatever reason they let this fucker and Jenelle keep those poor kids.

  8. I think that the fact that he posted a picture of himself sleeping with a gun is enough to get the get the kids removed from the home. At least until he can prove that all weapons in the house are locked in a safe. I’m not sure about North Carolina, but in Florida it’s illegal to have guns around minors that are not securely locked up at all times. Unless they are being used. Having a gun in reach while you are sleeping that small children have access to is so dangerous.

  9. This guy is not mentally stable. He deserves to be in prison or in a mental institution!

    Can’t wait how will Jenelle try to defend him this time…..when will she realize her man is a complete lunatic!

  10. How hard is it to get a warrant, book him for threatening several people, mental evaluation, take away his guns and ammo cause he’s obviously not sane? This guy should not be close to a gun, no guns should be in that house or on that land.
    He’s going to inspire many others when the government doesn’t act now.
    And in the time they have him in custody, they can talk to Jenelle with CPS, making it very clear that if anything more happens, she is loosing all her kids too. She needs to protect her kids from this disturbed psycho, when she doesn’t, she is unfit as a mother.


    Don’t forget to takem- a present it’s common curtisoy down south

    like something you caught fish swirl rabbits chipmunk snake frogs anything can be made into a stew.

  12. Farrah gets booted for porn but MTV continues to funnel money to a criminally abusive and heavily armed POS via his wife.

    The secret service just visited this guy!!!

    MTV has enough on video and testimony to get an emergency injunction to protect the kids…yet they don’t.

    MTV will have blood on it’s hands.
    This will not end well.

  13. Voted most likely to to become a mass-murderer. He looks and sounds more the part each day…dude is crazt. In the certifiable,terrifying kinda way.

  14. When an inevitable tragedy occurs, MTV will deserve a fair share of the blame. There’s no way Lurch could afford that arsenal when he was a marginally employed welder. MTV money purchased that arsenal and they will have blood on their hands.

    Also, it’s doubtful that those two morons secure their guns well. Several children in the house plus unsecured guns lying around is a lethal combination. Didn’t Jenelle have a loaded gun just rattling around in her car during the road rage episode.

    And why is Babs getting along with Jenelle these days? She needs to be fighting harder than ever for the safety of these kids. Babs, you’re killing me unless you’re getting along with her to keep tabs on the situation, but she shouldn’t be allowing Jace anywhere near the swamp land.

    1. I totally agree with everything you’ve said but I do think it’s a good thing Babs is trying to get along with Jenelle. Like you say it means she can keep tabs on the situation on ‘The Land’s and also the more David manages to isolate Janelle from her family the more control he has over her.
      Unfortunately I don’t think Babs has a choice about Jace going over there, I think it’s part of their custody agreement ☹

    2. Lyin’ Hustlah, always agree with your comments, but I have to say every single time I see your screen name it makes me chuckle. 🙂

      1. “Havin’ a La De Da Time” and “Gary’s Mom Gets Down” are two of my favorite screen names so props to the owners of those. Love sharing the snark on this board. Unfortunately this particular article is just downright dark and disturbing.

  15. This MF crazy kids need taken asap hes going to hurt someone one day hes just type ?? MF that will kill and kill his self after not to face reality his reality is not on this planet… I can not understand how kids are still on “THE LAND” and Jenelle just as bat? crazy as David perfect match until one day he will turn gun on her the kids then his self hes proven time after time hes not mentally stable… please Nathan keep trying to get Kaiser just from old shows you can see David is very crule to him prayers you can save that beautiful baby boy and other kids involved before they taken guns to school killing other kids because thay have seen heard David shoot first ask questions later hes phyco and Jenelle must be mentally challenged to stay with someone like that poor girl thought love now she sees sure their no prenup so shes stuck dont worry honey he will prob lose it one day go on killing spree and maybe you want be one of the victims and you can get your LAND bk all to your self

  16. I dont have a problem with people legally owning guns. I do have a major problem with bat shit crazy mother fuckers like David owning guns. But he showed his crazy years ago when Olivia filed her first restraining order, unfortunately that wasnt enough to keep his grubby hands away from them.

    This fucker is insane. Get the kids out. NOW.

  17. He feels so impotent because he got kicked off the show and he’s a laughing stock that he literally has nothing to do but post videos on Instagram all day to be “provocative”. Of course he’s the textbook example of a mass shooter a person whose sense of self-importance is hyper inflated and the fact that he has a degree of fame makes it that much more dangerous. Hopefully Jenelle and the children can make it off the land in time.

        1. I absolutely meant to write it. Google defines impotent as:

          adjective: impotent
          1. unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.
          “he was seized with an impotent anger”
          synonyms:powerless, ineffective, ineffectual, inadequate, weak, feeble, useless, worthless, futile…..

          Everyone automatically thinks it means unable to achieve an erection, but that’s actually a secondary definition.


  18. Channel Randy Weaver much?! I have supported these people fer a while but now…he’s just loosin’ his grip. David, fer yer family’s sake, seek help now – I just see this endin’ badly, otherwise. Jenelle…TAKE YER CHILDREN AND RUN!

  19. I wonder what CPS is going to say when David ends up killing someone in that house, after all these warnings and red flags. I dont understand how the secret service think that he is worth looking into, but CPS doesn’t?

  20. Is CPS just not going to do anything until one of the kids is actually hurt or worse? David just keeps escalating and this has gone beyond scary. He is convinced that no one can stop him and so far he is right.

    1. No cps isnt going to do shit. They are too busy not doing there jobs and failing children left and right. And not giving one single shit. I wonder a lot why be a cps worker when u dont even care about what happens to innocent child when it’s literally your job to care.

  21. I thought the exact same thing while reading this article. The lifetime movie is called bitter blood. I am terrified for those kids. CPS needs to do something NOW.

  22. I get a massive Casey Anthony vibe from Juhnelle. I can unfortunately seeing one of the younger ones accidentally shoot themselves and then they’ll claim Kaiser or Ensley was kidnapped etc.

  23. There are a few scenarios that are really probable with this household…. 1. David kills Jennelle, kills Jenelle and himself, or kills everyone in the house 2. David gets heated and kills someone else 3. One of the kids gets a gun and kills someone on accident or on purpose. David is a poster child for the type of person who should not be allowed to have guns.

  24. murder suicide waiting to happen, and poor Janelle goes along with it because she just wants someone to love her, I wonder how much of her money goes into those guns?, he sure dosen’t go to work every morning.

    1. Right?! I hateee how repeatedly says my house … we all know he put 0$ into that house and he wants to act like it’s all his, he is literally such a disgusting moochy creeep, as much as janelle is at fault for putting herself and kids in yet another terrible situation I feel sorry for her at this point ?

  25. I can see Jenelle’s defense now “We get bothered by government officials all the time. David is just tired of it”.

    We all know Lurch is going to go on a rampage. I worry about the kids but in all honesty Jenelle has chosen her path in life

  26. And he wonders why he got fired….wonders why CPS are always on their front porch….wonders why people are constantly talking.

    What a fucking joke.

  27. I can see Jenelle’s defense now “We get bothered by government officials all the time. David is just tired of it”.

    We all know Lurch is going to go on a rampage. I worry about the kids but in all honesty Jenelle has chosen her path in life.

  28. How have the children not been removed from this situation? Does no one else see that this is an unstable dangerous man and someone needs to save them from what is apparently certain death from him?

  29. So is THIS who they’re saying Barbara is suddenly “getting along with” these days?

    And allowing Jace to be under the same roof during unsupervised visits with this crazy, methed up mofo?

    Just asking.

  30. Also P.S. David – keep calling it “my house” and “my property” and “my land” if you want, but everyone knows it’s Jenelle who has to pay for everything. You act like a big tough guy but you don’t have a nickel to provide for your own family. Grow up.

  31. I saw this and got Sick. Can you imagine that these kids watch him shoot at a rubber torso with an assault rifle while I’m assuming Jenelle records him right next to the house. He’s cursing out authority figures and carries a gun in him at all times in his own house out in a swamp. Who allows him to own this many weapons. He’s mad people who are red flagged can’t get guns?! Umm that’s for safety reasons. As an NRA member he should think about that. If your trying to buy an assault weapon and your red flagged there is most likely a legit reason. He also made a comment about how women should be submissive. Ummm this is not going to end well and if Jenelle defends this man after this stunt she’s beyond help.

  32. Oh those poor children in that house. I hope Barb, Nathan, and whoever his daughter’s mom is are alerting their attorneys to this. But poor Ensley.

    What a bat$hit psycho effing moron. This backwoods hick neanderthal thinks he’s going to take on the US government and they’re gonna be running scared? HAHAHAHA Good luck tough guy. Phew he’s even dumber than I thought. Hey Jenelle, better get back on Tinder and look for your next boyfriend. That is, if you’re lucky enough to get out alive before this idiot goes off the deep end.

    STILL WAITING FOR CPS TO DO SOMETHING!! If this latest stunt doesn’t qualify those kids to be rescued from that hell hole, nothing will.

  33. All Lurch wants for Christmas is a homocide..

    And to pull his own personal Waco

    No one seems to have those kids best interest in mind. They will all be his victims soon.

  34. i hope barb and doris see this..#save jaceandkaiser..i watch too much id and this is a murder/suicide in the making.PLEASE get those kids out of there.bring in a helicopter,do something..i truly fear he will snap and/or kaiser or ensley will find the gun and hurt themselves..this is not a joke,those kids are in danger..

    1. Yes I watch it too. He reminds me of this episode about a man named Fritz Keller (I think that’s his last name). He was exactly like this guy and two kids ended up dead

      1. I thought the exact same thing while reading this article. The lifetime movie is called bitter blood. I am terrified for those kids. CPS needs to do something NOW.

      2. I thought the exact same thing while reading this article. The lifetime movie is called bitter blood. I am terrified for those kids. CPS needs to do something NOW.

        1. I sobbed watching that movie! This is changing the teen mom franchise from something we watch as junk tv to something that’s going to end in tragedy

    2. It’s really scary but it’s so true. Not even exaggerating even a little bit. So terrible. If they fire jenelle I think that’s when he will do it. When he actually has to get a job. Such a waste of oxygen

  35. Ugh….. he is so disgusting it’s not even funny. Get those kids out of there I dont even know what to say anymore at this point. All I know is something bad is going to happen and I feel helpless sitting here watching. One of those kids is going to get murdered or shoot themselves. They are such lowlife losers I cant. And fuck jenelle for letting her kids live like that.

  36. This is terrifying. I can’t stand Jenelle and her lying co-dependency, but no one deserves this. Those poor children. I don’t know what it takes. He’s going to take them all out one day when he kills someone else and is facing jail.

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