‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Arrested For DUI In Florida Just Weeks Before He Was Jailed For Choking His Sister

Nathan’s Arrests Across America: Summer 2023 Tour is officially in swing.

Nathan Griffith is having a busy summer. 

According to The Sun, the baby daddy/former soulmate of Jenelle Evans was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, last month for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), just weeks before the Teen Mom 2 dad was jailed in Las Vegas, Nevada, for allegedly choking his sister. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan was arrested Wednesday for felony battery by strangulation and currently remains behind bars. His sister, Heather Griffith, has come forward as the alleged victim. (Click here for more details on the allegations and arrest.) 

Weeks before Nathan was jailed in Las Vegas, though, he had a(nother) run-in with police in Florida after an argument with his wife, May Oyola.

Nathan and his wife, May, on their wedding day…wearing…this.

The Sun reports that Nathan’s DUI arrest occurred after police were called for a “disturbance between a male and a female” on June 1 around 7 p.m. When officers arrived to the location, Nathan was reportedly sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle with the engine still running. 

“Officers could smell the odor of alcohol emanating from the interior of the vehicle and from the defendant’s person,” the police report read. “The defendant exhibited slurred speech, glossy eyes and a flushed face indicative of a person under the influence of alcohol.” 

His frequent use of made-up words probably didn’t help the situation, either.

Nathan’s sometimes-estranged wife told police she witnessed Nathan consume several alcoholic beverages–- both on FaceTime and in person-– that day. Officers went on to ask Nathan to perform various field sobriety tests, and though he was cooperative, he failed to keep proper balance and was unable to listen to instructions provided by the officers. 

Nope, try again.

As a result, Nathan was cuffed and taken to the Miami Beach Police Department. During transport, he allegedly became belligerent and aggressive, at one point “striking the back cage of the patrol vehicle with his forehead.” 

The police, once Nathan went feral in the back of the patrol car…

Nathan reportedly refused to exit the patrol car after arriving to the station and continued to refuse to submit a breath test. When officers checked Nathan’s vehicle, they allegedly found an empty bottle of Tito’s vodka inside a bag located on the passenger-side floorboard; the cap to the bottle of vodka was found on the driver’s side floorboard. 

Nathan was charged with DUI, refusing to have his blood alcohol tested, and driving with a knowingly suspended license. 

He is due in court on Tuesday in Las Vegas for his next hearing in regard to his strangulation charge. 

This is certainly not Nathan’s first alcohol-related arrest. The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad has been hauled off to the clink at least five times for DUI and/or other offenses related to drinking. (This is in addition to his many domestic violence arrests, and his three arrests for strangling women.) 

Nathan had his first DUI around 2012, and followed it up with another DUI arrest in 2013 while with Jenelle. In June 2016, he was picked up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and hauled into jail on charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, impairment and endangering himself and others. In October 2019, he was charged with DWI in North Carolina, after being found by cops unconscious in his car in a grocery store parking lot. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

11 Responses

    1. I mean to be fair the bar with Jenelle’s exes are so low they are buried underground.

      1. Andrew – creep who got a teenager pregnant when he was a grown adult. (There’s a 5 year age gap, and Andrew was 23 when Jace was born. And dipped. Like he was 23, and wouldn’t take care of his kid.
      2. Keiffer – the drug addict who got Jenelle on hard drugs. First time like 3 times Jenelle was arrested it was around Keiffer
      3. Gary Head- charged with domestic assault on jenelle, oh and f*cked her best friend. I think he also had a substance abuse problem
      4. Josh (never on the show)- He was just all around bad. He stole a car with a three year old in the back seat.
      5. Courtland (never seen on the show) – Jenelle’s ex husband. Drug addict, abuser. No one could forget “abortion leftovers”. That was courtland baby
      5. Nathan- “model” vet. Before they met he already had like 3 DUIs in the military they covered up for him. And had abandoned his kid with his ex gf. That’s just before they started dating. After well we know…
      6. UBT – “nough said….

      So just assume if Jenelle is with them. They are probably the worst of society…

  1. How can someone have that many dwi/dui charges and still not be in prison. Also have multiple domestic violence charges, and just be free to keep doing it. He needs to be in jail, like years ago

  2. He’s going to unalive someone, either by strangulation or with his vehicle. Apparently that’s what they are waiting for before sending him to jail

  3. Considering my friend went to jail for DUI for a week for his first offense, I would think law enforcement would have the particular ability to keep this roid freak alcoholic methhead off of the streets and in jail with his myriad of rather serious and violent offences. I hope this round is the wake up call and some non woke DA actually does their job and tosses this guy in prison before he kills someone. Just ridiculous his behavior has gone on like this for a decade and that is just the reported charges. You can bet there are plenty of times he got away or it was socially resolved to lessen leo attention. He clearly has the mind of a 19 year old and is not really growing as a person in the current situation.

    1. I think this kid uses his PTSD a lot to get out of things but eventually something awful is going to happen. He definitely needs to be in a mental home.

  4. Jenelle’s genes mixed with this buffoons genes, and raised by DAVID…I’m pretty nervous to see where Kaiser’s gonna be in a few years. Poor kid was dealt such a bad hand because 2 irresponsible and delusional morons decided they wanted to have a baby. Nathan is a lost cause.

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