Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Arrested for Domestic Battery by Strangulation: Get the Latest Details

Right about now Nathan’s probably trying to figure out how to cut off the sleeves of his jail uniform…

Trigger Warning: This story contains mention of domestic violence.

Nathan Griffith— the baby daddy and former soulmate of Jenelle Evans— is back behind bars.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning and charged with “Committing Domestic Battery by Strangulation.” The charge– which is a felony– is given in Florida if the batterer allegedly “actually or intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other” or if the batterer “causes great bodily harm, permanent disability or permanent disfigurement.”

According to police records obtained by The Ashley, Nathan’s arrest took place at 2:14 a.m. and he was booked into the Palm Beach County, Florida, Detention Center around 4 a.m.

Nathan’s latest mugshot offering…

As of press time, Nathan— who is the father of Jenelle’s son Kaiser— is still behind bars and is being held without bond.

It is unknown who the victim of Nathan’s alleged attack was; however, he married May Oyola last April. A few months later, May had kicked Nathan out of their home and he was asking his Instagram followers to let him stay at their house (as you do). It appears that the couple reunited after that, but their current status is unknown. 

May has not yet commented publicly on Nathan’s arrest.

Nathan and his wife, May on their wedding day…

This is not the first time Nathan has been arrested for allegedly choking someone. Back in December 2016, Nathan was charged with “assault/aggravated assault using strangulation,” after his girlfriend at the time claimed Nathan had choked her after a fight.

According to the 2016 police report, the ex-girlfriend claimed that, after getting into a fight with Nathan at a bar, he ended up at her house around 2:30 a.m. and jumped on top of her and began to choke her. The roommate of the alleged victim told police that she heard her friend screaming and ran into her friend’s room, only to see Nathan on top of the girl. Police arrested him soon after, but the charges were eventually dismissed.

He has also been arrested numerous times (or, as Jenelle would say, “numerous of times”) for alcohol-related issues.

What every police department on the East Coast would tell Nate in regard to him getting arrested so many times…

In 2019, Nathan was arrested and charged with Driving While Impaired. In 2018, he was arrested for failing to report a car accident he caused.

In June 2016, Nate was picked up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and hauled into jail on original charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, impairment and endangering himself and others. 

In 2015, he was arrested at the home he was sharing with Jenelle (who was his fiancé at the time) for domestic assault. (This was the infamous “Why am I a guy?” arrest.)


In September 2013, he was arrested for driving under the influence, as well as resisting arrest and other charges.

Nathan has also had a few domestic incidents. In 2020, a woman obtained a protective order against Nathan, claiming he had been stalking her. (He was not arrested for any crime in relation to this incident, though.) 

UPDATE! According to TMZ, the alleged victim is Nathan’s current girlfriend. (It’s unknown what’s going on with Nathan and his wife, May.) Nathan was arrested after he allegedly choked his girlfriend and dragged her up the stairs.

“Delray Beach, FL police responded to a domestic disturbance call Friday from Nathan’s brother-in-law, William… who claimed Nathan told him on the phone he ‘lost it’ — choked his girlfriend and dragged her up the stairs,” TMZ reports. 

After his call with Nathan, William texted Nate’s girlfriend to see if she was OK. When the girlfriend said she was not OK, William called the cops. 

When cops arrived, Nathan was uncooperative and had some noticeable scratches on him (which he claimed he received while having sex with his girlfriend). Cops reported that Nate’s girlfriend appeared to have been crying, but was being “uncooperative” with the police at first.

Eventually, though, she told the cops that Nathan had gotten “physically aggressive” with her and stated that she had “blacked out” at some point during the alleged incident. (She said she was unsure about what happened, due to blacking out. She didn’t specify if the blackout was caused by Nathan allegedly choking her, though.) 

However, cops stated in the police report that they noticed bruising starting to appear on the girlfriend’s neck. They also reported that she eventually told them, “I’m 100-some pounds and he’s 250, how in the hell am I supposed to get him off me?”  

UPDATE #2: On Saturday, Nathan was released from jail. According to Starcasm, his bond was $2500.

A no-contact order has been put in place to prevent Nathan from having any contact with his victim in the case. (It is still unknown who the woman involved.)

He is next due in court on March 27 to deal with the no-contact order. His first court conference in relation to his alleged crimes is scheduled for April 20. 


(Photos: MTV; Palm Beach Florida Sherriff’s Department; Instagram) 


  1. Soooo there are DV risk factors. Strangulation is nestled right next to death, because if you have strangled someone you’ve already risked their life. The victim not waking up again is already on the table. Even if they survive, the damage done to their body may cause a stroke years down the line.

    I know we have a good time ragging on him for being a doofus, but if he doesn’t get his stuff figured out and fast, he’s gonna be a doofus with a murder charge.

    1. It’s probably like it was with my ex husband, I trying to press charges on him NUMEROUS times just for threats and attempts on my life but I kept being told that he was gonna actually have to do something before they could do something…guess that means that he’s gonna have to kill me before they’ll do something.

      I got tired of it so I got a knew phone, new number, bought a new car and moved away so there is hopefully no way he will find me.

      It’s ridiculous how the fails people that need help!!

  2. This is so scary. I almost wonder what abuse his ex Ashley was subjected to and just didn’t report it. We witnessed him curse and berate Jenelle on TV. I felt for her, she clearly has her own issues but there was so much unnecessary nastiness. What is going to be Nathan’s rock bottom? He needed help years ago.

  3. I don’t think Nathan likes women. He seems to really resent women seeing that he’s beat up damn near every girlfriend at this point, and I’ll never forget when he got pissed at Jenelle and called her fat at that reunion. He acts all big and bad when it comes to attacking and putting hands on women, but he runs and hides like a little bitch when David bucks at him.

  4. I wish his mother finally reported him to the VA for a real mental health checkup and substance abuse issues.

    He’s going to kill someone soon.

    Thank god he doesn’t have custody of Kaiser and Emery.

  5. Of course he lives in Florida.

    I’m sure most Floridians are decent, law-abiding folks but they sure seem to have a disproportionate share of criminals.

  6. At least, Ryan doesn’t have any DUI’s or domestic batteries on his criminal record. Nathan seems very dangerous and he doesn’t even have a drug problem.

    1. Really? In 2017 Ryan got charged with 2 silver spoons w/ residue, 14 hypodermic needles (he’s not a diabetic), and 1.8 g of heroin.
      He violated his probation several times. Including getting an order of protection against him bc he threatened to shoot up maci and Taylor’s house, the house his son lived in.
      He’s again charged with a glass pipe, cocaine (probably meth), and heroin. Again.
      Plus we all saw Ryan driving high. Imagine all the other times he did it and is still doing it.
      He threatened Mack and abused her.
      Nathan’s been to war. He has some severe issues. A lot of our poor veterans do. They serve this country and come back and don’t know how to cope properly with what they’ve seen/done. Not all but a lot.
      Ryan is just a selfish, entitled loser.
      Nathan needs help. I feel bad for him. He needs to reach out to the VA.
      Poor Kaiser. Something about his always hurt my heart. He was so cute and got abused right on camera by David. It was really sad.

      1. I know, right? MTV and the Teen Mom producers were just as guilty for not stopping David at that time OR reporting him. They saw several acts of child abuse to Kaiser committed by David during the filming of that stupid show, yet they just looked the other way. All of his life, little Kaiser has been abused by that deranged man and NO ONE will protect him. Not his mother, not his father, not his grandparents. It’s just sick to think of all that has happened to that poor little boy. Now that Nathan is in jail, you can just bet that David is teasing and tormenting Kaiser about how his daddy is in jail and he’ll never see him again. That’s the kind of shit that David gets off on.

        1. Yep you’re right! that’s exactly what hes doing to him right now. It is really sad. He’s never had someone to protect him. David made it clear several times he could not stand Kaiser bc he was just like Nathan. MTV is gross and only cares about how many views they can get. Just like they turned the other cheek when amber assaulted Gary. And when Ryan drove high. But to condone David’s behavior towards Kaiser…. Was worse than anything they did. shame on jenelle for being so desperate and afraid to be alone, that she allows this Woolley booger of a man to abuse her innocent child. Children get the worse end of the stick every time.

    2. No, Nathan has TBI from being in a bombing serving the military. He’s on VA disability.

      The closest Rhine seen to military service is those military-issued guns he stole from his daddy’s house.

      Nathan is terrible and Rhine is terrible. One is not mutually exclusive.

      Just stop, before you make yourself self-look dumber than you already do.

      1. Are you saying that a TBI someone excuses this behavior?

        Yeah Nathan could seek help but so could Ryan…but the fact is that neither has gotten the help they need.

        And that’s not saying neither could get help but the help needs to actually stick with them constantly and not just for a little bit.

        No one can get sober on their own, these two need NA/AA.

        1. We have never seen Nathan before the TBI on tv, so I have no idea if he was already this dangerous before. He was already on disability when he started seeing Jenelle.

          But they have done a lot of studies on TBIs in the last 10 years, and aggression, mood swings, and confusion are some of the long term symptoms. Plus PTSD, which can cause irrational outburst, and then adding alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

          What I was trying to say, but maybe it wasn’t clear. Is its stupid to compare Rhine to Nathan because they are completely different people with different life experiences.

          Rhine has done bad things, Nathan has done bad things. They should both get help. Just because Rhine had a less physically violent arrest history doesn’t mean he’s a better person. They are both terrible and both need help.

          1. I understand what you’re saying now and I agree.

            I read that and was like “Wait a sec, is he excusing this because he’s got mental problems?”…lol

        2. No one can get sober without NA/AA? I have almost 12 years clean without either of those, jail, prison, rehab, or sober living.

          1. But you had support though right, ie family and/or true friends?

            That’s what I meant, people need support whether that’s in a program like NA/AA, jail, prison, rehab, etc.

            Nobody can do it alone.

  7. Legit question: how many times does he get to beat and strangle other people before the stop letting him out of jail? Seems like one of these Nathan gets arrested stories comes around about once year or so, it’s clearly a pattern.

  8. Kaiser is screwed with these dumbasses as his parents. We were rooting for you Nathan but you’re just a prick like everyone else. Rot in jail.

    1. Nah they’re cool now. Nathan and Lurch bonded over their love of Trump, and Nathan said Lurch is ok cause he doesn’t hit Kaiser anymore. Jenelle’s so lucky. /s

        1. There is literally nothing in that comment saying there’s something wrong with Trump… It’s an observation that they bonded over him

          1. It was the sarcasm behind it “nah they’re cool now. They bonded over their love of Trump.” Like why does it matter what bonded over, Road Rules was just saying how Jenelle will be making a tiktok video about how she’s the better parent…and she probably will, so there was really no reason to even bring Lurch up.

            Lurch is irrelevant.

          1. If it’s Anti-Trump you’re probably right, in my opinion he was the best pres we’ve had since GWB…cannot wait to get him back next year and get rid of the moron we have now!!

          2. Sparky, how do you know Trump isn’t coming back next year…are you psychic?

            Im not a Trump supporter but T does have the right to have her hope of having him back if she wants him.

            She respects your opinion, why can’t you respect hers?

          1. My opinion isn’t gross, I’m pro Trump and I’m not sorry for that.

            But truly. Lurch is pretty irrelevant since Kaiser’s parents are Jenelle and Nathan, they’re kind of a and b in the equation and Lurch is c, he means nothing in this situation.

        2. Lurch is revelvant to the conversation because he is a caregiver to the children that Jenelle had before they met. I don’t think he is a catch, but he’s been a “parent” to Nathan and Jenelle’s child.
          And why wouldn’t they say what they bonded over? It’s weird to request they not. Are you the real deal detail police coming to keep the gossip sites free of unnecessary details?

          1. Why would you say that David is a caregiver to the children? He is a child abuser for God’s sake! And an abuser of animals! He has NOT been ANY kind of a parent to Kaiser! Jesus!

          2. I agree with you too! I meant it in the loosest sense of the word. As shitty as David and Jenelle are the kids are probably getting their basic needs met. Do I like them? No. Do I want parenting tips from them? No. Sorry, for the confusion.

  9. He’s predisposed to both self medication and the inability to control his emotions. Separately that’s scary but together, he is just inviting himself to commit violence.

    Come on Nathan. You know you have challenges so get your shit straight and become a recovery story. You’re too old and this is a shitty habit to keep.

    And for God’s sake, women of Florida, this guy is a walking restraining order. Don’t get involved!

  10. Seems as if strangulation is his go to move. He needs serious help at this point. It is clear that he has major anger issues.

    1. And now Kaiser is old enough that his classmates will hear about his violent loser father just like Bentley. The way this week is going for the POS TM dads, I’m waiting for a headline on Adumb next. The difference between Kaiser and Bentley is Kaiser is still surrounded by chaos and anger even with his dad out of the picture. At least Bentley and Aubrey live in safe and stable homes.

  11. Nathan, get your shit together. Reach out to the VA, they will help you. You are a father and a grown ass man. Get it together.

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