‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Arrested…Again

“Just throw this charge on the heap!”

It’s been a bad month for the former and current soulmates of Jenelle Evans!

Nathan Griffith, the former fiance (and second baby daddy) of the Teen Mom 2 star, was arrested on Sunday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The arrest comes just a week after Jenelle’s current soulmate (and husband) David Eason was booted from ‘Teen Mom 2’ after going on a homophobic rant, and just a few days after Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers was arrested on drug charges

Anyway, based on the charge, it appears that Nathan was arrested after he allegedly failed to report that he had struck a fixture with his car that was on or adjacent to the highway. The incident happened just after 3 a.m on Sunday.

Nathan was arrested and booked on Sunday. At the time of his arrest, the aspiring bodybuilder weighed in at 6 feet tall and 205 lbs.

He bonded out the same day, after posting the $464 bond.

Nathan has other pending charges in South Carolina for previous arrests including one for aggravated domestic violence stemming from a 2016 incident. He is due to face the latest charge in court on March 20.

Wanna see his mugshot? Of course you do!

(Photos: MTV, City of Myrtle Beach)

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  1. I would really love to see an actual break down of the number of arrests related to Jenelle. Like arrests, charges, and actual convictions.

  2. Fun Fact I know someone who is in jail with Keifer in Pittsburgh. I gave him money to put on his books in exchange for him giving scoop on what he thinks of David

  3. Nathan has shown his crazy from the start. I don’t get why people cheer for him. He’s just as much a loser as Jenelle. He takes no responsibility for his kid(s) and is always in a different relationship.

  4. My heart breaks for Kaiser. Watching this poor baby get neglected and/or abused by both of his sh!tty parents and UBT is just too much. Nathan is all talk when it comes to Kaiser. He is sweet to him when he’s around and posts cute pictures, but is perfectly content to sit on the sidelines. How he is not doing everything he possibly can to protect his baby from that monster is beyond me. He knows Kaiser is being abused and this is the sh!t he pulls while his mom is trying to secure custody/visitation. And to think, Kaiser was a planned baby. That’s what blows my mind. These two idiots actually planned for Kaiser as a do over since they lost their first kids and this is the end result. Neither one of them appears to actually care very much about him at all.

  5. Dammit Dude, we were rooting for you! We were all, well most of us, we’re rooting for you.

    Can you please get it together enough to help your mom fight for Kaiser? Go a AA/NA, keep working out but maybe lay off the riods, and try to be a present father. You’re the only one he has.

  6. Ugh, cue Jenelle’s smug (and bull shit) superiority. Now we have to sit through a round of tweets from her pretending she’s mother of the year and Nathan is a useless piece of shit.

    As far as I know, Nathan has never been abusive towards his son. He may be deeply flawed as a person, but he clearly loves his son. More than we can say for the animals who have custody of that adorable boy.

    I really had hoped that this latest round of insanity from The Land was going to be motivation for Nathan to truly fight for real custody of Kaiser. I hope Nathan will finally decide to get treatment and the help he needs the be a responsible adult and a parent worthy of custody. Until he does, Kaiser will continue to be a victim of adults who should know better.

  7. Another DAMMIT, NATHAN! Your baby boy is trapped with a VIOLENT, ANGRY, ARMED LUNATIC! You should be spending DAY AND NIGHT trying to SAVE HIM! What kind of man are you?? If anything happens to that baby, I guarantee that when you grow up and sober up you will NEVER forgive yourself! Get yourself together and SAVE KAISER!!

  8. I think Nathan is a decent guy and he does seem to really love Kaiser. Jenelle is a horrible mother and person and incapable of love. I kinda feel bad for Nathan. Before his head injury and PTSD I bet he was a good guy. You can tell something is off with him which I assume is the head injury. The drinking is probably the result of PTSD as well. If he got some help I think he could be a good stable parent for Kaiser even if Doris is the one who has custody.

  9. Don’t these ppl get tired of getting in trouble. Her whole circle is keeping the jails, courts, and children services in business.

  10. Anyone see the pics of lil Kaiser playing/holding a gun? It might be a toy but still, these idiots never learn!

  11. Dammit Nathan! Get your shit together and get your adorable little roll out before things get even uglier on The Land.

  12. UGH….This guy….He just keeps making it harder and harder to get custody of Kaiser. I really hope that either his mom or Barb can get custody of Kaiser, because both of Kaiser’s parents are awful human beings.

    1. From most accounts Nathan’s mom is actually a pretty good parent and most of Nathan’s problems are tied to substance abuse and anger issues that emerged as an adult. In a weird way I think until now he was just good enough of a parent for Doris to not be able to get custody. Not good enough to take him full time, but not bad enough for the courts to place Kai with his grandparent. I feel so so so bad for Kai, but maybe if Janelle and Nathan are both finally spinning out of control, the courts can place him without their consent?

    2. Barb doesn’t want Kaiser though. She loves the little roll, but she’s retirement aged and raising a pre-teen with ADHD and behavioral problems. She doesn’t want a toddler too. Doris is the best bet.

  13. I just want so badly for him to do better, because god knows Jenelle will always suck. Poor Kaiser lost the parent lottery.

  14. Every now and then he’ll utter a few well thought out sentences and I’ll think to myself “Gee, that’s pretty smart. I shouldn’t be so quick to judge him.”

    and then he’ll go do something like this and I remember what he really is about. Such a pity for his kids.

  15. I’m sure this is a unpopular opinion but I feel like Nathan has the potential to be a great dad to both of his kids. I think a stay at a rehab facility to sober up and start therapy and treatment for his PTSD and anger issues would be a great start. He’s had a few moments where he seems like a good guy who isn’t too far down the rabbit hole yet to make some changes and give his children a great life. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a good deal of flaws, he has a ton of room for improvement. I just have seen some signs that a good dad is in there. I will say this, he will always be a better parent in my mind than Jenelle. The photos he has posted of Kaiser show more of a naturally happy boy, where as Janelle’s always show Kaiser sad looking or with a forced smile. I think that says a lot.

    1. That’s what I’ve aways thought. I’ve never seen a moment of clarity in Jenelle. She’s never said anything or done anything to indicate that she truly cares about her kids deep down. Don’t get me wrong, Nathan is a fuck up, but like you said, he seems to have a little potential.

    2. I agree with you. Nathan has potential, somewhere in there. I also think keiffer might be a decent guy though…so, what do I know. I remember watching Kaiser T his last bday party and he couldn’t even fake a smile. Very sad. I hope Nathan gets help for that poor little guys sake.

    3. I agree with you – while definitely rough, Nathan has potential. Seeing him interact with Kaiser and even with Jace, he obviously has some good parenting instincts and clearly has genuine love for Kaiser, something Jenelle doesn’t show toward any of her kids. I also recall Nathan telling Jenelle that she couldn’t just yank Jace away from Barbara and cut her off, that it would need to be gradual and that she needed to think of Jace’s feelings and not just dwell on her own problems with Babs; that was one of those times where I thought that Nathan might actually be a good guy somewhere underneath the anger and alcohol problems.

      Doris is Kaiser’s only hope at this point, because there’s no way anyone is going to award Nathan custody of his son until he gets some real, long term treatment and proves that he’s capable of remaining sober for an extended period of time (meaning years, not months). Doris has never made excuses for Nathan and while she has acknowledged that he came back from war as a different person, she doesn’t use his brain injury and PTSD as an excuse for his behavior. I hope Nathan gets himself straightened out before something horrible happens to Kaiser.

  16. Even if Doris gets custody of Kaiser one day, it won’t help him spending more time with this guy. (At least the kid looks more happy with daddy so there’s that.) The best for him would be to be adopted by some loving parents.

  17. Uuurrrggghhhhhh!!!
    Why don’t these wasters grow up. The vast majority of the TMOG and TM2 family and friends need to pull their fingers out their arses and provide a stable and loving environment for their kids/grandkids/nephews whatever.

  18. Every time I hear of Nathan getting arrested, that scene of where he is yelling and crying at Jenelle while being dragged away by police plays in my head.

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