EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen Responds to Farrah’s Statements About Having Questionable Photos of Daughter Sophia

“Say what?!”

Debra Danielsen is speaking out and hoping to put some distance between herself and the controversial statements her daughter, Farrah Abraham, made on Thursday night.

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah was stopped by TMZ while in Los Angeles and, while answering their questions, admitted that she and her nine-year-old daughter Sophia have naked photos of each other on their phones.

The former Teen Mom OG star’s statements did not go over well, and Farrah attempted to justify what she said by stating that it’s completely normal for her to have naked photos of her pre-teen daughter because “my mother has pictures of me, being a baby, running all over the yard naked,” Farrah said.

In an exclusive statement to The Ashley, Farrah’s mom says that’s not true at all!

“I have no photos of Farrah naked ever,” Deb told The Ashley, “especially outside in our yard! Our neighborhood would never be a place for that especially when she was small. The only place we were naked was in the bathroom– which is normal when you are having a shower or beauty treatments.”

Debra added that the location of the home Farrah grew up in was in a busy area, so she wouldn’t have let her daughter run around naked in the yard– even when she was little, as Farrah claimed.

“Our house is across the street from the fire station, public library and a Catholic church,” she said.

Debra also commented on another statement that Farrah made in her TMZ interview. Farrah, while talking about the pending lawsuit she has against Viacom and the producers of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Farrah was confident that she would win.

“I’ve never lost any lawsuit I’ve ever been,” Farrah stated.

Deb said there’s a good reason for that.

“Farrah has never been in a lawsuit,” Deb told The Ashley.

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  1. I really wish CPS or law enforcement would confiscate Farrah’s phone to see if she has naked pics of Sophia. The evil witch Farrah didn’t think twice about doing porn and from the rumors about going broke, I think Farrah would do ANYTHING with those pics of Sophia, if you know what I mean. Sickening, but Farrah is that evil and determined to be rich. In aboubt 6 years, Karma is going to get Farrah ten fold. Sophia will treat her 10 worse than Farrah treats everyone, including her. And Kristen deserves a huge bonus. There is no way that *itch would have talked to me like Farrah does. No way at all. I would punch her so fast she would not know what hit her. No wonder Deb hit her in the car that time.

  2. Oh, yeah, definitely! I’ve already seen an article about Michael saying all of those things DID happen. He will say anything to stay on her good side. It’s pathetic.

  3. I love it now that the MTV gravy train is over Feb and Farah will turn on each other like to rabid Jackals! OMG can you imagine the post Teen on drama if they cancel the show? They will all turn on each other! This might be better than the show!

    1. Ooh I haven’t watched. Perfect to put on while folding laundry soon!
      Did anyone watch the Chelsea & Cole special? We’ve been watching her for almost 10 YEARS and I’m so happy her & Cole found each other. It was a precious episode.

    2. Okay all laundry is folded and put away (yay!) and Being Gary has been watched.
      It was surprisingly riveting (can’t say I remember a single thing from Javi’s special), and like you said, kind of sad :/
      Can you imagine how Gary feels watching how Amber treats her relationship (or lack thereof) with Leah, and him having a mom that apparently did and does the exact same thing? His extended family is so messed up. I like him & Kristina even more now though, having seen the special. They are lovely people and are doing a great job raising their daughters to be thoughtful and kind.

  4. Is Sophia challengend? Her growling, animal noises and eyerolls freaked me out … And what a mean little girl? I know it’s no wonder when she has the mother she has, but wow .. That child scares me

    1. The only thing wrong with that kid is her family. She hears and sees wayyyy too much (probably more than we realize). I think she is reacting to her environment. She is just a kid and probably can’t verbalize how she is feeling, especially since her mom has made sure she is developmentally stunted. Farrah pretends like Sophia gets to make al these decisions, but it’s clear that she manipulates and gaslights her. It is pretty telling that Michael waited until Farrah left to ask Sophia how she really felt about Debra’s wedding. And now, she’s been pulled out of school, probably because the teachers noticed something was wrong. That poor kid is in serious need of a psychiatrist and in even more need of an advocate.

    2. I am wondering if that is why everyone baby talks to her. I don’t see a lot of schooling with that home schooling. I think her challenge is more her parent than her own abilities. She needs to live life as a kid not a friend/prop for her mom.

    3. She doesn’t act like an average 9 year old. I teach 9 year olds so I’m around a lot of them too. Something is definitely off with Sophia and it’s sad that Farrah doesn’t seem to notice. “Homeschooling” her doesn’t seem to help either. Very sad.

      1. I think that’s exactly why she decided to homeschool her because I guarantee you any teacher worth their salt had her tested then brought it to Farrah’s attention Sophia is not where she needs to be emotionally or academically and she just did not want to hear it and pulled Sophia from a normal school environment… I mean in all honesty you can never call Farrah on anything even if you’re trying to be helpful she would take it as a personal attack when really it’s about what’s best for her child truly truly sad

    1. Way to throw some major shade Debra. I really hope that we see no more of Debra now that Farrah is gone. She make me ill.

  5. NOT about farrah but is amber and Andrew engaged? I just saw a photo of amber showing off her bump and it looked like she was wearing an engagement ring?

  6. Does anyone see how different she treats her parents on the show? She is calm and nice to Michael and his fiance, when it comes to Deb and David her whole demeanor changed. She’s rude mean and envious of her mother. She has that little girl brainwashed into not liking David because he stood up to her and told her the truth. She irks the hell out of me

    1. I think Michael panders to her. Agrees with everything she says and does whatever she wants. Deb is less controllable. I think it bothers Farrah that her mom found a husband before her. I think she has deep seeded jealousy about being the only unattached female in the family which is probably why she stayed with Simon so long. Also Deb seems to find strength in David (not saying he is great) and Farrah can’t control her like she can with Michael. I think Michael would cancel his wedding if Farrah told him too but Deb clearly didn’t.

  7. Now interview Michael. He’ll say it’s fine and state that Farrah DID run around naked in the yard. He’s going ride that gravy train to the end of the line.

  8. Why to go Debra stand up to her she’s so mean to you..
    Don’t take her crap anymore people respect you so much more when you stand up to her.

  9. It is kind of reassuring that Debra does understand that there is a line where you just cannot defend Farrah Farrah saying something along the lines of I win every lawsuit I’ve been in is not necessarily something to be proud of off-topic but I’ve never seen a family so willing to jump into the limelight I’m kind of curious to know Debra’s relationship is with Ashley Farrah’s sister and her other grandchildren because the way she acts is that Farrah rules the planet and everybody should bow down to her so strange

    1. My mom was that way with my sister. She was born on her exact due date, she looked like the Gerber baby, and my mom was always going on and on about boys that my sister should date. One time my parents went to my great aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary party, and my mom did nothing but talk about my sister the whole time. None of us kids were there, but my grandmother said grandmother said that my aunt turned her and asked,”Doesn’t” she realize that she has another daughter?” Needless to say, finding this out didn’t make me feel very good.

      1. The fact that your grandmother was the one to point it out speaks volumes and would make me think your mom doesn’t even think twice about it it’s normal every day conversation how werid I’m sure she’s missing out on another great aspects of her life if only she would realize it

      2. My husband’s parents are like that. He is so used to it that he doesn’t even realize that it’s not normal, but deep down inside, it must hurt. Other family members and friends sarcastically call my husband’s brother “the king”.

    2. Debra doesn’t have a relationship with Ashley or with Ashley’s children. Ashley cut both of them (Farrah and Deb) out of the picture a couple years ago, so Farrah is the only daughter and Sophia is the only grandchild that Deb has any contact with.

      1. Wait, why did Ashley cut them out of her life?!?! Granted, they are all a shit show and she is clearly better off without their drama and bullshit. It’s just sad to me when families are divided.

        Someone, please, spill that tea!! ??

      2. I thought Ashley was at the wedding although not sure why she wouldn’t have been maid of honour with Farrah refusing. I could be wrong on that. I recall episodes years ago when Farrah would speak to Ashley on the phone but not sure what happened there. Oh wait, we are talking about Farrah so I can guess what happened there.

      3. Wow! You would think she would work just as hard to get back in her other grandchildren’s life as she has with Sophia In all honesty though I can see Ashleys point of you I would be questioning who my family has become and what their priorities were

        1. It’s simple-Ashley can’t fly her all over the world, pay for all her surgeries and buy her all the crazy clothes. Farrah is the conductor of the gravy train. Therefor, Ashley and her kids are unimportant.

  10. Oh so now Deb decides to go against Farrah? I hold her partially responsible for the way Farrah turned out. If this doesn’t underline Deb s teaching that as long as you are getting money and recognition anything goes, but when there is no more money involved pretend that you are normal? And Michael kisses the ground Farrah walks on. And after all this time being her ‘yes man’ has just made Farrah more entitled and just plain cruel (like she was to that new producer). I can only hope that being off this show will make them realize how far off normal they have become “in real life.”

    1. At some point, an adult has to take responsibility for his/her own actions, thoughts, and words. At some point, it stops being a parent’s “fault”. I have no doubt that the entire family, minus her sister and her kids, is one giant shit show. I also have no doubt that Deb isn’t parent of the year, pandered to Farrah her entire life, and generally never held Farrah accountable for anything she ever said or did. That doesn’t excuse who and what Farrah is today, let alone the things she does, thinks, and says.

      Deb is no more responsible for who and what Farrah is today than anyone that watches the TM franchise is. The shit she does and says, are all her own fault, all of it. She damn well knows right from wrong, she simply chooses not to listen to that still small voice….even when it’s screaming in her ear to knock it the fuck off and act like a normal human being. That’s not on Deb (and I’m no fan of hers, I need to reiterate that) or Michael, that is ALL on Farrah. She is no longer a child, a minor, being heavily influenced by her parents. The way Sophia is, now..that is entirely on Farrah. Sophia has every chance int he world to turn away form her heathen mother’s ways and behave like an upstanding, normal, functional adult..someday. Right now, though, as a minor, a child, she hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell. Once she becomes an adult, though, it’s all on her, just like it is every other human adult on this planet. We all have free will, after all.

  11. Of all the the things we can say about Debra , we can’t call her stupid. She’s an educated woman ( unlike her daughter) she knows that it’s highly likely that mtv is going to throw a counter claim against Farrah … Michael stated how you can’t be disrespectful, etc. to employees, well, you can’t absuse your employer either MICHAEL! If Farrah would lose this counter suit it will wipe her out! Debra is no fool and knows Farrah is playing with fire , perhaps too much fire this time

    1. No, you’re right. Deb is educated but when she’s around Farrah and Sophia she acts like she’s as dumb as a brick. She needs to go back to the bitch of a mutha she was when Farrah was pregnant!

  12. Looks like Debs pissed Farrah got the fam kicked off the show LOL…it’s about time she stopped kissing Farrah’s ass and covering for her.

    1. Debra is sometimes just as pathetic as Farrah. I feel like Debra is the one that enabled Farrah for so long because Debra wanted money and fame from the TV show. Debra’s attitude completely changed after the first season of the show. At first she was very domineering didn’t take Farrah’s shit. After the show became successful, Debra became Farrah’s little puppy dog so she could share the limelight with her. I don’t know…that whole family is a mess.

  13. Both Farrah and Jenelle have proven time and time again that if their lips are moving—they’re most likely LYING.

    Good on Debs for calling Farrah out on these two most recent whoppers about running around naked “being a baby” (cue eye roll) and never losing in a lawsuit.

    Must feel good as well as “freeing” to not have to worry about filming with Farrah again. Therefore, being able to dispute Farrah’s utter b.s whenever she feels it’s necessary.

  14. @TheAshley I asked this on another thread but didn’t get a response. For some reason I can’t rate people’s comments anymore. I can’t even see the thumbs. Why is that?

    1. If you’re using any sort of script blocker, that can cause this issue. You have to allow scripts (can do them temporarily or make them permanent) for things to load.

  15. I honestly believe Debra. I remember before all the crazy she was pretty strict Christian mother so allowing her to run around naked outside and take pics doesn’t seem like something she’d do. Also I gotta say that pic above is the most. Kemal and pretty I’ve seen those two lol so that’s gotta be old.

    1. I listen to a Podcast with Michael and he said that they all were very religious when Debra and him were married so much that Debra only allowed religious music to be played.

  16. Did anybody else see the article in the Daily Mail about Sophia’s ninth birthday party? It’s really sad. Sounded like kind of a boring party. I still think she’s a spoiled brat though.

  17. Hahaha! I love this. Farrah isn’t on MTV’s gravy train anymore so Debz OG doesn’t want to continue playing along and putting up with her craziness.
    Poor Farrah…I think that when her money is gone she’s gonna realize that she’s totally alone. Even Sophia will ditch her when she’s old enough.

    1. MyCull is probably busy photoshopping some naked pictures of Toddler Farrah as we speak in an effort to back Farrah and do some damage control from this statement. I’m not sure he can help it at this point – he’s just Farrah’s asinine puppet parrot.

  18. Farrar is going to come unglued over Deb speaking out and contradicting her. She is absolutely going to lose her shit!

  19. If farrah could go back in time around the time Sophia was born do you think she would of tried to become a better person this time around if she knew what her life would have been like through the next 10 years?

    1. No way. Farrah truly believes she is the normal one and everyone else is messed up for thinking she’s messed up. No way would she ever change her ways (I’m not even sure she could point out one way she *needs* to change)

  20. Wow Deb, I’m glad to hear her speak out against the Farrah monster. I hope she doesn’t get her ass handed to her for this. We’ve seen Farrah go b¡tch mode for so much less.

  21. Love that Debs is firing back though I can’t help but wonder if this is all because she is a bit salty about having to get a real job again.

    1. I agree, the only reason she is speaking out against Farrah now is because she won’t be able to crash her teen mom segments any more.

  22. These two just can’t get their shit together.

    Farrah is really wracking up the bad karma. And we see time and time again that karma ALWAYS catches up to you. Here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later. ??

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