‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Wanted by Police for Domestic Violence: Warrant Issued

Surely that hairdo will help Nate if he ends up behind bars...
Surely that hairdo will help Nate if he ends up behind bars…

UPDATE! (December 13): Nathan has been arrested. Click here for all the arrest details.

Another day, another Teen Mom 2 cast member in trouble with the law…

Nathan Griffith, who is one of Jenelle Evans‘ baby-daddies, is currently wanted by police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on charges of domestic violence after an incident early Monday morning. Jenelle was not involved in the incident; it appears that another one of Nathan’s ex-girlfriends, who has appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ with him, was the alleged victim. (The Ashley has elected not to publicly name her.) 

A warrant was issued after the ex-girlfriend reported that Nathan had allegedly choked her after a night of drinking at a bar together. According to the police report, the ex-girlfriend claimed that, after getting into a fight with Nathan at the bar, he ended up at her house around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday and jumped on top of her and began to choke her. The roommate of the alleged victim told police that she heard her friend screaming and ran into her friend’s room, only to see Nathan on top of the girl. After screaming at him to leave, Nathan left the apartment before police arrived.

The police report charges Nathan with assault/aggravated assault, which is a felony, and claims that the weapon used was “strangulation/hanging.”

The police are on the hunt for Nate, and have asked anyone who spots him (and his torn-up muscle tee) to call the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

Over the past few days, it has been reported that Jenelle is keeping Kaiser (her son with Nathan), away from his dad, despite a court order that requires her to allow Nathan to see their son. Jenelle has claimed that she does not feel it is safe for Kaiser to be with Nathan, and after news of the warrant broke, she tweeted “point proven.”

“Exactly why I said I need to keep Kaiser safe,” she tweeted, along with a link to a story about the incident.

The police need your help to make this happen again!
The police need your help to make this happen again!

This is not the first time Nathan has been in trouble with the law. In March of 2015, he was arrested for domestic violence against Jenelle when he allegedly tried to rip the engagement ring he had given Jenelle off of her finger. (The incident played out on an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Who could forget a sobbing Nate screaming “Jenneeeeeellle!” in the back of a police car?!) Jenelle later dropped those charges against Nathan.

Nathan also has arrests for DUI, disorderly conduct, larceny and resisting arrest, among other charges, on his record.

Nathan will appear in the upcoming ‘Teen Mom’ Dads special “A Weekend at Corey’s,” which is scheduled to air tonight. (MTV is probably trying to figure out how to digitally erase Nathan and his muscle tee from the footage as we speak!)

Nathan isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ franchise dad who is currently wanted by police. As The Ashley recently told you, Teen Mom 3 dad Joey Maes also has a warrant out for his arrest.

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33 Responses

    1. Yes, they said that in one of the reunion shows. I could be wrong but I also think he gets a disability pension from the military for it.

  1. Nathan is crazy as hell. I’m afraid of how Kaiser is gonna turn out….both of his parents are wackos…and I’m not surprised by this at all. Nathan has always been violent….one day he snuck into Jenelle’s window, watched her and Kieffer sleep and then proceeded to beat Kieffer so bad, Barb and Jenelle haven’t seen Kieffer since lol. Chicks that willingly date him after knowing how violent he can get against men and WOMEN, are EXTRA dumb…

      1. lol yes! they were talking about it on the teen mom 2 season 7 reunion. Nathan would slit Jenelle’s screens and come into the house through the window…and on one occasion, Kieffer was sleeping in the room with Jenelle, and according to Barb, “He came to do a one night visit. Nathan was so angry, he was choking Kieffer so bad, he almost killed him.” She was like we aint seen Kieffer no more after that LOL

        1. Omg hahaha reg. Barbara’s comment!

          But holy shit about the rest. What a freakin creeper. I guess breaking and entering an ex-gf’s house in the middle of the night while on a bender is Nathan’s “thing”. This is the third time we know of? Which probably means he’s done it many more times before….

  2. The man has roid rage and mental illness. It’s so obvious. Both. Why doesn’t someone arrest, test and evaluate him before he snaps and kills someone.

  3. She needs to keep Kaiser safe but still has a different boyfriend and baby every year ? OK Janelle, nice try.

      1. He actually pushed his pregnant girlfriend down the stairs and she went into early labor. (She’s Kaden’s mom) Jenelle is atm pregnant. Yikes!

    1. she talks the talk but never walks the walk….Dave seems more dangerous to me than Nathan….only because he’s humongous and disrespectful. It’s only a matter of time before we see him in jail for whooping Jenelle.

      1. Yes, giving her a very tight neck massage lol. Chinelle keeps ending up with chokers for some odd reason

  4. I bet MTV is picking up Nathan’s rehab bill like they did for Jenelle, Amber, Leah and Cate. Sarcasm off.
    The moms get all the help when they screw up big time. Adam and Nathan never received help to overcome their issues while they are far worse and damaging to the kids.
    Having said that, nobody is keeping Nathan from checking himself in somewhere. He clearly needs help and needs to show he is serious about help when he ever wants to see his son again.
    Jenelle will use anything and everything to keep Kai from Nathan as long as she can.
    Nathan should better get used to that and find a way to see his son again.

    1. Honestly they both were terrible. On the reunion show with Dr. Drew, where she was wearing that floral dress, she admitted that she lied about assault from Nathan. I don’t believe anything either one says, about each other, the weather, what time it is. He’s a rotten human being, and I believe he did this to his girlfriend. I believe he did things to Jenelle. I just don’t ever know what to believe, when she’s no longer with him, and states on national television that she made up the charge Drew asked about.

      Team No One.

      1. Women often drop charges against boyfriends and husbands that hurt them. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It was on the show! Nathan and jenelle both admitted on a reunion that he has hit her.

        1. That is a fact. But we are talking about Jenelle here.
          She also claimed she got run over by his car. She lied about a lot of things and is a drama queen.
          I do believe Nathan hurt her, I sure do but I can’t believe everything she says.

          You know what I first thought when I read this? So she was right about Nathan having anger issues and she covered it up, what if UBT is just better at manipulating her?
          There have been rumors UBT has hit her for a long time . Hope those kids are fine.

          1. UBT stands for Uncle Bad Touch.
            Twitter handle ‘uncledave’ combined with his response to what he would do when his daughter would do something specific… He anwered he would beat her basically. MTV had to stop the recordings to tell him you can’t say things like that on TV.
            Adam was there too during the taping and later called Dave ‘Uncle Bad Touch’ in a joke. It has become his nickname now.

    2. ehh….Jenelle’s questionable too….but after hearing Jenelle’s story about how PSYCHO Nathan is, and how he snuck into her window and stood over her bed and proceeded to beat Kieffer….and Barb corroborated the story….Jenelle probably tells a little more of the truth than Nathan does….They’re both nutz. I just hope that Kaiser is nothing like them when he grows up

  5. Wait ? Is this a new charge ? I’m so confused! This sounds like exact same story from August!

  6. If he can be this violent to a young women, what difference is one of his kids when they don’t listen? I wouldn’t be surprised if he has hurt one of the kids before too

  7. surprised you left out that he was arrested for this EXACT SAME THING back in august. he broke into his gf’s house and choked her. there was a no contact order, but i guess they had gotten together. sad for jessica 🙁 i hope she can break free of him. he needs to be in jail before he kills someone

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