‘Teen Mom’ 2 Star Nathan Griffith Arrested: See His New Mugshot

"I sure hope this jail offers protein shakes in the commissary!"
“I sure hope this jail offers protein shakes in the commissary!”

Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith is back behind bars!

Nathan, who is the father of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans‘ son Kaiser, was arrested on Monday in South Carolina, hours after the Myrtle Beach Police Department issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant stemmed from a domestic violence incident that Nathan was allegedly involved in early Monday morning. (Read all about that incident here!)

According to the Horry County Sheriff’s Office website, Nathan is still in jail as of Tuesday afternoon. He was picked up Monday afternoon on charges of having an open container of alcohol, and for giving false information to authorities.

Myrtle Beach Online reports that someone called the police to let them know of Nathan’s whereabouts. When the cops arrived at the house the tipster told them about, no one was home, but soon after the police arrived, a man resembling Nathan arrived. (He would be easy to identify, due to his cut-up muscle tee, obviously…)

"No officer, I'm not Nathan Griffith. My name's Mathan Liffith. Duh."
“No officer, I’m not Nathan Griffith. My name’s Mathan Liffith. Duh.”

The police report states that the cops noticed a “strong smell of alcohol emitting from” Nathan, and when the car Nathan arrived in was searched, the cops found three open liquor containers. Nate was arrested for that, and then allegedly got himself an addition charge when he attempted to give police a false name, as you do…

Nathan will also have to contend with the domestic violence charges filed against him by his ex-girlfriend for the Monday morning incident.

Nathan has appeared on several seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and most recently starred on Monday’s night’s “Weekend at Corey’s” special, which featured some of the ‘Teen Mom’ dads.

Stay tuned! This story keeps getting more and more interesting…

(Photos: MTV, Horry County Sheriff)


  1. What a loser. Has a job called “existing for cameras” and still can’t pull it off. Hope he learns his lesson this time and straightens his act out. Doubtful he will though as he is working on a hat trick of charges…

  2. Remember when Junkelle was singing his praises to and fro and that her and him would “show Barb how much better we are than her.” Yeahhhh, about that. Can’t wait to see David show his true colors. You know it’s only a matter of time. Hell, he’s already got a rap sheet. We know he’s no prize, just like we knew Nathan was putting on a show for the cameras.

  3. I hate when Jenelle acts all smug when one of her exes get in trouble. Moron, last year you were calling him your soulmate and had a kid with him. You’re no better.

  4. What a loser….and he’s got 2 kids that unfortunately look up to him. I’m afraid of what Kaiser especially is going to grow into

  5. Darn, Nathan is in a bad place (and I don’t mean jail, that’s actually the best place for him right now, that or rehab). Poor Kaiser and poor daughter (Melissa?).
    Why didn’t they charge him with DUI? They saw him drive.
    What and asshole to drive under influence. Don’t make your problems other people’s problems or sorrow.

    1. Think jail is a slightly safer place for him without one.
      I pity his parents. Son in deep trouble, in jail now and they can wave their grandkids goodbye for now.

      Meanwhile Jenelle and David are thrilled.
      When Jenelle wins Kai she might look better in Jace’s custody case.
      Jenelle would love to keep Kai from Nate and Jace from Babs and have everyone kiss her behind to see those boys.

      1. I actually can’t stand Barbara. She uses Jace to manipulate Jenelle. I think she is vile. Jenelle didn’t turn out this way because she had great parents generally you have to come from a mess to become that big of a mess. I hope she gets Jace back. I don’t think she is any worse for Jace than Barbara is and she is his mother. Obviously she has custody of Kai and while she certainly isn’t what we would consider a great parent she isn’t unfit either.

        1. I could not agree with you more! Everyone always talks about how wonderful she is for doing this totally selfless act of raising lace bc jenelle is unfit blah blah blah…. when all I see is a conniving manipulative psycho who, at every possible opportunity, uses jace as a pawn to get revenge every time jenelle pisses her off. Back when jenelle was living there, how many times did jace end up at daycare simply bc Barbara was pissed off at jenelle?

          1. Jace had to go to day care cause Babs was responsible for Jace and could not trust Jenelle to either stay with Jace, stay awake, take propper care of Jace or not to take Jace to places where a baby is not supposed to be. Like parties during nap time.
            She has admitted herself she was using a lot of drugs at the time.
            We have seen it too, Jenelle stoned or high around her son.
            She was so upset she had to lay off the drugs in mn order to stay out of jail.
            Babs not only sets her boundries towards Jenelle but she really does what she said she would do when they are crossed. Jenelle can’t stand that.
            Babs actually loves Jenelle a lot.
            And why would Babs give Jenelle’s sister her son back but not Jenelle’s son to Jenelle? Would she not want to manipulate the sister too?
            I think it’s just not Babs talking but also CPS.

          2. Umm actually we saw many many times in previous seasons where jenelle was fully awake and functional but bc she she did or said something babs didn’t like, babs took him to daycare. I specifically remember one time when jenelle stayed out later than midnight (not all night, just later than midnight) and she wasn’t acting hungover or tired or anything, in fact she had just gotten out of the shower, and babs was pissed off that she stayed out later, and decided to take him to daycare instead. It’s rediculous that she can’t watch her own f***ing kid as punishment for pissing off babs! CPS does not take children away if their parents fail to meet their “sleep requirement.” You know what CPS DOES take children away for??? Constant fighting and screaming and cussing, which babs does even worse than jenelle! All that bitch does is yell! Remember when jace kept getting it trouble in school for hitting and kicking the other kids??? That’s how kids respond to a toxic environment. I’m not saying jenelle isn’t a shitty parent too, but babs is raising a future serial killer bc she is just as shitty, if not worse, than jenelle as a parent! And you need to go back to the last couple of seasons if you don’t remember babs not allowing jenelle to see jace bc they got into an argument about something completely unrelated.

          3. Are we watching the same show? She was a drug addict in violent relationships. Yes her mother might not be June cleaver but she loves that little boy and does what it takes to raise him. Where as Kaiser is tossed in a crib and told to nap. Where crazy tori had to tell Jenelle to take him to the dr. Where two dogs and a child drove her to the point of animal abuse. Where she allows her boyfriend to scream and berate her children. Where she locks herself and her boyfriend in a bedroom while her kids play in the street and then allows that boyfriend to call the police on her mom for being upset by this. And I dont think he ended up at daycare to spite her but would you hand your baby to a babysitter that looked like they just left a pot fueled keg party

          1. Since she had Kai. Let’s be realistic here her life is on TV CPS has to be aware of her and they haven’t removed Kai or done anything. He isn’t being abused or neglected. As I said she isn’t what middle/upper class yuppies would consider a great parent but she is adequate.

          2. CPS does not take video/shows on tv/cable into consideration or investigate due to a video/show on tv/cable due to editing, possible acting, or set-up scenes, etc. They will only investigate when someone puts in a complaint and they check out the situation in person, speaking to the parties in question and speaking to people associated with them who might have info. about said situation. The fact that Kai is still with Jenelle only shows that no one has personally registered a complaint against her.

    1. I’m ashamed to admit it but I was rooting for him as well. Once upon a time ago I thought he and jenelle were really good together and that he would be the one form of stability in her life! Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t even come reasonably close to an accurate assumption!

  6. There are two poor kids that call this jackass Dad. And I am so sorry for them because when muscle shirts and booze are in your DNA, do you have a fighting chance?

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